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    Bill, Jimmy Page used a Violin bow, I shudder to think what your using.
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    Big guitar show here last weekend. After spending a couple of hours looking and not finding anything that floated my boat, was on my way out with money in my pocket and no new guitar. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a little stand, the guy's wife and little baby, and 5 or 6 open guitar cases. In one of those cases was this beauty.....2009 build date with hardly any wear anywhere. Couple of very, very small dings on the headstock and that was it. Guy was from the other side of the state and bought and sold online only, no store. Said he had just taken in the guitar on a trade with some guy that wanted a 335 that he had. Negotiated a fair price and walked out with empty pockets and a beauty of a guitar. I've had a couple of these in the past, and, as with the J200 I just picked up a month or so ago, had forgotten what a great sound they had, almost like a quieter J200. Too much reflection to show the back of the guitar, but it's very subtle flame. So, thanks to some helpful suggestions, here are a couple of pics of my newest Gibby........
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    Sorry about the quality of the videos, a learning experience for me if you will. His sound is off for the first half of Fire, but it gets dialed by time third Stone from the Sun starts. Be kind. It's my first time posting video on YouTube. Hope it inspires you to do great things today. Enjoy. Carlos Arroyo From Stone Free Star Spangled Banner and Purple Haze
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    My wife says she's allergic to my woody.
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    Thanks again, all, for the nice comments. The neck? Similar to what Dub said above it's not chunky. Contrary to Dub's Warmoth Strat nor can it even remotely be described as a 'Soft V'! It's V profile is VERY pronounced with only a very narrow flattened-off band running up the spine of the neck and the flattened cheeks only start to curve (if it can be called that!) when we get to the area of the neck binding. I can't, in all honesty, say I find it comfortable (yet) but then again we are still becoming acquainted with one another. I'm pretty sure that in a few days after some more attempts at familiarity we will be good friends. I'm inundated with work at the mo' so haven't had much play-time but I had a brief five minutes with her before breakfast and I'm already finding the profile less weird in the hand. Volume-wise it's surprisingly loud! I haven't been whacking it but I'm guessing that it will be plenty loud enough to hold its own. Because of the wider string-spacing this style of guitar is far more suited to finger-picking techniques than as an out-and-out 'strummer'. I have actually been quite surprised how much more cleanly it can be played than, for instance, my Dread. Fingers are less prone to tripping-up over themselves. I can assure rct that 'Can't Find My Way Home' is a walk in the park. Tone is very sweet. No idea what brand of strings is fitted but they are phosphor-bronze and it sounds like plucking at the strings of a small piano. Very bright, tight, projection is good. A bit more mid-and-upper-range-centric than a bigger-bodied instrument, obviously, but the bass is plenty enough for my tastes - I don't particularly like 'Boomy'-sounding guitars. Intonation is very accurate but as it's a 12-fret neck I'm not anticipating doing much work in the tree-tops. So all-in-all I'm absolutely delighted with her. It was my 60th birthday yesterday and I picked her out as my present from my wife. Both, needless to say, are keepers. Pip.
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    Going by the neck width I thought assumed was a nylon string at first. I have a softer V neck which is very comfy, so no qualms there. I always assumed parlour models to be on the quiet side, but some smaller guitars can be surprisingly loud. How is yours? And more importantly, how is the tone?
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    That's a little beauty, Pip. As others have said, the binding and inlays are gorgeous and the materials are top drawer. Congratulations!
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    Ahh, that looks much better, I vote real. And an awesome looking guitar, to boot
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    I have no such allergy but I'm very concerned about those who do . So I will gladly take any toxic guitars off the hands of those poor souls who do....
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    Looks legit. Just weird. Here's the one I had. They were a GC exclusive.
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    Here ya go John With the FET/500 you mainly just see the meter circuit on top, the compressor circuit is underneath on the main PCB.
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    Very nice. Congrats.
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    That looks nice. I've been looking for a parlour guitar too. I have a kink for Eko. The Italian brand. I learned on one and have some more. They do a nice one.
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    Looking at the pics I'm not surprised you couldn't resist it. I've tried very few V-necks in my time but always found the profile quite comfortable. Best wishes, congrats!
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    That is a beautiful guitar.
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    Very nice, I don't know much about washburn - but this one definitely has a cool factor w/ that neck and those inlays IMO.
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    It seems that with Les Pauls and SGs (flatter top to begin with), the angled rings for the most part do the job of getting the pickup parallel to the stings. It's is the ES models with more curve in the carve of the top where it's gets way out of whack. And in the case of a P-90 since there is only one coil then string to pole piece distance would be all that matters. (Hey I like that new phrase I stumbled on "Curve of the Carve")
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    a guitar made out of Balsa or Pistachio would definately irritate me.
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    Wow the details are amazing - a lot of hand work involved I would think. Washburns were made not far from where I lived before I retired, and I even applied for a job there once as a final set up guy - but they never called me ☹️
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    Pip the binding and inlay work is amazing!
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    V shaped profiles feel interesting because it does not necessarily feel chunky due to the relief at the sides but you can feel the depth (front to back thickness) of the neck I have a soft v Strat neck from Warmoth and like it because it has the depth to keep my thumb from cramping on barre chords after a long period of playing while allowing the fingers to wrap around the neck freely
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    Wow, talking about a "V" shaped neck! How does that feel, is it kind of chunky? I really love the wood and the finish!! The inlays and binding are breath taking. Congrats Pip!!
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