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    Necessity is the mother of invention - wanted to practice outside (doing a recording and listening back) but the wind kept kicking up and maxing out the mic. I thought to myself 'I wish I had one of those fancy wind screens' then I thought, 'well wish in one hand and sh!t in the other, see what fills up first' - and figured I should try to get inventive... and I bring you the 'billroy redneck wind screen'. It wasn't 100% perfect, but it did a good enough job to where I could practice outside. The DIY instructions also come with a guide how to get the appropriate farmers tan and burned neck. For the record, I love the portability of the Apogee Mic plugged into an iPhone for garage band... for my needs it's the bees knees!
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    Congrats on the new guitar! The finish looks like what I know as "honey burst", same finish that was on the Standard I had some years back (might have been a 2014-15). Don't see any cherry in the photo. And the white label indicates a Standard model..............other versions (Vintage, True Vintage, etc.) sport an orange label. You would do yourself a favor by changing those heavy Grover machine heads out for a set of keystones, also from Grover (screw holes match up nicely). It will lighten the headstock and make the thing feel much better.......but hey, you might be a Rotomatic fan.......what do I know.......... Enjoy the thang!
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    JP doesn't look happy with a PRS. Honestly, he's looking at it like WTF... Not that PRS makes bad guitars, definitely not going there as PRS players live and die by these guitars. EDIT: Is that Lars Ulrich with the ES335??? God this guy is a DB. Sorry Metallica fans, but I stand by my statement. Oh, and he sucks at drums, haha! Just messing, but no, I don't like his style or listen to him talk.
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    A few years back, I got a gig at Ronnie Scott's, the great jazz club in London. One of my all-time favorite guitar performances occurred on that stage: Jeff beck's "Performing this week ... Live at Ronnie Scott's." When I walked into the club, the manager said, "Jeff's coming to see you tonight." "Jeff who?" Jeff Beck." Gulp! He sat in the front row. I played OK and afterwards Jeff complimented me. Maybe just being nice, but I have witnesses! We also hung out and jammed.
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    That's East Indian Rosewood. Very different grain pattern to Braz, which is more wide grained with more purple-y dark patches and greater contrast between grain colours. I couldn't tell you if it was definitely solid, I think the Blue Ridge and F25s of that era were lam but the Heritage was quite possibly solid. They're a good guitar...at least the ones I've played have been. Not an archetypal Gibson tone, but very nice. Reminded me of a Guild D40.
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    I'm going to make one, but mine will be Budweiser. Soon as I finish this 30
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    I think he carried us all through the 60s. And well beyond.
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    That is one heck of a cool employee lounge!
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    Nice. Sometimes you just need a guitar break 🎸
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    okay now THAT s funny!! Dude--- Do a lookup some day of a web site named "There, I fixed it"... warning, you'll loose hours of your life, once you start it's like that car wreck you can't look away from! check it out. your "windscreen" SCREAMS for an entry on "There, I fixed it"
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    Did you have to consume the insides of the box before finishing the projects, and might that be the reason the cutout is asymmetrical??? Lars
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    Well spotted , fixed Phones are too clever , thinks it knows everything Also , just to clarify, I meant I play dylan doing moonshiner , not me Went down the dylan rabbithole about 15 years ago , maybe more , always liked him but was obsessed for a while , bootleg exchanges etc etc Read all the bios Amazing stuff , hes one of a kind
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    While I have not spent a ton of time with 1960s Gibsons never having been able to make peace with the neck carves, a '67 or '68 should have solid rims and back.. Later models were built with laminate.
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    You need more scratches, it's too nice...
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    I used Schaller S Locks on my strap for the Les Paul, fit like a charm. Which straps did you get?
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    To be honest Jinder, I've never heard an acoustic amp that does vocals very well. I think that's why the Bose units are so popular. I have the little S1-Pro with 2 mic channels, and it's become my go to everything with resonator, mandolin and guitar and of course vocals. Even some banjo once in a while. I can line out to my L1-Compact for a pretty large room. Anything larger would have the full p.a. Best of luck !
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    I was in a band that hosted a local blues jam and when the Blues festival arrived in August, we would host a jam with people who were playing in the festival. Well, one year, Gatemouth Brown was in the show and he came down to the jam! Needless to say, we were all very excited! When Gatemouth was up, he played a couple of tunes with Deborah Coleman (a semi-famous blues artist) and after her, I got a chance to play. Deborah handed me her guitar and off we went on Stormy Monday. I guess I got a bit excited when it was my time to play a solo and I played some things that were a bit fast. When I finished my chorus, I looked over at Gatemouth and he was looking at me like he wanted to kill me...It scared me to death! If looks could kill, I'd have been dead three or four times! I guess he really hated my playing! I learned in that moment to take my time and try not to overplay even if it's what you want to do! As I relate this story to you, I can still feel the shame that I felt then and my arm hairs are standing on end! I don't think I ever felt worse when I was playing! That was about twenty or more years ago and it still stings! Whew! I've played a lot of blues since then with a lot of folks but, I never got a look like that (and I hope I never do!). P.S. I just this minute looked up Deborah on You Tube and found out that she passed in April of 2018. Rest in Peace and thanks for letting me use your guitar!
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    Dickey and a Tele: I've seen pictures of his very early tele, and stills from a Super 8 of him using it as a late teen. rct
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    When I was a young man in the Air Force, I was considered a "one hit wonder." I would hit it once, and leave them wondering.
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    Sounds like you need an SG. Never owned one, though I have always loved the looks. I do have a 339 (with 57s). Sustain? One nice thing about a semi-hollow is controlled feedback. That's plenty enough sustain for me.
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    IMHO There are always nice SGs for sale on Reverb. And everyplace else. Good semi-hollows, not so much! If you have a good one, keep it and save up for the SG. Or pickup a cheaper SG copy until you can afford a better one. D If you need more sustain buy a pedal.
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    I use the Bose units, I have an S1-Pro for small coffee shops and an L1-Compact for big/loud rooms. I use 2 mics with the S1-Pro and will simply line out to the L1-Compact when it's needed. I also own a Carvin AG100D, I've had it for nearly 2 decades. It still works fine. 12", tweeter and 100 watts, cool rig. Jinder, if I really needed an acoustic amp, I'd have to try the Boogie, I've gigged Mesa stuff and loved the power and quality.
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