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    It would still be MUCH better than what's being offered as "fresh" today.
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    You can't throw a rock and not hit somebody who does something with a guitar or keys or DJ equipment. Lots do it for tips or for what they think is exposure, we call that gratis. The space is full, way full, full of people willing to go out on Thursday night and play two hours for diners and take home 30 dollars in tips. Getting decent gigs that will result in decent exposure that will result in moving even a few more records than a handful is becoming nearly impossible. Costs are too high, return is too low. Beatles existed in what would be a competition vacuum compared to today. They grubbed around in underground rock clubs and humped it the old fashioned way, like everybody else did back then. The more you worked the better your chances. That just isn't true today. If your uncle does taxes or some side legal work for one of the few distribution chains left you have a chance no matter how hard you suck. Nearly every pop/rock/country "star" today is either related to the industry or had parents willing to take three mortgages, move to Nashville, and spend two years haranguing producers to get Taylor Swift signed to something. Anything. That's how it works now. There is no flopping on your cousin's couch while you wait for the big break. It's a weird business, a strange world, has been for a long time now. Yes, I know, there are the exceptions, the "genius"es we get every six months or so, I get that. They flash and usually vanish because the market is never interested in your last record or your next one. rct
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    Looks like he gave you a decent case too! As Murph said - a great guitar - which may turn out to be your passport to a whole new world of enjoyment. That guitar will be a perfect match for you until you become a cork-sniffer that can tell the difference in sound between Brazilian Spruce and Madagascar Maple and play well enough to want to upgrade accordingly! Number One suggestion I'd have would be for you to Google-up a couple of "How to care for a guitar" articles. They will advise you about keeping it in a range of 40% - 60% humidity, avoid drastic temperature changes, etc. That wood on the top is very thin - not like a piece of plywood you keep in your garage! #2 would be, as already noted, bring it to a place that has a guitar tech, like Guitar Center (or a more experienced, qualified guitar luthier), to find out if your guitar is playable. You do not want to try learning on an instrument that is slightly out of alignment and which will discourage you, possibly permanently. You'll get some sore fingers in the first months - but light strings and a correctly set-up guitar will minimize that. G'Luck !
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    Dexy, yes. He ticked off Bowie on very first night of very first tour as opener. End of career. The Flock? No way! Space Age Love Song, Wishing, couple other pretty big ones. Great band, I love Space Age, I'd do that one any time! There was an old teevee show on VH1 where they try to get bands together again and they got Flock together. They stayed together! Still out there again still now I believe. There's a great set of them somewhere online with some Euro orchestra doing Space Age and a couple others with full string section. Great stuff. rct
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    Beautiful guitar. RF is Ren Ferguson, obviously. I wouldn't alter it by putting electronics in it, nor take it to church if you have other acoustics that can do the job. Play it - lots - at home. Appreciate the looks and the tone which should improve the more use it gets. I can assure you that if you continue to 'play out', a perfect opportunity will come up eventually.
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    I just thankful that the city of Birmingham has lifted my ban from playing in any club within the city limits. So my amp caught fire and burned down a club. wasn't my fault, I took soldering class in high school.
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    I would play it but I can understand those who would say 'no' and appreciate the reasoning behind that answer, especially if this is a really rare instrument. But I just feel there is nothing sadder than a musical instrument sitting in a case or a glass cupboard because the owner is too scared to play it for fear of wear or damage. Can you not come to sort of compromise and play it but insure it heavily against damage?
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    Epiphones are great guitars for beginners. Very nice gift.
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    And you have the best food down there, too. Cajun's are annoying sometimes...
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    Thanks for the update. I hadn’t heard anything since he quit touring a year or so ago. Very talented artist and a great song writer.
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    Oh stop! I'll jump on your Lars soap box anytime you care to bring it up. That guy needs to count his blessings... My thoughts have been a musician should be humble... Hell, I'm grateful that anybody would listen to me play not alone pay for it. This slob takes it a step further... "oh I'm a great drummer, hear me play, pay me... pay me now!! " f**k the art of music it's about the money... Barf!
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    Sure looks real to me! 😉 The epiphone ej-200n (n=natural color top). It's the epiphone version - or maybe inspired by - the gibson sj-200. It looks like it's been used and played. There's nothing in the pictures to suggest that there's a problem with it - if you're just learning how to play your best bet is to get a set of light acoustic phosphor-bronze strings ("12's") and a tuner (or tuner app on your phone). If you don't know how to string it up there are a bunch of youtube videos. You could buy strings at any local music store or Amazon. If there's a guitar shop near you they'd probably string it up for you and check it out for a minimal charge, they'd likely have strings for you too. Good luck with it
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    Most any decent guitar through any decent Fender will do me just fine. I use a Blues Junior for quite a while now. I have all Teles and Strats and Esquire. Downtown I usually have a Deluxe or a Twin to plug my pedalboard into, they never fail. Haven't since 1971 for me. rct
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    Venus by Shocking Blue In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry
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    No...but I like my short scale Bubinga Blues King.... Do we have another Sunrise coming Jinder? (Sounds great in my BK!). BluesKing777.
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    I don't have one, but just listened to this clip on you tube, and now I want one.
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    Lars Ulrich is a ******bag, I know it, you know it, and he knows it. The only thing he doesn't agree with me and you on is that he's a terrible drummer! Man what an ego that guy has!! Oh Chris, that's Angus playing the 335. Kind looks like Lars in that pic...
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    Blues Junior's are pretty much the bomb. I've had two, I regretted selling them both times. OTOH, I've got so many amps now, buying another would be just silly.. but fear not! I won't let that stop me..
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    Hi all, making this post to share my latest acquisition here. I had to sell a few things to get myself some funds towards this bad boy and I am really happy that I did. I have to say that hands down, this is the nicest playing and sounding guitar I have ever played... I've heard people saying that CS Gibson R9s are definitely an expensive investment, but they also claimed that they are well worth every penny. Love the soft VOS finish on it, the aged HW, Custombucker tone... And the top speaks for itself. Anyhow, glad to share my pics here. Enjoy!
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    Rock ‘n Roll will never die. Disco couldn’t kill it, Punk couldn’t kill it, Hip-Hop couldn’t kill it. My band- The Worst Band in the World, didn’t kill it.
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    A 339 semi-hollow and an SG are quite two different guitars and generally used for two different styles of playing. You need to decide what style you play most and which guitar best fits that style.
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    IMHO There are always nice SGs for sale on Reverb. And everyplace else. Good semi-hollows, not so much! If you have a good one, keep it and save up for the SG. Or pickup a cheaper SG copy until you can afford a better one. D If you need more sustain buy a pedal.
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    Evening, all, I'm what might be considered an odball Gibson afficianado - the favoured Gibsons in my collection are a Music City Jr (yup, the B-bender abomination) , an SG Futura and a 50's Tribute Les Paul (just the best playing LP that I've ever owned, or played - so bite me!). My other passions guitar wise, are good Telecasters, Gretsches, Rickenbackers and... Starfields - yup, y'know - the guitars Ibanez made to appeal to a more *ahem* mature audience. Y'all will know that some of these were madein Korea, some in Japan, and some made (or finished from the better necks/bodies) in the CA Ibanez Custom shop, by some rather well respected builders.... They had some tasty endorsees - from Rob Buck (10,000 Maniacs - one of my favourite players) to Ritchie Kotzen. I have a handful of Starfields - from US Altairs, to the lesser spotted Japanese made 12 string - all absolute corkers - a build quality that I've seen rarely elsewhere (except for the Korean ones - decent players, but not the dog's bollocks in build quality), and .... here comes my bragg - I've just scored one of my holy grail Japanese Starfields (sucked boiled sweet, twin humbucker, slightly offset tele) for £249 (WITH A HISCOX CASE), from a dealer here in the UK.... for all of £249. Only problem now, is which guitar I have to pass on to one of my sons (it's the only way I can circumvent the one in, one out rule that I now have with my wife). Apologies if this post comes off as unduly smug, but I'm feeling unduly smug right now.
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