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    I thought this was about the McDonalds $1 menu.
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    I must admit I am jealous to see this other pedal with handwritten labels on your board. Who is this imposter and how long has this been going on? I thought we had something special
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    Big corporations have to use lead free solder which doesn’t flow like 63/37 that we know and love. Actually looks fine considering that but homeboy did burn the insulation a bit. No big deal
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    well just got a new one. Hot Rod Deluxe with the blonde tolex & Cannabis Rex Eminence spkr. 40 watts. really like it. nice & light too. some guy bought it then traded it in 2 weeks later for a smaller amp saying it was too heavy. he should try lugging around my Traynor or Ray Pelkey's Gibson combo. those things feel like they're bolted to the floor.
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    Thanks a lot! You got some really nice SGs!
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    Congratulations! It's a winner for sure.
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    I agree... that's a nice looking guitar and nothing to worry about. Congratulations! As for the nitro odor, on the rare occasion when I get a new Gibson, I can't wait to smell it.
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    Nice SCORE Doug!!! I like the lighter color too. Those take pedals nicely w/a great clean sound.. for sure easy on the back. much appreciated for dinosaurs like me!!! LOL! that Goldtone has it's own center of gravity... sounds awesome, just don't move it... 🙂
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    Anybody have any insight on this ?
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    Dude, at the end of the day, your only problem is a having a real BEAUTIFUL guitar! 😉
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    My wife said that same thing to me just the other day!!!
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    Very nice. Congrats. I have a HRD FSR in Wine Red tolex and wheat colored grill I bought circa 2005. I really like it, but have considered swapping out the stock speaker (Celestion G12P80). I’ve considered the Eminence Texas Heat or Swamp Thing, but I may have to add the Cannabis Rex to the list. I play much the same music that you do so it may also be a good fit.
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    Slip a 1/4" socket or wrench over the shaft. If it is a loose fit, you most likely have the metric pots.
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    Can't ever go wrong with one of them. rct
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    Nice - what type of situation are you going to be using it for?
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    Very nice. How's it sound?
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    I prefer brunettes, but that is a nice amp. Congrats!!
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    Trying to guess BRW vs IRW based on the color & grain pattern in photos is risky business. The one sure-fire method is to assess the pores of the wood, as Dave mentioned. Solid BRW cannot be ruled out if this is truly a first-version Heritage (with a modified bridge). Interesting guitar, for sure.
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    It would still be MUCH better than what's being offered as "fresh" today.
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    You can't throw a rock and not hit somebody who does something with a guitar or keys or DJ equipment. Lots do it for tips or for what they think is exposure, we call that gratis. The space is full, way full, full of people willing to go out on Thursday night and play two hours for diners and take home 30 dollars in tips. Getting decent gigs that will result in decent exposure that will result in moving even a few more records than a handful is becoming nearly impossible. Costs are too high, return is too low. Beatles existed in what would be a competition vacuum compared to today. They grubbed around in underground rock clubs and humped it the old fashioned way, like everybody else did back then. The more you worked the better your chances. That just isn't true today. If your uncle does taxes or some side legal work for one of the few distribution chains left you have a chance no matter how hard you suck. Nearly every pop/rock/country "star" today is either related to the industry or had parents willing to take three mortgages, move to Nashville, and spend two years haranguing producers to get Taylor Swift signed to something. Anything. That's how it works now. There is no flopping on your cousin's couch while you wait for the big break. It's a weird business, a strange world, has been for a long time now. Yes, I know, there are the exceptions, the "genius"es we get every six months or so, I get that. They flash and usually vanish because the market is never interested in your last record or your next one. rct
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    I dont know Gibsons that well but it doesn't look like BRW to me, as stated it looks more in line with IRW. The laminated question I cant answer.
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    Jinder, Did you ever get an answer to your question? I am just curious if a maple J45 could be of the same Quality of my - or our - maple AJs? Yes I know, the Topic is a Little older ... Doc
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    Looks like he gave you a decent case too! As Murph said - a great guitar - which may turn out to be your passport to a whole new world of enjoyment. That guitar will be a perfect match for you until you become a cork-sniffer that can tell the difference in sound between Brazilian Spruce and Madagascar Maple and play well enough to want to upgrade accordingly! Number One suggestion I'd have would be for you to Google-up a couple of "How to care for a guitar" articles. They will advise you about keeping it in a range of 40% - 60% humidity, avoid drastic temperature changes, etc. That wood on the top is very thin - not like a piece of plywood you keep in your garage! #2 would be, as already noted, bring it to a place that has a guitar tech, like Guitar Center (or a more experienced, qualified guitar luthier), to find out if your guitar is playable. You do not want to try learning on an instrument that is slightly out of alignment and which will discourage you, possibly permanently. You'll get some sore fingers in the first months - but light strings and a correctly set-up guitar will minimize that. G'Luck !
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    If it were laminated I would not expect to see the back strip and bracing. BRW is not as porous as EI. If you have a sample guitar known to be EI do a comparison. Dramatic difference.
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    Something doesn't jive with this guitar. It's appearance seems to conform to the first version specs for a '65 to '67 Heritage - except for the bridge, which should be belly-up and adjustable. A stock belly-down bridge from the late '60s would date it to '68 or '69 - but it too would also have been adjustable, which it is not on this guitar. Does the label say it's a Heritage? If so, it could possibly be the early version (with solid Brazilian back & sides), but with a replacement belly-down bridge. Only problem with that, is that you'd expect to see some obvious remnants of an outline of the original belly-up bridge, which are not clearly identifiable via the photos. So essentially, there are issues here that warrant further investigation.
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