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    Tape me down to a pair of nice titties
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    It ain't reputation points that give bragging rights it is the number of warnings.
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    Now this is fresh. I dig it!
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    ......if I posted this one previously or not. If so, please disregard. If not............a tune I wrote sometime back that I recently re-discovered.........forgot about somewhere. Civil War stuff. J45V; 3-month old DR Sunbeams, half step down, Kat Eye capo 3; BC TPR50; iMovie with Blue Yeti mic.
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    I finally took a stab in the dark and decided to get the Veneer. It is beautiful slightly bowed but thats something that a little steam cant fix. For those that are wondering in case you want to do this yourselves the ES/SG style head stock is larger than the Les Paul USA Lines (Smaller than the Les Paul Custom) however some shaving of the veneer is required. Ill post pics when the project is complete.
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    My “music career” will most likely never go beyond my couch and my music room. So my high point is of the more modest variety, It is, as an adult, learning the skills needed to play decent guitar, write songs of my own, and most importantly, but oh such a hard fought battle, learning to sing these songs well enough to do them justice. I'm almost there, and it's a great feeling knowing that these skills will bring me joy for the rest of my life. Lars
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    "The reputation system enables users to earn reputation points when other users react to their content". So, basically, it's a popularity contest. See the documentation for the forum software: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/how-to-use-ips-community-suite/member-preferences-and-features/reputation-reactions-r171/
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    I've given this a lot of thought and, realistically, my high point is that I've had any kind of career at all in music. I'll more than likely die a poor man, but, I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything. I've been places and met people and seen and done things that I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have otherwise. And maybe, just maybe, I've brought something joyful into someone else's life. I thank God every day for letting me do this as much as I have!
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    I found The Hu awhile back and said, "Wow! These fellas ain't facking around! Lord Chinggis is comin' for ya!" Also, check out Tengger Cavalry...it's like Mongolian death metal with Les Pauls and horsehead fiddles. And that's how you get the Great Wall built!
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    Very nice - I need to have a good go through one of these sometime.
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    I edited my post to include just that...less glamorous stuff. Great thread, lots of fun. roger
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    I don’t think I’ve hit my pinnacle yet, and may never. 😩 Actually, probably senior year of high school. I was lead singer in the Fabulous Chevelles, middle of Indiana in 1963. We had so much fun playing high school dances and parties. Recorded a record in Nashville (Indiana) which sold tons...I think ever member of our families bought one. After that, not so much. It all ended when I graduated and went into the Air Force. So was life in the mid-sixties. Wouldn’t trade any of it (including my military hitch) for anything. Life was good back then.... except mullets weren’t around yet. 😉 roger
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    Metal Mongolian throat singing... Cool 🙂 This is the more traditional version.. I like the warbling sound he makes
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    For me, it would be 'revved up like a d o u c h e' from Blinded By The Light.
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    Jinder, I wish you all the best for the Gig and let us know how the Domino worked. But I‘m shure it will ...
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    Doug and Ben... great stories... actually everyone here... enjoyable thread. Now, I peaked at age 20. In college I was in a band called Sinister Footwear. We played frat parties, events on the quad... things like that. But we did also enter the 1986 Maxwell House Talent Competition, which came to campus. We played Chuck Mangione’s Feel So Good. And Genesis’s Turn It On Again... we won... and split $1000.. i think it was our mullets... https://imgur.com/gallery/MIjfv9x
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    The highs have included opening for Tom Paxton, Bill Staines, Garnet Rogers and Ellis Paul, and once being on the same bill with Ralph Stanley. The lows.... Back in the '80s in Dallas, a promoter named Joe Christ (he previously went under the name "Joe Danger") hired the acoustic trio I was in to play a great old supper club in Deep Ellum. What he didn't tell us was that we were opening for three thrash bands. We were the oldest people in the green room, and we weren't that old. After the show, we literally had to chase the promoter down the street to get our money. It was shortly after that that I gave up the profit motive in music. Last fall in Kuwait, I got booked to play a music festival at the country's ritziest mall. It was a two-hour set and paid great. The guys who booked me had booked me before, so they knew me and knew my stuff. I finished my first song and one of the guys is at the side of the stage and is frantically waving me over. I go over and he says, "We've had complaints from the mall about the noise." "You're running the sound. Turn it down," I said. "No. You can't sing." "Well, that's a subjective view, but...." "No, no vocals are allowed. The mall management isn't sure it has the correct permit from the government. So they just want instrumental music. Can you just strum your guitar?" "You want me to strum my guitar for two hours? That'll get boring fast. Plus, you guys knew I'm a songwriter when you booked me. My songs are about, you know, words. Stories." "Yeah, we know. Just strum." I thought a moment and said, "I'll do it for 20 minutes and then I'm out of here. And you're paying me for the full set." Figuring 20 minutes was better than two hours of silence, he agreed. So I strummed my guitar for 20 minutes. And I was right. It was boring. They paid me for the full set.
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    Yes I have both. The guitar center model has the slim taper neck with rosewood board while the standard limited has the rounded profile with the baked maple board. The guitar center model is called the SG Standard 60. Mine is in the middle and is a one piece slab of lightly flamed mahogany. My Standard 60 was a 2012 near the end of the run. They were offered in Honey Burst, The dark Antique/Vintage cherry, and a few whites. Not many were made. No more than a few hundred in each color. The Standard 60 was offered in Honey burst while the Standard Limited was in Natural burst. The honey bursts I have seen vary greatly and on mine there seems to be no burst but just a solid gorgeous honey amber. I took out the coil tap wiring as I'm strictly a humbucker guy and replaced the burstbuckers with SD 2 and 4.
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    Rock ‘n Roll will never die. Disco couldn’t kill it, Punk couldn’t kill it, Hip-Hop couldn’t kill it. My band- The Worst Band in the World, didn’t kill it.
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    LOL you and me both. I typically hate dreads due to size, but i'm finally learning what i like and what i need are usually two different things. That why i sold all my strats and bought a Les Paul. Much happier with the sound 90% of the time. Now i won't be trying to magically squeeze a dreadnought out of a Martin OM lol
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    Not my guitar but with zebras
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    I played a Midtown Custom today, as it happens, and I must say loved the feel of the neck and 'board. The Richlite gets a big from me. P.
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