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    Ah nuts, I thought it would be to make you sound like the late great Gehrry Mooer.
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    Nice, I bought a Hohner special 20 about 2 months ago, then found a great deal on a lot of used harmonicas (I made sure to completely disassemble and thoroughly clean them before using), all nice hohners (not the $10 ones). Unfortunately, some of the harmonicas contain nickel apparently (and I thought all of the nicer Hohner harmonicas had stainless steel caver plates, but I guess not) so after about 30 minutes of playing them, the next day my lips were broke out. I guess Ill have to stick to guitar
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    It’s probably worth a good dollar, being a Gibson and a F style mandolin. There’s a lot of demand for them in the bluegrass and country world. I suggest calling Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and asking them the range they sell for. They usually are quite good with providing range values over the phone, They do those for free, although they charge for a formal appraisal valuation. Just ask them for a ballpark range. They always like to talk Vintage instruments. QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff
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    That's really good to hear man after all of the hassles and strife... Worth all the effort in the end, may it long continue
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    Fri 16 Aug, Sat 17 Aug: 1st 2 gigs with our new singer. This guy is the best yet IMO by far - not to take anything away from our last singer. Friday night was a lot of fun and (obviously) pretty rough in places. Tonight was tighter, even more fun and we are all VERY pleased with the way it's shaping up. It's going to work!! I've mashed up the 3rd finger on my left hand too, but it didn't affect my playing. Now achieving some of the best guitar tones I've ever got live (including a clean boost from the Boss GE-7); for me, valve amps still rule. We even did "Folsom Prison Blues". We need about 10 more songs. Next rehearsal in 2 weeks, then 2 gigs in September including Southampton "Music in the City". I'm so pleased; and a bit too excited to sleep. Best wishes to all!
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    The same doesn't hold true for the ES-339 though 🙂
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    I know my Hummer was very picky about humidity. Did not like the sound hole sloppy sponge deal prolly from living in California her whole life. I just keep it in the case when not in my lap and try not to play it in the rain. Old, dry wood I would guess but the sound is unmatched IMHO. Enjoy her. Love the wide neck!
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    I was in a band that hosted a local blues jam and when the Blues festival arrived in August, we would host a jam with people who were playing in the festival. Well, one year, Gatemouth Brown was in the show and he came down to the jam! Needless to say, we were all very excited! When Gatemouth was up, he played a couple of tunes with Deborah Coleman (a semi-famous blues artist) and after her, I got a chance to play. Deborah handed me her guitar and off we went on Stormy Monday. I guess I got a bit excited when it was my time to play a solo and I played some things that were a bit fast. When I finished my chorus, I looked over at Gatemouth and he was looking at me like he wanted to kill me...It scared me to death! If looks could kill, I'd have been dead three or four times! I guess he really hated my playing! I learned in that moment to take my time and try not to overplay even if it's what you want to do! As I relate this story to you, I can still feel the shame that I felt then and my arm hairs are standing on end! I don't think I ever felt worse when I was playing! That was about twenty or more years ago and it still stings! Whew! I've played a lot of blues since then with a lot of folks but, I never got a look like that (and I hope I never do!). P.S. I just this minute looked up Deborah on You Tube and found out that she passed in April of 2018. Rest in Peace and thanks for letting me use your guitar!
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    I have a 2012 SG Std and a 2014 339 Studio. The SG has the 490/498 pickups, the 339 has 57 Classics. Two totally different sounding guitars but the 339 will sustain just as well, if not better than SG. As mentioned above you can always find an SG, a 339 isnt as easily found. If you like the one you have I suggest keeping it as well
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