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    Their super-strong songwriting is why they would still be great today. That is what separates bands like Deep Purple from Twisted Sister, and Steely Dan from Billy Ray Cyrus. Good-looking singers and musicians are a dime a dozen. It is SONGWRITING that separates the wheat from the chafe. And the Beatles were dripping in songwriting talent. From Revolver afterward (though some would say Rubber Soul which was even earlier), how many bad songs did the Beatles have? I would venture "not many, if at all" ...
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    ... or their HuTube channel.
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    Right you are, Dude.
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    Cream: "Strange Brew - grill what's inside of you". Does Howling Wolf actually sing "Watch out, strange cat people" on "Little Red Rooster"? As that's what it sounds like. What's that all about eh? One of the first blues LPs I ever got was "Festival of the Blues" a budget price reissue on Marble Arch records of the famous live album. Muddy Waters does "Clouds In My Heart" on it. For many years I thought he was singing "land of the flagship" when it was really "lightnin' a' flashing".....
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    These coronets were used mainly for promotional purposes from around 2009-2011. Giveaways, raffles, company promo, etc. I've never heard of the "make your own" version of these. They were most likely left overs that didn't get used for any promos, if I had to take a guess. The full body pickguard is consistent with the promo coronet. The neck is most likely some type of Asian mahogany substitute. The body could be anything from Asian mahogany, to alder to basswood. The pickup is aftermarket. You'd have to pull it out to see what it is. These probably came with a basic Epiphone ceramic pickup or an alnico classic. Again, not sure as there aren't really any specs for these because they weren't for sale to the general public. The stamped tuners are typically subpar, but if they hold tune then they should be fine. Any die cast tuners would probably be a vast improvement, however. As far as the bridge, it's a matter of preference. I've not heard many complaints about Epiphone's wrap around bridges. They are a basic, yet tried and true design. Unless the slots are worn down or off center, it should be just fine.
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    Still slogging miles - 4,660 miles and 100 hours of windshield time. made it thru Connecticut,Vermont, Lake Placid, Toronto, Niagra Falls, and Lower Michigan. Played along the way with campers, and a couple of houses. Now in Minnesota, gonna jam with a couple friends at one of their studios - expect little to no recording to be done, we always get lost in the music, with some concentration on trying to find our old harmonic groove with some CSN. Still have not finished any new songs, but have a couple cooking. Played an Open Mic in Duluth MN - they asked if my vested dog was a service dog, and I said "No, that's Powder" her name is right on the vest. got my three songs in with Powder laying quietly on my feet.
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    A nice rug can really tie a room together.
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    It's a Time Machine hypothetical. But, If "The Beatles" never happened before who's to say? Music would not be what it is today. Sports would probably be the dominant Entertainment source. The Music Business wouldn't be a big deal.. All the Boys want play Baseball, Football or Basketball & dream of becoming Super Stars.... Doubtfully the high quality of all kinds of Gear for Recording to live performing Gear for larger venues, etc. probably wouldn't exist. No need. Maybe the World has been waiting all this time for Musics Big Bang! Then BOOM! Along come these 4 Cool Cats Writing, Sing, Playing , Performing & doing something so amazing it sets the World on it's A$$!!! Yeah, I could see it......
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    I think all the guitars from Gibson USA have come with a photo since at least 2017. From the photo yours looks like a LP Classic (due to the uncovered zebra pickups) although most of those would say classic on the truss rod cover. Not sure what finish that is, but the model number usually decodes to tell the finish as well, the S would be for sunburst, the CH at the end would be chrome hardware. If you email Gibson customer service with some photos and the serial number they will tell you exactly what it is.
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    A band I was in back in the late seventies was covering a song that Lefty Frizzell had done. We couldn't make out one entire line of the song so one of the guys wrote Lefty a letter care of the record company asking him to clarify. He actually wrote back in a hand written scrawl, thanking us for doing one of his songs, but said that he didn't remember the words either!!
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    If they came out now like they did then? Probably not. They were unique for their time and the times were different, as RCT said. But, here's a question: What would the music scene be like now had The Beatles not come out when they did? Live music is different now even from when I was playing on the road in the 80's and 90's. We can and do still get gigs now and we've had a busy summer. It's not like it was then where they have a band at the same venue for 4 or 5 nights a week or at least not around here. A lot of places around here are one nighters. The money is usually $50.00 to 100.00 per person, depending on where it is and what size the venue is.
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