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    I have a couple -- 1936 Stage Deluxe and 1935 Radio Grande. They have quite different histories. The Stage Deluxe I bought in the 1990s in the early days of ebay -- it once belonged to Garnet Rogers who I have gotten to know since. The neck has not been cut down -- 2 1/4". It is not as hard to play as you might think, and my late large handed wife loved it. I has a huge raw sound if you hammer it, but headroom to the moon. The other one has a new neck crafted by Randy Wood -- sonically it is in the same class as my 36 AJ, and that is saying a lot. Here it is before conversion. Good hunting. Tom
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    That looks good. Makes me want to pick it up and play! Nice score. Enjoy 👍
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    A concept album involving Nazis, Joseph Stalin, dolphins and obese wrestlers. Why, there's something for everyone. Brilliant!
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    No this guy needs lots of drugs and alcohol.
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    Largely a standard early '70s J200 with a few quirks. As always with Gibson, in the early '70s specs were all over the place. If it was a second, it would be stamped with a "2". The S likely denotes a special order, hence the French heel and unusual marquetry. I've seen the multi-piece backs on this era of J200 previously, such as this one: https://reverb.com/price-guide/guide/1223-gibson-j-200-1969-cherry-sunburst . The joint alignment you mentioned is the binding join at the heel that is slightly out, the centre seam of the back and the heel seem to line up well. I think it's a beauty. Grant Nicholas (former Feeder frontman and solo artist) has an almost identical one which he bought in a pawn shop on a US tour back in the '90s. I sat in on a jam with him a few years ago and it sounded absolutely gorgeous. Just warm and balanced and perfect. He said that every hit song he'd ever written had been penned with that J200 in his lap. If you like this one, go for it.
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    Christ he plays the main figure like 7 different ways on the recording. The guy couldn't remember lunch, so what he did each time through was probably completely lost to him. Why do people insist on demonstrating how smart they are by taking something that needs ZERO analysis and then talk dumb about it? Just listen to it, do it with your band as well as you can. It's one of theee most fun songs to play ever, it doesn't need any more than that. rct
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    ...or better than; it depends on one's viewpoint. Unluckily for you Gibson will not issue a replacement but imagine if an unscrupulous person had altered a GT to resemble a Dickey Betts Signatire model, subsequently received a COA from Gibson and then passed it off for a substantially jacked-up sum of money to some poor soul as the real deal... Pip.
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    You're right there is no 2017 SG Standards left on line, other than eBay. I have a 2017 SG Standard Cherry Burst in left handed, because I'm left handed.. The Cherry Burst is the way to go. I'd wait until you found one. The Autumn Shade on-line pics look great. In person it just didn't do it for me either. One of the main reasons you need to get hands-on time with the guitar. I was ambivalent about the 61 pickups. They are really nice pickups, but compared to my '57s they're just missing 'something'. Anyways good luck!
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