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    Hi Folks, Butch told me about this thread so I thought I’d come and stick my nose in. Thanks to all who were wondering how I am. Apart from getting old and having a long list of aches and pains, I’m fine thanks. As Butch said we talk ever day and are great mates. Notes and I are mates too and talk regularly ever since we met up last year...good people. Jim, Pinch also drop in and say G'day and I welcome their contact, others too from time to time. My email is gumfarm@gmail.com and if you want to catch up then I welcome hearing from you. I dropped out of a number of forums pretty much at the same time as I’ve spent too many hours sitting in front of this darn computer. Some of you may know that we are in the depths of a deep drought down here and I simply can’t keep up with all the dead things that need cutting out. Also as I get older my capacity for hard works gets less and less. However I still spend most of my time with a chainsaw in my hands or sitting on a tractor..hey, it’s my life! I do miss you guys but after 11 1/2 years I really have done the forum thing and am backing out. Besides, us old farts need to make room for the next mob coming through.
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    Guitar description!: https://reverb.com/item/28923101-gibson-custom-shop-sj-200-ebony-2007-black BluesKing777.
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    Now those lines look sexy! there's something about yellow LP jr/special
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    I think your example looks awesome.! It's happened naturally and by doing so the outcome IMHO is more acceptable. If Peter was to come out and state that his checking happened natural, I would scratch my head, just doesn't look right.
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    Rob is doing fine. Still infatuated with getting fire wood. We talk back and fort almost every day. He has some lower back pain and a sore throat that won't go away so I've been praying for him on that. Other than that, His wife Gael, won second place on a painting she did in an Art show so he was very excited about that. I left a while back too because the computer was giving me eye problems. Spending too much time on it. I miss all you guys so maybe I'll have to check in a little more often. The Epiphone Lounge went pretty dead and I don't know as much about guitars as some of you but I can check in.
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    I'm glad for the LP folks! 🙂 Just wish the SG line had faired better.
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    This is my 2006 CS Les Paul Special: In comparison, I also have a 2006 CS Les Paul R8 with no checking at all. I bought both guitars around the same time in 2010, and they have been stored and used under the same environments / conditions under my care. I think the checking is cool, but I can see why someone don't like it. To me, it seems the Special has a thinner coat of lacquer, and I guess that makes sense as it isn't burst sprayed. I have no idea if that's the case, though... Edit: By the way, I think Peter Honore is a fantastic guitarplayer, and as his goldtop was already starting to crack, I don't blame him for "finishing" the job...😎He can do whatever he likes to his guitars, and his Classic isn't nowhere near "destroyed".
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    I haven't seen any posts from our antipodean friend Digger for quite a while. I know people come and go from the forum but he was quite prolific so I was just wondering if he was alright.
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    I play at a local acoustic guitar 'club' every Wednesday - I say 'club' because it is really just an excuse for a bunch of people to get together and have a drink and a chat but we do play songs, well, at least, I do. I try and learn 2/3 new songs every week and play them - I now have a box file about 3 inches thick of printed song sheets that I have played every week for the last year and a half. Now, the problem is I am by far the youngest person there by about 30 years or so and if I try and play 'new' songs, say anything written within the last 40 years or so, I am usually met with blank stares. The whole point of the club is for the novice guitarists to join in but obviously they can't do that easily with tunes they don't know so I try my damnedest to learn and sing songs they might know - but I am running out of ideas. If I don't play songs, the others usually fall back on the same 5 tunes that they play every week, without fail. It is a touch repetitive as you can imagine. So please can you list some good go-to, easy(ish) to play acoustic songs that work well at an informal pub setting. No Beatles please (I can't stand them, sorry!) but anything else goes as long as it is popular and relatively well-known. Chances are, I may well have played it before but the more suggestions the merrier.
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    Personally, I would go with the Gibson Studio or Tribute. Just my preference. 🙂 Btw, nothing wrong with the Gibson 2018 LP Tribute. The 2018 has a solid body with no weight relief, so it should be heavy (10+ lbs), not light. Lots of sustain, a true rock monster! I love mine. 😉 That Tribute's been out for 2 years. I would think you could get that for a $1,000 or less. ...And now for the gratuitous pic
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    Great to hear from you once again Dig and I hope to email you sometime soon, Know what you mean about "have done the forum thing". Best wishes.
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    I hate the toggle switch location on the Les Paul from a player perspective, but from a purely cosmetic standpoint, it looks really dumb next to the knobs.
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    me too! i find the electric guitars too cold and the acoustics not that much haha Its a good thing my current music room is one of the warmest in my house so it helps with my playing during winter!
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    There are a couple of blokes who play the penny whistle (badly) and the ukulele respectively. Their songs are 'Dirty Old Town', 'Black Velvet Band', 'Wild Rover' and 'I'm A Believer'. It all started off as a folk club nominally but no-one really plays 'folk' music - I learned a bunch of Steeleye Span songs to help ease in and that did the trick, they knew those ones.
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    I have a couple of guitars that were clearly defiantly played by the previous owners!! Although, I'd defiantly rather that than guitars that were defiantly kept in their cases other than for a defiant yearly polish. Defiantly 🤣
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    Every summer me and my son go to Gatlinburg and trout fish. I told him 5 years ago if I'm able I will relocate to east Tennessee when I retire. And I am!
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    Congratulations, she's purdy! 🙂 Happy NGD to you! 😎
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    Lol, gotta go check out reverb 🙂
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    ..and with all those thermionic diodes to keep you warm you should be snug as a bug listening to Dean Martin (Ho!) singing 'Baby! It's Cold Outside!"... Pip.
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    I've looked at Wildwood site for many years. The nature of their business seems to be able to request a custom run and they get what they want.
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    So I'm joking and ridiculing the BluesHawk.... I'm meeting someone tonight about a possible trade for a trans black Epiphone... I'm going to look like Leslie West playing a Ukelele... Monkey humping a tennis ball... What other analogies can you think of?
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    I know how it is when you let one go and start kind of missing it. I sold my 1981 les paul custom several years ago and I have been on a quest ever since to get a guitar I loved as much as that custom I had. I paid $475.00 for it back in 1991 and played it with all of my heart for over 22 years. When I had it I never ever looked or even shopped around for another guitar. Then it happened and I let it go and purchased a 1979 stratocaster. As much as I ever wanted a strat because all of my guitar hero players growing up played a strat, I found that the one I had sucked to be honest. But it was the guitar a honed my skills on with fret leveling and all. I sold it actually for a pretty good profit a few years later. I do not know how many I went through to get where I am now but it has been a bunch and so far I think the firebird I have is actually starting to get real soft on me and I am starting to actually fall in love with it. I have never taken the firebird out of the house and since I made the purchase new, I am the only one who has ever played it. I baby it but I do not play it as much as I should because I want it to stay as pristine as possible. I have a few other guitars I take to a studio sometimes too but I have been having the itch to go out and play gigs again. I know this blueshawk would be real light on the shoulders and back standing on stage with it. That is really I think why I purchased it. There was a guy here locally who had some very nice guitars for sale. I called him up and went over to his house. He had like 25 guitars lined up on one wall and he had about 6 others off to the side that he wanted to sell. Out of the 6 was this blueshawk. It was the first one I had ever saw in person. It struck me as a neat little guitar and was light weight and I been wanting a P90 style guitar too. So I could not resist and picked it up. It played good at his house but the action was a bit high for me. Once I took it home and lowered the strings and put on a new set then adjusted the truss rod, this little blueshawk really came alive. It has a good bite when cranked. I am digging it. If it works out I may gig with it too. I like how the finish has that checking look going on. It seems as though alot of the night hawk and blues hawks do. I guess they kind of skimped on the finish process or maybe it was intentionally done by gibson to have a thin skin so the wood could breath a little.
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    Thanks for the input. I saw somewhere a pic and description of the controls for the epi version. I will go back and snapshot the image so I will have it for a reference. I really am digging this one. So much that I may go and sell one of my others off. I wish they came with a little more bling like inlays and bound neck. A year or so ago I almost pulled the trigger on an epi nighthawk. I like the cloud inlays on the fret board. I have only played one nighthawk. It had been around the block one too many times for the price. Too many dings and rash. Anyways I am glad I held out because I found this one.
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    I really like how the bound neck looks on the epi version. It is a nice touch. You know I have never paid attention to these before really and like you have said all of them seem to come with a padded case or another case that does not fit correctly. I guess finding this one with the factory case is a pretty cool thing. The previous owner of this one changed out the gibson tuners to grover tuners. The original tuners are in the case pocket. The grovers are nice looking and do not look bad on this one either. They are tight too. I did notice that this one of mine really stays in tune well. I like it. So I have not found much info on the control switch operation. Mine has a push pull tone pot. Does yours? I saw somewhere that with the push pull pot and the varitone switch along with the 3 position switch it gives you like 18 different sounds or something. Is that correct? Also are the controls on the epi version the same as the gibson version?
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    Well I got to say i laughed my a$$ off at the first reply!!! LOL I feel kind of that way myself. I started this thread because I purchased one. I like it and yes it is a small body for a fat dude like me but I like how it plays. Here is a picture of it. Now what I thought was a tone knob is some kind of pot that splits a coil maybe? And it has that variswitch thing that seems to put it out of phase. I have no idea. But this is a 1998 model and came with the factory brown hardcase. It is a cool little axe so far and for 600 bucks I thought it was a good purchase considering. I have already set the action and put new strings on it. He even threw in a strap and a new set of strings too!! I like it so far.
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    I can’t get over the body to neck ratio... Here is a picture of anyone over 5’1” playing one...
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    Sorry, you were talkung about the active circuitry - hadn't got it. OK, I wouldn't like that, too. The only reason for me to go active are piezos, and I do prefer active with them.
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    Every electric guitar has a circuitry on principal, even if it's a simple cable leading from a single pickup to an output jack. Me thinks you meant a printed circuit board (abbr. PCB) instead of point-to-point connections between the components.
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    Hello Allen, welcome here. 1) is OK since the pickups are wired for minimum loss to the hot pot side, and the center tap goes to the switch. The reversed wiring would not cause both volume pots to be a master but load down the pickups when used single and with the volume turned down a bit. 2) depends on the electromagnetic environment and is normal for the average household or stage situation with lots of electric gear around, e. g. switch mode power supplies, transformers, cell phones etc. This could only be avoided in a sophisticated studio environment with grid grounded walls, doors and windows which is rarely to find. In case you play via transmitter instead of cable, the problem won't occur since there is no electrical potential difference between you and the guitar, regardless of touching metal parts or not. Hope this helps, capmaster
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