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    I bought my first J-45 in 1966. It was a beat-up 1950 with a rutted fretboard, worn frets, and as I later discovered, several loose braces. It had been gigged nearly to death. As a 19-year-old college student, I couldn't even afford the $50 they wanted, but my older sister loaned the money to me. Still have that puppy more than 50 years later, as well as another one, in much better condition, with a FON just a month or so earlier. I have a thing for early post-WW2 Gibson slope-J's. They feel and sound right. My sister, alas, died about 25 years ago. She was the best sister a guy could ever have.
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    I am a new J-45 owner as of three weeks ago. It’s the first used guitar I’ve purchased. The story goes that the guitar was won in a raffle at a music festival and the guy I purchased it from bought it at a good price from the winner. This is a 2019 J-45 on its third owner. The guy I bought it from owns very high end guitars with many being $5000 to $7000 new retail priced guitars. He said he bought it because it sounded so good but in the end he just didn’t play it. I’m from Minneapolis and am spending some time in Phoenix when I came across this ad online for J-45 for $1500. I’m thinking this is too good to be true. I called Gibson customer service and the seller sent me pictures that Gibson had asked for and they authenticated the guitar as a 2019 J-45 Standard made in May of 2019. There’s been no warranty work done. I go to look at the guitar and it’s basically new. A few very light pick marks . I was looking for a second quality guitar and had been going to guitar shops in the Minneapolis metro area and played many fine guitars but kept going back to the J-45. I bought this fine example and believe it’s a great sounding, easy playing guitar that I like better every time I play it. I feel very fortunate to have found this guitar at such a good price and am looking forward to great times with it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
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    I am a working jazz guitarist in a bigger city. I work at a recording studio during the day (playing lots of guitar ) and gig 3-4 nights a week. I do pretty well for myself right now and recently with all of my new life developments I decided to buy myself an Es335 studio model (2019) for my 30th birthday. It is an expensive guitar, and I saved up some money and eventually just decided to pull the trigger and buy one First off let me say that this guitar is amazing. It is superior to any guitar I have ever owned in every way. I know for the most part that sound is in the hands not the gear, but I have to say that moving from an epiphone Sheraton I’ve been playing for 10 years to this is seriously an experience. It feels like a professional instrument. Everything about it, even the smell is superior to any guitar I’ve owned or played. It freaking love it. (I think owning this guitar actually made me a little better in all fairness. I played a session the other day and played a solo and I think the better fretboard or something helped me because I played some lines that actually surprised me! The neck is so fluid and I can play really nice and smooth! It’s amazing! My main reason for posting is to ask this question. Ever since I have been showing up to places with it, I have been experiencing an IMMENSE amount of shade from fellow guitarists and musicians. Almost people mocking me for having a Gibson and saying I should have saved money and bought an epiphone. Even on the various internet searches I’ve been on there’s always these people who are so venomously anti Gibson and say to play Epis. Has anyone else dealt with this kind of crap? And if so what do you say to people ? My reasoning for the purchase really is because I’m a professional, and I need a professional instrument. I played like 80 different guitars (all semi hollows) before I even tried Gibson. But once I did I realized what was up. Gibson is the best! I’m interested to hear any stories or similar situations! Cheers!
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    What did I do wrong? During the past 4 years I've spent roughly $10,000 on Gibson guitars. I think I posted pictures of every Gibson I bought - I was making sure what I was buying an authentic Gibson. (they were all used guitars). So, yeah, anyway, about the -2 reputation: Did I offend people or something? I can't imagine what that would have been. =/
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    Hello all,In 2017, I went to the Guitar Center and played a J-45 for the first time. I was smitten, but the 2750 price tag was overwhelming to me. I thought to myself, how in the world am I going to be able to afford one of these? I convinced myself that the guitars that I had, which are good, would satisfy. But, something kept me searching. After waiting patiently, saving up and getting a day job, the stars aligned and I happened to see an ad on Craigslist.Of course in this time of waiting, I also looked at other great guitars like the Martin D-28 and OM-28, but I came back to the J-45 for its balanced tone and how well it accompanies my singing.Needless to say, this is a dream come true. When I play this guitar, I feel a sense of “Oh my God!” that doesn’t happen with every J-45. The look, sound and feel is like an elixir from the gods. I am so happy to have come across a special one and one that has such sentimental value (he proposed to his fiance with this). This is a lifetime guitar for me and I will love it, cherish it, and play it with joy – for myself and for the people.I wanted to share this story to say that fairy tales can come true.I'd love to hear your stories!Cheers,Paulinap.s. If has to be love at first strum.
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    Hi There. Last year, when searching for an acoustic archtop, I found a '67 ES-125 and it has been a complete game changer. I'm a composer and producer working in TV, but my gear budget has to be shared between lots of different types of equipment, so I've never really been in the position to even consider vintage and expensive guitars. Now that I have one, when I play my other guitars I find them lacking. The neck profile of the '67 ES-125 is more comfortable than anything I've ever played. I have very small hands, which are quite weak due to historic sports injuries. The intonation is absolutely perfect across the entire fretboard and the tone of the aged wood is very enchanting. Its probably the first guitar that I've ever found a complete joy to play and that hasn't frustrated me. Consequently, my current ES-335 search is restricted to 1965 - 1969 and Norlin (1970 - 1979). And my dilemma is - should I pay about 1.75 times more for a pre-Norlin? What am I actually gaining buying a pre-Norlin? What is the actual issue with the volute? Will there be tone and intonation issues? Part of me thinks pre-Norlin is a better investment, but I'm worried that the late '60s ES-335s are already over inflated and I've missed the investment opportunity. Even though I'm looking for a guitar to keep, if I were to sell it on again in a few years, how many people are there really in the UK like me who would consider spending £4.5k - £6k for any guitar? I see pricey Gibsons hang around on eBay and Reverb for months, even years. Maybe a £2.5k - £3.5k Norlin is actually the better investment. Any wisdom much appreciated.
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    A touching story in all regards, especially about your sister having loaned you the money and about her specialness and her passing. That guitar is certainly a special one to keep. QM aka “ Jazzman” Jeff
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    I don’t think you paid too much but I think I just got lucky. Sometimes luck happens. Enjoy your J-45.
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    Pretty typical story as unrequited love for a certain guitar because of price tag was often a part of a musical journey. Back n the 1970s I stumbled on what was to say the least a well played 1930s Gibson AJ I hanging on the wall of a small Mom % Pop music shop wall. I played it and the sound and feel hit me like a lightning bolt. But in those days even a price tag of under $1K, it might just as well have been a million bucks.. But patience does have its virtues. has its virtues. The 1942 J50 I eventually ended up with has remained my favorite J45/50 for a couple of decades now.
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    The thing that impresses me about Lewis Hamilton is that the never makes any mistakes, he always races fairly and he doesn't get involved in any silly games, he's totally professional.
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    hey zz - I don't play DR Rare, so can't comment on those, but would expect others to chime in. On other string types, I feel people have liked elixirs for long life, especially if you don't use the guitar often. My take is string feel is a subtle thing to me, it may be a little disconcerting, but shouldn't be a show stopper... and then I think time in the saddle gets you used to whatever is there. Not sure if you have to play electrics to gig out etc... but I say try to focus on mainly acoustic for a bit and see how you bond with whatever you put together. fwiw - My favorite covers are typically electric songs done well on acoustic.
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    "Star Eyes" - 1940s standard by Gene de Paul and Don Raye - I like the Stan Getz version
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    I was just thinking to myself that my hummingbird is the perfect representation of who I am - old, beat, worn out, dried out, not the best looking, amazing tone if I get off my arse and play it, jurassic, etc. I am thrilled to have found my counterpart and hope we last 'till next Thursday. :)
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    "When the student is ready - the teacher will appear." Te Ching. "When the guitarist is ready - the guitar will appear." Me. Congrats!
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    Congratulations on the new guitar! When a guitar connects, it is indeed a special thing! Hope you will continue to share your new musical journey with your guitar with us here on the forum! QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff
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    I had to pawn mine awhile back and I forgot to put the pick guard back on it so I have one. It's the one in this photo. If I have a small enough box I'll send it to you as long as you pay for shipping. http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Ltd-Ed-Riviera-Custom-P93-Blue-Royale.aspx
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    Great news on the results. Congrats and good luck with your recovery.
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    Of course your wife is happy. Two weeks without you talking? Pop the champagne corks!!!
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    "Stairway To The Stars" - 1930s jazz standard, versions by Ella, Dorsey, Goodman etc - I like the Coltrane version.
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    I count 16 Calton cases. ...? Amazing. I have 2, made in the early 80s.
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    Looks good from here. I'm still waiting on mine. I ordered it a month ago. Word then was 6-8 weeks for delivery. Which neck did you get ? I ordered the 50s
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    Congratulations, Digger! I wish a speedy and full recovery to you! May God bless you and yours!
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    My daughter works for a local radio station that has sponsored a couple of Taylor's concerts; here's a pic of my granddaughter Gracie and her Aunt Jessie with Taylor. The pic's a few years old, Gracie's 16 now! Taylor had met Jessie before and remembered her; she was very nice and accommodating. Yeah, she's super rich and a big pop star, but compared to what I read/hear about some of the others out there, she seems like a really genuine person. And I gotta admit, I like some of her songs!
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    Red 333-I am humbled by your compliment. Thank you. QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff
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    WOO HOO!!! That's the best news we've heard today!!! Happy healing. Bob (& Leilani)
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    Played one over the weekend. Brillaint guitar and somewhat addictive!
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    That J 180 is not her guitar actually. It was gifted to her by Madonna after T.S acted as Madonna’s guitarrist for a performance of her hit song Ghost Town at some award show. It seems after she was gifted that J 180 you saw her with less and less Taylor Guitars. Madonna isn’t really known as a guitarrist but as an artist and as a writer of hit pop songs she is someone who is in a class of her own.I’m sure that J 180 holds a special meaning for that reason. It was one of several J 180’s M has. JC
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    The problem with those guitars that hang around on eBay and Reverb is that the seller is asking too much. Yes, vintage instruments in exceptional condition deserve a premium, but some sellers are just dreaming when their guitars have issues. Vintage guitars are like any - some are a joy to play and some are not. You won't know until it's in your hands for 30m. For me, if I enjoy playing it, it's worth paying a premium. But that's not an investment decision. That's a guitar player decision. If investment is your top priority, you have to invest in those guitars that have always been and will continue to be popular. And because they are popular, you will pay a premium. But then you get back that premium when you sell... assuming the market doesn't go south. That can happen and does happen periodically. Just wait it out if you can. Thorne
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    Contact Gibson, I'd think that's a warranty issue.
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