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    Anche il 59 è un bell'humbucker, ma è un po' più scavatino sulle medie. Ce l'ho su una delle due frankeinstrat che mi sono costruito, quindi non è su una SG al contrario del Seth Lover, ma il Seth è percepibilmente (esiste come parola?) più rotondo, decisamente vintage (non è nemmeno wax potted). 😉
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    You can buy Guitars til the Cows come home. But, It won't matter if you don't know how to employ good Dynamics. This is my #1 pet peeve when I play with other Musicians or listen to others play..
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    I agree with what I think Jinder is saying. I've been fortunate to never have bought one, but I've heard many guitars in shops that were too 'bright' for what I think would be a good accompaniment to my voice. You can change your strings to Light, change your plectrum to Light .... But I would not own an acoustic that I had to stand closer to the voice mike or play more gently to be able to hear myself.
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    Don't think he said he's looking for another beginner guitar. Just doesn't like the Martin. Maybe he bought one that had issues, or was made in Mexico. They're not all stellar, and he's entitled to his opinion. He's been playing for years, and may realize that low end Martins are equivalent to $300 Epiphones. If a guitar doesn't make you want to play more - most agree it makes sense to move it on and get a different one, look for an upgrade. Like a J45 and an H'bird would be. He might, however, need to challenge his guitar teacher after a couple of years of lessons - to get him to a point where he would feel comfortable sitting in a guitar store and not feeling badly about his playing.
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    Personally speaking, when I am playing and singing, I want a little dynamic range from the guitar but not a gigantic amount, mainly because I want to focus on delivering the vocal and not constantly regulating the guitar headroom with my right hand. Some guitars can definitely overpower the singer, but more often than not it's an issue relating to frequency rather than actual raw volume. A Hummingbird, for example, is a wonderful vocal accompaniment instrument as (according to Gibson, who told me first hand when I was working with them in 2008/9) they were originally designed with a dip in the mids at exactly the point on the sonic spectrum where vocals sit. Immensely clever engineering. My 12 string Hummingbird, for example, is very loud, but doesn't interfere with vocal frequencies, enabling me to fly a relatively relaxed vocal over it and still be heard clearly.
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    I agree with Jinder 100 %. Maple and Mahogany are the way to go if you sing. JC
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    The short answer IMHO is yes. Provided there is an available microphone. But, the better answer is the guitarist can simply play the guitar quieter. High volume acoustic guitars have the advantage of easily being able to control their volume because of their volume capacity, by how hard or light one’s attack or approach is on them, depending on the song or circumstance or needed vocal/accompaniment balance. Lower volume guitars, especially small bodied guitars with their lower volume capacity take a little more effort in the opposite direction to likewise get their volume louder through the player’s attack or approach, but also can achieve a balance for musical dynamics. I am only talking about an acoustic guitar here, as when a guitar is amped, it shifts a great deal of the volume level (although not all of it) to the amp’s control settings. QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff
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    Che genere suoni? 😉 I 57 classic probabilmente sono i miei preferiti, rimanendo in casa Gibson, ma preferisco comunque i Burstbucker ai 490r/498t. Cambiando brand e senza andare sul botique, i Seymour Duncan Seth Lover suonano alla grande (rock / hard rock).
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    So the Tone Master Twin Reverb has a 200 watt digital power amp switchable from 85 watts down to 1 watt. The Tone Master Deluxe Reverb has a 100 watt digital power amp switchable from 22 watts down to 0.2 watt. Delivered to Jensen N-12K speakers with lightweight neodymium magnets.. Seems like it takes a lot of power to reproduce the sound of a digitally sampled vintage tube amp..
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