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    Id like to be the guy whose job is to say “naaaaaah bruh. No effing way.” I do realize it’s a position they might have t create for the first time... context: “Hey, lets put these station wagon looking automatic tuners on the new J45s” me... “naaaaaah bruh. No effing way.” ”hey lets do a run of 250 Gold Hummingbirds” me... “naaaaaah bruh. No effing way.”
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    Brief Candles - The Zombies
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    I had to look it up, but it was Caesars Palace between 1981 - 84. I've been to Caesars Palace but I've no recollection of the car park, it must be big though. Bit of a bugger trying to find where you parked🙂
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    The ES Les Paul is the only ES guitar that I am aware of that has wood in it’s construction to accommodate a strap pin.
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    Yes it does hang differently and its more comfortable. I have a ES-339 with the pin at the heel which is not my preference. Its ok & I certainly would drill another hole into it. I just need to tilt the body back a little when standing to play.
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    Well, not many guitars getting made by us... So here are a few Gibson Montana videos to inspire some of you on and upwards... BluesKing777.
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    I don't recall playing a Gibson semi-hollow with a strap button on the upper bout ( I assume you mean at the end of the upper horn?), all of the ones I've owned the strap button was at the neck heel. But I have not had a 137 model. Having it on the upper horn would allow the guitar to hang a little lower so if it works for you - then great. Like Merciful said there is a lot more wood to bite into at the neck heel, than through the upper bout. I have an L-5 which did not have a strap button except on the bottom of the guitar below the bridge. So I installed one: But I suppose you are supposed to use a strap that connects up by the nut, as using the one I installed makes the body of the guitar sort of tilt away from you. Not a problem as I always play this particular guitar while I am sitting on a stool with one foot on the ground, but playing it standing up would be awkward. I recall a thread where someone asked why there was no strap button on a Tal Farlow model and when I searched the web every picture I found of Tal he was playing sitting down 🙂
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    I could put the Elvis in the J200. Thank you, thank you very much.
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    Interesting question (I dont know). I suspect the reason for the heel position pin is the hollowbody nature of the guitar itself. I have a (non Gibson) hollowbody with the strap pin on the upper bout. When I changed the pin to a locking type, I had trouble getting the thing secure. There was just not enough wood to hold the screw properly. I overcame the problem with glue and small slivers of wood (similar to the matchstick method).
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    Final inspection. The tone test. Playability. That was easy. Ask another one....
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    Oh, come now, Farns. Are you trying to tell us that Les Pauls of the same model can vary in feel, tone and weight from one to the next? I hardly think Gibson would allow that to happen. Before you know it you'll be saying that in a blind test & just by listening to them it's impossible to tell a solid-bodied from a weight-relieved LP... Pip.
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