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    Happy birthday!
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    I used to love Pharoah and still have that LP and a couple others. I saw him live once with Dannie Richmond on drums. "Pharoah's Dance" - Miles Davis
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    Not looking to hijack your post (an enjoyable read as expected). I sold one of my Fender amps about 2 years back on Craigslist. Buyer agreed to do a local pickup/cash transaction (hoorah.. my kind-a transaction!) when we finally hook up, he takes one look at me and says "Oh man! I know you..." We start with the 20 questions to find the common ground. As it turns out, our bands both played frequently at the same club in the mid/late 80s. club was not a local one for us, about a 40 minute drive from where we were. He recalled a number of Moe Town remakes we worked out. IIRC no one else did those tunes. 30+ years later, we meet again on a craigslist add.. not as nuts as your story but it reminded me of this.
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    Well I have made my decision. But I haven’t pulled the trigger because I can’t decide on the finish. Is it dark natural, caramel burst or sixties cherry. Give me a few more days deciding this.
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    I find for all the stick it gets, 'The Final Cut' is actually a bit of an un-appreciated gem. Yes, it's Roger Walters banging the same drum about why his dad had to die and why his school days were so crap but the album has some good lyricism and arrangements on it. 'Paranoid Eyes' in particular is a great track. 'Animals' is probably my favourite Floyd album though. After my Dad died, I inherited his vinyl collection, bought myself a decent turntable and have slowly added to what he left me and I have a much better appreciation of 70's rock now.
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    Resolution at last!! The dealership worked with me and Gibson and obtained the correct part. They never denied being the source of the mix up, the ones that may have accidentally swapped it and assured me they would do the right thing without the assistance of Gibson. Kudos to them because the guitar was sold 2 yrs earlier and they could have easily told me tough luck.
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    It sounds fine and I don't think there's any real difference in the two except for the branding. So here's a pic of the afflicted beast.
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