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    This is the essence of what guitar web forums are all about. Thank you for sharing that success story, good friend. :)
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    I haven't been on the Forum for several months but I would like to extend my thanks to Pippy, JDGM, Rab's, Notes Norten and Steve Ford and many others that have helped me in the past and from reading your posts. I never would have had the nerve to work on my Gibson GT S with what it cost, fear of screwing it up but it's 7 years old now since I got it used. This morning after all I learned from you guys and what I've read on the Internet I put new strings on it & noticed the neck had a bow in it. First time I adjusted the truss rod ever. Then I noticed the strings were high and lowered the bridge as low as I could go. I re- tuned it and checked the intonation and it was perfect for the first time. Plugged it in and it sounds great. I think I can set my own guitars up from now on as I never was mechanically guitar minded before. Anyway, thanks to all of you for helping me learn what I have over a few years being on here. Espeacialy Rab's.
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    I've played a couple open mics where one of the guys plays a J45 standard (purchased new this year) and we've been able to do a little compare and contrast to mine with baked top. My first take-aways is his is like butter, and mine is crunch. On his, everything sounds much smoother and blended together, on mine there seems to be more of a separation between notes, maybe brighter, or quicker decay, something that's a little different. Depends what you like to say which is better (I like mine). This also got me thinking on string choice though, I'm typically a PB guy, but thinking of going back to 80 / 20 where I feel those accent the crunchiness of my guitar. Just thoughts - but it's not often I get a close comparison so figured I'd share.
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    Folks, Check out this amazing sounding 1965 Dove: As much as I respect the prewar Martin dreads ... This Dove is a maple lovers dream as far as dreads go. I had a big grin on my face the whole time this guy was playing. JC
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    Tomorrow we (in the US) celebrate what we are thankful for. I'm thankful for being able to come visit my 83 year old Mom. And she is doing well. Im thankful for guitars and drums and music and friends and family. And I'm thankful for God being at the center of my life. How 'bout you?
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    Cool Sal! Nice and simple, sounds good and possibly more like The Eagles than RJ (and where is the bottleneck?)😎.....yep, liked it but listened to you and not your new guitar, sorry. BluesKing777.
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    All the best Sal - you can do it! And I loved the Robert Johnson! NCB
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    Very nice, she's a keeper... but I also spot some opportunity in that statement... go look for one of those real nice guitars and see what type of a deal they can offer you 🙂
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    We are pretty awesome...
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    treated myself to an early Christmas present for the next 3 or 4 years. 2008 ES335 Custom shop. has been in the case on a back shelf in the store since 08. I "discovered" it 5 yrs ago and have been having weekly conjugal visits ever since. at 59, I'm stuck between "you only live once" & "you've got bills to pay dumba$$". but with a minor anxiety attack, I brought her home. it's pretty sweet.
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    Sounds good...that's what it's all about! Best wishes my friend
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    I'm just now reading some reviews. Thanks for sharing, Navy Vet!! :)
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    My sons engagement party last year was very memorable. He & his fiance wanted us to play, but thought I wouldn't want to because I would miss out on the 'celebrating'. When word reached me I assured them I could play and celebrate. But our bassist couldn't make it. So we needed a dep. Just so happens that my sons stepfather is an old mate from way back (back to college actually) who is a excellent bassist. So now 2 family members are in the band. He brought his in incredible original '62 PB along to use (what a bass!). We hadn’t jammed or shared a stage together for years but I knew he would be great. So he was. He added his own unique vibe to the band’s sound that evening. We knew we were doing great when we saw all the bar staff dancing behind the bar. After we played some ska, my future daughter in law told me she had ‘never seen (her) dad dance like that before!’. It was a gas meeting family and friends I had not seen for many years. I didn’t recognise everyone at first. The night just wasn’t long enough to catch up with everyone. There will be another opportunity. We will be playing the wedding next year.
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    Really nice! Must have been meant to be alright. Good decision, IMO.
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    I'll say! What a iconic beauty!
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    I am a working jazz guitarist in a bigger city. I work at a recording studio during the day (playing lots of guitar ) and gig 3-4 nights a week. I do pretty well for myself right now and recently with all of my new life developments I decided to buy myself an Es335 studio model (2019) for my 30th birthday. It is an expensive guitar, and I saved up some money and eventually just decided to pull the trigger and buy one First off let me say that this guitar is amazing. It is superior to any guitar I have ever owned in every way. I know for the most part that sound is in the hands not the gear, but I have to say that moving from an epiphone Sheraton I’ve been playing for 10 years to this is seriously an experience. It feels like a professional instrument. Everything about it, even the smell is superior to any guitar I’ve owned or played. It freaking love it. (I think owning this guitar actually made me a little better in all fairness. I played a session the other day and played a solo and I think the better fretboard or something helped me because I played some lines that actually surprised me! The neck is so fluid and I can play really nice and smooth! It’s amazing! My main reason for posting is to ask this question. Ever since I have been showing up to places with it, I have been experiencing an IMMENSE amount of shade from fellow guitarists and musicians. Almost people mocking me for having a Gibson and saying I should have saved money and bought an epiphone. Even on the various internet searches I’ve been on there’s always these people who are so venomously anti Gibson and say to play Epis. Has anyone else dealt with this kind of crap? And if so what do you say to people ? My reasoning for the purchase really is because I’m a professional, and I need a professional instrument. I played like 80 different guitars (all semi hollows) before I even tried Gibson. But once I did I realized what was up. Gibson is the best! I’m interested to hear any stories or similar situations! Cheers!
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    Yes, but this has nothing to do with Gibsons & Epiphones being built today. When Gibson bought what was left of the original Epiphone company in 1957, they decided to create their own in-house competitive line. Starting in 1958 (and initially using up the parts procured from the Epi purchase), they began producing Epiphones in their Kalamazoo factory. Sometimes these were exact clones of Gibson models (except for the headstock & pickguard), but there also were unique models that significantly parted ways with Gibson's own offerings. Build quality of the two lines was identical. In 1970, the arrangement ended, as Gibson decided to have Epiphones produced in pacific rim countries. The first of these was Japan, then Korea, and now primarily China and Indonesia (some models are still occasionally made in Japan & Korea). The fact remains that thornev's "335 expert" is completely off base, and I would consider suspect any information he puts out.
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    Truly a gift of life. What a great brother, great man. You can lose all of your material possessions and it doesn't come close to what he is going through, not even close. And I'm sure the emotional strain you have gone through.
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    ohh yes!! 😍 that is one beautiful ES335
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    The serial number would make it a 2012. Everything looks good!
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    All credit too you for that mate, well done that man👍
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    I'll slant this another way & thank Gibson for making this community possible.
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    What a gift you gave to your brother. That sounds like a very tough thing to do. I would have an extremely difficult time laying still for 5 hours. But I would have done it for my Bro too. Thanks for reflecting on that experience.
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    Stem Cell Transplant. They killed his bone marrow, turned it off completely. Chemo and radiation. So by April 3rd he had no immune system left at all, no low level stem cells to do anything at all, but most important, not to make leukemic stem cells. I laid there for 5 and a half hours without moving, giant needle in my right arm taking my blood out, spinning it through a centrifuge, warming it up, putting it back in my left arm. You can't bend your arms at all, and I didn't even have to pee for the whole time. Took the gunk at the bottom of the centrifuge away about 4.30pm, did some stuff with it. By the time Mrs and I got to dinner he was having the gunk put in. Then comes the scary part, getting to day 100. By that point in July when I took him home finally, he was well on his way to a pretty good recovery. He was hospitalized Halloween 2018, got out in July, went back to work on...Halloween 2019! That was a year we'd both like back. rct
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    Sounds like a great family thanksgiving you had there. If you don't mind me asking, what stuff did you give him?
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    Thank You. I was a 6/10 match, perfect as we could get in his case. He didn't think I would do it, and we still don't know why he thought that. Or didn't think that I guess. Both of us pushing 60, this transplant welded us together in ways we didn't ever think possible. Nobody left to see it but, that's the cards we got. rct
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    You are a good brother, rct. 😑
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    And are we all stuffed (like a turkey)? Happy thanksgiving!
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    I'm thankful I didn't eat myself to death today. It was close.
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    Nice to see you around Pipp! Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving dinner, we dont celebrate it here but i agree with SteveFord, we should enjoy every minute we have here, and just be nice to each other! peace!
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    After having a heart attack and blacking out while riding a motorcycle last month I'm thankful to be above ground. We take so much for granted but that's a mistake, we should enjoy every minute of it no matter what it is. Go forth and eat turkey!!!
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    I'm thankful for my wife and my 2019, one of a kind, Gibson Gold Top Custom with a 60's profile thin tapered neck and custombucker pickups. And I am extra thankful that as a teenager I taught myself how to play guitar with the goal in mind of one day getting la......well you know.
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    I'm thankful for this gift of music, and the privilege and ability to deliver it to audiences. And for the day job, which keeps the bills paid. 😕
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    I'm thankful I can make a living doing music and nothing but music I'm thankful for the most wonderful lady in the world agreeing to marry me 41 years ago I'm thankful my wife is also a great singer and a damn good guitarist and synth player so we can gig together I'm thankful we both have excellent health (without that you have nothing) I'm thankful for my audience in both my duo, The Sophisticats and my Band-in-a-Box aftermarket business, Norton Music I could go on and on, these are just the highlights. Insights and incites by Notes
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    Oh, and I almost forgot. Im thankful for this place, the forum. 😁
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    Tell you what. If it's a fake it's the best fake ever!
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    Seems genuine. Is it well cared for though? Untrimmed strings, grubby headstock. Awful pics could be hiding more.
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    Certainly looks real to me.
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    Thanks, Gampadoug!
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    Congrats! I hear you on the 335 Studios. I absolutely love mine! I've got a 2017 (that I got at the CME blowout of that year), and this guitar just keeps getting better and better.
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    I have a 1973 Gibson J-50 Deluxe I bought brand new. It has rarely been played. I looked at it the other day and the binding is cracking. Can this be fixed and is it expensive?
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