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    I haven't been on the Forum for several months but I would like to extend my thanks to Pippy, JDGM, Rab's, Notes Norten and Steve Ford and many others that have helped me in the past and from reading your posts. I never would have had the nerve to work on my Gibson GT S with what it cost, fear of screwing it up but it's 7 years old now since I got it used. This morning after all I learned from you guys and what I've read on the Internet I put new strings on it & noticed the neck had a bow in it. First time I adjusted the truss rod ever. Then I noticed the strings were high and lowered the bridge as low as I could go. I re- tuned it and checked the intonation and it was perfect for the first time. Plugged it in and it sounds great. I think I can set my own guitars up from now on as I never was mechanically guitar minded before. Anyway, thanks to all of you for helping me learn what I have over a few years being on here. Espeacialy Rab's.
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    🙂 Well I owe this place a fair amount with regards to my making.. If it weren't for this forum I doubt I would ever have embarked on such a venture.. And its been awesome .. So thanks to everyone from me too.. Its just a shame its so quiet on here these days. I haven't been round much.. Just need a bit of a break from all this me thinks
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    Here is a song I have been messing with for quite some time. It's about constantly fighting for the important things in life, and never taking them for granted during the short time we are given. It has got a couple of attempts at a few firsts for me, like alternating rhyming lines, two time signatures, and an attempt at some more powerful vocals on the chorus, and even some heavy drums too 😀 It's a very odd song... THE NORTHERN STAR VERSE 1 the hour glass is broken and time falls to the floor too many words unspoken while I'm trapped behind closed doors no the sand won't pull back it covers all I've forsaken maybe it's the effort I lack or the wrong road I've taken CHORUS so throw away the maps and keys to where we are pack our bags boys and catch the Northern...the Northern Star. VERSE 2 our new town shall be unknown and our street without a name pure seeds will be sown for our love to remain I wanna make it up to you for the time lost between the most beautiful two boys I have ever seen CHORUS so throw away the maps and keys to where we are pack our bags boys and catch the Northern...the Northern Star. Lars
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    I picked up my guitar from Brothers Music this week... Love it. Action is where I like it. Finally just recorded this because it was easy.... bare fingers. I may have recoded this on the forum a year back with a different guitar. Don't know! I first recorded just a few noodling tracks going through some riffs, but it was boring. Frankly I play guitar and Sing... so this is how I use the guitar naturally. How do I keep this home at my next gig? When I know it is there... ready to be taken out? Awww Takamine is safer bet.
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    Earlier this year I tried the best guitar I ever played, a 60th Anniversary R9 in Southern Fade. I felt very familiar to me even when I first played it. I’ve played other R9s before, but never had the type of immediate bond with any other guitar, my R0 (G0) was the closest. I decided to not let the R9 go. So as a result, I traded in several of my guitars, including my R0. I recently ordered a used guitar from the shop and when I went to pick it up, I saw a used R0 that looked pretty similar to mine. I asked if I could check the serial number and lo and behold, it was my R0. I told the manager my story and he offered to sell it back to me for the same price they bought it from me. I couldn’t believe it. I had to ask him if he was sure about it as it had been several months. So I returned the used BFG with P-90s, sold them a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard and some cash to get my R0 back. The flames on it like to play hide and seek. Some angles makes the top look very plain, but other angles is flame festival. This guitars love the spotlight because every picture I take brings out all its flame. Here it is with a bonus picture with my R9. As you can see, I have a type. And here is what I traded for it It’s a Standard 50s which wad just phenomenal, but it wasn’t getting played because the R9 was even better. The neck on that Standard 50s measured and felt very close to my R9.
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    No, it's not a new song that I wrote and performed, I'll spare you. Bought a used guitar last week and the case stunk the high heaven from being in smokey bars. In the past, I tried all the remedies such as baking soda and cover-up sprays but they had little long lasting affect and I usually just bought a new case. I thought I'd give this Bissell OXY STAIN DESTROYER a try since it's made for pet accidents and is supposed to eliminate stains and odor's. Worked great. I still have a case from the early '70's from my guitar I used back then. It was in the bars for about 5 years. It's next on the list.
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    That is one sweet axe, V.
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    There is also a lot of handles new, or vintage, on ebay, just search for “guitar case replacement handle”. Lars
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    I'm glad your adjustments went well. I'm often a student here myself. Guitar is my 7th instrument, and there are many here who have much more experience and can play me under the table. Thanks to all the generous people who share what they've learned. And I agree with your assessment of P90 pickups. After I got my ES330 and played nothing but P90s exclusively for over a year, everything else sounds lifeless to me -- dull attack and tone. Notes
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    Great story! And those are beautiful les pauls.
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    sounds like a winner! Do it! I'm part of an orchestra with a chorale group. (20 pc orchestra, and about 60/70 voices.) we did the annual Christmas concert yesterday at the city hall auditorium in my home town. Since I just signed on this fall, for this show I was in about half of the material. But it was a blast. The tunes I played in: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Merry Christmas (a 40s jazz swing tune) Christmas Time Is Here (I even got to do some solo work on this one) We Need A Little Christmas My Christmas Tree (from home alone 2)
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    I quit smoking in Feb.2008. So it'll be 12 years in Feb. 2020. All of this gear except the Bose stuff played smoking bars for nearly 2 decades. Those Peavey SP-2's were bought in 1993. And they are carpeted, and so is the Carvin bass amp. They have "aired out" over the last 12 years and don't smell like tobacco. I must admit all of this stuff has done outdoor gigs since the bar years. I can smell a cigarette a mile away, but none of my gear smells like it after a decade.
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    I used "Bounce" (or some other brand) fabric softener sheets inside the sound hole a heavily tobacco-scented guitar and it helped a lot. If you select a scent that works for you it will help the cause but it probably won't erradicate it entirely.
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    I've learned a lot here, myself. I joined asking if there was such a thing as a Flying V that had some heft to it (short answer: no) and hung around ever since. For acoustics it's pretty much you get what you pay for but with electric some of the ones I've enjoyed playing the most are the less expensive models: Studio Les Paul, Faded SG, Satin 335, you get the idea.
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    To be very honest, I wasn’t expecting a great album, but seeing that The Who and the Beatles could do no wrong in my book I bought it. Since Friday evening I have listened to the album 9 times. Townshend has sprinkled elements from Tommy, Quadrophenia, Who’s Next, Who are You. His power chords are fantastic, the synthesizers are reminiscent- especially on a few songs, Roger sings with passion and the rhythm section is impressive. One song in particular Danny and my Ponies reminds me of the song Village Idiot by Van Morrison. Street Song is impressive, yet sad, in the fact Townshend is saying this is it, we are saying this is our street song and to say so long. The album evokes strong emotion, I was but 11 years old when I discovered The Who and the song My Generation and followed the group till present. This is perhaps their last album, they are old men, and I’m not a young man myself, a lot of this album deals with growing old. So this is really their swan song. Where does the time go?
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    Wow ... that is quite a statement. To me, the Who's last great album was "Who Are You?" A lot of people disagree with "Who Are You?" even being good, but not me -- I have always loved that album. However, I always thought their very best work was "Quadrophenia", followed by "Who's Next". The world could use a great another great album by the Who ... because it has certainly been a while. Looking forward to hearing it...
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    I was 14 when I faked playing bass at a Frat party. My most memorable playing a 3 day outdoor concert In Manipur at the foot of the Himalayas..
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    The question is, how do you gig with a Tak with this at home?
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    Haha.. Whoops... Obviously didn't read the whole thread.. Been a long day.. Well that's my excuse anyway 😛 decided to just get rid of it..
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    Hey Rabs, the first gig you played.😃
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    You mean EJ200? Cool guitar, but I don't see the sale of that one guitar keeping anything afloat....
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    There's a good tale right there.... And I can see the Ric Flair resemblance, no, really... I do.. LOL! It isn't something you get used to at all I don't think. Not that I can't get a Starbucks without being recognized or anything. I'm amazed anyone remembers some joker fooling around with a Tele in some crummy bar! Tru dat... then again, maybe some of us don't change much? But then again, you must a made an impression at some point, and it stuck.
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    Its really hard to know. But measure the resistance with a multimeter, then compare it with It looks like a modern 500 or 490 series, though.
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