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    As some of you may recall from my epic thread "parent to new Les Paul recipient", my son is getting a Les Paul Studio Faded Sunburst 2008 (among others) for Christmas. I was a little curious how it could be SO much lighter than the "Modern Weight Relief" Les Paul Standard 2016 that he is also getting--so I x-rayed it. Here is the Xray https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/YGz8IHFjRNuvr1IKI9TAsw.zY25YM8oU5kK2n6MQFMOAM Here is the "regular" (albeit not as cool) photo of the guitar https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/V8xjcaJ3TmaOH4oVhA80Ew.I2S5DxuK3ed54ze-gAlABf Guess it is a full chamber weight relief!
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    I haven't been on the Forum for several months but I would like to extend my thanks to Pippy, JDGM, Rab's, Notes Norten and Steve Ford and many others that have helped me in the past and from reading your posts. I never would have had the nerve to work on my Gibson GT S with what it cost, fear of screwing it up but it's 7 years old now since I got it used. This morning after all I learned from you guys and what I've read on the Internet I put new strings on it & noticed the neck had a bow in it. First time I adjusted the truss rod ever. Then I noticed the strings were high and lowered the bridge as low as I could go. I re- tuned it and checked the intonation and it was perfect for the first time. Plugged it in and it sounds great. I think I can set my own guitars up from now on as I never was mechanically guitar minded before. Anyway, thanks to all of you for helping me learn what I have over a few years being on here. Espeacialy Rab's.
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    Anyone else get one of these?
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    Kids, don’t let this happen to your guitar at home! With such a chewed up bridgeplate, it’s a worst case scenario situation when coupled with the plastic bridge. The ball ends will be pulling almost directly on the spruce top, and could easily cause the top to develop a crack south of the pin holes. Hope it got fixed!
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    Very nice looking LPs @pauloqs very nice story about you getting your R0 back. Best wishes and many years of enjoyment with your LPs!
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    Earlier this year I tried the best guitar I ever played, a 60th Anniversary R9 in Southern Fade. I felt very familiar to me even when I first played it. I’ve played other R9s before, but never had the type of immediate bond with any other guitar, my R0 (G0) was the closest. I decided to not let the R9 go. So as a result, I traded in several of my guitars, including my R0. I recently ordered a used guitar from the shop and when I went to pick it up, I saw a used R0 that looked pretty similar to mine. I asked if I could check the serial number and lo and behold, it was my R0. I told the manager my story and he offered to sell it back to me for the same price they bought it from me. I couldn’t believe it. I had to ask him if he was sure about it as it had been several months. So I returned the used BFG with P-90s, sold them a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard and some cash to get my R0 back. The flames on it like to play hide and seek. Some angles makes the top look very plain, but other angles is flame festival. This guitars love the spotlight because every picture I take brings out all its flame. Here it is with a bonus picture with my R9. As you can see, I have a type. And here is what I traded for it It’s a Standard 50s which wad just phenomenal, but it wasn’t getting played because the R9 was even better. The neck on that Standard 50s measured and felt very close to my R9.
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    First try! We set the xray on "knee". We were prepared to shoot a bunch of them, but we "nailed it" We made date of birth 12/25/2008, named it "guitar", indication was "no complaints, routine physical", etc. some of the details got edited out of the photo but we had a big time with it.
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    Listening to all kinds of music is IMO an important part of being a musician. I listen to everything from 3 chord blues to symphonies to non-Western music, to Latin American, to Afro Cuban, to European, to Tuvan throat singing, and anything else that comes my way. I wouldn't make a steady diet of some of it, but I analyze it and do my best to understand it. All that helps my rock/blues/jazz/country playing, which helps me make a living doing music and nothing but music. A library or even YouTube is a good way to expose yourself to different genres. Notes
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    A modern 'bird vs the 1960 'bird would be a really interesting comparison, especially when it comes to bracing, not to mention the bridgeplate for the ADJ bridge. In 1960, other Gibsons were still fairly lightly braced, but the question is what Gibson did with the "new" dreadnought body style. More modern 'birds I have seen look to have very heavy back bracing compared to the slope-J, but what were they doing back in 1960? BK, it's time for you to take a look at both the modern and vintage 'birds. The 1960 one is a rare bird, indeed! How about a little "Love in Vain" on both of those?
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    that's actually pretty cool that you could xray it. I would to xray my 1995 Standard, that thing is a beast, it was 10.9lbs before I added the bigsby.
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    I bought one of these on Nov. 30 at GC in Sacramento. Originally, I had ordered a White SG Standard Gold Edition at the Modesto GC a week prior that was on the GC website, but I had to cancel the order due to the Guitar being in North Dallas with a broken headstock. I happened to be in Sacramento at the GC thinking I would purchase a 2019 61 Reissue in the traditional Heritage Cherry, but then I saw this guitar on their display. There was no tag and their computer did not have any specs on this guitar. At first I am thinking this guitar is pink, but after looking at some other pink guitars in the store, I could see that Rose Gold is the proper way to describe this SG. The cream pick guard and gold accents really enhance the look of this guitar-giving it a vintage look (at least in my eyes). I like the Heritage Cherry color, but I see so many of these around and the fact that this color is a limited run, I chose to purchase this SG. I see this model is now listed on the GC Website. It seems like a good value for the price, especially since it comes with the metal, heavy-duty, form-fitting case. Sorry if I am rambling...I am new to this forum! Thanks for listening!
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    https://imgur.com/a/Oc8KlXx https://imgur.com/a/M8Glo4s In case the above links do not show up.
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    My wife and I quit in the '90s. Both after25+years of tobacco. We were sharing 2 1/2+ cartons a week at the time. Cigs in Anchorage are somewhere North of $10.50/pack now! And I can run all the way around the block without stopping!!!!
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    I quit smoking in Feb.2008. So it'll be 12 years in Feb. 2020. All of this gear except the Bose stuff played smoking bars for nearly 2 decades. Those Peavey SP-2's were bought in 1993. And they are carpeted, and so is the Carvin bass amp. They have "aired out" over the last 12 years and don't smell like tobacco. I must admit all of this stuff has done outdoor gigs since the bar years. I can smell a cigarette a mile away, but none of my gear smells like it after a decade.
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    Man, such a great guitar!! Congrats. :)
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    I sort of hit the wall six years ago at 66. Finished up one full-time contract, got another short term one, and then was told they had hired someone else for my old full-time gig after that. At that point, it looked like I would probably not work again. Then one group discovered I was at loose ends and gave me another three year contract. At the end of that contract, that group split up, and one of the factions hired me for another 3+ years, part time. Then another start-up discovered I was only working part-time, and hired me for another part-time gig for a year and a half. That contract runs out this month, and they've notified me they want to renew for another year. The other part-timer runs out in April of 2021. I'll be ready to hang up my hired gun spurs at that point, as much as I like to work. The irony is that just as I thought things were winding down, people decided to throw more money at me than I made for most of my career. It's hard to turn that down. But another 18 months is about all I can handle. There are other things to do, while I still can.
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    Yikes. There is so much wrong with that...
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    Have to agree with others above - NOT☹️ a genuine Gibson Custom.
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    nope, it's not authentic...
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    I am no expert but there are things that don't look right with this guitar. Bridge posts have screw slots. Fingerboard does not look like ebony (or richlite). Fret ends are exposed, not bound. Also - though it may just be the camera angle - the top of the headstock looks odd and so does the cutaway. Unfortunately our 'resident' expert(s) don't log on here nearly as much as they used to, so you may have to wait for a more informed response. Best wishes.
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