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    Tony P on my favorite guitar J-45 on Acoustic Tuesday
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    I bought one of these on Nov. 30 at GC in Sacramento. Originally, I had ordered a White SG Standard Gold Edition at the Modesto GC a week prior that was on the GC website, but I had to cancel the order due to the Guitar being in North Dallas with a broken headstock. I happened to be in Sacramento at the GC thinking I would purchase a 2019 61 Reissue in the traditional Heritage Cherry, but then I saw this guitar on their display. There was no tag and their computer did not have any specs on this guitar. At first I am thinking this guitar is pink, but after looking at some other pink guitars in the store, I could see that Rose Gold is the proper way to describe this SG. The cream pick guard and gold accents really enhance the look of this guitar-giving it a vintage look (at least in my eyes). I like the Heritage Cherry color, but I see so many of these around and the fact that this color is a limited run, I chose to purchase this SG. I see this model is now listed on the GC Website. It seems like a good value for the price, especially since it comes with the metal, heavy-duty, form-fitting case. Sorry if I am rambling...I am new to this forum! Thanks for listening!
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    Hi all. Just ordered for Christmas a new ES 339, Vintage Sunburst. Very excited! My question is, Anything in particular I need to look out for? I have other guitars, I'm half decent at set ups but I have never had a semi-hollow until now. Many thanks, and all the best for the hols!!
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    Well after all these years I finally ended up with a PRS. It's a 2005 Santana SE made in Korea, but still a PRS. I'm not really celebrating the way I acquired it. Maybe you saw in the "gig" thread that my Les Paul got a broken headstock the night before Thanksgiving. Somehow the bass player apparently knocked it over while it was on the stand. I only saw it after it was on the floor. We were very cramped and he was setting up PA when it happened. I did not blame him and told him it wasn't his fault but he felt really bad anyway. Well last night at rehearsal he brought this PRS in and handed it to me saying it's mine. I protested but he insisted I take it. Said he hasn't played it in years anyway. He's a personal friend of Paul Smith and runs sound for his band. I'm sure he can get another PRS for a good price if he really wants. 😎 So I played it at practice and took it home afterward. It actually plays really nice and I love the neck. I was a little surprised that there's no push/pull pots for the pickups. Oh well, the humbuckers sound great. I put new strings on tonight. Have to get used to a floating bridge again. Anyway here it is:
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    Anyone else get one of these?
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    If you have any toddlers in the house, they like to stuff things into the f-holes.
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    Now I still have to figure out what to do about my Les Paul. So far, the people we've spoken to aren't very interested in trying to fix it. Saying it will cost almost as much as guitar is worth. I'm not worried about cosmetics, as long as it can play and can play and function properly again.
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    This is the biggest thing I appreciate about the streaming music stations like Pandora and Google play. You put in a musician / song and they build playlists.... you can get a view into a whole music type with not too many commutes - uses data though, which I don't know what it is, but I do know I am the one that pays for it.
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    Guitar Center also offers a Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster in the same Rose Gold finish. But with rosewood necks as well. Quite a promotion! 🙂 https://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender/American-Professional-Telecaster-Rosewood-Neck-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar-Rose-Gold-1500000296175.gc?source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImJW-p6-t5gIVD9vACh2pGwYOEAQYASABEgKdZPD_BwE https://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender/American-Professional-Stratocaster-HSS-Rosewood-Neck-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar-Rose-Gold.gc
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    That is purty! my question is, if Gibson can put that out that upgraded SG Standard (which is a modern version) for $1599, with the HP titanium steel case, why in the world couldn't they included the standard brown tolex case with the regular SG Standard for the $1499 that they are asked for it with the padded soft case?? This makes NO sense whts so ever! We all asked why not just charge a few more buck and include the hard case. Better yet, why not charge $1599 for Modern SG Standard and included that steel case. It still cheaper for them than the rose colored SG Standard package above. Think about it, the Rose Gold SG Standard is the same exact model as the Modern SG Standard except for paint color, white plastics, gold plated tuners and top tail bolts, all of which actually actually add to cost over the regular SG Standard. This is just plain crazy! Gibson has lost it... well me from buying any new SG Standards anyways, lol If the brown tolex hard cases come back to the basic SG Standard, I will buy again. I would have bought the 2019/Modern SG Standard in cherry and one of CME special builds they sell for my collection if they would have included that factory brown hard case 🙂
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    All in, Nick. We both got lucky and found one, or two in your case. Mine just happens to be a blonde. Lookin' at wealth of J's on the Ryman stage tonight. The concert companion to the Ken Burns doc.
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    I am thinking 6 ish lbs? Ill weigh it. Hang tight. Edit--7lbs 1 ounce. Weighing Les Paul ^^click on that to see photo of it on the scales
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    First try! We set the xray on "knee". We were prepared to shoot a bunch of them, but we "nailed it" We made date of birth 12/25/2008, named it "guitar", indication was "no complaints, routine physical", etc. some of the details got edited out of the photo but we had a big time with it.
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    Listening to all kinds of music is IMO an important part of being a musician. I listen to everything from 3 chord blues to symphonies to non-Western music, to Latin American, to Afro Cuban, to European, to Tuvan throat singing, and anything else that comes my way. I wouldn't make a steady diet of some of it, but I analyze it and do my best to understand it. All that helps my rock/blues/jazz/country playing, which helps me make a living doing music and nothing but music. A library or even YouTube is a good way to expose yourself to different genres. Notes
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    I use that dog pee spray which kills the bacteria. Ozone sprays like those you use in cars also works..
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    5 years off the smokes for me ...15 -17.50 a pack here in Ontario Canada...gotta pay for our great health care system some how ! I use liberal amounts of Arm and Hammer baking soda ...then take to the gas station and use their 2 dollar vacuum ...works like a charm and baking soda is cheap lol.
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    well now... that is an unusual and quite cool looking SG.. I like it!
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    I like the color of the cream pick guard against that rose gold color. Very nice.
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