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    They're definitely great guitars and if you have the opportunity, try as many as you can even if they're a friends guitar that's not for sale. Knowing what to look for was very difficult. I've went through a few (maybe not as many as Sal 🙂 ) before I found a keeper. As far as J45's (and versions) here's what I went through and maybe I'm not done two modern J45 standards - both gone J45 Custom RW - gone 1954 J50 - gone J45 True Vintage - gone original 1940's Banner J45 - gone Kris Kristofferson SJ - still have Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Deuce - stil have J45 Legend The Legend won out over all the others, I look at the other two I have as artist signed collectables.
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    Here is a song I have been messing with for quite some time. It's about constantly fighting for the important things in life, and never taking them for granted during the short time we are given. It has got a couple of attempts at a few firsts for me, like alternating rhyming lines, two time signatures, and an attempt at some more powerful vocals on the chorus, and even some heavy drums too 😀 It's a very odd song... THE NORTHERN STAR VERSE 1 the hour glass is broken and time falls to the floor too many words unspoken while I'm trapped behind closed doors no the sand won't pull back it covers all I've forsaken maybe it's the effort I lack or the wrong road I've taken CHORUS so throw away the maps and keys to where we are pack our bags boys and catch the Northern...the Northern Star. VERSE 2 our new town shall be unknown and our street without a name pure seeds will be sown for our love to remain I wanna make it up to you for the time lost between the most beautiful two boys I have ever seen CHORUS so throw away the maps and keys to where we are pack our bags boys and catch the Northern...the Northern Star. Lars
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    Going well......! "Highway 28" - Better Days (Paul Butterfield)
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    Thanks for the advice everyone. You'll probably be seeing my " Les Paul headstock repair" thread sometime in 2020 😎
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    There have been more than 40+ different J-45 models in modern times. It's likely that no one here has tried more than a handful of those. Even within each model, each guitar is an individual. Keep trying them until you find one you can't live without, whatever model you are thinking of. Don't go by the name to guess what's best: go by what your eyes, ears, and hands tell you.
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    Welcome aboard Rore. Enjoy your stay.
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    Hey, Rore! Welcome to the forum! There are lots of nice and well informed folks here! I have an Epi Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro that I dearly love! They go for about $550 +/- without a case. A case is about another $100 +/- for an Epiphone branded case. I haven't really tried all of the numerous LP models but, I can vouch for the quality of mine. I gig with it fairly regularly and have had no major problems that a squirt of DeOxit couldn't fix. I would definitely make sure to play before you buy, if possible. Good Luck on your quest!
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    I don't gig often so I don't post here. But that changed this weekend, I was offered a gig as a member of a 20 pc orchestra this past fall. They were looking to add a guitarist to the rythm section which previously was Piano, Bass and Drums. I jumped at the offer. It's just so different for me to be doing music like this (Jazz, Swing, Big Band stuff, some broadway tunes here and there). Along with the 20 pc orchestra is a 60+ voice chorale group. This outfit does about 3 shows/concerts a year, profits are donated to charities in the area. (However, the musicians are paid) The annual Christmas concert for this Chorale group was Sunday afternoon at the city hall in my home town. Good crowd showed up, and they were very enthusiastic. The concert went off with out a hitch, I had a total blast. I even got to do a few quick solos during the Rob Sterling arrangement of Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time Is Here, which corny as it sounds, is one my favorite Christmas songs. Despite the fact that there's close to if not more than 80 ppl in this setup, they are a very welcoming crew. I seemed to hit if off great with the Bass player, great guy and extremely good.. I already know the Pianist very well and he is a monster. Next concert is this spring, I'm really looking forward to more.
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    I agree. The old free-form underground radio was educational for me, and we had a legendary underground station in Mesa/Phoenix in the early/mid 70's. Knowledgeable staff certainly helps. I'm impressed with some of the internet radio stations we have now. Here's a few. http://radiofreephoenix.com/whatsup/playing-now/ http://www.area24radio.com/ https://www.thecurrent.org/listen/heartland
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    I've never even seen this colour before. Its a beaut. Not only the cream PG but the gold/chrome mix shows it off properly. Congrats
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    Supposedly as of Jan. 1, 2019 a law went into affect requiring Out of State Sellers of new Gear to collect appropriate State Sales Tax from Buyers. Over the years I've found Dealers will deal one day & won't the next .. Go figure? I take time & Shop to find who wants to make a deal. Sometimes calling all the Major Online Co's if it's New... I'm not concerned about buying from reputable Online Major Gear Retailers.. I like Brand new untouched in the Wrapper Gear. Whenever I don't like something I'll exchange it until the right one comes along... Most Brick & Mortar Stores seldom have what I'm looking for. When they do they usually have 1 or 2 of whatever that have been played by others. Many times leaving Knicks & scratches...
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    Very nice looking LPs @pauloqs very nice story about you getting your R0 back. Best wishes and many years of enjoyment with your LPs!
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    Earlier this year I tried the best guitar I ever played, a 60th Anniversary R9 in Southern Fade. I felt very familiar to me even when I first played it. I’ve played other R9s before, but never had the type of immediate bond with any other guitar, my R0 (G0) was the closest. I decided to not let the R9 go. So as a result, I traded in several of my guitars, including my R0. I recently ordered a used guitar from the shop and when I went to pick it up, I saw a used R0 that looked pretty similar to mine. I asked if I could check the serial number and lo and behold, it was my R0. I told the manager my story and he offered to sell it back to me for the same price they bought it from me. I couldn’t believe it. I had to ask him if he was sure about it as it had been several months. So I returned the used BFG with P-90s, sold them a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard and some cash to get my R0 back. The flames on it like to play hide and seek. Some angles makes the top look very plain, but other angles is flame festival. This guitars love the spotlight because every picture I take brings out all its flame. Here it is with a bonus picture with my R9. As you can see, I have a type. And here is what I traded for it It’s a Standard 50s which wad just phenomenal, but it wasn’t getting played because the R9 was even better. The neck on that Standard 50s measured and felt very close to my R9.
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    I did the intonation on my 60th the other day and yes, when you adjust the saddle screws, the adjustment screws do come out of the bridge's grooves intended to hold the screw in position. My screw wasn't bent, but I did have to do some work to get it to settle back down VERY CAREFULLY! I.e. don't take a screwdriver and smash it down in the groove because you WILL bend the screw doing that. I finaggled it a little bit by slightly twisting the saddle screw while applying pressure with my finger over the bridge groove to settle the screw back down. Took some work - more than I thought - but I felt this was a safe procedure. That VOS stuff seems to make this happen I imagine (artificial aging), but no worries, once it settles back down, life is good and back to playing. FYI, these R9 60th Anniversaries are KILLER GUITARS!!! I never thought I would have such a sweet LP in my lifetime.
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