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    NARRATOR: "And then there was Jimmy Two Times, who got that nickname because he said everything twice, like..." JIMMY TWO TIMES: "I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers."
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    It's funny, but I go by my nickname in every other facet of life, except for the band. The given name is John Sparkman, but after years of service in the Army, that turned into the nickname Sparky. (Sometimes, Spark, Sparkinator, or Sparquelito.) But in general, everyone calls me Sparky. Though the wife calls me Spark, as a rule. In the band, everyone calls me John for some reason. Not sure why. 😐
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    Whether being in the Navy or undergrad school or band mates I have known a lot of folks that had nicknames. Some folks I knew. Marcus “Catfish” Campbell, Johnny “RC Cola” Lewis, Anthony “The Schonz” Scaindra,- a damn fine drummer, David “The Nose” Abrahamowitz- one hell of a keyboard player, Ernie “Highpockets” Fisher. Connie “Crawdaddy” Evens, Sinclair “ Bugeyes” Vandergraff. And then there was me, “ Obla”, “King Daddy”, “ JR” and “Dead Hands”. Anybody have a nickname in a band.
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    Hello all, After many years away (22, to be exact), I’ve found myself back in the fold with the recent acquisition of a 2017 Les Paul Classic HP. My first LP was a 1979 Deluxe that was way too much guitar for my nineteen-year old self to handle. Then I had an alpine white LP Studio that I played for several years. After awhile I lost touch with Gibson when I was lucky enough to acquire a pre-refined Parker Fly Deluxe. As of last Friday, I am firmly planted back with Gibson and couldn’t be happier!
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    Hipshot tuners + speed dials + Elixir 10's = bliss! 😁
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    Very cool hearing about all y'all's nicknames! I've been "G Mac the Heart Attack" for the past few years...that is, until I had a heart attack. Now, it's just "G Mac" here on the forum. When I was a youngster they called me "Flash McNasty" for awhile. They called me "Thumper" at a music store where I used to teach...the studios were upstairs from the store and I was always stomping on the floor to help my students keep time. Like most of the rest of you, I've had some monikers that I cannot mention here...
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    I gave it a listen streaming it, and to say it is the best album since Quad, which is may be their best is...well...not how I would put it. They are consummate pros and have not put out any thing good since the last LP with Moonie, and that was maybe a 7 star out of 10 LP.
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    When I was born my parents named me Papoose because my face was all read. Stuck with me until my dad died (called me Pappy). Politically incorrect these days.
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    I've had a few. I was always skinny so in college they called me Stickman cause I was skinny and played on the golf team. I was also known as Slim in a band I was in out in Boston area for awhile. My old drummer (now deceased) was Richard "Tubs" Castillo. My old bass player (also deceased) was Billy "The Geeze" DeWees cause he once played in a band known as the Geezers. My recent bass player's name was Dan and he wanted to be known as "Diamond Dan" but no one called him that cause he wasn't that sharp. My golfing buddies around Chicago used to call me "Flatstick" cause I was a good putter. A good friend of mine has a brother in law that was always known as Skip. He worked at a car dealership and I saw a car on the lot I was interested in so went in and asked if Skip was there. They looked at me like I was crazy. I said "You know Skip, Skip Crutchfield". They said "oh you mean Roy" which was his real name. Not sure any one in his family even knew his real name was Roy.
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    Hi, I'm Nick. I'm looking for my 79 Gibson S-1. In 96 my brother pawned it. Pawn shop screwed up and didn't place on police hold shelf. A guy from LA bought it and I've been trying to find her ever since. She's unique, to say the least. The paint is the sunburst yellow and brown standard 3 single coil pick-ups... but The backside has a big buckle rash area from the rivets in my Levi's when I played. The unique part. I shot her with a .357 mag pistol, bottom right hip. It blew a section off the guitar but didn't hit the wiring, pick guard... Nothing. When I took her to a local guitar maker/repair guy, he asked me if I wanted the bullet hole filled in. I said No, leave it. So, she has a bullet hole, in the backside. The front shows no evidence of it. That's how tough these solid body S-1s are. Not even a .357 hollow point bullet could pass through at 8 feet. Why I did it, another story for another day. I will post photos soon. The black Gibson hard case has stickers from all the states I played in. Thanks. I hope someone knows someone who talked about an S-1 with a bullet hole
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    Oy! The stories I could tell. I got lucky, and some how have managed to not screw it up.
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    my ex-wife had/has a few names for me. bitter, vindictive, silly girl that she is. you know how those New England chicks are. right Ray ?
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    Wow Jinder, good stuff and good luck! A little deviation from other work of yours I heard, and done well. Appreciate you posting.
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    This is a great recording. I truly hope it gains you much commercial success, Jinder. The video is well done also, and fits the mood of the song quite well. While I really didn't hear any acoustic guitars, and I don't think this would get play on Radio Heartland, or the Acoustic Outpost, WE know you as acoustic player and enjoy your stuff. Thanks for posting.
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    Jinder, this is great. The orchestration is perfect for this. I love your work man. GREAT job.
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    my last name is Pelkey, my adoring friends call me Pelican. The other guitar/bass player I've been working with forever is known as Buffalo Ed. Another friend who's name is John, yet we call him Reggie.
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    Our drummer is often referred to as 'Billie' or 'Badass Billie'. I don't know why. His name is Simon. Our singer has long been known as 'Stinky'. Me? Nothing I would admit to.
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    Jinder, that is wonderful. I really like the smooth, orchestrated sound. Great vocals as always too. I heard it on youtube a few days ago. and I hope it brings some well deserved recognition your way. Lars
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    Very nice, very green!! I love it. :)
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    The girl's called me tripod, cause my middle leg is longer then my other two ;-0
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    I did 4 in the Navy and if being called Cowboy was all the USMC could muster that was pretty light. I remember my Company Commanders as we called them in boot, and being called lots of stuff I am sure I can not say here.
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    I was officially named Cowboy in USMC boot camp, after telling my DI that I'd rather be working with horses. Expected worse, coming from him (use the profane side of your imagination), but Cowboy has stuck with me all my life.
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    Well, I'm not in a band but I was named after my dad. The only difference was he's Sr. and I'm Jr. So I was named Floyd Hanslip after him. My mom hated it and refused to call me Floyd so nicknamed me Butch from the day I was born. I've been Butch ever since. In fact not very many people know my real name.
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    So the story is that I used to do some work with Gibson (selling them the wood as a teenager which my Grandfather and I (mostly him) cut.) Living in Nashville I was able to make a few contacts and got him a spectacualr Les Paul Prototype model from the Gibson vault. Being blessed with many friends, a guy who owed me showed up with the Les Paul studio. At first I was a bit leery of giving him both but he is a great kid and I thought it was actually perfect--he gets a really nice one to have around and keep and he also gets one that he can take out and bang on without worring about damaging a one of a kind prototype. I realize the whole thing sounds odd and I really do not have a whole lot of $$ in them. As mentioned previously (somewhere) it is very interesting how several people that I know who are musicians have reacted when I have shown them. When they see the Les Paul Standard, they gasp or "ooh and aahhh" When I show them the studio they GRAB it and start strumming--which is exactly what I envisioned when I thought about the question of giving him BOTH. I never started out to give him 2 guitars--and certainly not 2 Les Pauls--but that is kind of how it worked out. I have had literally dozens of hours of entertainment reading about all the Les Pauls and the variations for the last few weeks and even though I do not play (yet) I am now considering getting me one and learning. It seems (as most of you already know) that it is pretty easy to get interested and fired up about guitars!
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    So your son is getting TWO Les Pauls for Christmas?? Who is your son? Slash?
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    Rescued a 2002 Gibson J50 from the pawn shop! Sounds absolutely great - worn in nicely since 2002.....somebody melted the nitro badly on the back of the neck with a guitar stand rubber problem. Urgently needs new strings and other help, but here are some first photos..... BluesKing777.
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    Are you saying it is "safer" to use your product than it is to strum the guitar (do what the guitar was actually built to do)? 😂 Sorry, thanks but no thanks. I wasn't a fan before, now that just sealed the deal 🙄
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    I normally use Cubase Elements, but some years ago I played around with garageband, just picking out sampled clips that were available. Ended up with this "instrumental".... :^)
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    I'd like to put another acoustic duo together, guitar/mandolin/resonator/banjo/vocals ala Jerry Garcia/David Grisman but man it's hard to find someone with the same likes and the chops that you don't want to kill...
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    (Unofficial) NGD! So, the package arrived today, which was several days earlier than I had anticipated. The guitar is meant to be a Christmas gift from the missus and she said, Well, fine. Put it under the tree (which we just brought home this morning and went through the usual annual torture getting it into the stand and set up to where she can then - because I'm not allowed to take part, because I apparently have little or no artistic savvy with regard to decorating a tree - start loading the ornaments) until the big day. Problem is, I really wanted to check it out in case there were any issues which would require sending it back. I didn't want to wait until Christmas morning and then be disappointed if something was seriously amiss. Plus, God help me, I wanted to see it!! So I waited until she went out shopping. The package came through UPS. The outer packing was pretty slapdash, lots of tape and not much solid. Inside was a cardboard guitar case and the guitar itself was wrapped in a sort of cloth bag. Was a bit nervous but everything appears to be ok. It is a beautiful little thing!! The Vintage Sunburst - at least to my eyes - is spectacular. I took all the stickers and decals off (she won't notice that) and tuned it and plugged in to my Fender Blues Junior. I have to say that the action was pretty much spot on for where I like it to be. After more playing I may decide to lower it a hair but, otherwise, dead on. I played it for about fifteen minutes and I have to say that it feels very comfortable. It feels like a slightly wider neck than I am used to with my Strats but I rolled through some blues licks and a few jazz turnarounds etc and it felt very comfortable. So. I don't want to jump the gun but I think I am going to enjoy playing this guitar a lot. So far so good. Fifteen minutes is nowhere long enough, obviously, but I got a good feel from it. Let's say it turns out to be a great buy. Why then, would anyone pay the big bucks for a Gibson version? What am I missing? I am a reasonably adept amateur hacker, as a player. Is there something I don't get about the difference between a laminated body and a full blown mahogany? Why wouldn't I go to the next level and get an Epiphone ES 175 instead of the Gibson equivalent? Sorry for the long winded story but I am pretty juiced about this guitar!!! And many thanks to the folks gave me tips etc. Soon as I figure how, I will post pics etc.
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    Hi all - thanks for the replies - good thoughts! What i find pushes me is to define something to go after (i.e. Eleanor Rigby) which in turn causes me to play more / practice more. Any songs or specific musical milestones you'd like to cross as a result of your playing / practicing. (this is my out loud wondering voice - ignore if you want) Best failed resolution ever, i hope for another similar one 🙂 Hoping my starting with a jam buddy gets me into a band situation eventually., I love playing but also the camaraderie slant has a lot to be said for it. Ted Greene book - I say finish the book, then put together a little something of your own out some stuff you learned and really liked... then post it here for us to ooooh and aaaah over. Buy more Gibsons... yep Strum your ukelele... it's fun, and 4 strings are easier than 6 (probably doesn't matter to you)... but on the flipside forces you to simplify
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    Hello All, Long time reader.. I used to have an ES 335 that I loved dearly, but sadly sold and now really realize what I missed by selling it off. Duh!! I'm thinking it was a mid 90's maybe early 90's. I bought it in 2000-2001 Here are a few images of the same pic. The case was light brown and had a deep purple-ish pink "fur-lined" interior. The thing rang like a bell!! And I miss it dearly. I have bought a few Epiphone "Dots" in hopes to replace it, but they had none of the sound. Even my wife was like, "it has a very sweet sound to it". I have files / songs I can also upload if it would help. What year / model / detail can you all give me on this? Thanks!!!! ..ok. This site doesn't want me to upload an image. What are alternative options?
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