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    It was great. 😂Saying outrageous things to people who spend an inordinate amount of time telling me what I should be outraged about.
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    Hoped y’all had a great holiday season and now that it’s all but over I thought I should treat myself to another Les Paul... and in this case a 2009 Traditional. It comes loaded with Sigil Chicago 68 Set and of course I’ll change out the bridge to a Faber ABR and an aluminum tailpiece. Funny thin is this guitar has been sold a few times on Reverb at different points during its life... so see the images.... I hope to have it in my hands by Thursday.
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    really??? So it took this fellow 5 years of hosting this event to come to this realization??? Seems pretty disingenuous to me. Where was he three years ago??? Oh I know he was cashing those big checks the industry was paying him...... yes that same industry that he’s been a part of and accepting big paychecks from the last 6 years. I would had respected him more if he had said..... “I’ve been part of this machine that has marginalized and abused woman for years and I have allowed myself to become a candidate for the same mediocrity that has become an awful norm in this industry, so with that I will donate all the money I have received from this industry for abused women.”
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    Actors, musicians, politicians and activists with a big enough stage to pontificate will voice their views in hopes of receiving some support whether it is blind or going in with eyes wide open. My thing is where was this Ricky character a month ago.???? He could have said the same thing but didn’t, which makes me question his sincerity. I’m sure that $1,000,000 check for hosting the show was the main factor in him not saying anything prior. High profile musicians and actors are pretty much cut out of the same cookie cutter. I enjoy them for their talent and hard work, but I don’t focus on their personal beliefs.
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    Your right, but you're also not telling the homeless to go out an buy a $1600 guitar and thinking they are fools for not doing so.
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    We all live totally different lives than each other...... Imagine what a homeless person might think of me purchasing a $1600 guitar, while he or she is sleeping outside in the cold. i just think this Ricky individual is no better than who he ridicules.... As I’m sure there are plenty telling him “how great he is all day long.”
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    Exactly. He was spot on. None of those rich windbags are in touch with reality. They get told how great they are all day long and I am sure they believe it. They live a totally different life than we do. At least he had the cohune's to do it. How about Sharon Osbourne. Correct me If I'm wrong but isn't she English. And she is over here on an American TV show telling us why we are good or bad and expressing her view on a show called The Talk. Go back to England and talk smack about the country you were born in.
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    Somebody needed to say it. I'm just saying...
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    I was never a fan of this cat, until now.
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    Just wanted to say that this is the best comparison of the LP Models of the last few years I've seen posted. And excellent reference for anyone interested in comparing models when trying to decide over the confusing name changes lately. Kudos to pauloqs for this, it's a keeper.
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    So this happened the other day. Electromatic G5422.. never had a Gretsch before. So far, I like it. Came with.. I think.. 11s, plays good but I think I want to try 10s..
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    I didn't watch it last night except for the monologue but if anybody saw Ricky Gervais's monologue for the Golden Globes it was hysterical he basically told Hollywood to go stick it everybody was mortified.
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    Hello! It's been a while since I posted here... A recent addition to my collection is this '18 Deluxe Player Plus, I have modded with a Fender Texas Special pickup at the bridge. Blasphemous, but sounds brilliant. Bence.
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    I am enjoying this site. Though I do belong to other sites I have noticed attitudes much different than when I first joined them. Anyway, thanks for making me feel at home. jayguitar
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    I didn't know what to title this thread... oh well. I was reading on the UMGF a thread on Martin's new NAMM guitars, which feature a whole mess of made in Mexico guitars - laminated... to meet demand at the lower price points. I get it. First off, the world is changing everwhere, where middle class folks are stretched. I am sure the guitars sound real nice. I have always felt they were not bad guitars at all, having played them often in NJ guitar stores - more often big box. And the Martin strategy... get the brand in front of the future now... how can one fault it? Martin makes money. That money helps them keep Nazareth hopping for the high end, and good folks employed. Now here is the point of the post really... These $799 guitars really make me appreciate Gibson's G-Series guitar. Made in America with solid woods. Of course stripped down... but for about a grand. That's a grand achievement, and they sound great. I love my higher end Gibson, but I hope young musicians appreciate these quality downstream guitars. A short step higher gets a J45-Studio or J15 - a middle ground... and then the standard Gibson line. Thank you Bozeman. I wish all of you luck, success, and prosperity. Downstream is a crowded place today - especially with all the PACRIM guitars. I have even owned an Eastman or two. But the G-series really is a compelling value in the space, made by our own friends at Bozeman. https://www.gibson.com/Guitars/Acoustic
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    Yes it was scripted and he was reading it off teleprompter. To be honest, I always thought he was a horses arse, but I agreed with his opinion. Right now I'm really having a lust fest over the CBS Philly meteorologist, is that bad? Kate Bilo
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    Ricky is the guy that said it and tried to make comedy out of a bad situation. I would like to believe that wasn't scripted.... But you could be right.
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    Yes! i used to have a 2013 50's tribute in vintage sunburst, had a very dark sound, i sold it because neck was big for my hands and i wanted to upgrade. But i wont be selling my tribute!
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    I’ve always wondered what those guitars would sound like through a Mesa Boogie MarkIV cranked 😊
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    Really?? In my 56 years of life nothing has changed and has always been there. And I think social media has put it out there with its pants down for all to see. Such a bummer that we missed the opportunity to use social media as a portal to bridge our differences as earthlings..... maybe some day😊
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    Dry out the Case.. If its a hardshell opening it up for several days, if its a gig bag turnout inside out until you are sure its totally dry.
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    I dig Alice and after reading that, even more so. Henley is an a$$ Clown.
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    If what some guys says on TV bothers you, maybe you're already bothered about something else. There's guys on TV saying bad stuff about somebody 24/7. If the guy made fun of somebody for being a loser, a bad husband or father or a hack musician, what do I care, unless I'm already on thin ice with myself? At least he's funny.
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    Hollywood doesn't make much from me. Pennies. I never watch their tripe until it's nearly free. And very little of that. I think most actors are just phonies....
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    Happy 2020 all! Hope all is well in your worlds! Been off with other things of late......haven't even been playing lately. But yesterday I managed to find at the guitar in the closet and thought I'd give dropped D a try.......... Down a half step in drop D, capo at 2 for vocal accommodation.........
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    Never have liked shaming comedy, especially when the one doing the shaming is drinking from the exact same trough. Additionally, a lot of those folks he's shaming choose to give back to society in meaningful ways. Does he? Like any group of people with wealth, such as pro sports stars, some use their gobs of money to generously give back to their communities & others do not. Imho, trying to paint any group of people with the same brush misses the mark badly.
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    So let me ask a serious well not to serious a question. Exactly what are comedians supposed to poke fun at these days? Just The President?
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    I just skip the smores and have twice the beer.
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    I agree. It does sound like something in the mix chain chain dimmed, though it could always be YouTube's conversion. But it doesn't make up tone. To me, that guitar sounds like someone wanted a Froggy Bottom , but with the low end enhanced and high-mids rolled down. Imagine the sonic ground one could cover with one of each. 🙂
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    If you have one Tool album, it is pretty much all you need. I would take Undertow out of all of them or Lateralus.
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    Nice to see you back, Bence! Cool sounding guitar! What's it sound like clean? Happy New Year!
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    Do you mean as opposed to being vulgar and graceless in order to not be funny and try to push people around? I wish that these halfwits who make their living playing dress up and make believe would just mind their own damned business and stop slagging the country which has allowed them to be millionaires and given them the ability to express their opinions without putting their lives on the line. Okay, I'm done now and am eagerly awaiting reprisal and deletion...
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    Never heard of him before this particular monologue, but I must say that I agree with his criticisms of the Hollywood elites. :)
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    Thanks Duane! Funny isn’t it? That pickup came out from my ‘13 Am Special Strat, and sounds completely different in the Les Paul. Some say, the sound comes from pickups alone... they are wrong. Bence.
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    Dang! That is nice!!
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    I dunno...... To me if one feels they have to be vulgar and graceless to be funny, then it’s not..... But to each their own.
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    She’s a beauty👍
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    You will take slack from time to time depending on what you say. I certainly do. I know the rules and try not to cross them most times. Say what you feel as long as it is in good taste. Most forums promote a family friendly atmosphere, but lets be honest how many 16 year olds are on a guitar forums. I am pretty sure most of us are adults here. The youth of today are on Xbox or trying to get famous on You Tube and Snap Chatting pics of their privates to their girlfriends or boyfriends.
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    I’m retired. I have nothing to do and nowhere to go. But I’m going to become a volunteer at the VA here in Johnson City. I retired from the VA and now I’m going to work for free at the VA.
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    Oh look! A fight about The Beatles being the bestiest bestest goodest ever on an internet music forum! Again! STILL!!! lolz rct
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    Be careful what you have done and who does it. It's quite valuable. Don't have any more done to it than absolutely necessary.
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    Late 40s Southerner Jumbo.
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    You purchased a guitar with a Satin Vintage finish. This is exactly they way it was intended to be. Nothing sloppy or bad about it, it's the definition of an "it is what it is" situation.
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    Everything sounds good when you are a professional like Sal 👍
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    Hey Dave, I just came back from the Songbirds Guitar Museum in Chattanooga TN. I noticed guitar that you had posted a while back was there. Tony Mottola's Low Impedance Crest was acquired by them and on display in their vault.
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    Wow, thanks, MusicFox! This is a truly informative post...exactly why we have the BluesHawk thread. Cheers,
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