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    Here's an article about this. It says....
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    Keep what you have. Yeah the new one would be nice but I wouldn't give up two great Les Pauls like that for one. Finances aside, having a backup is always a plus
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    Just posted my vintage Epiphone Casino for sale at the LTG forum. Thought I'd post a link here to the post here https://www.letstalkguild.com/ltg/showthread.php?200984-For-Sale-Vintage-Epiphone-Casino-E230TD-1967
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    Hello guys - I received my 2019 Les Paul Standard 50s on 12/26. It seems these new Standard models are going to be a real game changer for Gibson. Very happy to see they are making Standards like Standards again. I made a few small changes to mine. I was fortunate to receive a one piece back also. I made a link to my dropbox for the images of the guitar. Thanks for looking. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/crpmfp7tbg1m8d7/AAAlYnPaU5paZVRqZlGVH8jZa?dl=0
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    After playing nothing but Fender for 20 years I just bought a 1996 Blueshawk and I adore it. There is something about Gibson quality that stands out from the crowd and I have always used my tone controls quite a bit, so the Varitone circuit was made to order. The Blueshawk is now my favorite guitar. I am interested in talking with other members as to anything Gibson and Blueshawks in particular. I am an experienced guitar and amp tech, but I am very hesitant to modify this amazing guitar. The only thing it could use is a slightly hotter bridge pickup. Thoughts?
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    Thanks to those who gave me the right advice. I managed to track down a Gibson Firebird V in the UK and the seller took my a Epiphone Firebird III and Fenix by Young Chang Stratocaster ( which I go great trade values for) the bird is a 2009 model and it surpasses my expectations ( I played a Gibson 2016 LP standard that left me disappointed - too many little QC issues ) and it’s flawless. but I’m inclined to agree with the general consensus about the pickups- I would not say they’re horrible - after adjustment they sound ok. But they’re too compressed snd have a harsh clanky sound too them especially clean. They break up well though. the Bill Lawrence designed OBL (made under license in Korea) pickups in the Epiphone are much better and do sound more like proper Firebird pickups. I have some Firebird themed pickups ( on the outside look like Firebird pickups on the inside there twin rail mini humbuckers with a magnet in the base like the older Gibson 70s tribute Firebird pickups) which measure between 7k and 8k which are nicely made in all other respects- I’ll pull out the blades and magnets and put alnico 2 Firebird magnets in the bobbins and a steel plate on the bottom and report back. I’ve done this before on a Telebird using artec mini humbuckers as a base - they are 6.k alnico 5 and sound authentic- certainly better than the 495s in my Gibson. edit - added more pictures
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    I'd say my 356 is the most versatile. It can go from jazzy on the neck pickup, to very Les Paul like in any position, and with the center block feedback is not a problem. It can be pretty twangy on the bridge pickup, but would never be mistaken for a Tele. My 2017 LP Standard comes in a close second for versatility, with Burstbucker Pros, coil split, and phase reversal. I think versatility is probably more a function of the player and not the guitar. The last thing my band did was record a CD and I used two different acoustics, two different LPs, the 356, and my Strat. But when you listen to the CD you probably couldn't tell which guitar I was using as my tone and attack are a function of how I play. 356 on the left, LP Standard on the right. The one in the middle ain't so versatile, but it's a lot of fun to play.
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    This with a more Gibsony headstock.. I think I would go there 🙂
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    What would you guys rather have in your collection? The two decent axes or the one stunner? I have Two REAL good Les Paul Standards and have for the better part of 20 years. I can sort of put myself in this hypothetical situation. There is no way I can see myself with a trade that would involve the two for one. No matter what that "one" was. Besides.. I don't buy into the whole reissues (R8/R9) are superior to a production line standard.
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    Electric guitars only, but a rather impressive collection....."When GAS meets years of success!" BluesKing777.
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    I know what a spanner is. You English have cool words for stuff like lorry and lift. We just call it a truck and an elevator.
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    Never could resist throwing a spanner in the works (um... wrench in the works!).
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    Bingo!! Reissue are nice, but a brand new Standard a that Custom are nothing at all to sneeze at. I think the consensus is to hold onto those Lesters.
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    Hi ! I’m an old man. 71 years old with the mind of a 30 year old. Lol !!! In my youth I was on the road for 18 years and Gibson was there with me. I own several Gibsons and I still enjoy songwriting and recording. jayguitar
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    my thoughts exactly. I'll go back to scratching, farting & banging these two rocks together ...
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    So, to sum all this up, do you like R9's?
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    Very cool ... Yes I think mine are Burst Buckets with Alnico magnets. I never thought Gibson would be making Standards like this again after the last several years. Very glad they turned it all around. These new Standards are incredible.
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    My customized 2014 SG would be my most versatile I guess. It was a Stratosphere guitar, so I just bought the stripped out body and built it to my own preferences from there. After my 4th set of pickups, I'm finally happy with it. I built the wiring harness with push/pull pots. The bridge pickup is split the standard way with the slug coils active when split. The neck pickup is split with the screw coils active when split for more of a Tele sound. I've never managed to keep a Les Paul in my collection for more than 6 months because I love this SG so much, and it makes the same noises plus some...
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    I frequent pawnshops A LOT in my area, and I score quite a few killer deals. Well yesterday afternoon on the last day of 2019, I run into an amazing deal. I've owned and still own several Gibson LP Standard, and an LP Junior, but never a Studio. So I finally joined the Studio family after all these years. I've to to say that this guitar sounds and plays amazing well with it's very comfortable 50's neck. I know some guys aren't crazy about the 490R and 498T hums in the guitar ,but they sound really good with my rig. My '05 Gibson Black Les Paul Studio:
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    Well that's even more of a bargain then because you can pay a couple of hundred for a Gibson case, more for the brown ones. The Studios come with a hard case.
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    IMHO the other guy is getting the better of the deal.
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    After reading this, I dunno.... I think when I'm ready to move on from something, I'm just going to take it out back and burn it... people are nucking futz...
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    I wonder if Gibson will now try and sue themselves for not being authentic Epiphone 😛 🙂
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    My friend and I have had good luck on Facebook Marketplace. Meet in neutral location with lots of people around and a friend with you. Cash only.
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    Sweeeet! 😜 Happy NGD to you! Nothing wrong with the 490R/498T combo. 😎
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    If you just want the pup to look the the other one, put a piece of foam under the side that is dipping down so it will not be able to lay at that angle. It wont affect sound. It's like shimming one side just with soft foam. But yours is extreme. You may have to trim the foam to get it at just the right thickness.
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    I'm waiting for the Miranda Lambert Signature Dove. Comes with Gwen Stole My Husband inlayed on the back.
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    I have been praying for these US built Wilshire's for a long time... I think this one was released in 2012 and it seems most of them ended up in Japan..
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    Congrats,they're great guitars, just hate the case tho,big enough to bury a human. I ordered a good heavily padded gig bag for mine,should be here Monday.
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    Well. Slash might have to play each one on stage and a picture to verify That its worthy of owning one. Other than that its just another sig on a guitar that has no meaning.
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    Congratulations on your guitar. I have a couple of Goldtops with P90's as well. 2017 Tribute and 2018 Classic. They're heavy but such nice guitars. They sound great clean, volume turned down, one or another or both pickups on or full volume, gain and boost. The "new" Standards with the P90's are so tempting!
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    How many sig models does one man get? When I think J-45, I think Slash.
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    I looked in the mirror and I'm aged enough, no sense to make the guitar look the same way.
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    The cheap tuners used on the lower end Epiphones can cause a lot of heartache trying to get them in tune, specially when they get worn-out. Replacing them will breathe new life into your guitar. I recently replaced the tuners on my Les Paul Special II with "Wilkinson" a Kluson style like Gibson uses "without threaded bushings", so I didn't have to enlarge the post holes. If you use a type similar to Grovers the post hole will have to be enlarged for the "threaded bushing". Also the tuner ratio should be considered like 18:1 will be finer where a 14:1 will be faster responding, different ratios in between are also available. The trick is whether fast turning or slow turning is how solid and smooth they feel. There are several different affordable manufacturers of tuners price ranging from about $15 to about $45 a set like Grover, Wilkinson and Gotoh, I have even seen Kluson selling for about $30 a set. There are many high end tuners that will cost you an arm and a leg, but fore mentioned tuners will work quite well. The best way to cure tuning problems is to get better Machine Heads and make sure the "nut" isn't pinching the strings. Stock Tuner a Wilkinson (Kulson style) Grover w/threaded bushing requires drilling to enlarge the post hole.
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