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    How to make a living playing music: 1. Play what the people want to hear 2. Pace the audience. Play the right songs at the right time so the audience has the best possible time 3. Play at the volume that is appropriate for the gig 4. Never-ever, cancel, call in sick, show up late, or take long breaks - the show must go on 5. If the place is jumping play a little extra, skip a break, and even play a little late if it's OK with the owner 6. Play for the house or the entertainment purchaser. Put yourself in his/her shoes and do what you would want the band to do if you hired the band 7. Dress appropriately and be friendly and easy to work with 8. Do your best whether there is 1 customer or 10,000, and always strive to be better than your competition This has worked s for me since 1964. I've never been out of work unless I was between bands or turning down gigs for my annual vacation. Insights and incites by Notes
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    It's a long drive for those little white Jeeps. Can you imagine all the pee stops...?
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    Mind you, this is my opinion YMMV. I wouldn’t do it. There are tons of R8s out there and if you decided you didn’t like it as much, you’ll deeply regret it that you lost 2 great guitars for 1. While I think the RIs are very nice, you’d be losing out. Save your money and buy one later. I don’t like to do trades personally because it usually seems like someone does better off than the other guy. And unless it was a real special R8, you’d take a pretty big hit on the price when you sell it. Even then if it were some special run you’re waiting for a “special” buyer costing you time most likely dealing with the troubles of selling and shipping. Just be patient and save up the dough. Again plenty of R8s out there. ... and what you really want is an R9, haha! Best wishes!
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    Thank you for chiming in with your help Chris, which lucky for me is very specific given that you have the very same guitar! I've just had a great chat with a well regarded luthier who can help me get it setup and ready to sell - and though there's not much that needs to be done I'd rather sell it to a potential buyer in as good a condition as it can be. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get as much as you've suggested, I'm guessing the Australian market for used guitars is a little different, I'll see how I go anyway and I can always report back on this thread for posterity. Thanks again 🙂
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    Hello Very curious about the new Epi MIA Texan. Apparently announced at NAMM 2020, it will be made at Gibson Bozeman MT. Are there any details? Woods, price, availability? I have an AJ45ME, the I play out with. Somehow missed the AJ-500RE with rosewood back and sides, Shadow 2 electronics. THAT would have been a great addition to my collection. Hoping the new Texan will add something. Cannot seem to find many used ones. Cannot even seem to find the AJ-500RCE, that is on the Epi site. Not sure how the AJ-500 and the Texan differ. The Elitist Texan seems to be very pricey. Thanks. My best to all.
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    R9 Custom guitars are by far the sweetest looking, sounding and feeling guitars Gibson has ever created. This is agreed upon by so many long time guitarists around the world. R8's 7's and 0's are absolutely fine as well it's just the overall combination of looks, feel and sound that takes those R9's to that next level. Many I'm sure would ask how they sound any different, well here it is. The wood chosen for the R9's by Gibson, along with the attention to detail on the build, glue, tone woods, neck size overall, pickups all add to this premier solid body guitar's sound. Yes everything combined in this world renowned instrument creates sound and a great set of ears can pick up on this fantastic creature. That is what this guitar is a creature of our dreams pulled together for our listening enjoyment. A Master Piece in short by the best guitar company in the World, that every other company still today follows. 1993 Gibson came about for the first time honoring the 59 Standard with the R9 guitar, built closer to original detail than ever expected. Since that first year R9 Gibson due to such demand has created them year after year never getting them so close to perfection as that first year, but close enough for the 59 dreamers to have a shot at one. When you talk with someone who has owned and played a R9 they give off this certain approval that only a Gibson player can appreciate. For almost 50 years now I've played, bought and sold many wonderful guitars but always find myself coming back to the finest guitars ever built, right here in the USA Gibson.
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    Hello guys - I received my 2019 Les Paul Standard 50s on 12/26. It seems these new Standard models are going to be a real game changer for Gibson. Very happy to see they are making Standards like Standards again. I made a few small changes to mine. I was fortunate to receive a one piece back also. I made a link to my dropbox for the images of the guitar. Thanks for looking. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/crpmfp7tbg1m8d7/AAAlYnPaU5paZVRqZlGVH8jZa?dl=0
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    Why do I get the feeling that Ernie Ball would be very successful in th condom industry?
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    My 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute Goldtop with P90's came with a gig bag. I've been semi-looking for a hard shell case for it. I found a case on Facebook Marketplace for a decent price and drove over to Lexington, KY to buy it. It's in great condition and is one of those brown cases with the shroud and combination lock. I'm not sure what year it is or what years they were produced. He didn't know the combination so I found a video to figure out what the combination is and reset it to 000. Video URL is: Gibson Combination Lock Anyone know what year this case might be or when they quit making them? I've heard 2002 but just checking if anyone knows for certain. And, here are the pictures of the guitar with the case.
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    I have two Goldtops with P90's. The 2017 Tribute is Goldtoppy. The 2018 Classic is "Butterscotchy" because "he's a different color and smells like butterscotch" is what she said. So, the pickups are stock Gibson P90's. The Tribute has a printed circuit board and 9 hole weight relief. The Classic is hand wired and no weight relief and it's about 11 pounds. They sound very similar through an amp. Without an amp, Goldtoppy is brighter and louder, perhaps from the satin finish and lack of thicker and glossier nitrocellulose lacquer.
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    If you are good enough, and follow the rules, you won't need a day job. I've had two real jobs in my life to see what normal was all about and found normal to be soooooo overrated. Phone man for a while (back when phones had wires) and Cable TV Field Engineer. During these gigs, I still played music on the weekend. I could have made more money if I stayed in the electronics industry, but I'm living a very happy life, and that's worth more than the money. I have enough to live on, the mortgage is paid, I take mostly foreign vacations every year, and other than car payments I'm debt free. I am not a corporate wage slave doing the weekly grind. I get up in the morning, go to bed at night, and in between, do what I want to do. In other words, I'm successful and I'm free. There is more than one definition of success. Notes
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    No bad, they are very similar. Other observations, is Epiphones headstocks on the V, Firebird and Explorer have always looked the same as the Gibson versions. So just up grading the build?
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    Thank you. When I first got that guitar, my lovely lady kept calling it Goldtoppy. So, that name stuck. Last Christmas (2018) she got me the TRC made and it says Goldtoppy in the etching on it. It's one of my absolute favorite guitars. Plays the same as my Standard, has great tone and sustain. I was very happy to get a good case at a good price. Now all four Les Pauls have brown Gibson cases. Two are Gibson USA, the other two just say Gibson.
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    Nice case! Those I have generally seen come with Gibsons from the 90s. The only thing I never cared for on these are the handles as the leather (maybe) starts to get cut by the clasps that retain it to the case. But they will definitely protect your guitar nicely. If the tolex starts to peel away, I have used wood glue to provide it with some adhesiveness as a case that is nearly 20+ years old may suffer from this. But after that, they should be good to go. Look very classy and all that. So congrats, I'm sure your goldtop is happy to have a nice safe zone to reside in 😀
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    The main reason I still own my Mesa Blue Angel is because I don't want to deal with idiots. They're everywhere...
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    They should have done this years ago. When ever you buy a guitar at GC, chances are you're paying NEW prices for what is pretty much a used guitar.
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    If you take the truss rod cover off, you should see a hex head nut which indicates the authenticity. If you remove the truss rod cover, and it takes an Allen wrench, then it is not. Simple as that.
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    I would not buy this guitar at any price. Custom Shop "Education Series"....? I doubt it very much. The phrase implies a student or beginner's guitar and they wouldn't (need to) make those in the Custom Shop. The highly skilled Custom Shop employees are busy making high-end Gibsons. Epiphone guitars are more like an "Education Series". It's a great phrase but the only education anyone will get from this is the buyer when they realise they have been fooled. The diamond inlay on the headstock is like a Les Paul Custom, the rest of it looks homemade or like a cheap copy. The control knob/switch positions and holes - what there is of them - are far too close together. If the neck has a scarf joint (headstock and neck are NOT all one piece) and/or is a bolt-on that's another very big red flag. Not legit at all IMO.
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    Gibson Can do anything they want with it and maybe if we put enough pressure on to convince them to build a DC Pro with the new Headstock and a Goldtop. It would be enough to push me off the fence. The DC Pro is a bit different from Les Paul Standard DC, the body shape is different and the neck is joined at the 23 fret, the LP DC at 22nd fret. Its Sire the "Epiphone Del Rey", that the DC Pro is upgraded from, was introduced in 96 and the Del Rey most likely served as the inspiration for the Gibson Tak Matsumoto DC.
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    Well I didn't say it had to make sense 😄 And since when did that stop Gibson from doing something 😛 There are plenty of nice Gibson DCs anyway when they decide to make them.. This would be a nice cheaper end version I think... Damn the logic, this is art 🙂
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    That is why I consider everything used from CG no matter what the tag says, unless I see it come out of the shipping box.
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    I don't blame any store for doing this, particularly if the store is large enough that they can't keep an eye on everyone every minute. A teenager with a flatpick and delusions of grandeur can trash the top of a guitar in less than a minute.
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    Cuts into there profits and someone around 20 years old has to do some work instead of looking at cat videos on their cell phone.
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    thanks sgt! though i'm yet suspicious about it. what made me think about identifying it as a faded is because the finish is not glossy as the studios i'm used to. it's slightly opaque. also thanks FemmeParallell, the mystery continues, cause i read that the studio has glossy finish... and also fireburst finish has also the black, i think more as a cherry sunburst. also the model number LPSFHSCH1 Les Paul Studio F(faded?) H(heritage?) S(sunburst?) C(chrome?) H(hardware?)
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    You may want to contact MIRC (Musical Instrument Reclamation Corporation) for information on what kind of repair was done. MIRC usually gets a guitar directly from the factory that are damaged in some way and stamped USED at the factory, in addition the factory normally wipes out part of the original manufacturers serial number. The MIRC sticker serial number 311638288 may have some type warranty. MIRC Serial Number The Current Elitist 65 Casino's are made in Japan with USA components and a Nitro finish. Mostly available in the Japan eBay market as New ranging from about $2k to over $3k..
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    I picked up the same guitar as you have from Elderly Instruments in Lansing MI for $1200 (USD) used. Although, I have seen people on Reverb sell theirs for around the $1500 range. If yours is in a very good to excellent condition, I don't see why you couldn't get around the $1400-$1500 range. If your guitar is as you described and what I can see in the photo, I would have no reason to believe that you would have any issues with that asking price. Now if I were to sell mine, I would shoot for that range simply because it is not that common as you have mentioned. I got mine at the price I did because it was a consignment guitar and someone was willing to let it go for a song. That was a case of being in the right place at the right time I suppose. Regardless, depending on your outlet to sell it (Reverb, local ad, etc.), I'd start around the price range I mentioned. If it doesn't sell, it's either because the right buyer hasn't ran into it or it's too high. I agree with you to not let it go for a song though. Just be patient and someone will want it. It's a very nice looking Gibson from what I can see in your pic. I'd show off that nice flame maple top! Best of luck!
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    My Epiphone P90's have 3 wires in the cable the main Chassis Ground wire, the Red Positive wire and the White Negative wire coming from the coil. The Chassis Ground and White Negative wire connect to the same place on the pot housing. The Red Positive goes to the terminal on the pot.
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    I have only walked into a GC once. I paid no attention to the new stuff so took no notice of how they were was displayed. I was there for a specific used guitar - a Kay K24 so headed straight to the back room where it was hanging way up high. The strings on it were so old you needed a tetanus shot to play it. When I asked why they did not even bother to restring the guitar, I was answer with it was not their policy to do so on "vintage" guitars. WTF?
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    Agreed. Plek is an automated leveling of the the frets and does nothing to address string height in the nut nor the saddle. It takes a skilled eye to complete a proper setup. Personally I'd not be concerned with getting a guitar plekked but rather see that it gets adjusted by a good luthier to your liking. If fret leveling is necessary the setup guy/gal can take care of that. If you like the looks and sound of the instrument take it to a good shop and get it playing better.
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    Trading two(2) maple topped mahogany backed bound boarded two humbucker guitars for one(1) maple topped mahogany backed bound boarded two humbucker guitar by the same maker doesn't sound like a deal to me. rct
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    Your 2019 Standard 50s model should be pretty close to what an R8 would feel and sound like. So you'd be giving up two really nice guitars for one that may be just slightly better than what you have. I'd say keep what you have.
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    I'd say my 356 is the most versatile. It can go from jazzy on the neck pickup, to very Les Paul like in any position, and with the center block feedback is not a problem. It can be pretty twangy on the bridge pickup, but would never be mistaken for a Tele. My 2017 LP Standard comes in a close second for versatility, with Burstbucker Pros, coil split, and phase reversal. I think versatility is probably more a function of the player and not the guitar. The last thing my band did was record a CD and I used two different acoustics, two different LPs, the 356, and my Strat. But when you listen to the CD you probably couldn't tell which guitar I was using as my tone and attack are a function of how I play. 356 on the left, LP Standard on the right. The one in the middle ain't so versatile, but it's a lot of fun to play.
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    What would you guys rather have in your collection? The two decent axes or the one stunner? I have Two REAL good Les Paul Standards and have for the better part of 20 years. I can sort of put myself in this hypothetical situation. There is no way I can see myself with a trade that would involve the two for one. No matter what that "one" was. Besides.. I don't buy into the whole reissues (R8/R9) are superior to a production line standard.
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    Bingo!! Reissue are nice, but a brand new Standard a that Custom are nothing at all to sneeze at. I think the consensus is to hold onto those Lesters.
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    I would also keep my 2 LP's...if i really liked the R8 maybe, MAYBE i would try to sell mine and buy the R8 i would never trade them in at guitar "trade in" prices, for me you loose a lotta money doing that i have a R6 which is awesome, but my Deluxe/black beauty and other a traditional i had are/were also awesome
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    Good to see you Ranger. We had a great rut trip out to Mammoth September/October. Wondering where you be of late, so nice to see you again. rct
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    So, to sum all this up, do you like R9's?
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    I think that I also would keep the two guitars. Re-issues are very nice but I'm guessing that your two LP's will have completely different characteristic's so you would lose some versatility. I also think it's all to easy to be seduced by a brand new shinny guitar. Your call at the end of the day.
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    Keep what you have. Yeah the new one would be nice but I wouldn't give up two great Les Pauls like that for one. Finances aside, having a backup is always a plus
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    If yours sound great keep both. What is the value of your 2 vs his 1.
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    IMHO the other guy is getting the better of the deal.
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    Nice! These are great cases, I personally think they are more sturdy than the new brown cases. For production years, 02 could be correct. My '01 335 has this style case, but my '03 LP Classic has the black case/black lining/black silk cover. My '95 Studio has this exact same case. I believe they started using them in 1990?
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    Micheal, you're much prettier in this picture than in others you've posted.. LOL!!!
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    I have to say my ES-339. I can get about any tone I'm looking for out of that thing, plays nice and clean and can get down right dirty when I want it to. Those 57 Classics are awesome!
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    You sure about the authenticity of this one? Because I am not. I had an Elitist. Many red flags here. Country of origin, with Elitist it was NOT China...
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    Looks like his is some Male on Male action.
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    Those types of relationships are acceptable these days...
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