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    Looks like one of those things you find at a civil war battle site!
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    I was walking around Guitar Center on Friday and just couldn't resist getting a dark blue one for the price!
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    The band I play in, The Walker Harris Band, from Bluffton, SC, recording a cover of Rikki Don't Lose That Number from Steely Dan listen at https://soundcloud.com/jeffharris-2/rikki-dont-lose-that-number/s-oUDGx Recorded live in our rehersal space using a Zoom LiveTrack L-20 board. The accoustic guitar is a Gibson L-4A EC Rosewood with a Fender Acoustasonic amp. The electric guitar is a Gibson ES-335 Satin with a Mesa Boogie 5:25 Express 1x10. Great group of guys
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    What a great idea for a tune, I enjoyed that, the pics offered a real nice way to back up those memories. No one in my immediate family played anything. What got me interested was watching the Glenn Campbell show on TV as a kid. I was probably 8ish? I can't recall, but that was my first influence. My first guitar was given to me for my 8th birthday, a start and fail with a lessons but the interest to play remained Once Jimi H. came along, that was it, I was all in, I guess I was around 11 by then. I worked a paper route to get enough to nuy my first guitar.. blonde fender telecaster and I tried lessons again, but this time, I found the right teacher. The guy was awesome, I mean the real deal. He probably could have easily gone pro, but he was just too laid back to leave his home town. He was expert at all the stuff I waned to play. I took lessons from him till I was about 18. He's the guy that taught me how to improvise, use my ear and just go for it. He was the nicest guy you would ever want to meet and always a monster player. Lucky for me that we remained friends until he passed in 2013, quite unexpectedly. I played a few tunes at his tribute/memorial celebration show the next year with all the other guys he taught and played with over the years. It was quite the memory to be part of that.
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    Maybe it is just the New Testament. If it were the Old Testament, it would smite the guitar and turn it into firewood. Or a pillar of salt.
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    I made the same deal!! Just posted as continuation of another about Custom shop DC guitar: Congrats, excellent guitar!! BR Andy
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    Shoot that thing in the headstock and bury it...
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    "Catwalk" - Emily Remler
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    Was that a 1984 SG "Driftwood" model?
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    Here's mine with the J-15. I use it for the J-45 also.
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    I picked this up at a market today as you can see the headstock has broken and suffered a very bad repair it seems solid enough as is. I would like to build up the back of the neck and then take this hideous peice of wood off covering truss rod or replace it with something better. it looks like screws have been put in to top wooden piece, is it a 1984 model The good neck is straight, frets and electronis are good
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