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    Ben awhile since I've posted on here! Hope everyone here is doing great! Anyway, got a few new pieces of gear since I last posted. I'll start off with the one I just got today. Guitar Center just opened in my area on Thursday and I went to the grand opening. I seen this brand new '19 Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute with the single P90 pickup. It was $550. I was like, "Hmm. I like this thing a lot a lot!". So, I went back in there today and got it. My first guitar with a P90 and it screams! Always wanted a Junior, Special with P90 pickups, or a guitar with P90's in general. This was $550 and they had a 10% off thing going on - think it is just for the grand opening? - so I got it for $500. Second is a Peavey TNT bass amp. Has the Black Widow 115 speaker in it. 150 watts. It's an older one - '80's or '90's, I believe. USA made one. Picked it up off of my local Craigslist for $90! So far, I'm really liking it! Third piece of gear is an Ibanez RGEW521ZC. This one, my Dad actually surprised me with. He's a drummer, but he enjoys looking at guitars and basses, too. He seen this one on Musician's Friend and fell in love with the looks and thought I'd like it and said, "This guitar is gorgeous, it has DiMarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton pickups, and I figured with it being an RG, you can use something a different in your collection. I think you'll like it.", haha. Took me a couple of weeks to warm up to this guitar, though, but it is cool.
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    So I got King's X and Tommy Emmanuael coming up next month. Jason Isbell in June and Friday I got tix to see The Cult. I think they are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Sonic Temple, but I thought that came out in '89. Electric is a smoking LP. Ian and Billy Duffy are still in the band with who knows now. Hope he rocks that big ol Gretsch. Can't wait to hear the opening notes of Love Removal Machine.
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    Day 8 and going strong! A march of a thousand miles begins with but a single step. or something along those lines...
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    That is interesting. In a corporate world that absolutely loathes competition Gibson is further confusing the market by competing heavily with themselves. rct
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    I've been playing music since grade school, started playing in bands in high school around 1981. I played, gigged, toured, recorded up until about 1995. Went back to college, had a family, a couple of awesome kids (who are now 18 and 22), a couple of horrible marriages and didn't play any gigs at all during that time and wasn't playing guitar nearly as much as I once was. About three years ago, I bought a brand new Gibson Les Paul Standard and started playing a lot. A year later, I was band ready again, bought some gear and started looking. The first band didn't work out very well but a few months later, I found the guys I'm with now. The drummer had played a few gigs, maybe 100 or so. The bassist played guitar and switched to bass to plan in a band. He had never played in a band before, never played live. The singer plays guitar as well and he hadn't been with a real band nor played gigs until then either. We added our guitarist/keyboardist/singer last year and like me, he's played a few hundred gigs. Since then, we've played venues large and small and probably have played 25 to 30 gigs with 12 booked so far this spring/summer. All that being said, we're all in our mid 50's so it's never too late. I go to bed early because I get up early for work during the week. But, on Saturday nights, I sleep in a bit so I can stay up until midnight, 1 or 2. There are some solo musicians or duets here that play the early show from 5 to 8:30. It can surely be done and it's never too late as long as you have the desire to do so. I found my bandmates on www.bandmix.com and there's people on there that just want to jam, some that want to gig regularly, etc. Local music stores sometimes know people or have bulletin boards. Maybe talk to other musicians in your area and see if there's a local musicians Facebook group or something of that sort as well. People still come out and hear us old farts rock because the people that go see live music are our age and we play songs that we all grew up with. Good luck!
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    Nice.. I had one for a while but just found it ok.. If I knew then what I know now about modding and building I probably would have kept it and changed the pickups and stuff. Always liked the DC shape.. Always wanted to try a DC standard. The stock photos
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    well Bill, having been in fairly similar position (age, talent, experience) my approach was to write my own songs so I knew I could play rhythm and sing them at the same time to an acceptable (?) level, then find guys of similar level who really enjoy getting together to play original songs and a crack lead guitarist (which gives the band credibility, and hey...if you write stuff that is cool to solo over these guys can still have a blast hanging out even if they do other more 'serious' stuff elsewhere). Thing is, relatively simple songs can sound great once you add drums, bass, lead solo's, bit of backing vocal etc so I just make sure to write stuff that is relatively straightforward rock but with some unexpected twists, changes in pace/volume etc... but still pretty damned basic. People kind of like listening to that in normal pub gig situations rather than OTT virtuoso stuff I find. good luck - rock on!
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    Yeah but there are so many variations out there. Write down on a piece of paper what you want then search Reverb or ebay or pawn shop, guitar stores, ect. There is only so much that can be done. I liked the fact that it had a 60's neck, maple cap, it had binding and was a upper end. If I found the exact same thing in a burst or ebony or white or some other color I would have gotten that. My only thing is I hate blue guitars. I put the pups in I wanted (Lindy Fralins, they kill), and locking tuners. Bought the pots I wanted, got a tail piece, switch and bridge, the knobs I liked, so in a way it was kind of a custom. Or just go look online for a model that has what you want. Its out there. Buy that book as Lars suggested and alot of what you want should be there and will help with your pdf. If you want a '59 LP good luck with that Joe Bonamassa has them all.
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    If you're talking about every LP ever made you need to buy History of Gibson Les Paul Guitar Books.. There are quite a few out there.. They need to be updated every year to be accurate as Gibson changes the models yearly.. Not sure any Books can keep up with it though.. If you're referring to current 2020 LP's Gibson website has the info... good luck with that!
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    Began my 2nd day of no drinking. All of March and maybe later until I drop 18 pounds. Wish me luck. I can say I slept well and woke up feeling better than I have in a long time. I'm doing it with my wife and keyboard player bandmate.
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    Doing something similar here myself, yesterday marking up to. 100 fire damaged trees that need to come down. Many more than that have to come out but damage was obvious so no need to mark them. Dropping 40 was a good effort! I won’t live long enough to see it finished. I need to buy a block splitter and metal wedges as mine were lost when my shed burned down. Should be right for firewood for a while~
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