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    I played two gigs about a week and a half ago. Havent picked up a guitar since. crazy times. Alls I can think of is that awesome quote now... i'd rather have a life with guitars and no money, than one with money and no guitars. Pick away, and share what songs you are playing for the end of days! (PS I just bought stock this morning wish me luck!)
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    This just arrived at Wildwood for me and hopefully will ship out today. It's a R6 but obviously with a quilt top, so it's not really historically correct but they still serialized it as a R6 anyway.
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    I just had an orgasm
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    I posted a few questions in a thread a few weeks ago about the Hummingbird. I played a few others in the meantime, including the J-45 between then and now. They (Guitar Center) sold the specific Hummingbird I had played before that sounded so amazing. They did, however, get another one in and I played it Saturday and it played even better, sounded as good and I played it for a while. Needless to say, it came home with me. I took a few preliminary pictures and will get some more this evening. I spent most of Saturday evening and part of the day yesterday playing it. Thank you to everyone for your input. In the end, I chose the one that I was able to play. I was pretty well sold on it anyway and when this one played better, sounded just as good if not better and just felt right, I went with it. According to the inspection card, this guitar was inspected on 02/20/2020. This guitar along with my late 60's or early 70's Conrad acoustic. I can't find much information about it other than it was either late 60's or early 70's, made in Japan. It's a parlor style guitar, with a V shaped neck, adjustable bridge. It's not a bad guitar and I got it at a flea market for $75.00 a couple years ago. I probably overpaid for it but in with the package was an old Gibson string guide which I thought was kind of cool along with some old strings and other junk. It cleaned up pretty well for such an old mistreated guitar. And, my 2017 Goldtop Tribute photo-bombing the picture. Although I also have a Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Traditional and Les Paul Classic, that Tribute is probably my favorite.
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    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Sweet
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    Not to disagree with Mr. Fineman but since you have a goldtop, and I assuming with the usual cream plastic, you should absolutely go for black. It'll look like a custom in my humble opinion! Even consider black speed knobs. πŸ˜„
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    I'm loving the whites...
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    Stunning. Looks like a root beer river rapids. No I'm not high (or drunk).
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    Jumping at the Woodside - Count Basie Orchestra
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    I don't know Mark either. I've owned 3 or 4 LP's. Here is the last one I owned. I bought the body and neck stripped and bought all the stuff I wanted and assembled it. The body and neck were from a 2014 Traditional Pro II. http://
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    The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. β€œweed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed”
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    Oh my, she kind of leaves you speechless..
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    Thanks! it seems like there were 2 or 3 versions of this guitar made 2018 and 2019 an Limited Edition in 2018 followed by the Original Collection version in 2019. The LE has pcb board and the Original Collection is hand-wired. I think the one in this video is an early version as it has an "SG" TRC all the other versions have a blank TRC.
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    good Lord. thats beautiful.
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    Wow.. that top is unbelievable.. Congrats on that one BD..
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    Oh. Man. rct
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    Truly a beautiful guitar. Congrats!
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    Oh man, that top is beautiful.
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    Welcome Aboard. You should have started a new thread instead of tacking on to an 8 year old one, that we don't know the outcome of.
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    Congratulations and welcome to the Gibson Acoustic forum, Bruce! Bruce may be a newbie here but has been on the AGF and UMGF for many years. In a way, one of his postings on AGF about a Lowden guitar with signatures written on the top lead to me buying it! I love that guitar, thanks Bruce, though I think he was canning buying a guitar with sigs? This also lead me to buy my first Maton 808 with the same woods as the Lowden. Bruce is also a big fan of Maton guitars! 😝😜😐 BluesKing777.
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    Should you never be able to afford another guitar in life ... That hummingbird will be everything you need. It will be a friend to you forever. Glad you picked a bird. My wishes are that you enjoy the entire process of the bird finding it’s voice and getting better and better with age. Gorgeous LP too JC
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    Newbie here with my first Gibson on it's way. New 2020 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Series 1957 SJ-200 in Vintage Sunburst. I don't know if you've seen any of the clips from 2020NAMM but the work that Gibson have put into this new Historic Series is stunning. Thermally Aged tops, very thin varnish and 'period correct' hard cases. I'm in Australia and ETA is 4 to 6 months ... could even be more.
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    No doubt back when he had all his gear listed in his signature it was a mile long.
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    If 55 was the year of the double-X return this one should be without it. Not sure it sounds that way, , , but what a sweet sweet tone. Let Hoffmann take over - Have to say I'm a liker of the guard-line. Turn some tulips on this one and it's home.
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    That Hummingbird came into a whole house of Gibson guitars. Gibson Les Paul Tribute (pictured, named Goldtoppy on the custom truss rod cover), Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson Les Paul Classic, Gibson Les Paul Traditional, three Gibson Flying V's along with an Ibanez Jiva, Schecter CR-6, Fender American Pro Strat, Oscar Schmidt Classical, old Dixon Flying V and of course, Conrad. :) I'd just never owned a really nice acoustic before and this was/is a bucket list guitar. I play mostly electric guitar in my band but a guitar like that needs to be played so I'm going to find other venues and outlets for it. Thanks everyone!
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    Completely refinished, replaced tuners and pickguard, replaced or modified bridge, all the marquetry on the back (including the herringbone edge binding) is not original. FON says 1948 or 1949. The things I see were probably not done by Gibson. That does not mean Gibson didn't work on it at some time, but when Gibson did extreme things in the repair shop, it usually meant making the guitar more like a new Gibson, rather than these types of mods. Value is driven by condition, playability, and originality. It flunks on originality, and the other two factors are unknowns. Even if it's a great player, it's hard to see it selling for as much as $3k. At most, value would be about half that of the same guitar without all those changes.
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    We own a 1960 J200. It is truly a beast being the heaviest guitar in the house. And it is certainly not what anyone would describe as a "loud" guitar. But the sound is amazing. Thick and rich mids with clean highs. As I have said before, I have always thought the key to these guitars is the bracing. In 1955, Gibson returned to the pre-War "double X" bracing with an second wide angle X brace above the soundhole only this time pairing it with a maple body instead of rosewood. As this is a good excuse to post a picture here be ours. If you look closely you can see the ghost line of a second pickguard we had removed. As the finish underneath had been removed my repair guy had to refinish the section.
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