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    They’re going to concentrate on social media like Facebook and the like. Easier for them to bombard you with advertising
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    In the next couple of days, the Irish will be sober. May God help ye all.
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    Things are pretty miserable today my wife's business looks like it will close indefinitely because she deals with kids and there are 2 cases of virus in schools there and kids are turning out to be carriers. I have no PACS at home so I have to go into work and be around coughing patients. I am trying like the dickens to reduce risk by washing hands etc. Picked a bad time to stop drinking which I may give up if I am weak. In all of this, I am trying to maintain a sense of humor. With that in mind, I give you these.
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    I know for a FACT I'm NOT included in that crowd.
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    Beautiful guitar! I love the Pelham Blue too. It looks fantastic. Congratulations!
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    All the above.. I've found Band opportunities at Open Mic's & Jam Sessions, Church, Guitar Forums, Music Stores etc. Everyone you talk to should know you're a Musician. Spread the word. Play everywhere you can. Parties, Barbecues, whatever. Being aggressive & persistent is an absolute. Make a Promo Solo Video of you Performing as you would at Gigs. Include Contact info & put it on YouTube & Facebook. It's all about getting out there.. The downside I see in your scenario is finding people that want to do exactly what you want to do.. You got to be flexible. Most Guys that want to Gig, want to Gig regularly. Every week 1-2 Nights at least. To do that you've got to be good. That means at least 1-2 Rehearsals a week until your Band is tight. Plus, Wood Sheddin' at home on your own so you come to Rehearsals prepared.. That's like 1-2 hours every day.. Then there's the Gig Guy.. Seems there is one Guy who has the knack for getting Gigs.. He's the Guy you want in your Band.. If you're not that Guy, Find him or her.... All the successful working Bands I know have that Guy... Don't know what it is but it's a big part of what makes the Band.. Why? Because Bands that don't Gig usually don't last long.... It's a lot.. But, in my experience that's what it takes.... Unless, you own a Club, Bar or some kind of Venue. Or have friends that do & can play there.... Good luck!
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    WOW ! Not the song - the political commentary. Poor timing given the Corona Virus thing, don't you think?
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    exactly like the chinese do constantly
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    I own well over 50 copyrights. I've known people who fought for patents. Never messed with a trademark, but looked into it once. We do these things to protect our work. Stealing other peoples work is not right.
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    Around 40 at the moment, haha.
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    Heck, I need to. Can't fit everything into one pic, though, haha.
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    Pretty cool! Good selection of Gibson, Epiphone, and Fender guitars! A couple of PRS SE models. They have the Mitchell line in and Jackson, Schecter, Squier, Gretsch, and Ibanez stuff. Music Man basses. Decent amp selection. Pretty good acoustic selection from what I seen in the acoustic room. Didn't spend much time in the acoustic room. But did see some Epiphone and Taylor stuff. Think they got Washburn acoustics, too? Didn't see a Gibson acoustic in there. But, I didn't spend much time in the acoustic room. It was super packed the two days I went, which is understandable, since it just opened. Going to give it time to die down/be less crowded before going back in, haha.
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    My wife is going to regret not letting me install that bidet.
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    I'm waiting to be told that we're working from home for a bit. Until then, it's off to work in a giant petri dish of a government building and hope for the best. I believe we should take this very seriously as it's quite contagious with no immunity or cure for it at the moment. Oh, no problem buying coffee and pipe tobacco which pretty much takes care of my nutritional wants. We have food and water so no big panic from me. My local grocery store seemed fine last night with nothing out of the ordinary aside from few shoppers, I have to take two prescription meds but they're not due to run out for a while and I can't refill them ahead of time. I currently have tortoise food and frozen rodents for the snakes and lizards and I plan on hoarding one roll of emergency butt wipes (hidden from the wife). With any luck, we'll all get through this okay but it's going to be a long haul situation, not 2-4 weeks and it blows over.
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    I wish the media would shut down for 4 weeks,
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    No doubt back when he had all his gear listed in his signature it was a mile long.
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    Time Has Come Today (extended version) - The Chambers Brothers
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    Play that in a bar and get beat up in the parking lot between sets.
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