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    Like all of you, things are borderline crazy in the Southeastern U.S. where I am. Same story with the stores and all else. As a working musician, my income has disappeared...cancelled shows and lessons. I'll certainly have time to practice which is always a plus! I will keep you all in my prayers and I hope that we all make it to the other side of this mess.
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    Harvard study - top 5 reasons for personal bankruptcy in the US have nothing to do with healthcare: Job Loss, Poor/excess use of credit, Divorce, Unexpected Expenses (uninsured losses). So when you say 'High cost of care OR time out of work' the answer is Time Out of Work NOT healthcare costs. I worked in healthcare finance for a few decades. In the US, we have tax payer supported county hospitals that take 'charity' patients. And the other 95% of the US hospitals take their fair share. Approximately 15% of their patients are uninsured. They pay, on average TWO PERCENT of their bill. That doesn't bankrupt anyone. But, it doesn't come close to covering the providers costs. If anyone would go bankrupt - it would be the doctor or hospital who accepted only patients with no funds. If you want to write songs and commentaries for our friends who live outside the USA, I suggest you limit your political comment to sites and forums in those countries. In the meantime - just initiate threads here that have to do with acoustic guitars and not your views regarding socialized medicine. The fact you bought a J35 does not give you a platform to espouse your political views here.
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    WOW ! Not the song - the political commentary. Poor timing given the Corona Virus thing, don't you think?
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    sitting at my desk with zero work to do. Eerie. No one is coming in. Things are changing exponentially very rapidly.
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    I wish we had levels where I work.
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    I know how cool I am and I'm 62,, does that count Murph?? LOL!
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    Think how cool she'll be at 62...
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    I will change it above my avatar. I'm gonna write Paul and tell him my lyric us better.
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    Hi Gremlyng, The photo of the fret board clearly shows that the nibs are missing so it's probably had a re-fret, i'd pass on that one if I was in your shoe's unless it's particularly cheap.
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    Don't forget Authentic too ๐Ÿ˜„
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    You sir are my inspiration, thank you! Dammit I will keep it up. My main goal was to lose weight. I've lost 6 pounds in just over 2 weeks. Pretty hard to do at my age. Very best to you and to everyone on this forum. It is definitely a place of refuge for me, especially in this insane time. I honestly feel like we're in a sci fi movie.
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    Things are pretty miserable today my wife's business looks like it will close indefinitely because she deals with kids and there are 2 cases of virus in schools there and kids are turning out to be carriers. I have no PACS at home so I have to go into work and be around coughing patients. I am trying like the dickens to reduce risk by washing hands etc. Picked a bad time to stop drinking which I may give up if I am weak. In all of this, I am trying to maintain a sense of humor. With that in mind, I give you these.
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    Rubber Ducky - Ernie the Muppet
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    Went to the gas and go this morning and the line at the register wasnโ€™t too bad and the dude in front of said you can get in front me sir, i know you really worried about your health and crowds and all with all the virus stuff happening so the 3 people that were on line let me get in front of them. I said thatโ€™s awfully nice of youโ€™s worried about others health and all so i got my 2 packs of cigarettes and left.
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    While there are some minor Mountains in the Dakota's I think the history of Mining and Mining towns in the Dakota's as well as the context of the song makes me believe the lyric is 'mining.' If you search the lyrics online, you'll get results with both Mountain and Mining.
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    Morning 1 working from home, and kids home from school... didn't have to take time to make lunches, get cleaned up etc - so w/ the extra 45 minutes I had I did a couple run throughs of 'rock and roll aint noise pollution' and 'minnie the moocher' - stay healthy folks and hopefully eeek out a little more guitar time during this period
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    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ for sure!!
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    Hmmm. Perhaps I am right with, "Mountain...."? Gotta look now! I began listening to them around '77-'78. My first album I ever bought was McCartney's "London Town", followed by, "Wings Greatest". Paul was first, and The Beatles allowed shortly. My friends in 5th and 6th grade tried to get me into KISS, but I wan't buying it. I stuck with The Beatles until around high school (11th and 12th grade) before they took a backseat to bands like Zeppelin, Yes, Cream, The Doors, etc. as well as newer bands like U2, R.E.M., etc. The Fabs made a resurgence up at college where I met some fellow-Beatle fanatics, and they've remained in the forefront for me ever since.
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    Crawlin King Snake - The Doors
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    You're a woman's wet dream. Good job!
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    Zombie Thread. OP pulled the trigger over 4 years ago.
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    Gotta be in at 5pm. I'm on nights when we test. Its me and one other guy monitoring a screen that shows us the temperature of the heaters in the tunnel. I get shift differential, but not in the mood to get sick for a little OT and and extra $1.30 and hour.
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    Wow. Like I posted before NASA is concerned about my health cause a model test of a rocket going to one of the moons of Saturn that will not even launch for probably 4 to 5 years is more important.
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