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    I'd just go back to my youth when my parents, brother, sister, and grandparents, aunts and uncles where still alive, I had no idea I would outlive all of them. I miss them very much.
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    Things a bit slow these days, huh. Just hangin' at the house, fighting off boredom........ Texas Blue Hummingbird, 80/20 Gibson lights down 1/2 step, capo 3, JB pick, iPad video run through Garageband for EQ..............good enough?
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    Video shows how Molly trains her Tonedexter.... I have been raving about mine for long while now, but I think Molly will persuade you more! BluesKing777.
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    I'd go back to just a few hours before I married my first wife...
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    Well, there is no question for me, as I'm quite sure he did, I feel bad for those who are not. Who a person believes he was is another matter, but after 2000 years, that he's still one of the most important to many and controversial humans to ever walk this earth, has to tell us something. and this... I know..
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    call me nuts but,, I think I would go back about about 2000 years, I would like to meet Jesus.
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    We are praying for you both, https://musicrow.com/2020/03/john-prines-wife-manager-fiona-whelan-prine-reveals-coronavirus-diagnosis/
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    The problem with this virus is that it strikes some healthy individuals even young and a moderate amount of 40-50 year olds who have no pre existing illness and are otherwise healthy. It hits some hard and causes an acute respiratory distress syndrome requiring ventilation. Many of these folks are dying. Overall in the population it may not be as bad but if you are one of those unfortunate folks it's a different story. It may be genetic predisposition to having an immune response explaining why only some get it. No one at this time is sure if they are predisposed. I sure as hell don't want to take the chance. Immune response may explain the effectiveness of chloroquine which is an anti malarial and also used for rheumatoid arthritis - a well known disease caused by an immunological response. I read a lot about the hantavirus last year when I was exposed moving into temporary housing. Many people who get have no problem, just a flu like illness. Some require ECMO (extra corporeal membrane oxygenation - essentially a lung bypass). Physicians are discussing the possible use of ECMO now for corona virus. Corona virus is possibly similar to hantavirus in clinical behavior.
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    Here it is. "The scientists found that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. " https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/new-coronavirus-stable-hours-surfaces
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    I'd go back and find the animal that transmitted Covid-19 to the first human kill it and incinerate it.
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    This guy appears to know his way around old guitar. Good to know that a fellow Scandinavian (he is Norwegian) can take care of my old guitars should they need attention. Lars
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    I love to improvise. In the room I use for music, I've been playing Pandora through my sound system and jamming mostly to Gary Moore, Miles Davis, and John Mayall. The playlist is not that long for each artist, and I'll often repeat a song I like until I've got it down. It has given me a renewed respect for, familiarity with, and understanding of, each artist's music... and I'm having fun with it.
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    Funny how something Red, White and Blue, or pro American, is pro Trump in some people's minds. I guess it makes sense. I fly American flags as well.
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    That's a waste of grappa. I think I'd rather drink alone then see people and use it as hand sanitizer 🙂
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    Or settle the question of if he even existed.
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    I play all kinds of small body acoustics and I use Elixir PB 12s on all of them! Love ‘em! But not a lot here like them. Then again, there doesn’t seem to be many small body guitar players on this forum lately. Maybe ask on AGF? BluesKing777.
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    wait,,... so........... there would be no mankind... Guys, Larry can't play...
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    I'd go back to a week last Tuesday and fold sheets* *Kryten: Red Dwarf
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    I'd go back to ancient Egypt to figure out who build the pyramids and how.
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    Cheers. But she deserves it... My dad only passed about a year and a half ago, she still isn't really over that, they were married for like 52 years.. While I will take every precaution including limiting my own exposure as much as I can by staying in unless going out for food, theres no way we can totally leave her alone. And theres no way I am going to let her down. Both of my parents have been amazing throughout my life ALWAYS supporting me no matter what and only wanting the best for me to a point I could never repay them (not that they or any parent wants repaying).. This is the least I can do.
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    I'd have to see a pic of the inside to tell if you could install a standby switch. They make this 3 position switch, an "on-on-off" type, that you'd use to replace the existing switch. The key is to figure out where to hook up the wires that are switched on and off by the standby function. They'd be some red wires running to the output transformer. https://www.amplifiedparts.com/products/switch-carling-toggle-dpst-3-position-play-stdby
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    Right now I'm taking a break form Teleworking. Then it is back to exciting training and making a spreadsheet.
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    Good video. I'm still lovin' my amp and that ES-like guitar looks very cool. Hmm...
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    Imgur is quick and free. Damn, you got hit good !
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    I noticed that amp, too, and found the schematics for it.
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