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    Added the guitars to the mix this morning. I'd forgotten I'd lent out the Thunderbird and had to get her back in the sake of completeness.
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    She is very cute isn't she 🙂 Also shes a bit mad. Welsh terriers are known to be a bit head strong which she is.. But she is lovely none the less.
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    Not a lot here.. We are setting up a tablet for my mum so she can skype the grandkids... So I popped out to pick it up.. The hardest bit is going to be getting my mum to learn how to use it.. She doesn't do technology... When I picked it up though at my sisters home I had the most painful moment yet in this whole thing. My sister has a lovely dog called Olive (Welsh terrier). We are very good friends and I haven't seen her for weeks. In order to be sensible my sister just left the tablet on her front door so I didn't go in the house or anything, but my niece Betssie wanted to say hello at the widow.. Olive spotted me and started whining cos she wanted to see me.. Was really upsetting just cos she doesn't understand why she cant see me... not being able to go in and give her a good scratching.... Oh well. better to be safe... I know. Just so odd how something as simple as popping to my sisters is now so weird. Olive.. In this shot I had said the W word 🙂 And of course loves a good fight
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    Got this BEAUTIFUL new 1960 Hummingbird with fixed saddle. There was very little info on this model online, and I didn’t get to try it at a store before buying it, so I was a bit nervous. But not only does it look beautiful, but it sounds great too. A note about the case though, I kept hearing it was “period correct”. It’s very nice, very plain and simple. Was surprised at the purple lined interior, and lack of any branding. The headstock area is VERY snug to the point that I have to be very careful when putting it back in the case. Little to no room on the sides. It’s a very small, light, compact case. Which is nice, aside from the super snug fit for the headstock that worries me. Very happy with my purchase!
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    I'm not a pianist. I sit down to a keyboard and muddle through a handful of chords with one hand and try to connect them with a single note run with the other. I don't read music, never taken lessons, and likely never will. I do enjoy having keyboards around, and true to my nature that is evident in stringed instruments, I have no aversion to dragging more home. I had a 1920 Mendellsohn upright piano given to me in 2012. It was more or less in the way downstairs so I gave it away in 2018. No regrets about that act, as it went to a young teenage girl who fell immediately in love with it. Old pianos are offered to me on a regular basis, so I will have another. Taking it down cellar will be a challenge. But we did it once, we can do it again. I've got a few cheesy keyboards, including a 90s Yamaha, a 90s Casio, and a 1983 Lowery Micro Genie (hardcore cheese right there, complete with puffy silver case that looks like a bowling bag). Last year I did buy a Casio digital piano, which is pretty amazing. It "sorta" feels like a real piano; it's close anyway. And I can move it easily and don't have to tune it, so there's that. A couple days ago I was given a 1967 Hammond J-110, a very basic transistorized organ in tuxedo black, and pristine other than some hardcore oxidation in the key mechanisms. My observation is this: Over the years, I have owned many OTHER keyboards and organs. If I go to a group or forum connected with a certain brand or style of keyboard, the reaction is guaranteed to be exactly the same: How much did they pay you to take it away? You need to haul it to the dump. Pee-yoooo, what's that stink? That model was a POS from Day One and you need to run. Every. Single. Time. It matters not what I buy or LOOK at. I found two old pianos (not free) that were CLEARLY upscale and very expensive units from 1900-1920. These were not junk. I googled them and they were held in high regard by the industry when they were made. But you can already guess the reaction from the piano forums. "Stay away from these old pianos unless you're willing to pay a piano technician a hundred dollars to go to the person's house and assess it, give you a 4 page report with an estimate of what it will take to be on par with Liberace's piano." I 'get' the idea that old pianos can sometimes be a money pit, but according to them, any piano I've stumbled upon is, by default, pure junk because it doesn't say Steinway. What kind of standard are these people using? It would be like us saying the Les Paul Custom is "okay" and the Standard is alright if you are so poor that you are resorting to eating the family pet, and if someone offered you a Studio, you should call the police. Melody Makers are not guitars. They are ad hoc weapons or firewood. Do we do that? Please tell me we don't. I have the view that, even though there is a pecking order in instruments' values and desirability, it would make me a pretty crappy human being if someone came on this board and was happy about buying a used First Act and I told them what a piece of junk it is. I would HOPE I would be more likely to offer little tidbits on how to make the most out of what they bought, as to setup or small improvements they might make. Rule #1, make music with what you have on hand.
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    And the blue Ovation at top right? ....I'm assuming it's an Ovation Deacon or a Breadwinner? You should've met Rev David Lee.........................🎸
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    Amazing collection Krashpad. The checkerboard one is epileptogenic however if one stares too long. What is it? I don't see pickups (or anything on the face). I'm at work today. The place is deserted.
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    I own a 2008 Dove and 2002 J-150 (J-200 without binding). Id say the main diff is the super jumbo is more balanced, while more bottom end with the Dove. I really like the Dove a lot, even more than my Hummingbird, but, the J-150 is just too good and gets 80% of play.
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    No, it's not just you. That guitar might be in need of an exorcism.
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    Funny how language evolves.... "LOCKDOWN" use to be a term only used in prisons.
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    Apparently nobody wants to hear it but if you look at the percentage of positive tests you will see that it is going down every day: https://www.politico.com/interactives/2020/coronavirus-testing-by-state-chart-of-new-cases/ Perspective is important too. Look at these number for Influenza this season: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/preliminary-in-season-estimates.htm
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    Welcome aboard Antony. Keep the faith. Hopefully things will work out and someday your dream will come true.
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    25/50 Les Paul, 3-pickup Artisan, '54 staple pickup Custom (I'd settle for a reissue), Johnny Smith, Byrdland, L4, L5, L7 and all the other f-hole classics, Super 400 and Western Sky, some of the recent ES-types......to name a few. Charlie Christian's ES150.....and some of the big acoustics too. @merciful-evans I have a lovely 2013 ES175 - though it has a Bigsby. When times are better you must visit.
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    I've played a few guitars with them, but I want real wood on my Martin thanks.
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    I watch Cheers re-runs instead. If I'm going to be programmed by someone, it's gonna be Cliff Clavin.
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    Cook County (Chicago) is getting hot now. The percentage of deaths is dropping though, so good news is coming. We got this...
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    I'd go back and find the animal that transmitted Covid-19 to the first human kill it and incinerate it.
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    I love to improvise. In the room I use for music, I've been playing Pandora through my sound system and jamming mostly to Gary Moore, Miles Davis, and John Mayall. The playlist is not that long for each artist, and I'll often repeat a song I like until I've got it down. It has given me a renewed respect for, familiarity with, and understanding of, each artist's music... and I'm having fun with it.
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    I'd go back to just a few hours before I married my first wife...
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    I'd just go back to my youth when my parents, brother, sister, and grandparents, aunts and uncles where still alive, I had no idea I would outlive all of them. I miss them very much.
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    Or settle the question of if he even existed.
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    The best neck I ever played was an Explorer in the early 80's. I used a Les Paul Custom back then and I wish I'd tried different guitars. There are guitars I'd like to try now, but most shops have an air of 'Why are you in here'?
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