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    And that just proves labomba was correct in his assessment
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    Yeah, that's what I would do, I found the hard way if you try and make something on a guitar do something that it doesn't naturally do, you end up breaking it or something....
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    Your over-use of emojis is juvenile and offensive to the eyes.
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    I made cool upgrades on my 2015 SG Standard, very good guitar , I love the neck profile : - KLUSON Revolution machine heads (GForce removed) - Historic TRC - TUSQXL GraphTech adjustable nut - Les Paul engraved tenon cover - 5 ply 60° bevel pickguard - M-69 humbucker rings - Gibson ABR-1 bridge, black adapters - Vintage repro knobs smooth top - Heavy knurled Switchcraft nut, Historic switch tip
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    Hi all, I’ve returned to playing the guitar after many years and bought myself a 2017 Les Paul standard gold top and an Epiphone es-339. I also have three “other” guitars (not sure if I’m allowed to use the “F” word on this forum 😉). I have to be honest and say that, in my humble opinion, the Epiphone is the nicest instrument to play. Much lighter and softer feel. I’ve gone back to the basics, practicing scales and doing finger strengthening exercises and look forward to reading some of your articles and comments. The coronavirus may be keeping me indoors, but my new found love of music is keeping me occupied.....
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    Got this BEAUTIFUL new 1960 Hummingbird with fixed saddle. There was very little info on this model online, and I didn’t get to try it at a store before buying it, so I was a bit nervous. But not only does it look beautiful, but it sounds great too. A note about the case though, I kept hearing it was “period correct”. It’s very nice, very plain and simple. Was surprised at the purple lined interior, and lack of any branding. The headstock area is VERY snug to the point that I have to be very careful when putting it back in the case. Little to no room on the sides. It’s a very small, light, compact case. Which is nice, aside from the super snug fit for the headstock that worries me. Very happy with my purchase!
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    I see Putin has tested positive! You'd think these world leaders would have stopped shaking hands weeks ago!
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    Agreed! Even though Ironically i'm the younger generation, we were getting so caught up in all this climate change blah blah etc etc that we were not paying attention to the important things in our lives.
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    Put it together and trade it for a guitar that doesn't have one. rct
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    Hi Tom, What a strange world, we will be locked up for quite some time. I already miss playing with my band, but I take to time to really work my acoustics. I had a listen and my favorite is number 3, B. Stay safe and Healthy, George
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    Tom, I had a listen and I preferred the first one, A. Stay safe! Lars
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    FOUND MY ANSWER Gibson Top Adjust Tune-O-Matic 3-Point Adjustment Bridge!
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    Ah yes, the new 2020 Gibson Bust'em Shop 'Hysteric Series' guitars.
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    I have been deeply upset and worried by this all day. I've loved John's music for so many years and I perhaps didn't realise how important to me he was as a human being until now, as odd as that sounds. It struck me as a bitter and particularly cruel twist of fate that after battling cancer and beating it, that this horrendous virus would be the thing that really had his life hanging in the balance. My fiancée read the news before me and told me about it this morning, and I'm not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two. I am not one to cry about anything generally (I'd rather trap those feelings in a song where they can't escape), so it took me by surprise to be so affected. I was relieved to read Fiona's update earlier. Fair and stable is an upgrade from critical...hell, the only downgrade is dead and gone, so he's heading in the right direction all being well. Not out of the woods yet but I'll keep everything crossed.
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    So right Woof. I was never into performing or playing well rehearsed songs. I was (and am) only into playing songs with others -- jamming. To make that work you have to know songs that lots of people know, and the songs need to have simple structures to allow for improvisation on the fly. They also need to be great songs -- great stories that attract a lot of people. Most of the songs that fit this mold are old -- things that people know because they have been around forever. John Prine songs fit this mold perfectly -- simple structure, great melody, and really great lyrics. Wonderful stories from his -- and our -- lives. Here is an example from a show we did ten years ago in Shelburne NS, Canada. Like all our music, this show was a jam -- the "band" had known each other for only about 24 hours, and the show just had a set list of titles and keys. In this video, my daughter sings "Grandpa Was a Carpenter." The musicians -- Maritime Traditional, Mountain Folk, and Bluegrass -- all knew the song. No rehearsal necessary. So did the audience -- note that the song got applause when the title was announced.
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    This is what they recommended: https://gluboost.com/product/masterglu-thin-general-use-ultra-pure-high-performance-ca-adhesive/ Good luck with it.
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    I never was much taken by the folk era Dylan, being someone who leaned more heavily towards '50s rock & the blues. So of course where he came alive for me was Hwy 61 Revisited. Still truly love that album. Through all the ensuing years, there are so many scattered gems Dylan has left us. Can't imagine that all of his work actually "works" for anyone, but it would be nearly impossible to not have connected with something along his path. You like country? Dylan wrote some of the best country songs I've ever heard for Nashville Skyline & it seemed to appear out of nowhere. And even with his voice going bad, his incredible phrasing could still deliver very powerful stuff in the format of a song. Things Have Changed comes to mind. Then a few more years down the road I heard the album Modern Times, and was once again totally astonished at the ongoing quality of what Dylan was putting out - even with a wet noodle of a voice. This song about JFK is just more of the same. Can't say I'm crazy about it, but I sure do appreciate the work itself - and in that sense, it's just one more link in a very long & fruitful chain.
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    You have a beautiful SG -- I like what you have done. Purely for aesthetics, my '79 SG Standard has a Gibson maestro tremolo plate, and a chrome "Rhythm"/"Treble" plate with a bronze-metal switch knob.
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    Scratch and dent sale guitars !
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    Thank you so much! it would seem the 2 week thing is overkill, but i dont want to contract anything that would hurt my mother. Truth be told, it should all be dead by the time it arrives by those charts.
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    Red finishes are known to fade over time, proportional to exposure to sun/light. So I'd say it's likely that the lighter area has faded, while the central area that was under the pad for all those years has remained closer to the original finish color. However, the unevenness of the discoloration within the darker area makes me wonder if there isn't also something else going on there. I guess it might have been helpful if you were told more about the pad and how it was applied (and possibly how it was removed).
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    I'd be surprised. Walnut is a "treehugger" friendly wood and plentiful, whereas Rosewood has the opposite quirks. And, as someone who owns a Rosewood J-45 and a Walnut J-15, I'd also say neither is "better" at any given thing. They are simply different.
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    Doing one thing or another out of context won't do you any good. The guitar needs to be set up to function correctly, which is done in a certain order. If you follow general rules you can't do anything to a guitar you can't fix a minute later. rct
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    In your second sentence you say its awesome. You just got a brand new guitar and you think you need a new nut. Return it. The truss rod may need a tweak, but the nut slippage is not acceptable.
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    Thanks to everyone that gave me such great advice, especially @clayvilleit's massively appreciated. I actually bought an ES-339 this evening from someone local, by fate it appeared for sale and was literally 30 minutes down the road from me! The guitar was originally bought in 2013, I got a deal that I just couldn't ignore! She's called 'Marian' according to the previous owner, after his late mother. Model - ES339ARDNH1 It came with the original Gibson pre-pack checklist and the black tolex covered certificate wallet and of course the original case. Picture doesn't do the finish justice Cheers Guys
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    This past Friday morning, sometime around 12:30 / 12:45 our smoke detectors went off, at the same time, my 38 yr old Daughter who lives in our second floor flat, came down stairs screaming "Fire"... I walk out of our bedroom, and into the kitchen. Looking out the window, I can see the flames coming down the exterior wall, where our deck is, and I can tell from seeing the house next door being as well lit from the fire on our house, that this was already very involved. The smoke has already made it down stairs and is starting to fill the house. So, ok.. every one goes out, and I do the only thing I can.. Get out of there and call 911.. Thankfully we live very close to a fire station. They were there quick and had the fire knocked down in about 30 minutes. Those boys and girls were amazing. Just amazing.. Thankfully the FD saved the building but unfortunately much damage was done. The second floor apartment where my daughter and 2 grand kids live, is totaled. Like Ground Zero totaled.. They lost just about everything. Down stairs there is significant smoke and water damage to our entire living area. Miraculously, all of the guitars (17) mando, uke, all survived the disasters with literally no damage at all. I have a closet where I keep them, and that was well away from the location where the fire actually was. Not even smoke damage.. that close was the difference. Even though I have all these on a professional rider for replacement value, some of these things can't be replaced. The house is not habitable, but it's rebuild-able from what we know so far. We have retained a public adjust who is working with us, and I have to say, this guy is a savior. He is working with the insurance company and handling all the immediate details, like clean up, movers, restoration teams. The cause of the fire, unfortunately was due to a cigarette that was not entirely extinguished that somehow lit a blanket on fire that was out on the second floor porch. My daughter smokes, so that's how it all went down. She feels awful, but it was really just a tragic accident. We're staying with family who has room while we find temporary housing. We have good insurance and should have plenty of coverage to deal with renting a house until we can get back in. it was horrific, but we're going to be fine. right now, it's one day at a time. I know that at least on this forum Rev Dave and Tman have had to work thru this.. unfortunately, I now have first hand experience to what you guys went through. /ray
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    Shoulda grabbed this one at Sam Ash a while back for a grand. They probably would have come down a tad, as well. Not sure of the year - Maybe someone can chime in on that.. Went home to sleep on it - then went back the next day to get it. Gone!
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    It's all gone majorly wrong guys and I'm absolutely gutted! When I bought the guitar I noticed the neck had a little too much relief I thought nothing of it, as it played very well and looked well cared for, I figured I'd just adjust it when I got home. I discovered that the truss rod was actually adjusted all the way up or tightened as far as it would go and yet there was still a little too much reilef in the neck. I took the string tension off and left it over night, this morning when I got up there was still relief in the neck! You would expect with it adjusted up so far that without string tension that you would see serious back bow. The guy said he hadn't played the guitar for quite some time and that was the reason for selling it, he felt it was a waste to have sat in the case unplayed, I suspect that the rather large silica gel bag placed in the case had completely dried out the wood and caused the neck to warp, or perhaps that it had been kept somewhere with too dry a humidity. Although I'm 2000% gutted the guy was kind and decent enough to take the guitar back and refund me my money. I just thought to update you all as it almost feels therapeutic to share this with like minded people. So so gutted, I hardly slept a wink last night what for worry. Do I look for another or just forget the idea, of course this is probably a one off case of bad luck but I'm so paranoid now that I'm almost too scared to look for another example. Cheers
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