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    Glad to hear. Steve's site was down for a bit, but it's up now, I think. If not, I can give you his #. I joined the site Imgur, free to load resized images, then direct copy to this site.
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    I’m gonna try the Luthier in scotia NY thanks Guys ,Jed I’m in Glens Falls ,I drive regularly to Utica ,love driving through Cooperstown ....I tried to post pics but I’m not being permitted due to file size ,I only tried 1 too ,PS this forum is great ADK’er fer life
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    I've played both the D28 and a D41 one day not long ago, and can't say that my tin ear discerned a musical difference. I wonder if your ears have been over-ridden by your eyes? RBSinTo
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    Jedzep is not exaggerating. . . Upstate NY does cover a lot of real estate: . . . and there is some very skilled vintage guitar repair to be found within 90 minutes of areas considered Upstate. A photo or two uploaded to imgur & posted here would allow us armchair luthiers to make a guess as to the possibility of a successful repair. Broken near the nut? You'll want to make sure you still have a functioning truss rod when it gets back to you.
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    Get thee to a Luthier. You wouldn't ask a Cardiologist instead of a Renal Surgeon to transplant a Kidney, even though they are both doctors, so why would you consider taking a guitar for repair to a Furniture-maker instead of a Luthier, even though they both work with wood? Spend some time to find the right person for the job, if you want a guitar that is stable and playable when they're finished repairing it. RBSinTo
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    Thanks, 75HB- trying to visualize it, but usually manage to mess it up. Yes, change the name, but this time, it's good to make the distinction.
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    First and fifth number in the serial number are the year of the guitar . Smells like more of Gibsons change the name game .
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    Good work digging up that legacy listing on the 2019, Sal. As you say, pretty sure the same guitar. . . as in, the identical photo used in 2019 HB Mah Av Grde/2020 Songwrite Mod EC . Just might be a good thing, Slim- having the Hummingbird name on the long scale HB Pro as well only deluded and confused things. Thankful they made the change. True. Songwriter seemed a bit squat in the lower bout, and the upper bout looked to have a different shape and contour down to the waist. OP Mr Snyder- if you bought this as new old stock (do the 1st and 4th in the serial # show a 1 and a 9, as in 2019?) from GC, for example, no biggie. . . you bought what was in the picture. Just be happy you've got one of the last of that design that pays homage to the iconic Hummingbird. Congrats/enjoy/welcome.
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    I am about to go through the process myself. From all my research it appears that I am going to need to widen the holes on my Epi. Most seem to use a file "reamer" that widens the holes. The other option is let mr Sam (Luthier) take it. I have heard a couple talk about using drills and sharp bits. I am going to attempt it on my cheapo junior with a file. If I break it ....while sad.... I can handle it. If it is does not come out right then when Mr. Sam gets his hands on it anyway he can straighten me out. Short answer yes you probably are going to have to modify it.
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    Hi guys just wanted to say thank you for making the lesson sections on gibson.com downloadable. I also want to say that you guys make killer guitars, I have 3 gibson guitars right now , a songwriter ec, a les paul silverburst robot and a LP traditional. everytime i take them out of the case i am impressed with the quality and workmanship. to say nothing about the tones ! In the next year or 2 I hope that i will add 3 more - a Angus Young SG (i am Australian and grew up with ACDC), an J-165 Maple Acoustic and a Buckethead Signature. Anyway please keep up the great work on the website and of course the wonderful wonderful products Cheers
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    1518 positive 36 deaths 5 in my county with 4 recovered.
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