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    She sounds like a keeper!! My wife is pretty knowledgeable about my gear and tone after all these years. I bought my first Gibson back in 2010. I wasn't planning on buying anything at the time, but my buddy was driving hours away to buy a Gretsch so my girlfriend (now wife) tagged along. Ahh to be young with no responsibilities to be able to take road trips at the drop of a hat. Anyway, I have always dreamed about J45s since I was young. I would take my Musicians Friend catalog to school, hide it in the book we were reading, and circle guitars. Always a J45, even though I had never played one or even been in the same room as one. So while he is trying out Gretsches we wandering around the store. I took a J45 standard off the wall and strummed a simple E chord and was blown away. Just floored. I look at her and she says "Buy it." This was a LOT of money for us at the time, but not to mention I was supposed to be using that money for an engagement ring/wedding, but she really wanted me to have that guitar. I played a few other high end acoustics in the room for reference, but none compared so we left with it. To this day it is still her favorite of any guitar I own. I have been able to play a lot of J45s since then, and while they are all usually good, there seems to be something special about this one...
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    yeah, my old Melody Maker has never worked out for me. It's beat to heck and had no respect over its life before I got it cheap (trem added and removed, bridge set to left handed then back to right, stupid heavy tuners to make neck dive - which I've replaced, snapped headstock with dodgy repair and paint over, which I've sorted out. It does have a pretty cool punk vibe about it and bizarrely, given the treatment I mentioned, it's got all original electrics (one pickup model) and burst paint job. It's a '61 double cut just like the Jr here so it might even be worth more than I paid for it as a bit of fun for someone its downstairs in my sons room...dammit I should try to bash the set out on it today and see how much it sucks. That pickup is awful, and I hate the neck, and how the strap attached at the dumb chunky neck joint, and.... (But it does look kinda cool )
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    Tell my wife...sure. She bought me my 12 string to surprise me and it wasn't any special day. She knew I wanted it and one day a guitar I didn't order shows up. 👍
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    Looks a lot like something I saw in Haight Ashbury in 1968
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    Hmmm...telling your wife you have more than one guitar...interesting concept. Nah. rb
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    cheaper than a 60 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1960-Gibson-Les-Paul-TV-JR/333589062539?hash=item4dab75238b%3Ag%3AEZEAAOSwNoBerJ8C&LH_ItemCondition=3000
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    We "Go Yellow" this Friday. This should be interesting. We're at 857 cases today, I am going to predict 2500 on 6/22/2020. Hope I'm wrong! The State Reps who are pushing this as being so great for us still have their offices closed and are working from home.
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    Yeah, and I don't see a shot of how intact the the lettering is. It would have to start from scratch and there's certainly no way to create a frisket for the overlay lettering on the banner. I wouldn't touch it either, but I would be bothered by it every time I picked the guitar up.
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    A waterslide wouldn't work in this case because the paint is missing where the banner needs to go. You need a smooth surface for either a decal or a stencil, and this headstock has neither in the area of the banner. You would have to at least locally re-finish the headstock to do either one. You're better off just leaving it alone.
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    Too much moisture can be very bad, nitro really doesn't like it. My semihollow Gibson BluesHawk deteriorated very quickly here, so I had to sell it. I have a 7 rack in a nook usually covered by a large silk Sarong and run a dehumidifier constantly under it. I can't leave them in cases because they will turn green very quickly.
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    South California Purples - Chicago
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    One of my all-time favorite documentaries, have watched this more times than I can count. The backstory is also very amusing, about how a couple California hippie film students shot this on a shoestring budget in 1967 while Lightnin' did his best to con them for more money and generally goof on them. 🙂
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    Here is the Man and his J50! BluesKing777.
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    Girl Talk - The last great male chauvinist song - written by Neil Hefti and and Bobby Troup If you ignore the dated words, it's a nice song.
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    The Grateful Dead. I understand. You do or you don't.
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    I bought one of these, they are awesome. Really big tone, big fat neck.
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    Seems like the data is all over the place. Not sure if a ".gov" is the best place to get up-to-date info or not. One or both of these must be way off. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/pennsylvania-coronavirus-cases.html#cases
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    I'm only going outside in my full body condom. Ribbed with reservoir tip.
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    Its called a stand up bass. That lady is my hero.
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    Here is one of my usual curmudgeon comments. It is commonly believed that only 1935s had a bound fingerboard and AFAIK it did not have a 1 3/4" nut. Here is my 1935 player grade Jumbo -- I use it (a lot) in bluegrass wherever a good D-18 would also work. Let's pick, -Tom
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    What, are you blind and attack people with your keen sense of hearing?
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    I grew up in Long Island, and naturally at some point in my youth, a group of friends with nothing better to do said "hey let's go check out the Amityville Horror House". So we did. For those who don't know the story: On November 13, 1974, the estate was the scene of mass murder. Using a .35 Marlin rifle, 23-year-old Ronald J. DeFeo Jr. murdered his entire family while they were asleep, which included his parents and four siblings. On the same night, he went to a local bar and confessed what he had done. 112 Ocean Avenue in 1974: The upstairs windows added to the mystique - they kind of looked like eyes which helped the narrative that the house itself was possessed. Great for movies. By the time I was old enough to drive by and gawk like so many kids have done, the house had been renovated. Notably, the ominous quarter-circle upstairs windows are now squared off. The address was changed to 108 Ocean Avenue at some point. The story above is the only part that is known to be true. Afterwards, subsequent owners of the home, book authors and movies enhanced and ultimately re-wrote the story. I have seen this house from the front yard and also from a boat off the shore (the infamous boathouse is gone). I never got any weird feeling - it just looks like a house. Seems like every area has at least one place like that with an ominous back story. Anyone else have one to share about your hometown?
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    I'll be the first to say that if I could have unfettered access to that volume kn0b I could make any guitar sound like God through that amp, that's what them amps did. I'd like another cab though. And next I'll be the first to say I could probably make that guitar sound good through a toaster. rct
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