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    Strange, the first movie an African American actress was awarded an academy award for her work in gets banned. Guitar Center also gave Fulltone the boot because Mike Fuller, the founder, complained that the mayor and governor weren't doing enough to protect small business owners from rioters, called them puxx ( you get the idea)
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    Or maybe we should stir things up to the point where no one can take the antsiness seriously anymore? I want to make it LOUD AND CLEAR that I don't mean to diminsh anyone's pain, including but not limited to George Floyd's relatives, the ones victimized by him, the ones he was victimized by, unnecessary force in an arrest scenario, peaceful protests, looting, me and Sgt. Pepper "beefing" with Ghost of FL... C'mon, fellow citizens of Planet Earth. We don't need censorship. We don't need John Cruz fired. We don't need oversensitivity NOR do we need UNDERsensitivity. Healthy people find they can't taste their lunch, and the next day they're on a ventilator. What we need now is to pull together as a species - and time and time again, I've found that the answer is not in hashtags. What everyone should do is be a decent person, as an individual. It's perfectly clear that group movements turn into witch hunts. They NEVER end well.
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    It worked from Facebook.
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    I am really enjoying this amp as I get used to it. Easy to find the sound I want, usually running the gain on 5 (12 o'clock) produces a rich range of tones, for use with or without my pedals at most volume levels.. Currently these 15w Monoprice tube amps are listed as "out of stock" for some reason on most websites and causing the price of used SR 15's to increase in cost to around $300 and up. I wanted to get another new one but missed the last one being sold for $249... Anyway it sounds great with my P90's going through it.. Note: They are available with the Harley Benton brand, but they are Euro power only..
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    I really don't have too many recordings of my 1942 LG-1 -- neither class of demo musicians were particularly interested in it (folk or bluegrass). It was a pawn shop guitars from Dalton GA. We used it for finger picked folk materials, but mostly I used other Banners for that -- 43 and 44 J-45 and 43 SJ. Well I was wandering through some old practice videos from 2011, and I found a session where I had used that guitar. At that time, there was camera audio and a separate recorded audio -- so to get the best audio, you needed to splice in the non-camera sound. Well since it was practice, I never did that. But since it would cool to have some more authentic sound on video, I went ahead and did one. This is a folk revival song, and I only remember once we ever performed it on stage -- I mean it is definitely not bluegrass. Anyway here it is. http://vintageacousticinsruments.blogspot.com/ http://www.vimeo.com/tpbiii Best, -Tom
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    The pup covers can be replaced very easy and its inexpensive using Gisbon original parts. Call Gibson Customer Service and they will hook you up. The mar on inlay is a different story... if it were me I could let it slide. That's were you need to make the call, because I think you may have a hard time finding a deal like you got there.
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    It's all good, mihcmac, I'm lovin' mine, too.
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    Tom, I hate to break it to you but the guitar is only incidental to me., It is your finger picking which floors me.. Damn Brother I attack a guitar like a starving man having a corned beef sandwich placed in front of him.. Keeping it clean is not one of my stronger points.
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    I'll support a business, even if it's not a Mom & Pop, if it is music oriented and struggling - and ignore their illogical business decisions as best I can. But, when they decide to start making political, cultural, human engineering statements, they'll have to do it without my money.
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    I notice they skip a lot of important info on the guitars in the demos and prefer to engage in a lot of idle chit chat. I also can't stand the way he strums the guitars he kinda just flaps at the strings too close to the bridge. Cool guitar all the same.
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    Guitar Center home to every musician who wants to buy high and sell low.
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    Maybe when she gets her Ph.d she can get it sorted out. I have a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and I can do it.
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    Most of the numbers they show don't mean a lot, what really matters is how many are Active Infections..
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    It doesn't really matter what you use, as long as you can get what you want when you need them. I really like Rotosound, but if your not in the UK they can be hard to find, consistently.
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    That's Funny, Nor do I. Lol.
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    Great stuff! I especially enjoyed “Follow the Drinking Gourd”. I haven’t heard that song in years. That LG-1 is loud! Sounds great! QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff
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    Flight attendant: "would you like a drink?" Me: "what are the options?" Flight attendant: "yes, or no".
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    C’mon guys....everyone on the planet is antsy right now. Let’s not stir the sh— stew any more than it’s already stirred.
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    Dogs might be "man's best friend" ... but a cat will never tell the police where the drugs are. My sex life is like a Lamborghini. I don't have a Lamborghini. 😣
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    Roy is killer. People think he's a clown cuz he was on Hee Haw but that guy can play.
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    maybe you should pick up playing the piano??
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    I don't know about you, but I think Tina is not,
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    I was on FarceBook several years ago. Probably took 5 or 6 months before I realized it was like swimming in a cesspool. Got off, tried to delete everything. Wouldn't even think of Twitter. Human Resources weenies - Employment 'professionals' use to call prior employers to get a 'reference' for a potential 'new hire'. That stopped working because the 'new hires' started suing their former employers for what they told the HR people where they applied. So, the HR Weenies started to use your Credit Score ! Just think how lame that is for a minute. Recently - these geniuses flocked to looking at FB as a form of 'due diligence' in hiring people. I'm just worried they'll get my report card from when I was in Junior High. Worse, ask my old bus driver if I was 'respectful'.
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    I send Polaroids to ksdaddy. He takes them to FotoMat and they mimeograph them so he can take them to Grants for conversion to slides. Then he projects them and takes a picture of the slides with his iFone. rct
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    I use FB too, I just upload and I keep the photo private Open the photo once in facebook Right click and "Copy image link" use the "Insert other media" tool in the new post edit window. Change https to http.. and there ya go...
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    Social media is another virus we need to figure out...
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    If he was fired for being a twit that seems harsh in these days of counselling services etc to re-educate staff - especially when it's for foolishness rather than physical violence or intimidation or whatever. Not condoning his insensitive and stupid actions, but seems harsh to get fired. Of course Gregor Fris (?) could have quietly and quickly contacted Fender to voice his concerns, but heck, that's not half as self important as calling the bloke out publicly on farcebook.
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    I found pre-stressing the strings made them 'go flat' faster. I do some very light pre-stressing and then put up with it slipping and retuning for a week.
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    My three favorite things are eating my family and not using commas.
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    Not a clue I'm afraid. That is the all Bass Player, doesn't let us touch it. Tape the pedals down and put a label on top so you don't confuse Start/Stop with Fill when you don't want to. I use a Boss DR880 in my studio, I can build a song on that fairly quickly. Sometimes. rct
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    Hey man, you're welcome to believe whatever you want (you also have a right not to get your panties in a bunch, but here we are). John Cruz DOES have a right to say or post whatever childish crap he wants to. FMIC also has a right to let him go if they feel he is not representing the values of the company. Don't believe me? Try to get a hold of his employment contract. Don't think FMIC did the right thing even if they had a right to let him go? Hit them where it hurts. Start your own musical instruments company and hire John Cruz. I mean, he is most likely available. And we will see if you can compete with your employees going all wild-west on Facebook. 🤷‍♂️ I seriously wish you the best with that. But I can not think of a single successful company that takes that approach. Maybe there is a reason for that.
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    He died of a stroke arguing over the virtues of skim milk over whole milk. That's the rumor anyway.
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    To put things in context a little better.... Fender had just posted this: And a day or 2 later, one of their master builders is on his Facebook (which identifies him as a Fender employee) posting that meme. But as far as we know, Fender didn't even know about it until one of their customers made a post directed to John Cruz (not FMIC). Other customers noticed it and the thing went viral. That is bad bad press for Fender at a time when they just lost a sh-t ton of sales due to a global pandemic. None of this is the fault of FMIC. They have a board of directors and they are running a business, not a blog.
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    Fun fact: "Facebook" aka "The Facebook" aka "The Harvard Connection" was originally intended as a dating app for ivy league students.
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    "virtual chat" is the future.
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    Yeah that's exactly the same thing. Weird.
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    All speech is protected. BUT you take your chances with the backlash for the things you say. And if your speech incites violence, you may get a visit from the FBI.
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    This is not new. Are you retired? "Employers continue to monitor employees’ online presence even after they’re hired. Nearly half of employers (48 percent) say they use social networking sites to research current employees— 10 percent do it daily. Further, a third of employers (34 percent) have found content online that caused them to reprimand or fire an employee." https://www.careerbuilder.com/advice/not-getting-job-offers-your-social-media-could-be-the-reason
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    IMO, not a 'freedom of speech' issue. Fender Corp can't have you posting stuff like that using an account that says:
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    Ok I found the meme he posted. It's a white Jeep that is covered in (fake) blood mostly on the front like it just drove through a crowd of people. The Jeep has a (fake) severed arm on the hood and a (fake) severed human head stuck in the grill. The caption: "I don't know what you mean by protesters on the freeway. I came through no problem".
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    Well that sucks. First they shut down their forum and now this. According to a Facebook post of 2 June by bassist Gregor Fris, Cruz had posted a highly distasteful image in connection with the recent protests in the USA. Fris later commented on his own post giving an update, saying Fender had called him to say that Cruz had been relieved of his duties. He said:
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