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    I've got a 50's style Tele that I put a P90 at the Neck & Bigsby on...
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    That's way better than a lizard turd by my reckoning Steve.
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    да святится имя Твое 😃
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    Hello Ray! I replaced the Texas Special with a Planet Tone DG pickup in my Strat. It's a 13K pickup that sounds incredible for leads. It is better for Gary Moore-ish singing solos. 🙂 Bence.
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    Hi Bence, yeah I also changed the bridge pick up on my main guitar which was a Strat style setup from the fairly feeble single coil to a DiMarzio X2N - basically the biggest, baddest ceramic humbucker out there! (Then changed the pots cos it sounded like mud ...and the it was awesome). Works like a charm for what I do with the band. why....just cos that's what Fast Eddie Clarke (RIP) did back in the day!
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    Hey Pip. Welcome back.
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    hmm, I just looked up the X2N I'm using and apparently it's 15.8k (gulp) hey, the great thing is if I ever need to back off volume I just flick the pickup selector switch and get instant half volume and cleaned up!
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    Like @Eades said, in the 137 the C stands for Classic and there's even a big "C" inlaid at the 12th fret, but of course Gibson being Gibson they also made the Custom version (which in case you didn't notice also starts with "C" haha!). Both models were built at the Memphis "C"ustom Shop so there's rumor it also stands for that... Sigh.
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    Отче наш, сущий на небесах! Bence.
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    All my mods are orthodox. Russian orthodox to be specific.
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    hey Bence! how ya been? some of you guys are more adventurous than I. I once put a Kahler Trem on an Ibanez Musician (MC400) it was the 80s.. I was young and foolish, and I really messed up a nice guitar. That was my last foray in to the great unknown mod world.. I don't mind changing out pickups, but I usually go with different kinds of what it is already routed, or set for. I am surprised you found a bridge texas special week. I have a set in one of my strats, the bridge pickup will take ones head off if you're not careful with the high end eq'ing.
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    Haha he, , , good one ghost_of_fl. And being a ghost I assume you like ghost-threads. I personally have nothing against them at all - if re-fueled well they can be seen as homage to the Board history. Besides the constant flow of new spectators will benefit from revived themes - even threads from the bronze age will be fresh for them. The Q in this one may be 12 years old, but the topic is timeless.
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    Welcome back Pippy, and great to hear from you again. Good to hear you pop in and out some. Wanted to say Happy Anniversary to you both and stay safe in these times. Later.
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    I have one of those Honeytones. I might try that trick - the sound just gets eaten up as soon as you're not in a small room. Also have my original Pignose. Lost or broke the power adapter years ago and the pot is really scratchy. Had to have one after the first time I saw "Crossroads".
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    I want to try that Cube stack!
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    Wanting to install a tremolo on my Blueshawk presented a problem that I couldn't find a bridge that would. go low enough to replace the stock saddle bridge. So I modified the saddle bridge by drilling new holes below the saddle screw holes and moved the saddle screws down to them. This allowed me to pass the strings over the top of the saddles and go through the original saddle screw holes and reach the tremolo. On a Blueshawk the strings normally go through the saddles and out the back of the guitar. This arrangement works very well.. This is a Duesenberg Short similar to a B5 but with more range and a an adjustable dive bar..
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    I love necro-threads. Sometimes I write in one I've already posted in. I read my previous entry and think "stellar. Simply stellar!"
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    Amen to that! You know those big cans of sauce, paste and canned tomato's? yea,, these can be deadly... it's like the kitchen is a hard hats only area... but at last, you have offered a fool proof method for justifying the next purchase, thanks Steve, you're a life saver.
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    I think those kind of situations are a blast! I ran across the same issue with my 1975 RI Jazz Bass just last week, I bought it new in 1994. Same exact issue as the OP except I had to adjust the neck. I took the whole thing apart tuners and all and cleaned and polished it. Man when I was done that thing looks and plays sweet!! It has that binding on the neck with the block inlays, awe man, it slept in the bed with me that night. (out of its case)
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    ha! Got a chuckle out of this. It's like I wrote this post..
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    Don't give up - you're almost there. Once you replace that tuner you should be all set 👍
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    Can't find any info on what a ES 175 C might be. When the guitar first came out it had a single pickup, and later a second pickup was added thus a designation of ES 175 D (for dual pickups). The last reference to that model was about 2016 when they did a replica of a '59 ES 175 with two pickups. Can't find any reference as to what a C might mean? I have never heard of Gibson putting a letter in the model to describe a neck shape so I don't think that is it. In the olden days a C stood for cutaway, but as far as I know the 175 always had a cutaway so that's probably not it either. I had an ES 125TC which stood for "thinline, cutaway" as opposed to the prior model with no cutaway. It's probably something pretty obvious that we are all over thinking 😧
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    I have a es137 c and the c stands for classic, not sure if the same applies though
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    Is it crimson? Or has it got a Charlie Christian pickup? I think that may be an ES-175 CC but whatever, it should be a great guitar. I have an ES-175. One of Gibsons finest and (these days) under-appreciated designs.
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    Q: How many Gibson forum users does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: One, but in the following ten-page discussion, someone will invoke a comparison to Nazis.
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    Not saying that guy is an old school gamer. That is just how forum etiquette started and a lot of people still follow that.
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    Forum etiquette used to state: It's always better to reply to an existing thread than to start a new one. That's going back to the days when most forums and message boards were for computer gaming. Some people still follow that old-school forum etiquette.
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    I'd love to take that issue from you in exchange for a couple of bucks!
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