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    Back in High School Guitar Player magazine had just been launched and I started reading all of Tom Wheeler's articles about Gibsons from days gone by and my drug addled teen-aged mind was permanently warped by the pictures I saw there. I saw an early black Les Paul with P90s and my eyeballs popped out of my head with an audible BOING! noise. Holy Iconic Guitars, Batman!!! I've wanted one ever since. A little over 40 years later here comes a modern day facsimile of sorts. I'm really excited about this one. (don't tell the wife)
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    It's the Gibson forum, additional storage is $4699 and it doesn't come with a hard case. 😄
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    The power is back on and that means only one thing: the Clicquot is cold. Well, it was cold when we drank it. So was the vodker and tonic. Life, weird as it has been, as fukked as this entire 2020 has been, is somewhat good again. Got my blue Tele cleaned and set up by me. Oh hex, life is great. rct
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    Thanks everybody! It was great hearing from you guys. I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on this thing. Here’s another pic from Wildwood while we wait
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    I use imugr. Easy and quick once you get the hang of it. Upload a pic to imugr and cut the BBCode link on the right and paste it to your post. The pic will come up full size after you post. I mostly use computers for there intended purpose, stealing music and downloading porn, and cute cat pictures.
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    hee hee - It's good to have boundaries sometimes. 🙂
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    I've seen those CS go from 3500 to 5000. It depends on condition and specs.
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    Lol I asked them to send me a picture of it in the sun in the parking lot or wherever. The black background on their site makes it hard for me to contextualize the color. The color being incredibly important of course 🤓
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    Steve there liquid filled smoking vessels. Say bong in a state that doesn't have legal weed and your out the door. Who would ever hand Frank a bong and ask him if he wants a hit? There has to be some cinematic evidence of that. Santa Cruz was Civic Center, so a large gym. UC Berkeley's Greek Theater is an outside venue and is made for music. San Carlos was a small place in the round, but Frank's equipment truck had an accident on the way down from Oregon and the amps buzzed like crazy all night. Frank was not happy. All 3 times were in '84. The San Carlos show was on his birthday. I met Bobby Martin in the hallway walking out after the show. Frank played that yellow Strat every time I saw him. It had a whammy bar.
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    The SJ200 is a true legacy instrument. I've played an SJ200 as my main guitar for many years, have owned several and absolutely love them. If your partner enjoys his EJ200, an SJ200 will absolutely blow his mind. Get a good one and there is nothing that is even similar. Sure, some guitars are louder, some have more of "this" and less of "that", but the SJ200 is an incredible all-round package. Plus they carry a weight of prestige onstage that is unique...I can't imagine life without mine.
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    Just acquired this from my grandfather, looking for any information on it. Not sure the back story but I believe he was the original owner
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    Nice SG! Love the Vibrola! Congrats!
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    Why do people always want guitars to be locked in a cage match?
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