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    Well I officially live in London according to my postcode but where I live is really the suburbs and its also right at the edge of the countryside too.. I live right next to one of the largest forests in the country (Epping).
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    "Sashalom" -XVIth district of Budapest. I call the eastern border of Budapest my home. It has a village-like vibe, as it was a village before WWII. That's where I was born. If I ever become lucky, I'd buy a house there. Right now, I live on the edge of the inner city of Budapest, right next to an underground station, in a rented blockhouse flat. It is very practical, but nothing like home. Bence.
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    We all want and need to live somewhere, so where do you call home and why? For me, I have lived in several cities when I was young and always seemed to choose inner suburbs about 10 mins to the CBD cos there was easy access to the 'action' without being in the thick of it when I wanted a bit of peace. At 40 I moved to a country village with a pub and a shop and I suppose about 40 or so houses and really have no desire ever to live in the city again, though I visit big cities for work regularly (when there's not a pandemic) and still get a buzz from the downtown vibe, but I could never get the hang of the idea of suburban living (but accept millions can't be wrong). what about you guys?
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    So, picked up another guitar off of Reverb that I've been wanting since I was a kid. This one is a 1978 Peavey T60. Ever since I first seen blues guitarist Johnny Copeland playing one when I was a kid, I was like, "What is that?! That looks sweet!" and discovered it was this model and wanted one ever since. Years later, I finally got one, haha.
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    A suburb in a small town which is slowly becoming more crowded as the farm land is sold off an McMansions are going up.
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    I grew up in a suburb of Chicago in the 50s. My Dad built the house I grew up in himself and I'm told we moved in a couple months after I was born. I lived there through the 6th grade. My Dad was then transferred to Belgium for 3 years and again we lived in a suburb of Brussels. When we moved back to the US we lived in the same town, but bought a new house. After college I continued to live in nearby suburbs for about 40 years. I never wanted to live in the city proper (Chicago) as I am not a fan of parking on the street, the noise, the crowds, the traffic etc. When I retired I moved to a gated community in South Carolina with about 3000 people. It is cut from pine forest in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. Once outside the gate we are in the country - hay fields, and cattle grazing where there is not forest. Town is about 9 miles away for the grocery, drug store, restaurants etc. I always preferred more open space than a city allows.
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    I live on the east side of the Big Island in a redeveloped agricultural area cut out from the jungle. We have herds of wild pigs passing through and free range chickens descended from fighting cocks. The ocean is within sight but just a few miles away. "FBI" t-shirts are quite popular here, meaning From Big Island. I grew up mostly on the west coast in the OC and Foothills area, also lived in Oregon, Az, Utah and Colorado. My dad built freeways working in asphalt and concrete, my mom worked for Disney, I worked as a graphic artist for several different companies with my longest stint at Motorola.
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    I live in a suburb, but on five acres including a spring-fed creek. There are 70 acres of woods surrounding a piece of protected wetland on/immediately adjoining my property back there, so it's blissful woods and privacy on all sides but one. I can literally walk out into the back yard naked if I wanted to (not that any sentient being would want to see such a thing) and there's nobody to witness it except for woodland bunnies, squirrels, raccoons, and the birds. Best of both worlds. 😐
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    It has to be a 12 speaker, so I only watched the 2nd video: - great sound from both! - two great guitars - both great players... I like the Origin slightly better... but mostly they just sound different. Verdict is as usual: Get them both!
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    small town 1,600 people about an hour between major city's
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    I'm in a small town (16k people) about 20 minutes from a major city (1 million people) I live about 12 miles from the only house my parents ever owned, my Dad built it in 1952. All my family is within 15 miles, so we are all close. But, I'm considering moving to Los Angeles California for a new job! It pays very well. I'm in my 50s, so I'm thinking about moving there for 6-8 years and hopefully bank some money. Excellent thread!
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    Pulled the trigger on it. Sounds great! Heres a look.
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    RBSinTo - be glad if you never had problems with "flubber" pickguards. My J45 (2017) and Hummingbird (2017) drive me crazy, edges are lifting whch look even worse on the Hummingbird due to the more complicated shape. Both have been removed and fixed again by an authorized Gibson service workshop - lifting again after some months, I have removed, cleaned and mounted the J45 pickguard by myself with the help of 3M tape (3M double sided sheets are not available here). And - it lifts again. This is really sad as both guitars are fine with the exception of the pickguards, beautiful to play and sound good, My other Gibsons have "flubber"pickguards which are not lifting or only some millimeters (SJ200) or have thin pickguards making no problems.
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