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    The moon, the setting sun and a b!tch all in one panoramic. 5 minutes later. She really likes to look out into the valley when the sun is setting. Pretty much every night.
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    Two guys stole a calendar. They got six months each.
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    The Bogen's were adequate, we stuck them where ever the cable lengths would allow. We did have 2 of them plus a few amps and cabinets made at our local Gretsch factory.
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    New Gibson Guitar Day Ordered Feb 6 - picked up yesterday Oct28 - my first Gibson. 2020 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1957 SJ-200 Vintage Sunburst. Amazing depth and surprising versatility - it's magnificent!
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    ...for now. Wandered through FB marketplace and found a 2019 Gibson LP DC special for not a lot of money. Not far off half price really. Fellow said he had only played it for a couple of hours & had come to terms that he was really a Strat guy. Plus, he had bought a hard case for it (looked like a proper one). Checked him out. He had posted a pic on his page of the guitar in its new case & seeming pleased about it. Seems like an ok fellow who gets through gear quickly. I was tempted. I could even have put the cash together in a matter of minutes & he only lives 15 minutes away. Then I got sensible. Crisis passed. I really dont need a new guitar fix. Obviously it sold quickly, and its disappeared now. Status: GAS under control : Crisis averted
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    Just bought one of the above. Its the one with 'Epiphone by Gibson' on the head. 1988. Great condition. I'll have it by Monday.
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    Along with the allen wrench issue, there is no center back brace, and the wood does not appear to be maple, as it should be. The bridge is also clearly incorrect, and tends to indicate that the guitar may be a modified Japanese copy era instrument, intentionally meant to squeeze maximum profit from a fake. So sorry this happened to you.
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    Capital gains is the biggest ripoff, I bought land with money I paid tax on,can't write it off because land doesn't depreciate, but if I sell it I pay capital gains.
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    Did you hear about the two antennas that got married? The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was great.
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    The US Government is and are the biggest bunch of crooks in the entire world, and can get away with it.
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    Does Natasha change Boris' diapers? Will they remove the diaper chute next year?
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    Want to fret about a real ripoff? Capital Gains tax rates. If people understood how they work everybody would have a heart attack and we'd all die and then the rich guys wouldn't have any customers left.
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    Here is the pic from his Intro post.
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    I know...my neighbour broke my lawnmower last weekend. Sucks like a bank!
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    Anyone notice the guitar Elvis used in the movie 'Jailhouse Rock'? An Aussie made Maton jumbo! I've never seen one here.
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    I have early 2000's AJ-500RNS, AJ-500MNS, DR-500PNS and a brand new Masterbilt Frontier (photos soon). I was not impressed with the AJ-45ME when I played one compared to the above. Maybe it was the shorter scale. Not sure. I will now look at putting electronics into each. I would go with the new Masterbilt Texan before I would go with the AJ45ME. I will also get the new Masterbilt Excellente when they become available. Just my 2 cents.
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    Got a pic? It's possible that the pots are mounted in there with the shafts sticking up too far. There's a backing nut on the shaft of the pot under the top of the guitar that is adjusted to get the right height on the pots. Maybe they're just mounted too high.
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    Hi Ian, A Gibson ES-335 remains the same whether you bought it from Gibson or a dealer. info now supplementing your OP: 1/ You have several pickguards now. 2/ You apparently want to buy one from Gibson. I suggest you contact Gibson direct to ask this.
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    dunno... http://www.thepickguardshop.com/Gibson+ES-335+®+Pickguard+PVlqTnpBRE14b0RkalZIWnZKSGM https://www.amazon.co.uk/Short-guitar-pickguard-black-gibson/dp/B01F4ANXNG https://www.allparts.uk.com/products/pickguard-for-es-335-short https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/pickguards-c62/gibson-miscellaneous-c87/es-335-c88/wd-music-es-335-replacement-pickguard-for-usa-1960s-era-original-and-reissue-models-solid-shiny-black-090-2-29mm-thick-with-bevelled-edge-p530 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Short-ES-335-guitar-pickguard-5ply-black-tortoise-or-cream-fits-gibson-new/113172721670?var=413477344499&hash=item1a599eb006:g:oDMAAOSwXVNbXD~F https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PVC-3-ply-Pickguard-Scratch-Plate-for-Gibson-ES335-Guitar-Replacement-Parts/192331843153?hash=item2cc7df0651:g:FEoAAOSwRF1b4qFG
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    I see in the pics of the new Gibson that they still are putting the locator hole in bridge plate too close to the bridge pin hole - this one looks close, but not impeding the edge of pin hole like on my J45. Also will get worse over time with use.
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    I will start, here's my 2014 ES-335 joined by my 1967 ES-330
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    I am one of those who does not buy into the "good" year "bad" year thing. OK, the late-1960s into the early-1980s is an exception. But normally a few dogs will be sent out of the factory in any given year. That said, Gibson has certainly been included in the list of the country's worst places to work for decades. Even though my impression is that Bozeman operated almost as an independent shop, workers would have still had at least their wages and benefits dictated by college educated bean counters for whom the bottom line is everything. As to what the turnover at Bozeman has been I am clueless. Ren certainly had a daunting task upon establishing the Bozeman factory as the majority of Gibson's remaining skilled workforce refused to make the move from Kalamazoo to Nashville in the mid-1980s. Maybe this is why in the early years of the Bozeman Custom Shop, Ren showed an uncanny ability to turn raw talent into skilled luthiers - guys like Walker, Kopp and Triggs. But they all left within a few years. As to why they chose to depart though I am also clueless.
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    How about these? Love these pics!! Ghost I think your pic is awesome... having spent an hour or two in the server closet...
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    Posting again, the picture dissapera for some strange reason...... Cheers!! Andy
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    Here’s my 55-58 (can’t see a stamp inside) ES 225 I just got from Craigslist a few weeks. Pretty sure it was a TN, obviously the Red is an older refin. I don’t mind it honestly, never thought I’d own a 50’s Gibson of any kind. It’s really nice otherwise, so easy for my hands to play. Bought it from original owners son. Here’s a couple pics.
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    '63 ES-330, '70 ES335, '83 ES-335 Dot:
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    A few pairs of ES’s 1959 EB-2, 1968 ES-335 12, 1968 EB-2DC, 1967 ES-335, 1974 Les Paul Signature Guitar & Bass, 2016 ES Les Paul Bass & 2015 ES Les Paul.
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    Wow your '67 looks to be in the same condition as the 2014. Is the '67 a reissue or a true 53 year old guitar? Both are beautiful. Here are mine: 2013 L-5 CES Bought this CS336 new in '07 or '09 (can't remember, sold it and gave away paper work) When I sold the 336 it was so I could buy this '17 CS356
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    I might be in the minority here but this doesn’t bother me at all ... it’s just glue . The sound and tone of a guitar is subjective as well . I’m sorry Gibson wasn’t the brand for you. JC
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    I tend to think of it more as up or down eras (hopefully rather short-lived when down). Even Ren made note of this in the 3-part video series he did with Music Villa’s Tony P regarding his years with Gibson. I recall him specifically citing certain periods where they were at the top of their game, and others where they were not - for a variety of reasons.
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    I'd guess not a Gibson or a case of badly reglued braces.
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    I’ve got 8 Gibbys and none of them look like this. The OP’s post made me check the inside of my new J200 with a flashlight and mirror. It’s immaculate.
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