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    This just arrived at Wildwood for me and hopefully will ship out today. It's a R6 but obviously with a quilt top, so it's not really historically correct but they still serialized it as a R6 anyway.
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    I'd just go back to my youth when my parents, brother, sister, and grandparents, aunts and uncles where still alive, I had no idea I would outlive all of them. I miss them very much.
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    Hi All Posted this last week on mylespaul forum! After a long search I finally found it! First I wanted a Blue Berry Burst, but it was shop soiled with lots of swirls, broke my heart and was to expensive to import one from Japan. Then I placed an order at the local guitar shop for a Slash Les Paul in Vermilion Burst, they are on back order apparently. Any-who I went to the shop to get some new strings for the Epiphone and there she was calling out my name.... After that I totally forgot about the vermilion Burst LP Many thanks to my Wife its an early birthday present one that is truly appreciated!!! She rocks! Case is made in Canada
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    Tom, of these 3 keys, I’d say the first one was the most natural for you. That said, it sounds like your voice is straining a bit on all of them. Maybe give it a try in a lower key?........Just my opinion. Doesn’t make me right and someone else wrong........Whatever you decide, I appreciate you putting it on here. Ain’t Hummingbirds cool?
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    I got me some P90s, SG Classic!!
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    Cheers. But she deserves it... My dad only passed about a year and a half ago, she still isn't really over that, they were married for like 52 years.. While I will take every precaution including limiting my own exposure as much as I can by staying in unless going out for food, theres no way we can totally leave her alone. And theres no way I am going to let her down. Both of my parents have been amazing throughout my life ALWAYS supporting me no matter what and only wanting the best for me to a point I could never repay them (not that they or any parent wants repaying).. This is the least I can do.
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    Stuck with humans for three weeks!
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    Couldn't resist getting this: Gibson 2019 SG Special. Found a minty used one online at Guitar Center for $999 including OHSC
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    Ben awhile since I've posted on here! Hope everyone here is doing great! Anyway, got a few new pieces of gear since I last posted. I'll start off with the one I just got today. Guitar Center just opened in my area on Thursday and I went to the grand opening. I seen this brand new '19 Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute with the single P90 pickup. It was $550. I was like, "Hmm. I like this thing a lot a lot!". So, I went back in there today and got it. My first guitar with a P90 and it screams! Always wanted a Junior, Special with P90 pickups, or a guitar with P90's in general. This was $550 and they had a 10% off thing going on - think it is just for the grand opening? - so I got it for $500. Second is a Peavey TNT bass amp. Has the Black Widow 115 speaker in it. 150 watts. It's an older one - '80's or '90's, I believe. USA made one. Picked it up off of my local Craigslist for $90! So far, I'm really liking it! Third piece of gear is an Ibanez RGEW521ZC. This one, my Dad actually surprised me with. He's a drummer, but he enjoys looking at guitars and basses, too. He seen this one on Musician's Friend and fell in love with the looks and thought I'd like it and said, "This guitar is gorgeous, it has DiMarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton pickups, and I figured with it being an RG, you can use something a different in your collection. I think you'll like it.", haha. Took me a couple of weeks to warm up to this guitar, though, but it is cool.
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    I wish the media would shut down for 4 weeks,
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    Began my 2nd day of no drinking. All of March and maybe later until I drop 18 pounds. Wish me luck. I can say I slept well and woke up feeling better than I have in a long time. I'm doing it with my wife and keyboard player bandmate.
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    Things a bit slow these days, huh. Just hangin' at the house, fighting off boredom........ Texas Blue Hummingbird, 80/20 Gibson lights down 1/2 step, capo 3, JB pick, iPad video run through Garageband for EQ..............good enough?
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    Tom, In all three versions, your voice is too high and reedy to the point that I cannot make out the lyrics. My suggestion would be to try this again in a much lower key. RBSinTo
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    Not a lot here.. We are setting up a tablet for my mum so she can skype the grandkids... So I popped out to pick it up.. The hardest bit is going to be getting my mum to learn how to use it.. She doesn't do technology... When I picked it up though at my sisters home I had the most painful moment yet in this whole thing. My sister has a lovely dog called Olive (Welsh terrier). We are very good friends and I haven't seen her for weeks. In order to be sensible my sister just left the tablet on her front door so I didn't go in the house or anything, but my niece Betssie wanted to say hello at the widow.. Olive spotted me and started whining cos she wanted to see me.. Was really upsetting just cos she doesn't understand why she cant see me... not being able to go in and give her a good scratching.... Oh well. better to be safe... I know. Just so odd how something as simple as popping to my sisters is now so weird. Olive.. In this shot I had said the W word 🙂 And of course loves a good fight
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    I'd go back to just a few hours before I married my first wife...
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    call me nuts but,, I think I would go back about about 2000 years, I would like to meet Jesus.
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    This disease spreads by droplet. Droplet spread is caused by congregations of people from disparate microcosms of immunity and environment. People keep congregating, people keep spreading disease via droplet. Businesses stay open until everybody is sick. Nobody comes in, then they close down in a hurried, crisis situation and probably a good percentage of them don't come back. The economic damage from under-reaction has been shown to be far greater than the economic damage from over-reacting. As it is at the moment, we can contemplate reaction, thoughtfully get to negotiated points of orderly tamping down of social congregation, and try to soften the damage over a time that is, hopefully, shorter than that time devoted to under-reacting until everything is a massive fukking shitstorm. Why is it hard for people to understand this idea? Are people that bulletproof? Do people really not think others can be in situations that could go pretty horribly sideways from catching this? rct
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    It changes by the minute. And the 24 hour news stations have it on 24 hours a day. Don't really see any need for this thread. Just sayin...
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    Doing one thing or another out of context won't do you any good. The guitar needs to be set up to function correctly, which is done in a certain order. If you follow general rules you can't do anything to a guitar you can't fix a minute later. rct
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    But then. We'll put our boots on and come back. Even stronger. Let's roll !
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    WOW ! Not the song - the political commentary. Poor timing given the Corona Virus thing, don't you think?
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    I deleted one post that was political. Thread will stay up otherwise.
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    I'm going online this minute to buy all the guitar strings in every gauge from every maker. Screw you guys. Zombie Apocalypse happens at least I will be able to strum.
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    Here in the UK it's mad. Empty shelves in shops etc. 1400 die each year in the UK from flu. We've had 24 deaths from this and the media is in meltdown. It's crazy.
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    I played two gigs about a week and a half ago. Havent picked up a guitar since. crazy times. Alls I can think of is that awesome quote now... i'd rather have a life with guitars and no money, than one with money and no guitars. Pick away, and share what songs you are playing for the end of days! (PS I just bought stock this morning wish me luck!)
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    Made some bistro tables at work from some amazing looking woods. Pippy Oak Spalted and flamed Beech Brown Maple Yew And of course. London Plane
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    I asked my wife if she'd like to smell my truss rod tool and she said "no, thank you". Women.
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    Hey boss. There's no politics allowed on here. Let's everybody do our part to keep this a politics free place. Don't be the only person that's not holding up his end of the bargain.
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    A couple of years ago my band started putting videos up on Facebook and....I suddenly realised how I sounded. Awful. Badly timed licks, no proper phrasing or flow. I have plenty of 'chops' - technique - but I wasn't saying or playing anything musically. Always thought I was a good listener but never listened to myself properly, in truth. Since then I've concentrated on simplifying, listening to what I'm doing in the context of what's going on in the band, not trying to show off technically or fill up space with unnecessary notes, and my playing and timing has got a LOT better and more musical. I am 65 and have been playing seriously for 44+ years. I was even a guitar teacher for 12 years.......I could listen to someone else and tell where they were going wrong but didn't apply the same rigorous analysis to my own playing. Live, listen and learn.
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    Cheers guys.. It does feel good to be back at it and has been a long time coming now.. One of these is going to be for me (the walnut one) and the other is going to be for my friend who passed away just over a year ago and that will either go to his family if they want it or I will sell it and give the money to a charity in his name.
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    Got this BEAUTIFUL new 1960 Hummingbird with fixed saddle. There was very little info on this model online, and I didn’t get to try it at a store before buying it, so I was a bit nervous. But not only does it look beautiful, but it sounds great too. A note about the case though, I kept hearing it was “period correct”. It’s very nice, very plain and simple. Was surprised at the purple lined interior, and lack of any branding. The headstock area is VERY snug to the point that I have to be very careful when putting it back in the case. Little to no room on the sides. It’s a very small, light, compact case. Which is nice, aside from the super snug fit for the headstock that worries me. Very happy with my purchase!
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    Yeah, that's what I would do, I found the hard way if you try and make something on a guitar do something that it doesn't naturally do, you end up breaking it or something....
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    to put your minds to rest I decided on a Epiphone SPecial II Les Paul style. Boy! is she a beauty!! I'll post some pics soon
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    Video shows how Molly trains her Tonedexter.... I have been raving about mine for long while now, but I think Molly will persuade you more! BluesKing777.
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    wait,,... so........... there would be no mankind... Guys, Larry can't play...
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    Hi all, I wanted to share that I recently acquired a used 2014 LP Trad with Floyd Rose right before the covid-19 restrictions. What good timing to be in quarantine. I've become a fan of the Floyd Rose system after acquiring my Axcess Custom last year. I do like whammy bars when I have them and I do pretty well at having them stay in tune the majority of the time, even the sideways trem on my SG. However, I've found out that no matter how you set up any conventional trem system, they will never get the same stability and wildness that a Floyd Rose will get. The tuning stability and sustain are inimitable and I've found that it's probably the most stable (and fun) guitar I can bring to a show. As much as I love the Custom Axcess, a lot of the bands I play in would benefit from the warmth and depth of a full-bodied Les Paul Standard. Queue in the arrival of this new guitar. It has all of the warm and thick properties that my '16 Traditional has, but with the addition of the Floyd Rose. I truly can't think of a better combo. I've been enjoying playing, listening, and looking at it. It's the Desertburst finish, but it has quite a bit more red in it than what I normally see on Desertbursts, enough where I'd say it's creeping towards Triburst or Fireburst territory. I've replaced the creme plastics with black and the knobs to 60's top hats, to correspond with the slim 60's neck. The previous owner, Jerry's Guitar, who I can't speak highly enough of in regards to customer service and speed of shipping, replaced the Super 57 bridge with a 498T. I respect his decision, but I do not share in his opinion. I quickly replaced that with a 4-wire Seymour Duncan 59, which to me, sounds like a rougher 57 Classic Plus. Gibson recessed the Floyd system more than I thought would be ideal, so the neck angle is quite straight; closer to an SG than a Les Paul. That does change the feel a bit, but is not necessarily detrimental. Overall, it has been incredibly easy to play and coax great tones from. I used it for a tech rehearsal for the musical I was a part of before the virus cancellations and it held it up to what I expected. I'm very much looking forward to the end of this virus situation in order to play this live (which I hope is soon). I've included some pics and video of me playing an old Scorpions classic: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8iQr8bqUznPK4kX76 https://photos.app.goo.gl/waH3xXKG4DU3JvV49 https://photos.app.goo.gl/dUBs84MYHr6cu7L9A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eTUZzaXUtY Thanks for reading and indulging.
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    Some are sheep, some are wolves. They both meet the same end.
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    Absolutely. It would be one thing if a person were marooned on an island & could do any stupid thing they want without impacting others. No one here is living alone on an island.
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    Bought this yesterday: Some background: I had been after a P90 SG initially but specifically, I wanted a P90 SG Standard that had two pickups as well as the parallelogram fretboard inserts but I have been unable to find one. As far as I can tell, they were only made in 2016. This is the sort I mean: But I couldn't find one either new or used from the usual sources. So I turned my attention to the Les Paul Jr with P90s instead. However, further complications! It appears the 2 pickup models are hard to find as well - most of the Jrs I saw for sale were the standard model with a single bridge pickup. Eventually, I found a Jr Special in worn ebony and even though I really wanted a blue stain finish one, I pulled the trigger the other day. Glad I did, I love it so far! I can report it sounds fantastic. I am primarily a bedroom player these days; I did the gigging/band thing in my youth but what that really means is my aural tastes have changed. As I don't have to share space or compete with the rest of a band at volume, I don't need so much the treble/mid cut-through that one usually needs when playing in a band. What that means in practice is that I usually dislike bridge pickups - I find them shrill and piercing in a small-room scenario and most my guitars I play through neck pickup. But, unusually, the bridge pickup on this is awesome - not too jangly or shrill and it really growls. It's not the most expensive guitar I have bought or owned and I freely admit to being snobby in the past about entry-level guitars but I think the Jr is some real 'bang for your buck'.
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    I really like the new Inspired by Gibson line. Been looking hard at them! LOL. Yea, like I NEED another guitar! Have 9 gits and a bass now! But NEED has nothing to do with it. GAS!
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    That's quite a gutsy move choosing to cover a Greg Brown tune given his incredibly unique vocal delivery but you did a really nice job of pulling it off. I also have to add that you are rock steady like a human metronome, nice! The iPad recording sounded great. I think that your audiences will be very pleased with your choice of gigging guitar. But what's this I see — a batwing pickguard? What started simply as the innocent thought of a simple tuner swap has now turned into a full-blown obsession perhaps? Thanks for sharing!
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    He knew when to fold 'em...
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    Now drifting into more Spirit with Nature's Way
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    Not me. Guys like him are potentially putting others at risk. He ought to be slapped upside the head.
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    They’re going to concentrate on social media like Facebook and the like. Easier for them to bombard you with advertising
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    You're a woman's wet dream. Good job!
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    A Pair of Jr’s The six string showed up yesterday, it played well right out of the box. The Gig Bag has to go........
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