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    Tortoises didn't get me anything, wife didn't get me anything, dog didn't get me anything, snakes and lizards idea of a present is a bowel movement SO screw those guys, Happy Father's Day To Me from me. Guess I should pick up a Thank You card for myself, manners count a lot with me.
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    Wait. I thought this was gonna be about........ Oh, never mind. 😥
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    Ghost and Pepper, are you guys so bored that you have to destroy posts that other people may be enjoying?
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    No worries, this is a routine adjustment that is easily rectified with a slight tweak of the truss rod. If you don't know what that means, then you should search out a reputable guitar repair tech in your area. (try not to call Guitar Center, they rarely have any one that knows what they are doing) This would not be an action that would be considered a warranty claim unless the neck had become twisted or askew. A qualified tech would have to confirm that. Gibson should have shipped a truss rod wrench with the case, if not, then you can get them easily off amazon. (5/16 hex thin wall hex wrench) see This Link You access the truss rod by removing the truss rod cover with the two screws on the up past the nut. We could guide you thru this, but it's really something that you have to see to know what is going on. I bet there's some YouTube vids to explain as well. There are two conditions: Forward Bow, and Back Bow Forward bow the neck will be slightly concave as you sight down the neck from the nut to the bridge. in this case, the middle of the neck creates more distances to the strings making the strings feel high and hard to fret. Back bow would be a slight inclination to be convex, where the middle of the neck would be closer to the stings, this also has a tendency to cause notes in the first 2 frets to cancel out (buzz, or not ring true) To reduce forward bow, the truss rod needs to be tightened (lefty loosey, righty tighty) but you only go in 1/4 to 1/2 turn increments. To reduce back bow, truss rod needs to be loosened, again, never more than 1/2 to 1/4 at a time. The goal is to get the neck as straight as possible, using the strings as a guide, you can easily detect this once you know what to look for. But if this is all greek to you, look for someone who repairs and does guitar setups. This is a very easy thing to take care of
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    The BFG.. One of my favourites I once went up to about ten Gibsons in my GAS heyday.. I hated having guitars sitting in a case doing nothing so in the end I went down to four and its been that way for years now.. Mind you I dont play out or record so one could say one is enough. But all four are out in my living room on stands. So when I am not playing them I get almost as much satisfaction just looking at them 🙂 The ultimate functional art. (for a guitarist anyway 😄 )
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    I like that green telecaster, leave that to me if you die before me. Bro. Buddy old pal, friend o mine.
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    Was a good man, R.I.P. too bad todays generation doent use this man and MLK as role models as much as they should. I think they would make more progress.
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    I miss life the way it was before. I’m kind of beginning to think that “before” is not coming back.....at least not until the people who just want to be left alone decide that they have to get involved. Most oF all, I think I’m missing the truth. I’m all over our part of the world everyday. I just don’t see/hear all this anger, fear, and hatred I constantly see/hear being reported on the news. Seems it’s all doom and gloom 24/7. If it’s not COVID19, it’s riots. And next week it will be something else. A non-stop drumbeat.
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    The rioting is getting way beyond stupid. It hasn't solved anything yet. I don't know how to express myself so I'll throw a brick.
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    I'm not tired of not physically going to work, but what I'm tired of is no concerts.
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    I have joined the Gibson family. With thanks to all of you (Jinder, Missouri Picker et al) who have given me brilliant advice on this forum, I pulled the trigger and got a brand new J-50. I went with the 50s reissue. Peach Guitars in Colchester did a superb set-up. I am thrilled with the tone and feel and also with the colour - the top is already far more golden than it can look in photos. I’ve recorded a YouTube video, just using my iPad. Neither that technology nor my (lack of) skill do justice to this instrument, but having yearned for one for years, I’m overjoyed. It’s exceeded expectations.
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    Sgt Pepper has been given a week off for his vulgar remark about another forum member. That post has been hidden from view.
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    Hey all !! First post here and first Les Paul!! I decided on ( after looking and playing six different LPs) a Traditional Pro V, Satin Wine.After kind of a troublesome set up I think I have it where I want it! What a fantastic sounding and feeling a guitar. What’s your thoughts on this model? And are there any things that I should be looking king out for? Thanks for the opportunity to share here!https://imgur.com/a/IzwG7OA sybo aka Jim
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    I've bought myself a Remirez classical guitar as I've decided to re engage with classical after many years. I used to take lessons but when I asked my tutor "how long it would be before I could play Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo", he asked me "at what age did you start playing classical" I told him in my 20's and he replied "never"! I told him "your not really selling this are you mate" and sacked him. I learned the piece myself by ear🙂
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    Well, heck. Math never was my strong suit. I discovered where I had been hanging guitar number 19, and so the collage has been modified to include the 3 string cigar box guitar that Bob the drummer got me years ago, quite some time before he passed. 😔
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    I said nothing negative about Mr Lewis. I said I didn't like what Former Pres. Obama did at his eulogy. I and many people think it was in bad taste to turn an mans eulogy into a political rally. You obviously see otherwise. I can fight my own battles and don't need members of the forum to bail me out. How about at your wake we have a used car salesmen come up and try to sell a car? Talk about the mans life and accomplishments and not a political agenda. Its a totally inappropriate time to do so. Can't we leave politics out for just an hour especially at such an event. Its a funeral/wake/eulogy, how do you not see that? Just cause you want to disagree with everything I say. Ringo is still a great drummer. I'm not sure if you were aware?
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    Two years ago i sold my 1974 Gibson j-50, and after a tough breakup and losing my shirt. i traded to get it back. Could have gotten any other but i wanted this particular one back it had the mojo, it had the magic and though i will wait 3 days to play it (airing it out due to Corona) i couldn't be happier to have it back in my arsenal. It's beat up, it's road worn, but oh the dry/warm tones that come out of this are a strummers paradise. Check my pictures.
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    Yes, its uncommon now isn't it? I'm fed up with the present notion that truth is a lifestyle choice.
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    I miss common sense!
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    Thanks for the replies. Yes Sgt Pepper it is a Jose Remirez, but it's the bottom of their range (I don't think I'm a top of the range guitar player🙂). I think maybe your paying a little for the name, but there you go! I bought the guitar new from an authorised dealer, but the date on the label inside says 2010. I guess the turnover in the classical market isn't that fast. During my youth I wandered up a street in Granada, Spain ( Cuesta de Gomerez ) and found Luthiers on both sides of the street, of course I went into one of them. It's funny because when you go in the guy closes and locks the door behind you. He then asked me which guitar I'd like to try. After a while with me fumbling around with it He took it from me and demonstrated how it should be played and I thought then that I really want to learn this (He couldn't play Smoke on the Water though😀). The guy in the shop was called Francisco Manuel Díaz and his shop counter was also his workbench, it's a really cool place. Also if you wander around the old quarter of Granada during the Siesta you can hear people in their houses playing and dancing flamenco. It's a place you've got to visit
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    Thought we could use a little Johnny Winter to cool off in this sweltering heat. Here he is playing Suzy Q and rocking out his firebird! Loving the firebird.
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    just got this . has been in the store for 8 or 9 years. the 1x12 & 2x12 models sold within 2 weeks. no one was dumb enough to buy this one. that's where I come into the story lol. 4x10, sounds great, looks great & so heavy you think it's bolted to the floor. who needs a lower back anyway.
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    mmmm....blue guitars.... rct
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    It's called a discussion. I don't think guitars should come blue but they do. It's called personal choice.
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    I guess when you start your own company and make guitars you can put as many or as few pups on your guitars.
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    Not seen this colour before. It looks really good. Nice one Karloff! 👍
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    Love those tweed amps. Here's a Tweed Pro variant I'm working on.
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    My Fairbanks F30 take on a Gibson Roy Smeck arrived safe and sound. Just needed some time for me and the guitar to circle one another and do some sniffing out before I posted about it. Personally, I do not know how you guys who order guitars sight unseen do it. I was a nervous wreck second guessing myself on this one. But I am thinking I was riding with the angels and it may just be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This guitar was built in 2013 so has been around the block and is not pristine showing a few dings and scratches. Also somebody added a neck strap button and a K & K mini pickup. I did not get the TKL case it originally came with (I got it in a semi-hard-shell case) but found it fits snugly in an old Guild case I had laying around. First impression, Lawdy what a burst. Dale's aniline bursts under a shellac sealer with a final thin nitro clear coat are truly something to see. What I love is you can see the wood grain even though the blackest black at the edge of the burst. Other than that - a red spruce top, Honduran mahogany body and Madagascar rosewood board and bridge. Has a 1 3/4" nut and a 2 3/8" string spread at the bridge. The guitar has un-scalloped red spruce bracing. The back braces are tall and thin but not as delicate as that in my 1932 L1. Where Dale does take liberties is the neck. The carve is what I would call a Mid-Century Modern C having a similar feel to a 1950s Gibson in which he installs a dual action truss rod. OK, sound. The guitar has a good dose of raw power and punch. It has, as best as I can describe it, a dry, crisp fundamental sound. A thunderous bass and lots of high end cut with an overall clarity. Lots of growl when you dig in. I tried taking some photos but they sucked. So I will also throw in some I got from the seller which do a far better job of representing the guitar.
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    One of the things we did during our exile from society was to get my daughter set up to make recordings for school. Marching band is a flippin' religion around here and she gets graded on it. Anyway, once we are finished muddling our way through a bunch of house renovations we undertook to occupy ourselves (meaning not only time but no splinters, squished fingers and such) I should be able to get to doing some sound bites of the Fairbanks, L1, L3 and the J50.
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    Howdy Folks!!! I hope all of you have been staying safe and all that jazz. I picked up two more guitars last week and they're both great little axes. I have a quick question about distance jamming: One of my best friends was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and he's been going through some serious chemotherapy over the last few months and he's starting to feel much better since the diagnosis. Well he wants to come over and jam with me and he likes playing my guitar and just jamming with people in general. I have a large enough jamming room 1200 square feet with a drum-set , full blown PA and everything setup and ready to plug in. The main concern is making sure the guitars he's going to play is wiped down with disinfectant wipe, and I want to make sure it doesn't hurt the finish. Or should I polish the guitars with the Gibson stuff 72 hours ahead? We will all be wearing masks to make sure he's protected.
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    I always thought that G major was a pretty durable chord 😄
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    A copy is a copy. A trademark/service mark is a trademark/service mark. The guy should design his own guitars, he wouldn't have to worry about this stuff. rct
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    I cant believe nobody has posted this one:
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    I've got a 50's style Tele that I put a P90 at the Neck & Bigsby on...
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    Hi Bence, yeah I also changed the bridge pick up on my main guitar which was a Strat style setup from the fairly feeble single coil to a DiMarzio X2N - basically the biggest, baddest ceramic humbucker out there! (Then changed the pots cos it sounded like mud ...and the it was awesome). Works like a charm for what I do with the band. why....just cos that's what Fast Eddie Clarke (RIP) did back in the day!
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    relax kids.........
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    Well you're funny. I don't mean haha funny either.
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    One big change that many members moved on from was when the forum UI was updated to what it is today. I think a lot of people had problems with it, and things like ipads, and smart phones. And many just didn't like the layout. When I joined up (2012), seems there was overall, a lot more activity and there was very little -- monkey business -- It was a friendly relaxed environment. Getting BACK there is easy, we need to cut the crap with the rock fights that go on in these threads. we are at present bleeding some good and long standing members because of it. we just need to stop it. really. We're ALL players here. The Moderators are here, and they are among us, but they are letting us manage ourselves right now. But they don't have to, and if this continues I can guarantee they won't remain silent. Go check out the Acoustic Guitar Forum sometime, try to do there what is done here. You'll find out pretty quick that aint gonna fly. btw.. I like the AGF, check it out Unc..
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    A heptahedron is a geometric solid figure with 7 plane faces. So heptahedronal expression would be some type of expression with a 7 sided figure. Whatever that is.
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    JUST DO IT, DO IT NOW!!! Just don't go for the one I'm eyeballing, please.
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    Nothings wrong with an Epi, and seven is the bomb! I keep waffling between getting some LP traditional in the $2500 range. Or an Epi sheraton, V, LP and Firebird... you know, pull a Steve Ford.
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    I apologize to anyone I offended with my last post in here and do not wish to feed the frenzy. I sold may last Gibson a few months ago, I currently have 5 Epiphones and 2 other brands. All P90 powered. 7 seems to be my max number that I can take care of because of my climate and clean the oxidation off of each every week.
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    This is what brought me to the forum And on the electric front... I sold my strat and have since been bonding with this... makes me feel like a rock star
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    Micmac, I never thought I'd be defending Sgt.Pepper - but I think he just pushed back on Ghost for the same reason you commented here. GhostFL: "I joined this forum because... well they shut down the Fender forum. If I have $2500 for a classic guitar, I'd rather buy a Fender and save the left over $1000 for my next guitar (or whatever). " Throwing cold water on a post - when you don't own any Gibson's but 'have used the polish' - knowing he's gotten lots of pushback already in the few months he's been here - may be an indication of why they shut down the Fender Forum.
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    Currently I have a 7 rack that I cover with a Sarong that has a de-humidifier running under it to help keep the moisture away. In my climate I can't store them in cases because oxidation or rust and have found that in the rack I am more likely to touch each of them at least every week. So my limit is 7, but I just acquired an Ibanez RG421 so now I have 8 electrics, but need to get back down to 7... 😞
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    I was there and it was him. He wore a hat so it was hard to tell. That place is long gone. I think it's a Walmart now.
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    For the first 2 seasons of "Happy Days", this was the opening theme song. Later replaced by "Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...".
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