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    Ordered a 2020 Mid Engine Corvette 8/15/19. Had a few delays - auto workers strike, finishing 2019 models, re-tooling plant, covid shut down, delivery carrier going bankrupt, but on 10/7/20 I finally got to pick it up. So far I would say it was worth the wait. Rainy day so the lighting for photos isn't very good, but I think you can get the idea. 6.2 Liter fuel injected V8 with dry sump oil system, 495 hp, 8 speed dual clutch automatic trans with paddle shifters. I opted for LT3 package which means it is leather and suede inside from head to toe. Now if I can just figure out all the high tech digital accessories and it stops raining maybe I can get out and enjoy it. Rear visibility is pretty poor with the engine behind the seats, and a narrow rear window (huge blind spots), but they solved it by putting a camera at the rear of the top which feeds in to the rearview mirror so you actually get a much better view than a traditional mirror (although you can use that if you wish). Only had it a couple days but so far very HAPPY 😁
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    Came upon this scene on a walk with my lovely down the boardwalk on Lake Champlain during sunset on a September Eve a few years ago. Thankfully, my Canon 20D was with us, otherwise, I'd have missed this one. A harvest Moon rising over the southern coast of Maine. Early Autumn along the roadside in Kennebunkport ME. Sunset at Nubble Light, York ME. Early winter snowfall, warm enough for the snow to stick to the trees, this was taken about 7:00 am. before the sun could melt it all away this was originally shot with Kodachrome 25, then scanned to an img file. it lost some of it's magic in the scan. the original slide is gorgeous, Mr. Moon in full...
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    Spotted this little guy in my side yard one morning:
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    1977 Arkansas 2011 a birthday party. Zebrawood Strat
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    The five secrets to happiness (for guys) 1. Find a woman who can make you laugh 2. Find a woman who can cook 3. Find a woman who really listens to you 4. Find a woman who is amazing in bed 5. Make sure that these 4 women do not find out about each other
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    Very Nice Haul, rct! Philip.
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    It's the whole reason why we didn't just say screw it and move on after the fire (as well as we would be completely upside down on the mortgage). 😠 Thanks for asking jdgm.
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    One of my favorites of my grandson and my Ozzy
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    Recent sunset. Note vegetation is coming back!
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    How about these? Love these pics!! Ghost I think your pic is awesome... having spent an hour or two in the server closet...
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    New Gibson Guitar Day Ordered Feb 6 - picked up yesterday Oct28 - my first Gibson. 2020 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1957 SJ-200 Vintage Sunburst. Amazing depth and surprising versatility - it's magnificent!
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    No artistic merit or talent required. Whatever you like or find interesting. OTOH, if you are a closet Ansel Adams, lets see Yosemite. I'll start with these. My garden only looks good in macro. If this doesn't fetch Pippy back, nothing will
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    Did you hear about the two antennas that got married? The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was great.
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    Two guys stole a calendar. They got six months each.
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    The moon, the setting sun and a b!tch all in one panoramic. 5 minutes later. She really likes to look out into the valley when the sun is setting. Pretty much every night.
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    I rented a limo for $300 and then found out it didn't include a driver. I can't believe I spent all that money and have nothing to chauffer it.
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    I like the toothbrush idea. Hope the wife doesn't notice the taste.
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    2017 Fender Tele, reclaimed Mahogany from Hurricane Mitch. Shawbucker pickups. even my wife likes it. new semi-old stock.
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    I'm in Pennsylvania and that's my male Leopard Tortoise, Tromper. He'd be right at home in Southern California as he likes it warm and dry. Be more at home in Africa, though... I got him in 1994 and he was just a little guy full of energy, he just never stopped going so I'd say early 30s. If all goes well he's probably got another 100 years left in him, maybe more? They do look like an Explorer from that angle and no Fedner or V. Instead, the replacement for the Les Paul Special that GC totally screwed up, a leftover 2018 Firebird Studio. I'll do a review on in it in a day or so, I wasn't sure what to expect but it's NOT a stripped down Firebird V with P90s, a glued in neck. and much less woodworking. This is it's own model which feels different, hangs different and is smaller than a Firebird V. Even the case is smaller and lighter. Right now it has that never been played feel to it SO back to work!
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    Well, it's a long story, but to make it short, the neck binding/nibs were very sloppy, and the frets were tapered toward the nibs in a way that caused the strings to slip off of the side of the fretboard in a way that made it difficult to do pull-offs and vibratos. There were other defects, but these were the intolerable ones. Apparently, Gibson agreed that these defects in workmanship were severe enough to warrant replacement. What surprised me was, not that they acknowledged the defects, but that they would honor the warranty after 13 years.
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    Looked this morning and the Martin D-35 got to Norfolk, VA and hopefully I will check on USPS site in a few hours and see those 3 beautiful words "Out For Delivery".
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    Jack, a renown atheist, dies and to his utter surprise ends up in hell where he's greeted by Satan himself. Completely shocked he talks to the devil and says: "Welp, I've been wrong all my life and I guess I'm now to pay the price for my lack of faith" Satan laughs and replies: "Awh it's not so bad down here, let me give you the tour so you can see for yourself" He then proceeds to escort Jack through a beautiful lush green plain with flowers, scattered here and there there's a bunch of houses where other "damned" live. As they pass through each house the inhabitants recognize Satan and invite them inside for a drink and a chat, request that's always granted by the two. Every time they stop to a house Satan never fails to display how much of a lovely guy he really is by telling amazing stories, singing, cracking jokes and just generally being a great person. At sunset the devil sees that Jack was very tired and decides to show him the house he'll be spending the rest of eternity into. As they walk to Jack's new house the two pass close to a huge wall and Jack asks: "What's behind there?" Satan: "Oh, nothing that should concern you, pay it no mind" Despite his curiosity Jack thought better not to bother Satan with further questions and just followed him to his new house where Satan promised he'd be back the following morning to show him the recreational center before finally bidding him a goodnight after a long day. That night however Jack kept thinking back at the whole situation he's in and how surreal everything was until his thoughts eventually jumped to the wall he saw earlier in the day. After a few minutes trying to guess what could there be behind that wall that Satan couldn't even tell him he decided he should investigate, as such he took a deep breath and dived into the night walking back to the place where the wall was. Once there he searched for some clues until he saw some faint light coming from a spot in the wall; upon closer inspection he saw that there was a hole and the light was coming from behind the wall. Jack took a deep breath and scrounged up the courage to look into the crack on the wall and what he saw was a spectacle much alike what he always thought hell would be. On the other side of the wall huge flames were scattered all over a burnt and scalding hot ground and much to his horror he saw other souls inside that nightmare being eternally burned and never consuming, screaming and pleading for help. Jack rushed back into his place where he just quietly sobbed and cried all night for he was sure now that the Devil was just toying with him to give him a bit of hope right before tossing him into eternal despair. The following morning Satan showed up once again and told Jack to come with him. Jack pleaded: "PLEASE! PLEASE! Don't take me to hell, I'll do anything just let me stay here, I don't wanna burn for all eternity!" Satan: "What are you talking about??? I'm just gonna show you the recreational center like I told you yesterday" Jack: "Don't lie to me, I saw what was going on behind the giant wall!" Satan: "Ooooh you saw that! Don't worry that's not for you, that's the Christian hell" Jack: "The christian hell? Why would the christian hell be like that?" Satan: "I don't know either man, they just want it that way"
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    So the Pope, President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, the Dr. that is developing the Covid 19 virus vaccine and a 10 year old girl are on a plane. The plane is going down, and there are only 4 parachutes available. The Pope steps up and says "I am so close to achieving world peace that I have to live", grabs a chute and jumps out the door. Next the doctor jumps up and says "I'm so close to finding the vaccine I have to live" he grabs a chute and jumps. Next Nancy steps up and says "I am the smartest person in the world, I have to live" she grabs a bag and out she goes. Trump looks down at the little girl and says "Honey, I've lived a full life. I accomplished all I wanted in the business world, I married a beautiful woman, and was elected President of the United States. You have most of your life in front of you so you take the last parachute" The little girl looks up at him and says "Don't worry Mr. Trump, the smartest woman in the world just jumped out of the plane with my school backpack on". OK no political intent here - the liberals can tell the same joke and just substitute some different names.
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    Yep, 7:43 am Out For Delivery. Happy early birthday to me. Pics when I get home. I even get to rip the plastic off the pickguard of a 5 year old guitar. Ah that new pickguard smell.
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    I take it that's its not the LP 'Bats in Flight' model for Halloween then ?
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    With all the gigs I’ve lost because of the pandemic, I figure I’ve saved $1702.
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    Playing covers in 2015 - '69 Epiphone ...and playing originals last year '84 Aria Pro ll
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    1978 or 79? Flares, sandals, HAIR, Roland JC120, Hagstrom Swede, Boss CS comp. Pub gig in covers band. At home with Strat Aug 2009. 60th birthday 29 June 2014. I loved this. Duo jazz gig using my Knight archtop which I've had since 1979. Still doing sh*t pub gigs - May 2015. Not the same shirt as the 1st pic! LP Custom with P90s, Fender Super 60 etc. The headstock is obscured by a mic boom. And Xmas a year later at the Totton club, Southampton, UK. Gibson L4-S, an amazing instrument. No-one in the band was wireless; the thing behind me is so the club MC could walk around while doing the raffle. That's enough from me. More pics when I do more gigs, ha ha...... 🎸
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    Thanks Mr R.... I noticed that with with all the pics I put on this tread I didn't have any showing the back of my NGD Ibanez.
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    Eddie Van Halen was so far BEYOND being just "an influential guitar player". Before Eddie, the heavy guitar players at that time were Pat Travers, Ted Nugent, Buck Dharma, Michael Schenker, and the boys from Thin Lizzy. Then ... 1978 arrived with "Eruption" from Van Halen I. I still remember sitting around the turntable and hearing it for the first time. "What the efff was that????" There was NOTHING even close to anything like it back then. Nothing. "Play that again, dude. I need to hear that again." To say that the musical topography had just been completely flipped on its head would be an epic understatement. Oh, and let's go beyond his ridiculous musicianship and guitar playing for a second. Let's not forget his incredible songwriting abilities. The reason Van Halen was epic was because of his SONGS. What a difference from Ratt , Dokken, and Motley Crue to Van Halen -- you need a rocket ship to cross that wide musical chasm. Oh, and then there was the showmanship. I still remember being dumbfounded at many VH gigs thinking , "How can he play so amazing and be able to run around and perform like he is not even playing????" He was always moving -- running, sliding on the floor, jumping against his amps -- all the while playing the guitar at the absolute highest level. It was ridiculous what he could do. And for the people that never saw him live? I feel sorry for you. This dude was a national treasure, and a complete force of nature. Purely AWESOME. RIP, Eddie Van Halen ... You will be SORELY missed.
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    Looks like a great guitar, something worthy of NGD.. One thing I really like is the sliding door on the nut plate.. And the way direct sunlight changes the color of mine... Looks like this is becoming an Ibanez rebuild thread.. 🙂
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    I've finally got my '68 Mustang back in California after having a lot of work done on it in Idaho. While it isn't perfect, no you can see I have to replace the Mustang badges on it and do a couple of other minor repairs, it is drivable and a lot of fun to drive.
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    Poppy unfurling in time of Covid, my garden April 2020: Quilt by my mother 1984:
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    This is one of my favourite ever pictures I took when I was in South Africa in a Lion Park.. We were able to stroke and play with these little fellas.. And yes this is me.. Looking several years younger. What a privilege to have experienced that. And my own little tiger I had at home . He was so photogenic it was hard to take a bad picture of him 🙂
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    Great stuff. I have a Nikon D5000 but don't have any of those pics handy right now. Here is a pic I took with my phone at work to note the port #. Kinda accidentally looks cool.
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    An elderly Italian man lived alone in New Jersey. He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but found it difficult work since the ground was hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison for Mafia activities. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:Dear Vincent,I am feeling pretty sad, because it looks like I won’t be able to plant my tomato garden this year. I’m just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy to dig the plot for me, like in the old days.Love, PapaA few days later he received a letter from his son.Dear Pop,Don’t dig up that garden. That’s where the bodies are buried.Love,VinnieAt 4 a.m. the next morning, FBI agents and local police arrived and dug up the entire area without finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man and left. That same day the old man received another letter from his son.Dear Pop,Go ahead and plant the tomatoes now. That’s the best I could do under the circumstances.Love you,Vinnie
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    Morning sunrise: My morning captive audience PS: Nice pics above.. seems we got some artists in the group. love the nature scene sparque! Mine are just iPhone taken...
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    Some of my friend from the woods. They love bird seed and saltine cracker, apparently. 🙂
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    depends If you are old and jaded the answer is no. If you work in marketing the answer is yes.
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    A few pairs of ES’s 1959 EB-2, 1968 ES-335 12, 1968 EB-2DC, 1967 ES-335, 1974 Les Paul Signature Guitar & Bass, 2016 ES Les Paul Bass & 2015 ES Les Paul.
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    Nice Firebird My Tribute Goldtop was also a cheap one (well compared to a Standard anyway).. £750 brand new.... Love this guitar. Sounds cracking and feels great to play regardless of price.
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    A very nice pair to draw to. Also I notice you have the more rare 330 with the 335 style neck length, very cool. The Blueshawk's 25.5" scale neck is part of the formula with the longer string, I think giving it a clean deep sound, maybe... Below the winner of my personal Blueshawk contest, the 2015 Epiphone version. Generally a better build than the Gibson version with slight improvements. Like the P90 Pro's sound more like real P90's than the watered down Gibson Blues 90's, the hum-cancelling is better, the neck is mounted about 1/16" farther out board and the Tenon is shaped slightly different allowing for easier access to the high notes. The only flaw with the Epi version is that the bridge is mounted in too short of a position, making it hard to intonate the low E. If necessary the fix is simple, just take off the bridge, plug the holes an move farther back about an 1/8", while still covering the old holes. Then the saddles have plenty of space for intonation. If you look closely you can see that the Gibson Blues Hawk bridge is mounted farther away from the PU than on the "Epiphone with the saddle spring fully compressed", making for better intonation adjustment on the Gibson. The most common upgrade on the Gibson Blues Hawk is to replace the Blues 90s with standard Gibson P90's, with the neck position having a reverse coil. The wiring on the Epi (top) and Gibson (below) make all the same connections, in addition all of the components are spec'd exactly the same. The Epi does tend to have a little more excess wire.
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    My bad. Probably the only picture I don't have in the pix folder. It was from a long time ago, when I was new at being a "webmaster". BTW, I really like your Hawks. It's one guitar I'd really like to try but they don't make them anymore.
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