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    We're hoping for a gusher. Black gold, Texas tea. Wouldn't that be cool. Pay for the whole damn thing and a Les Paul shaped lap pool!
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    jeezus, what a night mare. I can't say "I feel your pain" but, in a way I sort of can. As I mentioned back this spring we had a house fire in March, just as the pandemic shut everything down. Took about 5 months for insurance to settle. We are almost 6 weeks into the rebuild. we went thru a pretty rough ride getting the settlement done, but I honestly CANNOT imagine the frustration and pain of having this drag on as long as it has for you. That is just insane. Thank GOD someone who has the ability to make a sensible move came along to assist. But it shouldn't have gotten to that point. Ridiculous. you have to wonder, if the people making up these rules and decisions would have done things differently if it was THEIR house? You know the answer.. Buncha A$$ Hats... Hang in there Phillip, better days will come.
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    I love my sad Emojis
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    Thanks Karloff. You are exactly right though and that is a great (necessary actually) way to reframe it. Cheers!
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    It's only just now I realized WTH this thread was all about. Good going. "Emojis"... Kids today. As if "ROTFLMAO" bad enough. Nah, what we need now is more Ted Nugent and less 2020.
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    thats the one. I feel uncomfortably saying "I love this pic" because of the God awful circumstances that came about and what you & your wife have had to deal with but maybe from a "life goes on" angle this pic is pretty awesome. thanks for reposting. and again I'm sorry for this crap you guys are still dealing with.
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    I don't want any faces on my posts. If you think I'm an A-Hole, just tell me, don't be a 14 year old and add a dumb emoji to my post. Whoever it is go get fuked by a unicorn that is running through a meadow in the morning covered in snowflakes.
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    You guys all say the same things. Loathing your days away. Forty years' regrets.
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    We are losing them at an alarming rate. RIP
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    Building began last night. Brought this massive drill up to our place to drill 19 holes for rebar and concrete footings to stabilize the foundation. An engineer made a mistake in the report to the state which placed us in a serious review that resulted in us having to build like it was the empire state building. Oh well, at least it is started. 🙉
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    I like your sense of humor.. I'd still enjoy getting together to play somewhere sometime... Best regards....
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    What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
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    That begs the question as to whether the signal could be polluted by bright stage lights. LEDs / strobes etc.
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    I think the string has to be reflective; the pickup works in 'reflection mode' rather than 'transmission mode'. See this pdf on their website. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/509dfebbe4b081ffff72f646/t/5f7f7d5608d9a65ca34b295e/1602190680886/Optical-Stringed-Instrument.pdf
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    Since it is measuring the string movement you could probably use a piece of string if you could tune it to pitch. I listened to a few samples as well and maybe I'm just too old fashioned and stuck in my ways, but I didn't care for the sound. It was sort of glassy sounding to me, not rich and full. I didn't like digital amps when they first came out either, and they have certainly gotten better over the years so this too will probably improve.
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    A true fresh innovation. Just listened to more sound demos on the website. Those seemed to be all using the same strat. Curious about other guitars now. Its a different sound. I like it.
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    I like 25.5 scale better. I like to play high a lot and my fingers must be fat or my technique in need of improvement ;) so it's much easier with the longer scale. I don't like Fenders because they tend to have a shorter radius. I have no trouble with barre chords, and I like to bend strings a lot so a 14" radius is perfect for me. My compromise is my custom shop Parker Dragonfly/Maxxfly DF522NN (NN for Notes Norton). The pickups are Duncan P-Rails with triple shot rings. They give me very good P90 tones, decent rail tones and very good series or parallel humbucker tones. Plus there is a pizeo under the bridge so I can blend it with the magnetic pickups. It's a 'swiss army knife' of guitars. I've posted this picture before. It's my gigging guitar. At least 90% of the time I use the P90 setting. It's a little brighter than an soap bar but close enough for rock and roll. BTW, how much do your hawks weigh? Insights and incites by Notes
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    You are spot on. Different story if it was their house. Laws get passed when things inconvenience lawmakers right? Thanks M-E. Finally turning a corner. Attitude is getting better We were so spent and living in the learned helplessness narrative when that happened. Still in a state of disbelief honestly. Thanks Todd, Next time you're around please stop by. Hopefully we can show you a frame! With a glass of wine. Thanks RCT. Moving on is now the goal. I'm looking forward to starting a thread actually about guitars and not this. I see it in the near future. :-)
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    To the hoser following me around the forum adding a "sad smiley" to all my comments ... 😭 Keep doing it! I'll get you too! Fun for all! 😃👍
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    thanks for the Capitals, shows respect....
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    dont like Canadians eh? envious...
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    Not Fragile is solid.
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    I think we have desensitized the forum. 😆
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    Yeah a ton said they would leave the first time and didn't. I love Jason Isbell but I've seen stuff recently that people were telling him at his concerts to shut up and sing, yeah I don't care about your politics I came to a concert not a political rally. Your opinion is yours and your entitled to it. Just like I can choose to go to your show or not.
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    Exactly.. it has all become exhausting..
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    He's not gonna give up his tax breaks. I hate to use the term "virtue signalling" or whatever, but you had, what, 20 celebs who were leaving last time, and not a single one left. Spoiled children who think the world revolves around them. And anyone who disagrees that acting like a child is, well, childish... Ah, to hell with it.
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    hey... you forgot Triumph... WRT Neil.. he's been someone that's been musically a part of many of our lives since we were kids.. But I think age is melting what's left of his common sense. While Everyone is entitled to their opinion that's all it is. That some of these jokers feel their opines carry more weight than yours or mine due to there "perceived" notoriety?? Leading the charge here is Bruce Springsteen. I hope he makes good on his promise to move out of the USA if a certain candidate wins. Bruce, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, Don't let the door whack ya too hard in 'tha A$$ on the way out.. But we both know he wont be goin anywhere cuz he knows how good he has it here. "Born in the USA.." that's right pal,,, you were,
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    And eating marshmallows, you forgot eating marshmallows. Oh and farting rainbows... I'm wit ya..
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    Don't forget those Barenaked Ladies. Except for Rush, The Band and Joni Mitchell and a few others. You can keep most of your music Canada. I like old Neil Young but he likes to run his mouth about politics and usually I vote the way most rock stars do and for who they like, well that's a lie, I'm an adult and can make up my own mind so F U Neil and politcs. My wife and I watched SNL with The Beib performing last weekend. What absolute waste of time.
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    LOL!!!! sometimes you kill me!!! I'll go put a smiley face on that"death post" it just seems so wrong tho..
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    Yeah someone is putting up sad faces on my posts too - Fukin Canadians. Thanks for Hockey as your contribution to the world. I just saw a sad face on the post I made about Spencer David passing away. What a-hole sad faces a post about someone passing away. A Canadian, that's who.
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    That's the one. And a few tears would add just the right touch. Is there an emoji of a-ss wipe?
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    I think we should all just give each other emoji faces no matter what you post. Is there the emoji of the face I make when I'm doing a #2.
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    Crap, my cover is blown.
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    I am only saddened by the fact I have no idea how to add any emoji... But carry on, sir, carry on indeed!
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    Not me. Gave up the sad... whatever it is .... for Lent.
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    Dieser Ort ist mein Kampf
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    Breathing Exercise.. Seated Zen...
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    who is him? geezus...
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    your right yer a **** and yer wrong wasnt me
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    Sad emoji. Not 😊 smiley
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    I got a sad face added to my post too. I'm a somebody.
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    Weren't me sire. Only backstabbing chicken sh1ts do that.🐓💩
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    geezus don't get him started...
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    hey,,.. I put a happy one,,, cuz that's the kind a guy I am...
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    I'm a d-ick but that is just to much effort. Its prolly the Canadian.
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