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    I don't drop videos here much, but one of my buds runs an open mic, and with the social distancing going on right now, he ran an online open mic last Thursday night, and asked if I had any songs to share. I participated with this one. A song about life in these small towns we call home. Video was captured with my EOS 77D which really did a pretty impressive job. (On a more personal note this was recorded last Wednesday, just a few hours before a fire broke out at midnight Friday morning and nearly destroyed our home. That tale is posted in the lounge if any one hasn't seen it yet, I know some of you have and thank you for your thoughts and words. Like John Lennon said, Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans, man aint that the truth) anyways, ..
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    Well not to be out done by Slimt ,i ordered 4 of the shiny new 2020 Covid endorsed Historic Gibson line guitars . My stocks are completely shot ,i am now on unemployment insurance and i haven't played a gig for 3 weeks now ,but that said... those guitars should arrive shortly after i am bankrupt and homeless . Cheers .
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    Yeah that's some good stuff Jimmy. I appreciate it.
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