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    I picked up this RG421 for 150, I hadn't had an Ibanez for a while or a flat maple finger board. In the original configuration it had hot ceramic open coil Humbuckings and a 5 way switch. So all of that had to go. I installed a Tele wiring harness with a 3 way blade switch and Quickplugs, Nickel finish GFS Mean 90's including a Nickel Gotoh Bridge. It sounds and plays really good. Its very nice to have something that is so alien feeling compared to my Epiphones. 💀 Before my Nickel upgrade it looked like this stock photo below with black chrome hardware, only with the finish worn off.
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    A great and moving story, what a true friend you had. People like that are very rare in life IMO. Best wishes.
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    Hey guys how have you been?! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I had to check in to share my excitement because I pulled the trigger on a 59 reissue “burst” from Wildwood last night. Here’s one of the pics from Wildwood
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    Un-researched and just following the thread of thoughts in my head - I agree with this. I feel conditioning a fretboard periodically (sparingly... every several years or so) is a maintenance item to keep it from overdrying. I also think leaving it on longer to penetrate better is a good idea, but to the key is to wipe off any excess. I feel cleaning the fretboard with a soft toothbrush and water first isn't a bad idea as well to make sure gunk build up does not become a problem.
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    I just got my new SJ-45. I wanted an older one but the interest free loan was too good to pass on. So,what do I think? I absolutely love it. It sounds better than any of the older ones I played and a dang site better than the new one I sent back because it sounded "tinny " and had bookmatched knots in the top and no silking. Not acceptable for a 3g guitar. I also have a Alverez Dreadnaught I purchased in 74( I was 15) for $165 that has better wood( especially the top)is every bit as great sounding (more of a M sound) yet weighs at least 2 lbs more. Its been played right alongside many other high end guitars that do not start with a G and held its own. It still is my baby despite owning a few others and I would not sell it for any amount.Go figure. Ah! Back to the southern jumbo. No doubt a fine head turning instrument and I actually paid less than a standard or 50's J45 because of a sale this time of year. I love the short scale but the strings are a bit close for finger picking. At least my fingers anyway. Still, I am tickled as I can be and am doing my very best to break it in Flat picking and just having a ball doing it. It is a fantastic guitar and I absolutely love it and know its a Gibson from the first strum.
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    Depends. Some like 3 pups and some don't. It's bad a-ss either way.
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    Very nice. Cool color combination and P-90s to boot. Enjoy.
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    You’ve got a gem right there! That’s a highly desirable 1960 ES -330.
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    The man who created autocorrect has died. Restaurant in peace.
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    I put a deposit on this at the end of June and paid it off on Sunday. I suppose I could have just paid for it all at once, but it felt more responsible to spread it out. I've wanted a Texan since I first started playing, but I had just missed the Elitists (which I couldn't afford at the time anyway), and by the time the Inspired by 1964 Texan was released, I already owned a Gibson J-45 and didn't need to add a $400 copy to my collection. I then stopped paying attention to the market, until about a year ago, just in time for them to announce two new USA-made Epiphone models. The Texan has the body and neck that I like on my J-45, but it's sweeter, without the thudding bass that I've been frustrated by. I'm very pleased.
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    That looks just exactly like rosewood looks.
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    Love it - congratulations. I got the Sunburst version yesterday
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