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    We could do without your tripe as well.
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    Do you think that's funny? Are you trying to make a point? That's is just plain stupid! I think you owe some apologies to both sides of the pond on this one. Do you under stand... good god man,use your head. Now I know why my dear friends have left this forum, this place has gotten sick. The moderators here really need to grow some balls Using the word of the great Pip, "I'm out of here!"
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    Wait. I thought this was gonna be about........ Oh, never mind. 😥
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    Ghost and Pepper, are you guys so bored that you have to destroy posts that other people may be enjoying?
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    Tortoises didn't get me anything, wife didn't get me anything, dog didn't get me anything, snakes and lizards idea of a present is a bowel movement SO screw those guys, Happy Father's Day To Me from me. Guess I should pick up a Thank You card for myself, manners count a lot with me.
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    Sgt Pepper has been given a week off for his vulgar remark about another forum member. That post has been hidden from view.
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    I've got a 50's style Tele that I put a P90 at the Neck & Bigsby on...
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    Hi Bence, yeah I also changed the bridge pick up on my main guitar which was a Strat style setup from the fairly feeble single coil to a DiMarzio X2N - basically the biggest, baddest ceramic humbucker out there! (Then changed the pots cos it sounded like mud ...and the it was awesome). Works like a charm for what I do with the band. why....just cos that's what Fast Eddie Clarke (RIP) did back in the day!
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    ....is why I joined the Gibson Forums. The guitar is approx 2009 - I've never verified it yet - a Custom Shop Gibson LP custom which is the spec of a 1956 LP (goldtop) - solid mahogany, P90s (no staple pickup) and I think the colour is washed cherry. I did not get a COA. I am in the UK and bought this beautiful guitar from USA on ebay back in 2012. It is everything you might imagine it to be from the picture. After which I joined the Gibson forum in order to find out more and discuss guitars and related subjects with like-minded Gibson owners. It has its ups and downs and has changed a lot since then but I have mostly really enjoyed it. I got a warm welcome response to my very 1st post from a guy called Tim, a real expert. I remember the Nugent wars, Fenderguy, Ludnuts.....I remember Axe, Shred, Milod, Dub, Surfpup, Stein, Rocketman, Donny, Retro, DaveinSpain, Cruz, RevLee, Searcy, my friend 4Hayden and many others. I am dismayed to see the exit of Pippy and Big Bill, both of whom have been greats of the forum. I hope Tman is ok. But anyway......I hope you like the picture. That really is what it is all aobut. The row of albums you can see above the amp is alphabetically Coltrane to Doors; also includes Connors, Cooder, Corea, Coryell, Cream, Crimson, Davis, Desmond, and Dimeola. Take care everyone. As Sparq (best wishes my friend) says, I'm gonna shut up now.
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    Well you're funny. I don't mean haha funny either.
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    One big change that many members moved on from was when the forum UI was updated to what it is today. I think a lot of people had problems with it, and things like ipads, and smart phones. And many just didn't like the layout. When I joined up (2012), seems there was overall, a lot more activity and there was very little -- monkey business -- It was a friendly relaxed environment. Getting BACK there is easy, we need to cut the crap with the rock fights that go on in these threads. we are at present bleeding some good and long standing members because of it. we just need to stop it. really. We're ALL players here. The Moderators are here, and they are among us, but they are letting us manage ourselves right now. But they don't have to, and if this continues I can guarantee they won't remain silent. Go check out the Acoustic Guitar Forum sometime, try to do there what is done here. You'll find out pretty quick that aint gonna fly. btw.. I like the AGF, check it out Unc..
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    A heptahedron is a geometric solid figure with 7 plane faces. So heptahedronal expression would be some type of expression with a 7 sided figure. Whatever that is.
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    JUST DO IT, DO IT NOW!!! Just don't go for the one I'm eyeballing, please.
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    Nothings wrong with an Epi, and seven is the bomb! I keep waffling between getting some LP traditional in the $2500 range. Or an Epi sheraton, V, LP and Firebird... you know, pull a Steve Ford.
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    I apologize to anyone I offended with my last post in here and do not wish to feed the frenzy. I sold may last Gibson a few months ago, I currently have 5 Epiphones and 2 other brands. All P90 powered. 7 seems to be my max number that I can take care of because of my climate and clean the oxidation off of each every week.
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    This is what brought me to the forum And on the electric front... I sold my strat and have since been bonding with this... makes me feel like a rock star
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    Micmac, I never thought I'd be defending Sgt.Pepper - but I think he just pushed back on Ghost for the same reason you commented here. GhostFL: "I joined this forum because... well they shut down the Fender forum. If I have $2500 for a classic guitar, I'd rather buy a Fender and save the left over $1000 for my next guitar (or whatever). " Throwing cold water on a post - when you don't own any Gibson's but 'have used the polish' - knowing he's gotten lots of pushback already in the few months he's been here - may be an indication of why they shut down the Fender Forum.
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    Be careful what you ask for.
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    New strings usually audibly improve my tone.
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    Everything's hyper-political right now. I think it's inevitable that there will be some spillover into the Lounge. Let's just remember to be civil to each other.
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    I consider all of my guitars to be tone machines, all with P90's each a slightly different variation. My white SG with its Classic 90's sounds more like a Strat while at the other end of the spectrum my Blueshawk is smooth as silk with P90 Pro's. My guitars are maximized for center switch position with both pickups on, but when the bridge pickup is selected its like switching to a scalpel while the neck will tend to produce a bluesy clear tone. Each of my guitars has its own personality and depend on what my hands can coax out of them.
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    Me and Ghost haven't always gotten along, but I thought that was pretty funny. Certainly not offensive. Happy 4th!
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    "stick around, they ain't the bosses". The 2 who pushed back have 12,000 posts compared to your 853. ' 'are you multi-personality'' ? I prefer to call it consensus gathering. Some folks read comments that irritate them and meekly decide to read another thread. Or go to another forum. Others, however, decide to push back. Ghost has apparently 'reached' the point where he has a few who have decided to 'push back'. In just 3 months! Quite an achievement.
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    A few weeks ago I contacted Hoffee about a case that could be used on my guitars between the Super400 (18") down to the J's and D's. (16") . I never need more than one case and did not want to get one for every size. He suggested his 19" case with some pads. I also ordered one with the insulation, back straps and cover. It arrived today and looks great. The Super400 isn't home to try out but it looks like there's room for it. I already sold the Calton case and have a couple Hiscox that will go.
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    Hello Ray! I replaced the Texas Special with a Planet Tone DG pickup in my Strat. It's a 13K pickup that sounds incredible for leads. It is better for Gary Moore-ish singing solos. 🙂 Bence.
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    The Boss HA-5 does a lot of stuff including the Bus connection where you can have several players connected and all in your headphones, you can run the feed into a PA with each individual balancing their own level. The Mustang Mini sounds pretty cool but I have 6 Roland Micro Cubes that do pretty much the same thing also battery powered and can play anywhere.. Playing in a park by the water or beach or street corner I have done frequently, at times when the mood strikes me. I do love playing out doors and joining in with a drum circle can be incredible.
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    Wanting to install a tremolo on my Blueshawk presented a problem that I couldn't find a bridge that would. go low enough to replace the stock saddle bridge. So I modified the saddle bridge by drilling new holes below the saddle screw holes and moved the saddle screws down to them. This allowed me to pass the strings over the top of the saddles and go through the original saddle screw holes and reach the tremolo. On a Blueshawk the strings normally go through the saddles and out the back of the guitar. This arrangement works very well.. This is a Duesenberg Short similar to a B5 but with more range and a an adjustable dive bar..
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    There are a large number of old thread resurrections across the site always from newbies. I had thought this was one fellow, creating sock puppets & messing about. But now I see another where someone has replied to a 9 year old thread but clearly done some research into it, so I really don't know. Got to remember to check those dates! Maybe the mods have some insight?
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    I love necro-threads. Sometimes I write in one I've already posted in. I read my previous entry and think "stellar. Simply stellar!"
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    I changed out humbuckers on this Squier Esprit for Fender spec single coils I had made by the Creamery (they are in a humbucker housings). I was trying to see how close I could get to a Fender sound in this Gibson style build. It didnt get me very close at all, but they do sound good, and better than the Duncan designed originals. before and after
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    The Rockford Files Theme song was very popular in the 70's
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    What are you talking about? I use that chord in all my songs, Lol. It's called Arthritic fingers!
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    Perhaps I should go hang out with Big Bill.
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    I've not read the date and been duped. It's gonna happen again.
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    Yep, It's much less stressfull for us that just play at home and not up on a stage. However, say if I play a song like "My Hero's Have Always been Cowboys." I will set the amp for more clean tones. But if it's, "American Woman." then I want more fuzz and turn the amp to channel 2. So I do play with amp & guitar settings for songs I do play. Normally, I leave it alone and play as many songs that sound good on the setting I have it on. It is fun to see what I can get out of the amp.
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    My guitars suit me well, but they aren't as pretty as these. Especially Fester's acoustic, Sarge's BBKing...
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    good thru and thru. nice sounding, nice playing
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    Nice looking Custom love the Wine Red with all that figure and grain. I was never a big fan of P-90s, but the way everyone raves about them here I must be in the minority. My first LP was a gold top with the soap bar p-90s. I played it like that for about 6 years, and then had the top routed out and humbuckers put in it. Many would say that was a big mistake, but I was gigging with that guitar and was very happy with the change. I have always leaned toward clean sounds and the P-90s were pretty growly, whereas the HBers were brighter and livelier to my ear.
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    yea.. it was a very unfriendly place considering everyone signed in there would be considered "Fellow" players and all. not my style either. this forum needs to work on it's ethics IMHO, it's not quite the same place it used to be. That's on US.. we need to cut the crap..
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    In my experience, that is a real thing, a serious problem for lots of guitar players, especially since the internet. I can show you a bunch of players around here that spend an entire gig doing nothing, and I mean nothing, but obsessing over what is coming out of their amp or the monitors. It's like they aren't even there anymore, just filling a spot in a band, listening for good "tone". Man. It's a shame. Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy. rct
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    I apologize for hijacking the thread and arguing with an unstable loon. Now let's get back to guitars. Here is a very nice one I used to own. Its no Epi, but it did the job.
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    I tend to agree with that. I once watched a video of David Gilmoure playing his electric guitar and then picked up an acoustic guitar and played the same song. Granted, you could tell the difference between the electric and acoustic but, not really that much. Both were amazing. Still can't hardly believe he got those bends and tones out of an acoustic.
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    I joined May 2015 after buying my 339. I wanted to know what to do about the G binding in the nut. At that time I didn't think I'd last. I was so shocked at the passionate outcry against the Nashville models (the 339 was then Memphis of course). Really glad I did stick around. I learned a lot here. Still am too.
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    Damn Mr. Gibson is the worst sh1t starting prikk on this forum. The sentence is death to be carried out immediately. You forgot the 1st Stimulus Money thread that got taken down. I gotta make sure I'm the #1 prikk on your list.
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    Feels like I'm watching the slow demise of the Gibson Lounge. Seems moderators have just decided to watch it burn hoping it will burn itself out. They should have been totally intolerant of political posts from the very beginning. There might be a few more regulars still here if they had. The fact is, I don't agree with many who post here, and I find that I like the people here a lot more when I don't have to read about their politics... even implied. I know I'm as guilty as anyone, and for that I apologize, but I never initiate anything, and like so many others, I'll probably leave if it's allowed to go on.
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    You're both whippersnappers ... 1956.
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