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    Last month I asked reddit for advice on choosing between a Martin HD28 or Gibson Hummingbird for my first guitar. In the end the Hummingbird stole my heart (though the Martin will definitely come, just down the road). Went to GC and took home a Standard Hummingbird from 2019 that has a very nice tone and feels like a monster when I reach around the body to strum. The action is insanely high, but I played most everyday for at least an hour (or until I swear and curse, whichever comes later). There was just one thing though: that cherry sunburst finish 🤔. So after a couple of weeks of going back and forth I decided to exchange it for a different version - this time with a finish I actually like. As luck would have it the guitar was already on clearance and reduced by 15%, not to mention it immediately struck me as more comfortable to play thanks to a lower action and smaller nut width. The tone was warmer and more mellow than the Standard hummingbird, but tbh the strings were in need of a change so the tech replaced them with Elixir 80/20 Bronze, too. Oh, and I can't forget about the hummingbird pickguard which is etched into the guard so it has a more pleasant tactile quality. Last, but in no way least, the finish is significantly nicer and more subtle than the bright red and orange Standard. I just got it back from the luthier yesterday and the action is soooo low!! No buzzing or humming strings until about 3 hours of play and even then it was because my finger tips started hurting from learning the A and D chords.
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    You two should start your own thread. That way you can continue your juvenile arguments without all of us having to sit through it.
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    I could give a flying fig about what others think of my guitars. Just flash them to peace sign and advise them to stop drinking too deeply of the Tone Wood Kool Aid. It ain't about the lumber you are holding in your hands It is about making music. And the day that I do not have as much of a blast and get as much enjoyment from playing my Harmony Stella as I do one of my Gibsons is the day I will hang it up. Because I will have forgotten what it is all about.
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    treated myself to an early Christmas present last Saturday. selling a couple guitars to help finance it. 2020 ES-335. it's pretty sweet. got to gig with it that same evening.
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    That is a beauty. Glad your timing was right in getting an exchange on sale plus the baked top should enrich the tone. Each Gibson is an individual in the way they look, play, and sound. It would seem you were able to make a slight mistake purchasing the first one and then correct it without spending extra - that is something that doesn't often happen when buying and selling and trading in guitars. Like you I am not a big fan of the cherry burst finish on Birds and as a result I bought a natural finish one. Any excuse to post a photo ya know 🙂 The top on mine has already darkened slightly (the photo was day one right out of the box). And while I love mine honestly I think I like the way yours looks even better. Enjoy 👍
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    Glad GC was accommodating, and had an upgrade on hand at a discount ! Sometimes things work out really well like this. Congrats! Based on the case, I'd say this was a serious upgrade. What model ? Vintage? Aged top ? EDIT: Not sure what the reason for the 'CONFUSED' emoji was. I'd be happy to explain my rather simple, pleasant, supportive comment to you if you'd care to specify what confused you about it.
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    This thing is more guitar-like than ever. Neck shaping is done and I’m super super happy with how that turned out. I did my best to copy the neck on my R9 and I think I did a pretty nice job. It feels fantastic. The heel and headstock transitions came out nice. Neck joint is nice and tight with no gaps. Neck set angle is good I did pretty much all of the sanding today while the body and neck were separate, then glued on the neck. Now I just need to cut the end of the neck flush to the top of the body, do my final little bit of sanding, drill for the tailpiece and tuners, and then I’m going to start finishing next Saturday. I think the grain is really going to pop with the analine cherry red finish I’m doing. If all goes to hell I’ll paint it black but I’m gonna do my best to make the cherry look like it does on my R9. The grain looks really nice in person and it’s just begging for a contrasting pore filler. We’re looking really good so far!
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    Looking to buy a ES 339 Gibson at musicians friend,15% off which gets the price down to 1954.00. Waiting to hear how many dollars in loyality points I have to bring down further. I have an Epiphone ES 339 which I really like, but really want the Gibson and 57s. I was on the hunt for an ES336 but there's only used ones,and if I'm gonna spend that much on a used guitar I need to look it over as I got burned on a used guitar before. Prolly gonna end up buying this one.
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    I sincerely don’t think that I visit The AGF more than once or twice a year. Maybe not even that. I’m likely mistaken, but I thought The AGF was originally the Taylor forum. Taylors were the anointed brand for many years on that forum.. Don’t really know if it still is. Personally, I like Martins. Always have. I just happen to like Gibsons more. I have nothing against Taylor’s. They are very nice guitars and high quality. They’re just not “me.”........You play what you like and can afford. Like with many others in here, guitars are a very personal thing and for me to buy and keep a guitar I have to feel it’s an extension of who I am.
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    Solution is simple, just buy both! 🎸🎸
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    I just bought one of these a couple of days ago from Music Zoo. I have been trying to find one I could afford for a long time, original or re-issue. I was very pleased to get this one for 449 with free shipping to Hawaii. This one also has full sized CTS pots and a C profile neck like my new 339. The 2009 Gibson Custom Shop version disappeared very quickly and the price kept going up. Currently this USA version is selling used for around 3k. My Wilshire should be delivered in about a week..
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    Or better yet, use no pickup at all. I have only one acoustic with a pickup--a carbon fiber Composite Acoustics Cargo. It you don't play out in a situation where you cannot direct-mic your guitar, why would you need a pickup? How many buyers of "stage-ready" acoustics actually use them that way?
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    I have had several guitars with Gibson and Epiphone P90's, I prefer the Epiphone P90 Pro's over Gibson. To me they sound better and are not as badly effected by 60 cycle hum. Also it is likely I will reverse the magnetic polarity on the neck PU so I get hum-cancelling with mid switch position and this easier to with Epiphone P90's, I have done this a few times before..
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    Now that's ICONIC!
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    One of the best guitars Gibson ever made.
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    Got a Mesa Mini-Rectifier 25. Mint condition. And I really like it! 2 Channels, all tube, FX Loop, and a few litte switches that do different stuff. Each channel can be set to either 25 or 10 watts individually. Found this one on Reverb for less than half the price of a new one. So of course, I had to get it. Came with a bag/case too. Sounds superb!
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    When I was in my very early teens my parents bought me a Univox Les Paul at the guitar store where I was taking lessons. I dragged that thing around everywhere I went and dreamed that someday I would have the real thing instead of the Univox. I have no idea if the Univox was any good or not as it's been so long but I suspect it was pretty crappy. Hardly iconic but I liked it nonetheless. I had a real life Les Paul copy, oh boy oh boy! It's like the guitar on Get Yer Ya-Yas out album... I must have sold it somewhere along the way, probably when I bought my first Gibson, an SG Standard. Never looked back after that SG... Wouldn't you know, those sneaky fellows at Gibson came out with a look alike for my old Univox. I took one look and I was sunk. Curse you, Gibson guitars!!! So, nearly 50 years later we have some incoming ICONICness to help while away the pandemic, a 2020 50s neck Standard. I'll probably play it some and go back to a Firebird which is what I really like BUT at least I'll finally have realized that boyhood ambition of upgrading that Univox.
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    Not to go off on a tangent - but my wife has the predecessor - the Subaru TriBeCa. You will find it is as close to a perfect vehicle as you can imagine. Congrats.
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    my sons band mate had a MB Rec. combo, 2x12 I think it was 100wats that he left as his house. I swear that thing moved his foundation a few feet after I used it a few times. Sucker ROARED.
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    but the question is...... Does it get the brown sound????? Congrats Brad!!!
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    Howdy all. For some reason I found three guitars I just couldn't resist..... so without further ado 2008 Gibson Aged Custom Shop Les Paul Custom: This was an interesting find and I found the aging aspect very intriguing. Another Aspect I found interesting was the back of the headstock was painted black. I do recall seeing some 70's Gibson's with this interesting paint scheme. I had some extra 72 Gibson pup covers and added them for some additional flavor. 2013 Gibson SG Standard: I saw this guitar and immediately thought I could throw a Gibson Maestro on this sucker. I also added a Faber ABR1. I drilled a channel for a ground wire and soldered it underneath the trapeze part of the tailpiece. So far it stays in tune pretty well, but I'm going to change the nut to a graphite type. Hofner 5001 Violin Bass. The owner said it had been in the case for very long and he stated he never played it. When I removed the bass the green case lining had etched itself to the pickups so there is a very hard green scale on them.... Don't know what I'm going to do about that. The instrument is in pristine condition with a few minor dings and such, but I have no idea what year it was built and neither does the owner.... He said it was his uncles bass and it had been in the family for some time. I removed the control panel and nothing there in terms of a label... looked at the pots and I have no idea how to decipher the date codes on it, but my assumption it's about 20-30 years old as the finish is in great shape and for $1300 I though it was worth buying.
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    Glad to see what some here jokingly refer to as "fan boys" have talked you down from your concerns with the high action. I'm assuming the shop that has 2 HB;s - New old stock, one 2+ years old, has them because they are the type BluesKing described - you buy it as is, we don't do setups, put on new strings, etc. As noted here - we've all experienced high action with new Gibsons but I don't recall anyone ever stating they were 'unplayable'. If it is that high - I'd wager the action is higher now than it was when Bozeman shipped them. Bozeman does measure those things. Does the shop have them in a room with humidity control? Be aware - just as there are 'fan boys' here, there are some who offer advice here who have biases in the other direction. Some of whom do not actually even own a Gibson Acoustic. I think that Chinese Guitar might be your best bet - I think if you got a new H'Bird, you're pre-positioned to have Buyers Remorse: Plastic pins, sketchy looking truss rod cover, glue drops inside, runout in the woodgrain, etc. China uses Rosewood for panelling in new homes, can put on ivory bridge pins, counterfeit Klusons or Grovers and can use EPA UN-approved glue to make sure your pick guard never lifts. If the 'how to' PG fix referred to days ago didn't interest you (kudos to KidBlast for digging it up just now for you) you might consider the 'glass is half full' when it comes to PG glue. Do you want an epoxy that will not allow the wood to move when humidity goes over 60 or under 40 ? That can cause a crack in the spruce top. I have an SJ200 with a corner barely lifting - and it's one of the traditional . non-flubber ones. Didn't notice it until I read a thread like this one and went and checked. I was barely able to slip in a piece of double sided tape. Held it down with a book - didn't work; but I never ever think about it. Got over it in just a few months. PG also covers the outer rings of the rosette. Like it does on my HBird TV. Never ever think about that either. Very important to be able to make a decision, accept reality, and move on. Let us know which way you go.
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    read this thread below, thats going to help you decide if it's worth your time / effort.
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    Congrats Brad. Nice looking set up there.
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    Lol, Thats what I figured too. Plus she bought me a Ephiphone Riviera for my last Birthday in April, It didn't show up till November. It arrived on a very slow boat from China!
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    I would if I was still single but with 9 guitars, Married for 41 years and her thinking I have enough makes it a tiny bit harder, Lol. Oh yea, And she has been insisting I get rid of my 14 year old SUV and just bought me a 2021 Subaru Ascent Limited in Crimson Red Pearl. So there goes my Birthdays, Fathers Day Anniversary & Christmas for the next 4 years Lol.
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    Thanks. I have a set up where I run my amp heads into a splitter, with one line going to a 1x12 Bugera cab (Turbosound speaker which sounds great) and the other to a Hughes and Kettner 1x10 with a Celestion Ten 30. Both cabs have quite different sounds and I like switching between both with different guitars and amps.
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    I got to play it a little today, so far everything is good. A few of my concerns before buying were laid to rest after actually seeing it. No veneer, the body is 2 blocks of mahogany with the seam exactly down the middle. No scarf joint, the neck is one piece except for the wings on the headstock like a Gibson. The rounded C profile neck is pretty flat with no buzzing on the 12" radius finger board and I did dress the fret ends a little. The Epiphone Deluxe Button Tuners feel very smooth and no string popping on the nut. The P90 Pros sound great, no microphonic's. The CTS pots are silky and precise, like on my 339.. It is an absolute joy to play very reminiscent of my SG's without as much neck dive. I will do some better photos after I peel the rest of the plastic off. But, I gotta go play it for a while. •• I really love this neck it is so solid and the high notes are so easy to hit.
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    Went back to work. I so far have 2 quarantines under my belt. I'm getting good at it.
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    Congrats on a very beautiful guitar and welcome to the forum. Iv'e thought about one many times but still haven't got one. Happy playing.
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    Yup +1. I wouldn't touch those tuners. The guitar and case are giving me cowboy vibes in the best way. That guitar is ... stunning.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum and congrats on acquiring a very beautiful 'bird. Up to you, of course, but changing the tuners would be a massive mistake - and that's an understatement. Happy Learning! P.
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    Those pick up covers make that guitar, don't they?
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    The reason I would have fired him was not because the meme was funny or not, but because it would have alienated way too many customers. Companies have a reason to be apolitical. Flying a Trump flag or Biden poster might give you cred among your like minded people, but will turn many customers who oppose either one away from the door. When I worked for Motown, it was during the Detroit riots. Berry Gordy never expressed his opinion on that, and the word was we weren't supposed to support or oppose anything political. I don't base my personal buying habits on the owner's or employee's political stance, but way to many others do. Insights and incites by Notes
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    I guess you are right.
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    You can always do what I do: when I croak they'll belong to you and then you can sell them. That always brings a smile of my wife's face (and probably thoughts like "that can't happen soon enough").
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    DickAllgire from UMGF - arguing with his wife over Martin 000-45EC: BluesKing777.
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    Yes, I agree to reversible mods, and keeping EVERYTHING that gets taken off of it with the guitar (not only the pickups). If you think at all that you may sell it in the near future, a "wholly original" SG will go for more one that is modified and with the original components. People LOVE "all original". The prices of 1980s guitars are definitely going up; even the prices of bad Les Paul copies (and the 1980s was littered with them) are getting obscenely decent prices. As for me, I have a '79 SG Standard that I did modify (reversibly) with new pickups as the guitar came to me used with the treble pickup changed out for an original Dimarzio SD that did not pair well with the stock neck pup. That was a great mod for me -- something I wish I did earlier than I did. I also at that time replaced one of the tone knobs with a phase-out micro-switch (and wiring both pups with a single tone knob), but that was a mod I wish I did not do (even though it came out fine and was reversible with no new holes created). The bottom line is that mods can be very good, especially if it is something you feel the guitar needs. Just think before you act, and don't do any drilling no matter what.
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    I think ES-339 Gibson is too young to get the ICONIC status being introduced in 2007. However, both the Gibson and Epiphone versions seem to have taken over the tone world by storm.. I haven't stopped playing mine since it arrived. Note: the materials used are very similar. The Gibson uses a Maple centerblock, with 3-ply Maple/Poplar/Maple top and back, with a Mahogany rounded C profile neck and Nitro. The new Epiphone uses a Maple centerblock, with Layered Maple top and back, with a Mahogany rounded C profile neck and Poly finish. The previous Epiphone model was pretty much the same except it has a D profile slim taper neck..
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    Whoa! Also featuring Michael Landau, Will Lee, Simon Phillips and David Garfield. I'm so glad they released this!
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    Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy
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    Same. I will state I have spent more time with two of my three Martins lately, but I like to rotate guitars and I try very hard to not rave about the current squeeze. It's all about which one strikes me at the moment. Next week/month I might shudder at anything Nazareth and choose something else for a while. And I see no gain in bashing someone's else's weapon of choice.
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    Thank you. Stop putting it off and just go for it and don't forget to share some pics when you do 🙂
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    Apparently John Cruz former master builder at fender is starting his own line of custom guitars. Got fired over a Facebook post he made awhile back and now going to make and sell guitars. Interesting.
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    Nice ! Congratulations Steve...Enjoy it.
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