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    Haven't been logged in here for months, but I thought I post a sign of life in these dark days for all mankind. In case I contract Covid-19 my chances to survive are close to zero, even in case of full medical service, but hope dies last. In this context I remembered a song by Paul McCartney which was a smash hit here in 1993. I wish listening to it may ease your mind a little as it does for me. Take care and stay healthy!
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    I see the positive in some things. Lots of people finally realize that they don’t need celebrities. They need the working-class guy/gal. It’s great to have family time, although for a lot of parents the situation makes it very stressful. They enjoy being home, but the worry about their jobs can be overwhelming. I think people have come-together, although there are still plenty of buttholes. I believe there is a human brotherhood in which we realize we’re all in this together. However, once this is over with, things will return to the way they were. Just look at our politics. This catastrophe hasn’t changed anything. Besides the elites who control everything are not doing without and coming-together like the rest of us. They feed the hatred to the media, which they control. And they don’t stand in long lines or wonder if they’ll be able to pay the rent. They don’t risk being a victim of crime as the rest of us do. Perhaps you and I are in this together, but they are not “you and I.” .... And I’m not crying about someone who has more than me——my wife and I are in okay shape. We can ride this out, but if the bottom falls-out of our economy, the society won’t be far behind and the people who still have to work to survive are going to be in horrible shape....and they’re the ones that keep our society fueled and running. People say “we’ll come out of this stronger.” Maybe after we fully recover 25-30 years down the road. Until then, we’re going to suffer. I just don’t see a lot of good that will come out of this. Brotherly Love is a nice thing to strive for, but you know as well as I do that it’s a dream and what we’re in is reality. ..Thank God (if there is one) for technology. At least we can see and talk to our grandkids, etc. Technology is what makes it possible to still function. But, what do we do if the internet goes out? Are we truly capable of surviving if all of our logistics and communications are brought to a halt? Look how we communicate here! Practically everything we now do in our lives is in one way or another linked to the internet. .....What really scares me is how quickly this happened. In two days, they had literally total control of our lives: where we can go, what we can do. And it’s been done all the way around the world. And they didn’t need an army. This came “out of the blue” and brought the world to its knees almost immediately and it’s mortality rate is shrinking each day. Yes, it’s serious, but i just don’t see millions upon millions dying. .........Anyway, I’ve at least written a couple of songs. Can’t wait to get back to some kind of “normal.” Can’t wait to start playing my gigs again. That will mean I’m seeing all the family again. ....Meanwhile, let’s hope the internet stays-up. Most of us might be too old to re-learn how to write letters again.👍👍
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    Tom, of these 3 keys, I’d say the first one was the most natural for you. That said, it sounds like your voice is straining a bit on all of them. Maybe give it a try in a lower key?........Just my opinion. Doesn’t make me right and someone else wrong........Whatever you decide, I appreciate you putting it on here. Ain’t Hummingbirds cool?
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    Everyone needs a laugh in those grim times😁
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    No COVID-19 for me! I got the news late yesterday. All I had was the regular flu and bronchitis. I'm feeling much better now but did a little too much around the house today so it's nap time.
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    I will now go WAY out of my way to NOT buy things made in China. I always did prefer "anyplace else", but now it will become fanatical. I will pay triple if so deemed.
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    Tom, In all three versions, your voice is too high and reedy to the point that I cannot make out the lyrics. My suggestion would be to try this again in a much lower key. RBSinTo
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    Your over-use of emojis is juvenile and offensive to the eyes.
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    Solitary drinking is now considered a virtue, not a sin.
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    I've got it. I went to my cabin in the woods yesterday to do some mowing/maintenance and saw many people working in their yards. More garden tilling than normal. Spring is here and summer is around the corner. I'm not caving in to the paranoia. I've got stuff to do.
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    We'll there is some good news, so far the press has only report male and female catching Covid19 So the other 57 genders have nothing to worry about
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    Oh, now I see what you meant, and indeed, the Casino design does sometimes get incorrectly attributed to the original Epiphone company. Just for a little more clarity, here are the initial release dates: 1958 > Gibson ES-335 & Epiphone Sheraton 1959 > Gibson ES-330 1961 > Epiphone Casino 1962 > Epiphone Riviera Only the ES-330 & Casino were fully hollow w/P-90s. The ES-335 had full size humbuckers, while the Sheraton & Riviera had mini-humbuckers. What a great era!
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    Hot topic? I'm sorry, but that is probably the oldest topic on any guitar forum in the universe.
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    I got a new 50s Std with P90s the day after Christmas. Phenomenal guitar really. But the problem is this If there is another guitar in the same room that guitar barely gets looked at. It's not like my other guitars are chumps. There is another LP, an SG, 339, Tele and Strat. All great guitars in their rights but the new one is just covers so much territory it gets grabbed first
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    Tortoises are VERY personable animals. I lay down on the yard and they're all over me. Give them a scratch up above the tail and they do the wild butt dance, ha, ha. They swing the back of their shell side to side and walk past swinging side to side, it's pretty funny to watch. You have to work with them a little bit but they learn their names and you can call them, they see me walking around and they come on over for some attention. They're great animals.
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    Guys lets be careful where you go when replying to posts, lets not get this thread locked.
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    Our grandchildren will be paying for it. Wishing someone had just let their old granny die a year sooner. Meanwhile, speaking of old granny's - the Speaker of the House wants a Fourth Stimulus Bill. They had openly declared they want to use this crisis to implement The Green New Deal. Not defer or reduce 2019 Federal Income Taxes, or something logical. I guess closing the coal plants and putting solar panels on everyone's roofs will somehow turn the economy around. Declare coal miners jobs 'not essential' and declare 'alternative energy workers' jobs 'essential'. Get rid of cows. But we'll all be riding horses.
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    Bingo. We'll ALL pay for this, for years.
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    I wont get check, I'll just get the bill! 🙂
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    Say what you mean.......
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    If that was true, I would want to live on flat earth, too. But whatever, I love Sauerkraut.
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    Thanks Anne for your post about John. I slowed down at work this morning and gave the song a try. The recording is simple setup, but I did add harmony subsequently.
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    Good to hear you're well so far. Thanks for the post and I hope you stay well. Peace!
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    Great to hear from you, I thought about you the other day hoping you were OK during these times. Very best to you and continue to stay safe. Hope indeed dies last. Phillip
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    Good to see you Cap. Take care. rct
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    Hi Cap Great to hear from you. Stay safe, stay well - stay with us. Best wishes JohnM
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    Good to see you again!!
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    good message...Thanks and good to see you on here again.
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    Videoconferencing...where you can look the boss in the eye and just rip as many farts as you like and no one knows who it was
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    This is the sort of thing religious zealots buy their teenage sons.
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    I don't drop videos here much, but one of my buds runs an open mic, and with the social distancing going on right now, he ran an online open mic last Thursday night, and asked if I had any songs to share. I participated with this one. A song about life in these small towns we call home. Video was captured with my EOS 77D which really did a pretty impressive job. (On a more personal note this was recorded last Wednesday, just a few hours before a fire broke out at midnight Friday morning and nearly destroyed our home. That tale is posted in the lounge if any one hasn't seen it yet, I know some of you have and thank you for your thoughts and words. Like John Lennon said, Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans, man aint that the truth) anyways, ..
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    It's a little known fact outside of the state that we are required to do exactly that during a simulated police chase filmed by helicopters while taking our driver's test.
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    Good thread Rabs and everyone. I’m really seeing how important community and family is. I have a number of health challenged older folks in the condos I manage. Frankly I love em all and it really pains me to see them holed up and scared. Missing their families out of state and no way to get together. Scared to even go get groceries. We’re doing what we can to let them know we care. Phone calls, take a few extra minutes to talk to them - from a distance, text message and check on them. We set up and played sunset concerts the last two Friday nights - told them to stay on their balconies and participate. Unbelievable response. Didn’t do anything that special but you’d have thought we were the best venue they’d ever heard! Their appreciation is overwhelming. We were afraid they’d probably get bored - just my wife and I singing with an acoustic guitar - I don’t dare bring any additional musicians things being what they are - but to my astonishment they are practically insisting we continue. Folks are just plain hungry for something encouraging. We are praying that the Good Lord will protect them all and slow this horrible pandemic real soon. Keep the faith - do whatever you can to brighten someone’s day!
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    And that just proves labomba was correct in his assessment
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    Agreed! Even though Ironically i'm the younger generation, we were getting so caught up in all this climate change blah blah etc etc that we were not paying attention to the important things in our lives.
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    Yeah, that's what I would do, I found the hard way if you try and make something on a guitar do something that it doesn't naturally do, you end up breaking it or something....
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    Put it together and trade it for a guitar that doesn't have one. rct
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    Not a lot here.. We are setting up a tablet for my mum so she can skype the grandkids... So I popped out to pick it up.. The hardest bit is going to be getting my mum to learn how to use it.. She doesn't do technology... When I picked it up though at my sisters home I had the most painful moment yet in this whole thing. My sister has a lovely dog called Olive (Welsh terrier). We are very good friends and I haven't seen her for weeks. In order to be sensible my sister just left the tablet on her front door so I didn't go in the house or anything, but my niece Betssie wanted to say hello at the widow.. Olive spotted me and started whining cos she wanted to see me.. Was really upsetting just cos she doesn't understand why she cant see me... not being able to go in and give her a good scratching.... Oh well. better to be safe... I know. Just so odd how something as simple as popping to my sisters is now so weird. Olive.. In this shot I had said the W word 🙂 And of course loves a good fight
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    This disease spreads by droplet. Droplet spread is caused by congregations of people from disparate microcosms of immunity and environment. People keep congregating, people keep spreading disease via droplet. Businesses stay open until everybody is sick. Nobody comes in, then they close down in a hurried, crisis situation and probably a good percentage of them don't come back. The economic damage from under-reaction has been shown to be far greater than the economic damage from over-reacting. As it is at the moment, we can contemplate reaction, thoughtfully get to negotiated points of orderly tamping down of social congregation, and try to soften the damage over a time that is, hopefully, shorter than that time devoted to under-reacting until everything is a massive fukking shitstorm. Why is it hard for people to understand this idea? Are people that bulletproof? Do people really not think others can be in situations that could go pretty horribly sideways from catching this? rct
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    Here is every guitar and bass, I have ever owned that I can remember. Of all the guitars I think only the Ovation was foreign. I currently have 6. D-41, D-15M, J12-16GT, 000-28, Fender J Bass and a Uke. Guitars Gibson 1957 Gibson ES-225TD Burst (Sold) Used 1978 Gibson “The Paul” Walnut (Sold) Used 1982 Gibson SG Special Mahogany (Sold) Used 1999 Gibson Explorer Ebony (Sold) Used 2000 SG Special Brown (Sold) Used 2002 Les Paul Classic Ebony (Sold) Used 2005 Les Paul Studio 50’s Tribute Honeyburst (Sold) Used 2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio Mahogany (Sold) New 2009 Gibson BB King Lucille Signature Model Red (Traded) Used 2010 SG Standard Ebony (Sold) Used 2014 ES-335 Vintage Burst (Traded) New 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II Merlot (Traded) Used 2014 Gibson J-15 (Sold) Used Fender 1976 Fender American Telecaster Natural (Sold) Used 1985 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass Black Used 1997 Fender American Series Stratocaster Silver (Sold) Used 1997 Fender California Series Telecaster Black (Sold) Used 1997 Fender American Standard Telecaster Blond (Sold) Used 2002 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Triburst (Sold) Used 2002 Fender American Standard Telecaster Triburst (Sold) Used 2006 Fender American Special Fretless Jazz Bass Candy Apple Red (Sold) Used 2007 Fender Highway One Telecaster Triburst (Sold) New 2007 Fender Highway One Stratocaster Black (Sold) New 2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster Jade Green (Sold) Used Warmoth 2009 Warmoth Jazzmaster Olympic White (Sold) New Martin 2000 Martin D-15 (Gave Away As A Present) Used 2001 Martin J12-16GT SN 797692 New 2011 Martin D-28 SN 1539765 New (Sold) 2012 Martin D-15M Burst (Traded) New 2013 Martin 000-28 SN 1663330 Used 2014 Martin D-18 SN 1845212 (Sold) New 2017 Martin D-15M SN 207xxxx Used 2017 Martin D-35 SN 2160304 (Traded for a D-41) Used 2019 Martin D-41 SN 2322564 New Guild 1987 Guild JF-30 (Sold) Used Rickenbacker 2001 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Jetglo (Sold) Used Ovation 1982 Ovation Acoustic Burst (Sold) Used
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    I'm having a great time holing up in the music room. Funny thing is I have a boat load of equipment, and what I gravitate too is simply picking up my L-00 and concentrating on refining my technique! Even in this pandemic insanity, i'm loving my play time- hope you all are too🍺
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    Sad news. Bucky, John and George Van Epps were a major reason I chose to broaden my horizons and take up playing a 7 string guitar. RIP Bucky
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    Hey Sal - Another real Gem from a Great Guy. Hope you are doing well. Oh and "Midnight in Harlem" is still my Favorite "Sal Upload' Pennsy - Ken
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    My wife works for county schools too as a tech. Last weekend I helped her with the webcam and setting up Zoom for her job. They had one session and it came down from top that Zoom was not an option. So we started over again with Google Classroom or whatever it's called. Now the Chrome browser on the laptop has been hijacked by that app. Even when her account is signed out. I can't even post or view comments on YouTube even if I'm signed in because Chrome is locked in Restricted Mode. I'm forced to now get on the web using Microsoft Edge.
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    Ah yes, the new 2020 Gibson Bust'em Shop 'Hysteric Series' guitars.
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    I only remember the 18 pages of women's underwear. rct
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