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    Cleared snow, brought in firewood, and stared longingly at an old Martin on Reverb. I ended up changing out strings to occupy hands that were hell bent on making an offer or just buying it outright. Cooler heads prevailed. I go through this every so often.
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    I got to play last night with a guy - Wallace Coleman - who played for a guy - Robert Jr. Lockwood - who played with Robert Johnson. 😁
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    I play my guitars and don't analyze every nuance of them to the n'th degree. I like it, it sounds good, I buy it. It's that simple.
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    Just picked up the new Frontier at Long and McQuade here in Halifax. I was looking for a good guitar that I could travel with if needed. Last year I had bought a Insp Texan and was pleased with the guitar on the whole. Soundwise it was good but you really had to bang on it to get through the poly finish,soundwise.I took the Texan in to the store and decided I would trade it in if I liked the Frontier. Which I did. The Frontier had a open, looser sound by far which was good but didn't compress and get overly jangly on hard strumming., which some maple guitars do. It certainly had the "woofiness" of a good dread to combine with high end sparkle(not just high string cut) so I am pleased. That "woof" sealed the deal as it sounded like it had the goods, though new and green, to age into a real, quality guitar of sonic substance.Build quality is excellent,though I'm going to change out the compensated saddle to bone, which the original is not from the looks, just seems like Tusq, especially as it's graduated. Neck is very comfortable D profile, near identical to a 61 Hummingbird. The 12" radius is a flatter, more comfortable strummer than the Texan(14) due to this radius change. The laurel neck and bridge is new to me, and I have no issues with the streaky look. It's real wood and not richlite or ply .The neck mimics a fuller feel, yet is quick and only very slightly thicker at the 12th fret light, so it plays as fast as needed very easily. Finish is nicely done, very thin and low gloss, not tacky in the least. Tuners are gold with the slightly swirly translucent knobs which are a classy original cop. Overall I'm very pleased and think this is a great step for Epiphone to draw on their past, and build a cost effective, keeper guitar. I have pics but the size is too big to post and unsure how to shrink them for the format.
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    Es339. 9 for a 59 neck profile. AVS for antique vintage sunburst. NH1 for bright nickel hardware
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    I finished doing my income taxes. I'm getting a refund of $560. Yeehaa, at least I don't have to pay! 😂
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    I"m retired so i can"t afford any new gear. So i went ahead and bought one! I can"t get over how good this amp sounds for 200 bucks. As a "too good too be true deal", i will turn my head every time i turn it on expecting it to explode or something! Until then this is my new favorite toy. After doing a little research i found that this is supposedly a repackaged Laney Cub 12R. A few pics were posted showing the guts of both and they looked pretty much the same. Now the pics were posted a few years ago so not sure how accurate the info is. Thanks mihcmac! by the way my cats are going to be pissed now that they have to share their food for the rest of the month😁
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    You know something fellow, I just read some of your tripe and you just ran me off this site. I got no need for you.
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    Going on 26 years. Teenagers when we got together. It ain't always perfect, nothing is, but we've always been there for each other and I certainly have no plans for any future marriages come what may!
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    How long is it that you can say after you have been divorced that you are just single?? 🙂 Seriously..
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    I used to get up very early. 4:00am every morning to get ready for work and the long drive there. After 24 years and 4 months at Havelock Shops, and retiring from the Railroad, I now enjoy sleeping in to whenever I happen to wake up! LOl I can play the guitar whenever I want to throughout the day.
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    So much comedy, so little time... rct
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    Stickers are for cases. My frets are dry is the quote of the day. Congrats on your new axe.
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    The latter. Nine years or so ago I had radiation therapy for throat cancer, which in turn has more recently caused ORN, osteoradionecrosis, in my jaw. The lower jaw on the affected side has already been rebuilt, but now the upper jaw is deteriorating.
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    You got the right guitar!
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    Wow, zombie thread time. Where have 11 years gone? The mythology around those Czech Epis endures...European, so gotta be good, right? And rare, and special. Yeah, well. British Leyland cars were 100% manufactured in the United Kingdom.
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    It's been a rough day at work as usual... professionally internet browsing.
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    Hey Rob, is that care for the poor people, or for their pet? Or both? That sounds like a great organization. I contribute to the local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) And nice to see you around my friend!
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    @Dibby You have a Nighthawk version SP3 (3 pickup special). The case itself in good to great condition can fetch anywhere from $200 to even $350 I would imagine. I've sold a pristine case for $350 and some with very slight cosmetic issues for around the $200 range. Themselves they are rare these days. The guitar probably wouldn't fetch anywhere more than say $900 if it is in great condition. You might get away with around a grand, but that's definitely got to be the upper limit. Mind you, this is based on someone who has done some buying and selling of Nighthawks. It truly is a relative thing to sell/buy guitars these days. It all depends on the right place at the right time. Overall, if the package was mine given the SP3 is in excellent condition and case looks great - no major tolex tears, strap intact that holds case lid from flying back when opened, and shroud not ripped out or torn apart - you're looking around $1100 to start IMHO. That might be on the high end for some people, so be open to offers. I wouldn't go any less than $1050 with the case. FYI, I sold my SP3 with the 90s gig bag for around $950, and that was vintage sunburst in excellent condition. Check Reverb - maybe eBay. Get a flavor what's there and go from there. FYI, if your serial number starts with 94xxxx... this is a 1994 model. SO MANY people don't know this and list incorrectly.
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    Shuggie was John Otis's son. So to be fair one must inform the listening audiences that Roy Buchanan had been mentoring young Shuggie since he was very young, and it shows in this 1969 recording,
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    Agree. The warranty should only be a year in Detroit too.
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    These transcriptions are really great, thanks for posting. I will attempt them at some point.
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    hey 62... I think I must have missed a message. Monels on the J45 - TV? I think I still have a pack. Happy to get them on next. I remember on prior guitars they sounded brash the first few days, then got real mellow - and easier to play. I like them well enough generally, but liked Daddario nickel bronze more, and Titaniums from Martin even more. The Titaniums just dont work for me despite how great they feel and play because I have a tendency to break the G and B strings. On that brand only. I have broken three sets of strings in maybe 15 years. and they were all Marin Titaniums.
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    Do you really have a monitor lizard or are you pulling our legs?
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    Glad you got it and are enjoying playing. Sounds like a wonderful amp for the money, versatile and useful for home, band practice, or smaller venue gigs. Enjoy👍
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    Christine Mc, Steamy Nicks, and Grace were THE hottest.
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    I quit football a few years ago. Don't miss any of it especially the half time show.
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    I'm on the J4 bandwagon. I do believe getting to play one first is best, but if that's not realistic I would order from a reputable dealer online w/ a good return policy. Wildwood guitars out of Colorado and Fullers out of Texas are two dealers I'd look at.
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    I know I change it every month or so. Thinking about my next one.
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    That was pretty much it, yep. Don't have that problem now. She's always looking for sales, coupons, deals, etc. Except her car. She went top notch on it. :D
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    Mick Fleetwood is a true contender for the " luckiest man in rock" title. Others include Bob Weir (probably the favorite for this title), Ronnie Wood, Liam Gallagher...
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    I agree, re; Christine McVie. She's one sexy, awesome woman. As far as the rest, I can't really look at it objectively. Musicians and songwriters are people I admire, and really good live performers inspire me to step up my own game. But, as many have stated in other discussion on other forums recently on the topic of politics inside the Aerosmith band, once a band becomes a corporation (or even an industry or a franchise), then all artistry is lost to me. Fleetwood Mac the recording band enjoyed many incarnations over the decades, and they made some wonderful music. But Fleetwood Mac the 21st Century touring carnival show strikes me as a money-making business venture and not much more. (And I'm a HUGE fan of Neil Finn, so no slight to him for answering the call.) Anyway, I'm gonna shut up now. 😞
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    I never use steel wool on a guitar fretboard. It sheds small steel particles that can and will rust eventually. You may think you're getting them all off, but you probably aren't. You can buy bronze wool at any decent hardware store or marine supply outlet. It does the same job, and doesn't rust. It also isn't magnetic, so it won't mess with your pickups. You can also use a fine Scotchbrite pad. For removing well-stuck gunk along the edges of frets, not much beats a single-edge razor blade, used parallel to the wood grain as a scraper. I use the same technique a bit more aggressively to minimize developing divots. Yes, you are taking the fretboard down slightly when you do this, but you are taking it down evenly if you are careful and change the blade angle very slightly as you work across the board. For simply removing gunk, you aren't taking down the board at all with this technique.
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    I've used this stuff for a number of years. But based on other threads here (do a search, there are several) I now wonder if "snake oil" might be a better name for this type of product. 😁 On a new guitar that is already pretty clean, I'm not sure whether you need to do anything more than wipe it off. But this stuff hasn't done any harm to my guitars, so I suppose it's allright and I'll probably continue using it once a year, as I have in the past. One bottle is certainly a lifetime supply for me. https://www.jimdunlop.com/formula-65-fretboard-ultimate-lemon-oil/
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    I don’t ever think about a guitar “makeover”. If you don’t like something about the guitar you get rid of it. No value of dumping in a lot of money into a guitar that you might not be happy with after and no value keeping a guitar you want to makeover. If you want to replace something like knobs and such that’s a different story but to start dumping money for finishes, top carves, etc comes down to why not just count your losses and stop putting good money to bad.
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    The answer for why there is no batch or serial number on the guitar is pretty simple. The last full year Gibson stamped an FON on the neck block was 1960. So your guitar being built later will have a serial number stamped into the back of the headstock which the store label is covering. The bridge, pickguard, logo (with the dot of the "i" touching the "G") and tuners all look spot on for a 1962-1965 Gibson.
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    I didn't even watch the videos and I know I'm not using the wrong gauge. rct
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    My motto is if there not played they gotta go. That is why BB is gone, the D-28 and the D-18, the Guild, LP's, SG,s Strats, Teles. All nice, but not interested in electrics any more and I know the 28 and 18 would sit and collect dust after getting the 41. Work happens when you want to eat food and have a roof over your head. Did you see those colorful Firebirds. I can't stand the non reverse ones. I like the ones you have. the ones Johnny Winter played. The red one looked tight.
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    Its caliman that seems to miss him. The smell of Bubba love is ripe in the fall California air.
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    why does this guy answer his own posts as if they were another persons' ? with that description and the lack of pics im sure its a fake
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