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    My custom shop Parker DF522NN has an ebony fretboard. There is a little streaking in it. I think it gives it more character, and it's as smooth as slik.
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    A quick search yielded this - Gibson Custom Les Paul 1957 Reissue 1 Pickup with Wraparound Bridge It's no longer available, and no telling when the page originally appeared - but looks like the same R-7 If you look at the pics on the page you'll see the serial# is very similar. It might've been a MF exclusive. OVERVIEW A plain top, single pickup and simple bridge make this an unmuffled tone-machine The Gibson Custom Les Paul 1957 Reissue 1 Pickup with Wraparound Bridge may have a modest set of features, but the tone that it produces will inspire you to play better. There's something to be said for having just one pickup in the right position and a single volume and tone control at your disposal. With this 1957 Les Paul Reissue you're getting the most pure tone that its combination of mahogany and maple can produce. Now all of the tonal variations and sonic nuances are coming from your fingertips and your playing technique. No more switching between pickup configurations, nor tweaking tone-draining circuitry to modify your sound. It's down to you. Similar to driving a well-tuned old sportscar, you'll discover how to get the most from this unique guitar the more time you spend with it. With its comfortable, '50s-shaped neck, slightly reduced weight and well-balanced body, this humble Les Paul will lead you to new sonic territories as it under-promises, yet over-delivers. Did we mention that it also looks super cool? Includes case. FEATURES Mahogany back with plain maple top Creme body binding '57 Les Paul neck profile with rosewood fingerboard MOP trapezoid position markers Short tenon 24.75" scale, nylon nut Aged Acrylic inlays and cream binding Reissue bridge pickup with volume and tone Wraparound bridge and reissue tuning machines Nickel hardware Vintage switch tip and truss cover Includes case
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    Mineral oil. That's what they make all the fretboard oils from. $1.98 for 10 lifetimes' supply - https://www.walmart.com/ip/Equate-Mineral-Oil-Lubricant-Laxative-16oz-Count-1/44807472
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    Well, you all know I came back the other day. Today I was scrolling down to see what was all here and accidentally found this thread. Yeah, I asked Ksdaddy to post I was leaving and really wasn't expecting to come back due to my vision problems. Now I kind of wish I hadn't scrolled down and found this as after reading your very kind words I have tears in my eyes. What a bunch of great guys you all are. The time I was off, I learned a bunch of new songs which is good. Come Together is the one I'm on now and can't get it out of my head. Anyway, I laid in bed at nights wondering what was going on here and wondering if anyone was ticked off with me for leaving? As you know now I was getting blurry and a bit lightheaded and couldn't make anything out on the screen. Debbie was telling me she got like that in school staring at the screen all day. So I got off Facebook for good and thought I would leave here to and see if it helped. Anyway, I'll try and check in much more and comment where I can. Actually I always had a goal in my mind, I wanted 10,000 posts in. Why? I have no idea, Its just stuck in my head. Thanks everyone.
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    Nope. There was no attempt to hide the glue. You can see it on the inside.😁
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    A rarity for me... I got a new car today but not picking it up till Monday.. Very much looking forward to it 😄 (just thought id share that) Nothing special as such but its a 2019 model so it will just be nice to drive something built less than a decade ago 😄
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    I like that it has a "vintage switch tip", but no switch?
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    I posted this over in the Acoustic section yesterday, but I know some of you are afraid to go there 😱 Came in yesterday from Sweetwater and I'm lovin' it. I have a rosewood/spruce dread so thought I would give this iconic mahogany body a try and it is great. This will probably become #1 as the short scale and neck profile are so comfortable. Wish I'd bought one 30 years ago, but then of course I would have thought something else would be better. Flawless work from Bozeman, paperwork indicates it's a custom shop guitar, but website doesn't seem to agree? Regardless it's great, it is what they refer to as "Hummingbird Original" and has Baggs VTC pickup which works very well. While it is an undersaddle which can have drawbacks, they built in a compressor and I think they got it right - sounds very accurate plugged in.
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    Sounds just like my wife before the new Hearing Aids, Lol.
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    Great subject; but its wide & deep. Yes, I constantly measure my taste in music now against what it was when I was 16. Some of it has not changed. Most of it has. For example. I recall as a teenager asking to listen to Dr. Johns Gris-Gris album in a record store. I heard side one in a booth there. I was just curious about it. But I didn’t get it or like it. I couldn’t take the voice or the girlie choir arrangements. 50 years later I have all Dr. John’s albums. At 16 (1970) my favourite bands were King Crimson & Pink Floyd. I loved Ummagumma, Saucerful of Secrets, Court of the Crimson King and Lizard. I managed to get to see both Crimson & Floyd live back then too. I don’t listen to Floyd or Crimson anymore. I was trying to learn guitar too, so guitar focused rock was becoming important. I already liked Jethro Tull, but I also was getting into Taste, Blodwyn Pig and Spirit. I don’t listen to Tull anymore. I rarely listen to Rory (Taste) or Mick (Blodwyn). But I still love Spirit. TODAY: My favourite artists are Los Lobos, Ry Cooder, Widespread Panic & God Street Wine. I know without doubt that at 16 I would have not much liked these and would have certainly hated Ry. It took me many years to fully appreciate Ry Cooder. I liked little bits and pieces of what he did, but a vast part of his output eluded me. That’s an important thing. I have now caught up. Back to being 16. I listened to music actively. If I didn’t understand any music, I saw it as a challenge. Somehow I just knew there was value in certain music that I just ‘didn’t get’. I would deliberately expose myself to more or that music and try to be open to it. That’s how I got into Ry, That’s how I got into Bert Jansch, Miles Davis, JS Bach, Grateful Dead and Mothers of Invention. I had to work at it to appreciate it. It was not only worth it, but looking back, essential. There was other music I investigated that were dead ends. I bought albums and went to shows but ultimately dropped like hot bricks and never looked back. These were Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, T2, Elton John, BOC, Camel and Curved Air. Later, certain artists I would take one listen to, and think, ok I get it but… no thanks. These would include most ‘theatrical’ artists and many heavy bands. So I have zero interest in Metalica, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, KISS or Aerosmith. Heard it all before. The music that has remained constant from then until now is JS Bach, Dvorak, John Coltrane, Bert Jansch, Grateful Dead, Spirit, Charles Mingus and a few more. The pleasure I used to have looking forward to a new LP by Pink Floyd, Rory Gallagher, Hendrix, Pentangle or Traffic is still something I miss. They were exciting times. BTW, I know many here are great fans or some artists I have dismissed. Its not intended as a challenge. Its merely a difference in taste, and there’s no accounting for that.
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    People that call other people racist that are not racist,because they're so stupid they don't the meaning of the word racist.
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    The fact is no one knows all the answers really. If we did we wouldn’t be dealing with a mess. It’s a novel virus and science is a tool that can be refined over time. Science is about facts. It can be disproven - agreed. But all I can say is that I believe it’s safe to believe that this virus has the potential to cause a lot of harm and it can spread by us collaborating like business as usual. I’m no scientist or expert on this stuff, but it’s scary to think about what it can do to diminish our livelihood and or lives. And you’re right it’s something that has been heavily politicized and really shouldn’t be. Again don’t have answers to how to end this nightmare but I believe that masks and distancing are our best defenses at this point in time being we have no vaccine. Treatments may have improved but what tool do you have other than statistics or whatever to know the efficacy of them? I don’t believe you just want to give up and get it... maybe some do, but that’s not me. What’s more troubling than the solution is the lack of unity to fight together to be one all facing the same problem. That’s what a country is all about IMHO. We rise and fall together but we’re together and fought the good fight. We share our hopes and fears together to actually love our neighbor. I know what I’m saying can be taken as a grain of salt, but I’m happy to share my hopes and fears with whom I can and this place being my audience. I love my country and never want it to break down. I do want to persevere and give us the happiness of a future for our loved ones. Nothing IMHO is more American than speaking from the heart and unifying for the betterment of the world billions of is share together. It’s saddens me we are so divided and can’t send a positive message to all of us. I don’t want to be red or blue. We are the red, white, and blue. But I appreciate your sharing and hope for your happiness and prosperity American to American and all those abroad that our our friends and allies. Very idyllic yes, but no one can change how I feel and what I hope for. haha and I don’t really hate people, it was a joke. I have a good life and hope to give one to my future - our future. Peace and happiness my friend.
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    Honestly I’m lost for words on much of this business. It seems like people just started losing their minds. Such a hostile environment for conversation even. It’s like there’s no truth, those with the loudest voice chooses how to project reality onto others. Unfortunately I don’t like those today that have the loudest voices where I live. I’ve lived here for decades - all my life raised and born, I served this place, and I just cannot stand it. “Well just get out then” crap can retort to what I just said, but part of me loves my homeland and I just worry that there’s going to be a miserable future for my children. That’s really it. Not about me, the future of those I love the most. I don’t even want my kids to go to school because the threat of getting a potentially deadly or debilitating virus is there which could directly affect them or me (who needs to take care of them) or someone else. To deny this is lunacy plain and simple. I’m not an a-hole because I wear a mask and social distance. I’m doing it for the betterment of the people and ourselves in the process. And to be attacked for this... to be ridiculed... what have we come to I ask myself. This pandemic what was the last straw that broke the camel’s back for me aside from all the other idiotic garbage that has come about - from where I live. I hate that we can’t unite to fight this problem and the numbers clearly show it. I know I’m not entirely alone in this. Everyone has their challenges in this mess so there’s my sob story. I just deal with this crap best I can with my family. We have our health and each other so it could be worse. Been sheltering basically since mid March of this year of course. Do it because it’s the right thing to do the way I believe it. But you know, “Freedom! Liberty!” SMH.
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    I'm going to meet a local fellow tomorrow, and if all goes well, I'll be bringing home my first Fender Precision Bass. Made in Mexico, 2003. Been waiting for this for a very long time. 😐
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    Thanks again, I gave everyone a plus. That's the least I can do.
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    House of the Rising Sun is like Stairway to Heaven for me - heard to death and never really looking to hear it again.... then I heard this version.
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    You find the 1946 Gibson LG2 of your grandmather in a shop with knives on display case with prices? Very unusual
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    Hello, I came back tonight, Nothing personal when I left guys. I was having problems with my eyesight. I got very blurry and couldn't make out words or letters. I couldn't tell what I typed and was misspelling so many words because of it. My wife told me I spent too many hours looking at the screen and that was causing it as it happened to her. So that's why I left for awhile. I'll check in time to time but I do need to reduce time on the computer. I still get like that as it comes and goes. so I thought I'd at least explain to everyone what was happening. Rob, & I email each other, as a few here know pretty much every day, And I get that way with him too. Haha, He writes huge letters for me and that helps a lot. I can imagine at times, I have a ton of misspelled words but neither of us care as we can make them out. Anyway, This is just a heads up as to why I left. Every one on here has been great and kind to me over the years and I have never had any complaints with anyone. I learned a ton here and want to thank everyone for that. Guess this thread says any complaints? I guess my vision problems Lol
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    pretty much yes. Well I found an old link to the Gibson archive here http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2015/Memphis/ES-339-Studio.aspx This is my one (binding is black so hard to see on both burst and wine).
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    I live in Portsmouth in the UK. I was born here, but spent enough time abroad to get some perspective (eg: S. Africa as a child, and USA in my 20s). Portsmouth is an Island city. It’s also the home of the Royal Navy. When I was a kid, most of us were expected to begin careers in the Naval dockyard. Its far less Navy focused today. I live off Portsea Island. Since retiring 2 years ago, I wander for miles around here. The seashore is 2 minutes walk away. Portchester Castle is also close by. To the North is Portsdown Hill. A large chalk down overlooking the city. It’s wild & unbuilt on. It was my playground as a kid. Now I climb it sometimes on my walks. Up there are 4 Victorian Forts built in a line to defend the city from Napoleon. There are also 4 sea forts defending the harbour from sea attack. On the other side of Portsdown Hill is countryside; farmland and small villages. That’s more of a drive away though. I’ve been sea swimming a few times this year at with Cherry. We had to use the sea this year because lockdown closed the gyms & pools. She usually swims 4 times a week. She lives 20 minute’s walk from my house & we are pretty ‘loved up’. I never thought I’d still be living here at my time of life, but I’m very happy about it nevertheless. This is Fort Nelson overlooking Portsea Island. We walked there on Wednesday.
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    I live in a suburb, but on five acres including a spring-fed creek. There are 70 acres of woods surrounding a piece of protected wetland on/immediately adjoining my property back there, so it's blissful woods and privacy on all sides but one. I can literally walk out into the back yard naked if I wanted to (not that any sentient being would want to see such a thing) and there's nobody to witness it except for woodland bunnies, squirrels, raccoons, and the birds. Best of both worlds. 😐
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    Well I officially live in London according to my postcode but where I live is really the suburbs and its also right at the edge of the countryside too.. I live right next to one of the largest forests in the country (Epping).
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    "Sashalom" -XVIth district of Budapest. I call the eastern border of Budapest my home. It has a village-like vibe, as it was a village before WWII. That's where I was born. If I ever become lucky, I'd buy a house there. Right now, I live on the edge of the inner city of Budapest, right next to an underground station, in a rented blockhouse flat. It is very practical, but nothing like home. Bence.
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    If anything, i am more confident now that there is still hope for me😄
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    I CAN'T F#%KING LOG IN (a poem by John Sparkman) I can't f#%king log in and it's really most perplexing I really can't log in the problem is quite vexing I logged in just the other day As always, automatically I'd like to clarify, and to say The computer hadn't been acting erratically Until I installed that IOS update and then it all went to hell I'm sure I sealed my fate When I deleted my cookies as well And so now I'm locked out completely from all my favorite websites I have tried overtly and I have tried discretely Passwords, small bits and tera-bytes I'm a web forum has been my head is in a spin and that's the problem therein I can't f#%king log in 😟
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    So how do you really feel?.....lol.........I agree with you. Two more cops shot, people beaten while eating at restaurants, rioting, looting, arson. .....The time is coming (and it is near) when good people are going to be forced to do bad things. Those committing all this violence are not going to like how it ends.
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    I was perusing Peach Guitars (uk) site yesterday, and was surprised at how many guitars are now being offered with ebony fingerboards. I am very partial to ebony FBs for purely practical reasons, so am always on the look out for them. Last time I checked, most ebony types were still endangered species. I was used to seeing them used by mainly smaller builders. But there are at least 13 brands (including Gretch, Schecter, Ibanez etc.) with at least 32 models. I say 'at least' because the Peach search filter does not find all their ebony FB guitars. eg: It shows the Gibson LP Modern but not the Gibson LP Custom. These are some big companies. Maybe its still a smaller range of models, but it looks a significant increase to me. This link doesn't show a date, but a reply was 11 months ago. https://www.wood-database.com/wood-articles/ebony-dark-outlook-dark-woods/ This one is 2018 showing Taylors Cameroon sawmill https://www.taylorguitars.com/ebonyproject/
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    I bought my last les paul studio because i was looking for one with an ebony fretboard,as an added bonus the fretboard had no inlays on it.
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    I got into bands harder between 12-25 or so. Every now and then I'll stumble onto something I really get into nowadays, but nowhere near as often. Part of it is formative years and part of it is I just don't have as much free time as a supposed adult.
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    Teen years? Coitanly it does. Back then it was Leon Russell, Eric Clapton, Beatles, Stones, Johnny Winter, T. Rex, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa, all sorts of stuff that I still listen to. I'm with you on the Dead and had a couple of Deadhead girlfriends. They just noodle away and it doesn't go anywhere that I could see but each to their own.
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    Well, I could take a picture of my wife holding my guitar, then put THAT in the frame. Then it'd be my 2 favorite things in the world in 1 picture 🙂
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    I feel like I'm the only one around here who's getting real gigs. I'm not trying to rub it in. Actually had three gigs in a row this week. Played the golf course Thursday, acoustic gig Friday and then tonight at Baltimore Yacht Club. As you probably can guess, it was on the water. It was windy and already the temperature is dropping. We were a little chilly. But it was an awesome night. There's a long time local newscaster who is a friend of the band, and he has been trying to get us to play the club for awhile now. We had a gig booked for July 3rd but that got canceled due to Corona virus. So we played a private party tonight and it went great. They booked us for some more dates on the spot. Some of the members wanted me to hang out and party some more on their boat after the gig, but I thought that wasn't the best idea. Tempting as it was. Here is a view of the scenery and stage.
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    Deb just bought a new toaster for her new kitchen but a taster shaped into the Henry J car would be cool. I love those old cars. I'll tell you a story. Way back when I lived at home still in my 20's I bought a 49 Dodge Coupe convertible just for the 392 Hemi motor. I got a super cheap deal on it. I left it in the street by the driveway. My sister had a 66 or 67 mustang fastback. We were headed somewhere and when she started it, every time she pulled the floor shifter back to drive, it died out. After 3 or 4 times of doing that, she reved the engine high and slammed the shifter from park to drive. Haha, I knew what was going to happen but it was too late to say anything. The shifter locked in reverse and backwards we went into the 49 Dodge Coupe. Must have moved my Coupe backwards about a foot or so. So I get out to check the damage she did and all it did to my Dodge was polish the dirt off the chrome bumper. Not even a scratch. While her Pony, was totaled. Lol I started to laugh when I saw the damage she did to her car. It pushed the rear end into her back widow busting the glass out and her rear end was like a Gibson Flying V. The frame was bent out of shape. Yeah, Old cars are built Tough. They put some steel in them.
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    OOPS! In that case...... My sincere apologies to you and everyone.
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    people who ridicule other people for stupid reasons ie wearing masks. hmmmnnn
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    New FREE EXPANDED User Style for Band-in-a-Box. Band-in-a-Box has always had these limitations. 1) You can't put a chord both on a beat and the eighth note before that same beat 2) You can't put more than 4 chords in a bar of music Norton Music invented EXPANDED styles in the 1990s to overcome these limitations. Using EXPANDED styles you can put up to 8 chords in a 4/4 measure and that means you can put a chord on a beat and the eighth note before the same beat. You can read an explanation on how it works, listen to an audio demo, and download a FREE EXPANDED style for Band-in-a-Box here: It's a simple, basic Rock/Country/Pop style. It demonstrates how Norton Music EXPANDED styles work and it's yours FREE for the download. For more information and your FREE style, go to: http://www.nortonmusic.com/expanded.html Enjoy
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    So, picked up another guitar off of Reverb that I've been wanting since I was a kid. This one is a 1978 Peavey T60. Ever since I first seen blues guitarist Johnny Copeland playing one when I was a kid, I was like, "What is that?! That looks sweet!" and discovered it was this model and wanted one ever since. Years later, I finally got one, haha.
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    I have the older DSL40c for the last 3-4 years, and it’s been a great amp. I have never had a problem with it. Best thing I did was swap out the stock speaker with a Celestion 65w Creamback. The stock speaker is pretty much junk. It was a night and day difference in tone and color. The Creamback truly brought this amp alive!
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    Mine arrived this afternoon. I let it sit in it’s case for about three hours before opening it up to the air-conditioning. Been playing it all evening. . Really cool workmanship. Real easy and smooth player. Has more overtones than I was expecting. Fits nicely with my style. I’m sure I’ll be using this guitar a lot. I’ll get some pics tomorrow and try to get a video by the weekend.
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    Pulled the trigger on it. Sounds great! Heres a look.
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    Fun Fact: It was Last Dance with Mary Anne. Producer changed it, thought it cool. Thomas did not want to, took a while to convince him. rct
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    “And Lord, there’s just one more thing that I think you ought to know! If my old dog ain’t up in heaven, I don’t think I want to go.”
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    Too many old men with a pair of panties over their heads complaining how everybody else is a sissy.
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    Well thanks, fellas! We're good here, no trouble. A mandatory evacuation order was issued Tuesday morning but, after considering things for a time, I decided to stay on the island........which became a ghost town. I'll admit staying was a gamble as the early forecast tracks had a bullseye on us..........I imagine some would even say it was foolish. Perhaps. As it turned out we got a bit of wind and very little rain. As Sal sang it, a simple twist of fate. Thanks for your good wishes!
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    It's here! Oh, yeah.
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