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    New Same Guitar Day, HooRay!!!! Had this one a few years now, said when I brought it home I would do this. This is a2017 Mexican Strat, it was some limited thingy at GC. It was stupid on sale and I had a bag of mics to trade so I basically brought it home for nothing. It started life HSS. For about a day, it got a set of Duncan Stacks in it. Before: After: Pair of Duncan Saturday Night Specials. Nice pickups! That was fun. rct
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    Well... Apparently, I'm not alone: I still have the original PG intact with the Noiseless pickups that come with this JB Strat, so no harm, no foul really. All I have to do to restore it back to the stock configuration is swap the pickguards noting to reconnect a couple grounds and the output jack of course. Either way, I like this guitar better with HH TBH. Loaded up with a JB in the bridge and 59 in the neck - Seymour Duncan. I even like the reflector knobs too - courtesy of Gibson. Anyhow, wanted to comment on this thread because @rct and I have HH Strats with the pearly looking whatever it is pickguards, haha! I've heard mother of toilet seat... but I like the way these look. EDIT: Here's what it looked like first day I got it out-the-box... Even has the sticker on it at this point in time!
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    So you turned a strat into an lp. I know. I know. I`m dead to you. I shall go away now. 🙂
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    Nice looking SG, good luck with the sale. As Scales suggests, stick around! You would fit in nicely with our forum!
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    It's very simple Alex, when the smell wears off just go out and buy a new Gibson🙂
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    This is a ric case. Its pretty good. The best part are the latches they can be opened & closed with just a finger. Quiet too, like a quality car door.
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    People are horrible. I much prefer dogs. 😐
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    Yes, I was sorry enough to picture some of my cases. I dont suppose I'm the only one though. The first one is not actually that much good. Its strong enough to do its job, but the latches dont line up well, so the head end needs a thump to engage. Its a Kinsman:
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    And you certainly seem to be inferring politics into your posts. Don't you have 1943 J-45 bracing to discuss and how its different than a 60's model?
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    The '97 Fender American Series (Fender were not calling them American Standards at that moment) started out life stock as a dual humbucker Strat. I'll post a pic when I get home. I ripped out the pups and tone chased. I had Fender Eric Johnson pups in it and then Rio Grandes. It was the best of the 4 Strats I owned.
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    GuitarFetish.com has very good quality products at super cheap prices. If you want something good and cheap, here you go: https://www.guitarfetish.com/Fits-Stratreg_c_579.html
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    Yeah so, for a long time I was pretty famous for my uh...HD Stereophonic photography skills, so it was actually pretty funny of me to ask that. rct
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    The moron is the one who thinks that guitar is in mint condition.
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    Hard to tell what's going on with that guitar because the pics are trash. Looks like some mint condition scratches. And mint condition oxidation. Again, hard to tell as the photos were apparently taken using a potato.
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    no, stick around mate, you seem to have the knack of the understatement my daughter has a black SG whose paint is similar to that. I wouldn't call it glossy though.
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    the black finish seems to show a lot of wood grain. theres a black SG at my buddy's store here that looks the same.
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    I was ha ing episodes of vertigo a little-known over a year ago, I went to two specialists, one wanted to sell me hearing aids, the other, a ENT, told me to go without caffeine for 10 days, if that didn't work he would put me on Diuretics. Long story short, I gave up caffeine and it went away.
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    Stay hydrated(drink water). Often caused when salts come out of solution in your middle ear when you are relatively dehydrated and affects the system that stabilizes your equilibrium. It is miserable having vertigo. I did some of the exercises and drank a lot of water and it went away fairly quickly.
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    I had two L6ii in the 70's and no, they don't go into an SG case. We like our L6ii with wide bottoms and 6 positions. Like our womens. rct
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    I believe this is the 'period correct' case that came with my new Historic 1957 SJ-200.
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    do you guys have any idea what you're doing to RCT right now ?
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    Good old generic 80s tweed case with Tele - which in fact has its own black Fender case Calton (UK) early 80s made to measure, reinforced fiberglass - apologies for kitchen floor shot My favourite guitar case would be a black Gibson chainsaw with all the latches working. Those recent steel(?) ones didn't look bad either.
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    I'd love to blame autocorrect but I'm really not sure that wasn't straight typos 🤣.
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    And dont forget ICONIC....
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    This whole time I have not heard you once mention how each of these guitars sound. Ok, so the last on they sent you meets your visual approval. But it might sound the worst of all three of the guitars. That first one with the markings might have sounded the best. It's a musical intrument. Not artwork. The most imprortant thing should be how it sounds. Yes, I understand you pay a lot of money, and want it to look good, but don't you want it to sound good! Shouldn't that be the main thing you are looking for in a guitar???????????????????? And yet the only thing you seem to be concerned with is cosmetics. Just makes me shake my head...
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    Here she is all clean and ready to rock, or twang. For roughly $150.00 I have a Made in Mexico Telecaster that sounds absolutely great. I'm very pleased.
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    So you can see it's missing a tuning key, a switch tip and knobs. It also has lots of chips in the paint. So for the money, it's a good buy for me. I went about replacing the stock tuning keys with Fender locking tuners ($60.00), two knobs ($10,00), I had an extra switch tip and a set of strings on hand and set about cleaning it up.
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    I’ve been on that quest for a few years and every time I think I have it, it just turns out to be another nice guitar. Here’s my L5 on the wall next to a F5L and my other dream guitar a Super 400. This is a shot of my maple guitars
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    It's just a button I push to see if you're online.
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    In my day we would hose clamp it and just bite down hard when we had to fret there. Now get the effoff my lawn. rct
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    I've been thinking about trying these in a Squire partscaster build I' doing . Under $100 US a set . https://www.riverpickups.com/home
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    Well, as much as I may have sided with one side, it was partly in.. maybe not jest, but without much commitment. I doubt Trump is particularly empathetic. I also doubt Biden is ever really awake, and I bet Harris will be President soon, which I think is a bit of a scam. Sorry ksdaddy, will shut up now.
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    No, it was a good joke. My dumb. rct
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    Or more like an Anime cartoon. (I know I said I was going to shut up now, but this one just slipped out.) 😌
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    It was supposed to be a joke but not a very good one, I guess.
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    Apologies - I did burst out laughing when I read that sentence.
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    Nitro does not smell of vanilla.. Its a scent they spray in the cases sometimes.... I have worked with Nitro, its horrid chemical stuff and thats what it smells like.. Dry it smells like nothing.. I also hear they do that because the glue used in cases also doesnt smell that nice so it covers that up. I did get that confirmed with Gibson too a few years back.
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    I have too. And I have edited and highlit your post so despite the seriousness of the subject it is IMO now the single greatest most searingly truthful post ever on the whole Gibson forum. For - who among us can deny the same? Ah, memories.....Iconic.
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    I think the iconic joke has run its course ...
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    Unhappy Sergeant: Sergeant Wilson was appalled to discover that ten of his men were late arriving back at camp following their leave. As he waited impatiently at the camp gates, one of his men finally ran up to him, panting heavily. "Sorry, sir, I can explain," said the soldier. "This better be good," responded his sergeant. So the soldier told Sergeant Wilson his story. "Sir, you see I had a date and it ran a little late. I ran to catch the bus but I missed it. So I hailed a cab but it broke down. I managed to find a farm where I bought a horse but it dropped dead on me. In the end I had to run 10 miles but I am here now." Sergeant Wilson was skeptical about the soldier's explanation but at least he'd made it back to camp. The sergeant thought about it momentarily and then decided he'd let the soldier off this time. A couple minutes later, eight more of Sergeant Wilson's men ran up to the camp gates, panting heavily. The sergeant demanded explanations for why they were all late and each one of them all told the exact same story. Sergeant Wilson eyed them all suspiciously but since he'd decided to be lenient with the first soldier, he decided that it would only be fair to excuse them all too . A few minutes later, the tenth and final soldier came running up to the camp gates, panting heavily. "And where have you been?" Snapped Sergeant Wilson. The soldier quickly responded, "sorry sir, you see I had a date and it ran a little late. I ran to catch a bus but missed it. So I hailed a cab but....." Sergeant Wilson interrupted him immediately, "Let me guess soldier, It broke down?" "No sir," said the soldier, "There were so many dead horses in the road it took forever for the cab driver to find a way around them all!" Haha.
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    I work at NASA and we filmed the Moon landing in the big hanger where we park the Space Shuttle. I think George Lucas was the director. See if you can spot Yoda. People are stupid.
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    I just got one of these too, I struggled to find one in the yellow but I'm glad I eventually did. Gibson have been quite sparse in the UK lately, given whats been going on i suppose its to be expected. Its my first new gibson and its near faultless, there was some polish compound on the highest frets and in the serial number and a tiny rough patch on the fretboard at the 12th about .5mm round so easily sorted. My wife got it me for Christmas and I found time to change the strings and tweak the set up today, just adjustment for preference really. Like you say lower at the nut and slightly lower the action, generally expected really. I did have a moment of confusion trying to date it. When I took the pickup out to have a look in the cavity, and saw the dated sticker, 19th July 20, serial puts it at 1st March 20 and I initially read the inspection leaflet as 9th February 20. Couldn't have been inspected and packed before being stamped. I then realised I was reading it as a brit, its 2nd September. I need a break from the booze.
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    Forgot, I hope everyone does have a good healthy new year! Actually this one hasn't been so bad for us. Deb & I were talking and we were blessed pretty good. We both stayed healthy, The kids all did the same and worked from home this whole year. I got a new SUV, so we can't complain.
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    Yes, "Lucille" is a monster guitar!! I'm fortunate enough, to own one of those, as well... A 2002 model w/real ebony fingerboard! I'm sure your LP Trad Pro II is, as well. Regarding "wish I still had" guitars...I'd LOVE to still have my '68 LP Custom, '68 ES-355 Stereo, and 68 "Jet Glow" Ric 360-12 string! Kick myself, every time I dare to think about them!! Never mind, the '69 Marshall "Major" (200 watt) Full Stack! Seen below, in 1969 Polaroid print, when I was 19! Arrrrgggg!! ](*,) CB
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