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    We had an old PA system hanging around for some time. (Soundtech) powered mixer, two way (15s/Horn) enclosures. Wasn't using them, they weren't worth even selling really, maybe some where around $175/200 for all of it. My son and I agreed, just find someone who needs a PA and give it to them. There's a luthier in town, (she's excellent) she also teaches, (good guitar player) and has recently started mentoring a group of young players who've formed a band. They are very good for their ages (15~18). I asked her if she knew any one who would be interested and she immediately mentioned these kids. So I dropped them off at her shop and and she was going to see who among the 4 kids wanted the PA. She messaged me a few days later, and said the drummer had room in his basement, and he was taking it. That was the last I heard. Was happy to know there was some one who could use, them that's all we wanted. That was about 2 weeks ago. Monday I brought my 95 LP Standard for some maintenance, and I picked it up yesterday. While I was there she shows me the email from the kid's mom who took the PA. I was floored with the gratitude I saw in this email. This was a big deal for these guys. This old dusty PA system got cleaned up a bit, (it all does work) and is at last back to being put to good use. Dianne didn't want to take any money for the repair ($30) since this was a big help to her students, but I left the money on her bench anyway, this is how she pays her bills. We probably all got stuff we're not using and don't know what to do with, well, here's one thing you can do with that "Stuff" you may have lying around and are not using. a bit of good karma for the week goes a long way.
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    Personally I track my wife's movements on the Visa card.
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    Just received this guitar and love it...love to hear about and see pics of other Original Collection guitars!
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    I said I didn't need another Les Paul but my local Guitar Center had one of these so I had to go over and check it out. I was thinking I might trade my Les Paul Custom Lite, but they offered a pretty good price without the trade so I bought it. Didn't hurt that they had a sweet brand new Fender Super Reverb to demo it on. Has the Burstbucker 61R and 61T pickups - not sure how they differ from the Burstbucker Pros that are in my Standard, but they sound a little hotter, and a little dirtier although they clean up nicely at lower volumes. Also the "out of phase" push pull seems to be a little more distinct sounding than my Standard, maybe because the pickup are uncovered? The neck is a nice slim 60s style, although flatter than the asymmetrical fingerboard on my Standard. The finish looks like a plain top, and the photos don't show it very well, but there is some figure in there. I like the reflector knobs which seem a little taller and easier to grab onto than regular top hats, nut does not bind and the set up is overall very good. I will go over it in a day or two and set to my liking, but for now just having fun playing it. Has 9 hole weight relief, so comes in at 8.5 pounds, about a pound heavier than my Standard with "ultra-modern weight relief", but not too heavy. I don't play those 9:00 PM to 1:00 or 2:00 AM bar gigs anymore so hopefully I can tote it as long as needed.
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    So that's what turns my underwear yellow!!!
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    You can't throw a rock and not hit somebody who does something with a guitar or keys or DJ equipment. Lots do it for tips or for what they think is exposure, we call that gratis. The space is full, way full, full of people willing to go out on Thursday night and play two hours for diners and take home 30 dollars in tips. Getting decent gigs that will result in decent exposure that will result in moving even a few more records than a handful is becoming nearly impossible. Costs are too high, return is too low. Beatles existed in what would be a competition vacuum compared to today. They grubbed around in underground rock clubs and humped it the old fashioned way, like everybody else did back then. The more you worked the better your chances. That just isn't true today. If your uncle does taxes or some side legal work for one of the few distribution chains left you have a chance no matter how hard you suck. Nearly every pop/rock/country "star" today is either related to the industry or had parents willing to take three mortgages, move to Nashville, and spend two years haranguing producers to get Taylor Swift signed to something. Anything. That's how it works now. There is no flopping on your cousin's couch while you wait for the big break. It's a weird business, a strange world, has been for a long time now. Yes, I know, there are the exceptions, the "genius"es we get every six months or so, I get that. They flash and usually vanish because the market is never interested in your last record or your next one. rct
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    Gibson or Fender into - 1. Fender tweed type amp, or 2. Fender Blackface/Silverface. Lots of good amps are derived from those designs. I'm not big on modern Marshall amps. the old 1959's and JTM45's are nice for what they do but the new amps, the DSL/TSL's and those amps, are thin and fizzy, Hard to work on. They tend to have cranky owners too, lol. Gibson basically never made good amps. There were a few, but they also made some really bad amps. Fender just totally kicked Gibson's butt in the amp department. Nobody did anything as well as Fender did amps. I just work on tube amps, so I've grown to dislike modelling amps and distortion pedals and heavy effects, cause they're so compressed and flat. Playing with effects makes it hard to develop a intuitive connection between your fingers and your ears.
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    I recently purchased my first Gobson, a 2019 Gibson Explorer Antique Natural. I am mostly a Jackson guy. But I have a few other popular and cheapo brands. I always wanted a real Explorer and finally got it. I absolutely love how it looks, how it feels, how it plays, and how it sounds.But I do have one issue with it. It does not stay in tune that great. It's not horrible. It is mostly after a couple songs that the g,b, and high e go a little out. I've read that this is somewhat common on Gibson guitars. It's not that big of a deal for me. So I am going to use this issue to upgrade my tuners to locking tuners. I definetely don't want to be drilling holes for the new tuners. So does anybody know of any locking tuners that can be "dropped in" without drilling? Thanks.
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    My Standard 50s just arrived and I took off the pick guard and there was no damage. Get this, they put a nice piece of felt on the nut to protect the finish. My guitar was out Gibson's door on 05/27/2019. I guess they have been looking into the issue.
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    Curious, did you create this profile just to make this post? Your history is brand spanking new, are you afraid to come out using your normal profile? What do you have to hide? What's with all the caps in your other posts? Just CURIOUS..... Edit: I'm a huge fan of the wild wild west!!
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