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    This is a quote from the owner's manual for my 1960 Volvo. "Wash a new car often since this hardens the surface finish." So, I guess back in the day, the answer to your question was: yes.
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    I have been using the factory spec of phosphor bronze on my 2017 SJ-200. I have been disappointed in the tone of it since buying it. I had made a bone saddle for it to replace the factory Tusq. Did not solve the problem. Basically it sounded like the strings were dead all the time, even when new. So, I stopped by GC and picked up some Elixir 80/20 Light today. put them on. W O W ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I use those strings on all my Martins. But I thought Gibby had chose what was best for this one. They were Wrong! Happy player now!
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    I love 80/20s. It's worth remembering that Phosphor Bronze strings were invented in 1974, and most of the guitars we play were designed a long time before that...in effect, the SJ200 was designed for use with round core 80/20s. I have round core Newtones on mine at present and it sounds fantastic, different to hex core EXPs as I normally use but once the ears recalibrate, it's a gorgeous tone.
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    I recall discussions here about who makes Gibson’s strings. Was it clearly established as being GHS? I had a left over case-candy set of 80-20s from a new Gibson purchase. Popped them on a guitar for an experiment & ended up liking them a lot!
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    I put the same strings as you on my J-45 and was really pleasantly surprised,also.It seems to go against everything I'd heard about 80/20's.
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    The 80/20's do not do well in the room where I normally play guitar, and worse in my home project studio with shorter ceilings. The awful comb filtering combined with the extra brightness made everything sound far too harsh. I ended up hopping around various string types and landed on the Nickel Bronze for the SJ. However, in all seriousness, I did buy a set of those mondo expensive Titanium strings. I was going to put them on the 2018 'bird (standard), but I think I've decided to put them on the 2018 SJ (also standard). I did, recently, but a set of the Gibson 80/20 (not the new ones) on the bird. At first I hated them, but they simmered down after a few days and continue to do so a few weeks later.
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    Wait... Here we go with the "cleaning" again..... 😁
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    Yep. I've always preferred 80/20's on everything.
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    Was blessed with this awesome 335 for Christmas this year. 2001 ES335 in Vintage Sunburst with nice figuring. Family all pitched in and got it from my uncle, who is the original owner of it. It is really an amazing guitar. It came with the black top hat knobs and white switch tip, I had put the black reflector knobs and the amber switch tip on to change it up a bit, I like how the knobs match the pickups and rings. I'm normally not a fan of the slim taper neck, but this neck just feels perfect and plays effortlessly. It has the stock 57 Classic pickups in it, and they sound great in this guitar.
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    I had Joe Bonamassa sign my LP between the tuners on the back of the head stock (least touched part of the guitar) and I had him sign the truss rod cover. BTW Joe Bonamassa gives a "life time" warranty on his signatures. I heard him tell one person that had him sign the body of the guitar and mumble about it rubbing off. Joe's answer was: "if it ever rubs off or fades away, come back and see me and I'll resign it, it has a 'life time' warranty"
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