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    Finally got my '77 LP Standard up and running and it plays like it's 1977 all over again! I changed all the hardware to black, even all the various screws. New tuners, strap buttons, bridge and end piece, nut, knobs, pickup mounting rings, etc., set up and intonated and ready to rock.
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    Hey there! I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone might have any information about this Gibson LP CS that I own (sounds infinitely ridiculous, I know... I own the guitar and know very little about it...) I purchased this from a private seller, has to be about 10 years ago now, and I haven't seen many others (if at all) like it... just curious if anyone knows anything more than I do about it!! Thanks so much in advance for your help!! John
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    I got into bands harder between 12-25 or so. Every now and then I'll stumble onto something I really get into nowadays, but nowhere near as often. Part of it is formative years and part of it is I just don't have as much free time as a supposed adult.
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    I think I was 9 when I built a crystal radio and started listening to what ever I could find on it through an earphone all night long. I started banging on an upright piano a few years before that. I was able to read music before I got my first guitar at 12. I listened to every thing in the 60's played on KFWB like, surf, rock, r&b and pop. When I started playing with friends we played very simple songs leaning towards rock. At 14 I joined a band playing bass and eventually playing Stones, Animals, McCoys, Seeds, Turtles, Yardbirds and so on.. Living in Laurel Canyon at 16 I joined a blues band playing bass then switched to rhythm guitar. I went into the Army a year later and learned to play lead from some southern boys. later after absorbing Cream, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin my foundation was formed to play progressive rock fusion and throw in some ZZ Top once in a while.. I have evolved to prefer improv and anything I can remember how to play, or learn by accident..
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    Thanks QM and KC! We are in full virus lockdown with 9pm curfew to boot in Victoria, Australia and it is a good distraction to have a houseful of acoustics! Even had to fix the lawn mower and do the lawn myself! BluesKing777.
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    What's a man called if he looks at a naked women and doesn't turn his head away? Would that be NORMAL? Lol
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    Yes and no... Im a teen of the 80s so when I did get in to rock it was AC/DC (thunderstruck), Metallica and Guns N Roses... Those bands I still listen to selectively. Metallica only the Black album and before and AC/DC I generally listen to the Bon Scott era more than anything (Powerage is still awesome) .. GnR is something I listen to very occasionally but thats always mainly been about Slash and Izzy for me... BUT at that time I was also listening to Skid Row, Motley Crew etc.. Never listen to that any more.. My first ever gig was Skid Row 🙂 I guess at the time I was young and probably angry at something and wanted music that mirrored my moods or whatever.. and there was plenty of it back then. There probably were a few more generic hair bands but I cant really think of them now.. Ohhh W.A.S.P. anyone know or remember them? It was only a few years after I got into the 60s/70s stuff and Blues etc.. Which is my favourite, But I still like the odd mosh out now and then 😄
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    Teen years? Coitanly it does. Back then it was Leon Russell, Eric Clapton, Beatles, Stones, Johnny Winter, T. Rex, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa, all sorts of stuff that I still listen to. I'm with you on the Dead and had a couple of Deadhead girlfriends. They just noodle away and it doesn't go anywhere that I could see but each to their own.
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    time and place definitely made an impression. I was a big ACDC fan, but in my +50 yrs don't find myself wanting to put them on, but I have found myself trying to acoustify some of there stuff. i could ramble on, but will leave it at that. Well maybe a little more - George Thouroghgood reminds me of good times back in the day, and I love riffing out to 'bad to the bone'. But that's not the only stuff i listen to and try and do, but it is the stuff that makes me smile with memories, but there's lots of stuff i did not listen to then and love now, ramble
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    People that call other people racist that are not racist,because they're so stupid they don't the meaning of the word racist.
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    Strange happenings this morning. Maybe the snake pictures and talk were an omen........Snakes don’t bother me much and I love reading about the big constrictors. Once got to hold a 12-13ft. Reticulated Python at a zoo and was very impressed by how strong it was for being a young juvenile. Definitely wouldn’t want to be near the big ones.....Anyway, this morning I found a copperhead in our backyard. 3-3 1/2 ft long. Acted pretty healthy and wasn’t threatening. We haven’t seen these near our neighborhood for the last twenty years, since our home edition was totally developed. Anyway, I gently picked him up and put him in a burlap bag and drove him out to Lake Jacomo ( about five miles away) and released him out in he woods. It crawled away and that was it. Got me a cup of coffee on the way home and been playing guitar for the last hour or so. .....Haven’t told my wife about the snake. I guarantee you that she doesn’t want to know.....lol.
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