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    Very, very cool. congrats!
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    Thanks Tom! Tom's collection of stuff brings to mind another 'problem' big Lotto winners must have: what to do with all the current stuff you have and probably don't want....do want...don't want... Give it away, sell it, set a match to it all? A lot of work you won't have much time for while you are counting your beans!!!😄 You know, you have the opportunity to 'let go' - myself, it could be 2 or 3 beautiful guitars and a laptop, perhaps? Modernism gone wild. 50 style all window low slung house on the sandhill on the beach with the music room overlooking the sand and one guitar and Mac....😁😁😁 BluesKing777.
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    Twang, IMHO, that's a reasonable argument to debate. But, I believe that sometimes, it is not something you pickup on immediately. often times, it's very subtle things that you discover over time. That's how it was with my 2002 LP. it had v1 BBs stock. over time I realized, they just didn't have quite the "stuff" I was looking for. and then when I swapped em out with a set of Duncans, even that was a roll of the dice, b/c I had no good way to know the combo I decided on, was really the combo I wanted. Turns out it was and those pickups have remained.. But that could have been a red herring too. someday, I will put a set of Classic 57/57+ in that one (I really do like those.. My bro inlaw has a set in his traditional so I know what they do)
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    I think it depends on your goal with this guitar. Are you going to play it? In which case getting the sound you want is very important so change the pickups. But at the same time you seem concerned about it's resale value, so if that is the primary reason you bought it (investment) then leave it as is. I never understood buying a guitar that had pickups you don't like. If you don't like the pickups and the way they sound then don't buy the guitar. Why purchase a guitar for a given price and then go spend another $800 for new pickups plus installation costs? I'm not trying to be argumentative or critical. But I always bought various guitars to perform with them, and bought guitars based on how they sounded and played. If I didn't like the way a guitar sounded I wouldn't buy it. I suppose there are instances where you love a guitars neck feel and frets etc, but you want a different tone so you purchase it and install different pickups. But if that is the case then it would be a guitar you would keep for a long time, play, and not worry about resale value. Generally guitars are not good investments anyway, unless it's a super expensive collectible to begin with, then it might go up in value over time. But 99% of guitars are worth a lot less when you go to sell them than when you bought it.
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    The very best new Hummingbird I could find, I would be willing to travel a bit to find just the right one. I don't want to buy vintage, I want to make it vintage...
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    I'm with ME, nothing your about to is going nothing you can't walk back. save all the original parts and you're covered for a resale if that ever happens.
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    The important thing here is that the mods you want to make are not irreversible. If needed you (or next owner) could restore to its original condition. So best to keep the old pickups for that reason. Go for it 🙂
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    Hello, I got an SG standard about a year ago. I'm thinking about installing new pickups so I can get a sound as close as the SG standard 61. Right now I've picked two possible sets: 1. Seymour Duncan Hot-Rod set (JB & Jazz Pickups) 2. 490R & 498T pickups Which do you think I should try? I am also open to any other suggestions.
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    I ordered a pair of Black Mean 90's for my 339 today..
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