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    Here's my TV.
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    I had a good day yesterday! We finally got down to our holiday spot at Mallacoota, a small coastal town recently ravaged by bushfires. It was a relief to find our caravan & annex much as we left it other than a bit of ash and lots of cobwebs outside. This iconic paradise was devastated by fire just after new year and over 100 houses lost! That was the worst loss of any town in this terrible event. We are yet to look around to see the extent of damage here. Hundreds of kilometres of pristine forests were destroyed in the fires and we drove through much of it yesterday. Beautiful trees and flora gone or damaged, though vast signs of regeneration evident in the eucalypts offer hope for the future. What can’t regenerate is millions of unique Aussie birds and animals lost in the holocaust....very sad! The news coverage cannot properly convey the scale of the devastation adequately. It’s immense! Yesterday I was fitted with new hearing aids after a wait of 5 years. That’s the frequency the government requires for replacements. Not being able to hear has been hell for me and those around me! My audiologist and equipment supplier elected to cover the $4,000 gap between my entitlement and what I actually need. So far the results are fantastic and I see my life turning around, We had a small dinner party last night in a small area and I heard pretty much everything that was said to me, and much of what wasn’t! How many of you have trouble when the background noise goes up? In the end it was like I was isolated, but hopefully not any more! 2020 looks like it’s getting better and better! Look after your ears guys as being deaf is horrible!
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    Just picked up the new Frontier at Long and McQuade here in Halifax. I was looking for a good guitar that I could travel with if needed. Last year I had bought a Insp Texan and was pleased with the guitar on the whole. Soundwise it was good but you really had to bang on it to get through the poly finish,soundwise.I took the Texan in to the store and decided I would trade it in if I liked the Frontier. Which I did. The Frontier had a open, looser sound by far which was good but didn't compress and get overly jangly on hard strumming., which some maple guitars do. It certainly had the "woofiness" of a good dread to combine with high end sparkle(not just high string cut) so I am pleased. That "woof" sealed the deal as it sounded like it had the goods, though new and green, to age into a real, quality guitar of sonic substance.Build quality is excellent,though I'm going to change out the compensated saddle to bone, which the original is not from the looks, just seems like Tusq, especially as it's graduated. Neck is very comfortable D profile, near identical to a 61 Hummingbird. The 12" radius is a flatter, more comfortable strummer than the Texan(14) due to this radius change. The laurel neck and bridge is new to me, and I have no issues with the streaky look. It's real wood and not richlite or ply .The neck mimics a fuller feel, yet is quick and only very slightly thicker at the 12th fret light, so it plays as fast as needed very easily. Finish is nicely done, very thin and low gloss, not tacky in the least. Tuners are gold with the slightly swirly translucent knobs which are a classy original cop. Overall I'm very pleased and think this is a great step for Epiphone to draw on their past, and build a cost effective, keeper guitar. I have pics but the size is too big to post and unsure how to shrink them for the format.
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    I haven't really held my value either
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    I have a Custom Shop SG Custom with the 490R/490T configuration and I quite like it, especially for recording. I find the 490s really allow the personality of different pedals and amps to come through very well. And as a result, I can get a lot of really great tones with the SG. I have a US LP Standard with BurstBucker Pros and a Custom Shop LP Standard with CustomBuckers, which are both great guitars, too. But both LPs generally sound like themselves more consistently regardless of the pedal(s) and/or amp I play them them through. The BurstBucker Pros are really hot and cutting; the CustomBuckers are more organic / airy / woody sounding. So, I can use the SG to get a wide range of tones - a wider range than the LP, at least to my ears. And I can use the SG to compliment the LPs nicely, if that’s what I ‘m looking for. So as with many questions around pickups, a lot of it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a lot of flexibility, then the 490R/T configuration can really deliver. And I think you can probably get just about any sound out of them if you put in the effort to tweak your setup.
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    Sweet! Explorers are great guitars. Just wish they'd offer a 1984 standard every year. I do not want a pickguard on an Explorer. It's a deal breaker. Even people who hate metal think Hetfield when they hear "Gibson Explorer".
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    Then my work here is done. 😉 " Thanks for taking the time to explain things!" Sure, no worries.
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    I installed a matched set of Slick Junior P90's, from GFS, in my Tele replacing the stock P90's that were a little microphonic. The new pickups, a hot 9.6K bridge and a 8.0K neck, sound really good to my ear on my tube amp.. The Slick Junior P90's both have the same pole spacing which is similar to a typical neck pickup, but aligned with the strings quite well in both the bridge an neck position. Very little 60 cycle noise, also the neck pickup is in reverse polarity so when in center switch position the hum cancelling works quite well. Oh one last thing, Slick pickups came with a really nice long braided wire, already tinned for soldering..
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    When I think about truly great songs that have been forgotten by the passing of time that should be up there among the classics, still being played today, this song is at the top of my list. What a masterpiece of a song, one that mixes Springsteen quality lyrics with British rock and roll. To me this is Sweet Home Alabama classic standard and beyond... What is your top lost gem? Lars
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    The purplish hue around the borders is due to using an old camera. The body is alder with aged cherry laminate. Before: After:
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    I think I agree with that, these newer reverb pedals seem to do a better / cleaner more articulate job than the spring tanks on our amps. I have a Holy Grail Neo, and it sounds really nice. I don't need much to know it's there either.
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    I like my pedals and like the sound I get with them, but I rely most on my reverb, delay, and tremolo pedals... just enough to know they're there. My Hall of Fame reverb is far better than the reverb on the amp I use it on. I bought them all new and have no desire for more than the six I currently use, with two in the closet. Nor do I have any desire for one multiple effects pedal.
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    Doug! Check with the IRS, you probably have a dedicated schedule of tax deductions, have you filed yet? with the returns, you can get some more pedals! (see what I did there..)
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    Hello all! I’m curious if anyone knows the history of the Custom Shop Non Reverse Reissues. In my research the only information I could find is an old thread on the Les Paul Forum from 2002 asking if anyone would be interested in them as they’re the only guitars Gibson hadn’t reissued. https://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?16451-Would-you-buy-a-reissue-non-reverse-firebird Later in the thread LPNV59 states : “The non reverse is back! I saw a about a dozen or so non reverse birds at the custom shop this week. All were fitted with 2 full humbuckers, don't know which type, with open top covers. Three of them were swirl finished in green/yellow, orange/red and blue/silver. They have a bigger neck profile as well and a coil tap series/parallel wiring set up.” This is the orange/red version, I call it copper... By reading this I am finding out, I suppose, that this is amongst the first wave of Custom Shop Non Reverse Historic Reissues. Pretty damn cool if so! It comes with the Custom Art & Historic Case and Certificate. Gibson Customer Service verified it’s authenticity but wouldn’t give me anything else. I read on an old sales post for a blue one that only five were made in that finish. Would love to know if that were true. Anyone know or remember anything about these?
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    It Hurts Me Too - Elmore James
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    Hey all - got up a little early, got some guitar time in and all i can say is guitar is fun... fun, fun, FUN! Great way to kick off the day and hope you all get time to enjoy the instrument of your choice today :). (Note - I said 'instrument' to leave the door open for big bill to chime in if he so chooses). Anyone looking forward to some good music time today? FWI - I play most mornings, today just seemed like a good one
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    I didn't say I don't clean them. I gig 8 guitars regularly. No more than two gigs on a set of strings. Every string change is a cleaning and checking of the math that equals a good setup. I rarely intonate because well intonated guitars using the same gauge over and over don't need much movement, neither does the truss. My guitars are maintained to the standard of a guy that goes out and gets paid to use them. With all of that said, I've never used any oils or emolients or super secret sexy wax or anything of the sort ever on a fingerboard ever, and I've never suffered for it or seen a guitar that was clearly suffering from an unconditioned fretboard. Cleaning them and maintaining them is enough. This idea that rubbing exotic oils all over them is somehow making them better, or last longer, or more valuable, is to me, just laughable and isn't a direction new people should be heading. rct
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    Gibson Acoustics are made in Bozeman Montana. Gibson had a plant in Memphis and it closed in 2019. All eclectics are now made in Nashville. When the Memphis and Nashville plants were running both made different models. One solid one the hollow stuff. Gibson used to be in Kalamazoo but that is long gone and the employees that stayed took over the guitar making equipment and started the Heritage Guitar Company. They make lots of models of everything. There used to be about over 100 different Les Paul's on the web site, but they trimmed down. There are more experts than me on this site who can go into greater detail.
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    I used to get up very early. 4:00am every morning to get ready for work and the long drive there. After 24 years and 4 months at Havelock Shops, and retiring from the Railroad, I now enjoy sleeping in to whenever I happen to wake up! LOl I can play the guitar whenever I want to throughout the day.
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    6.05am: Figured out Perfidia and fingerpicked it acoustically on the 650C. Wedged the lower bout into the chair to get some extra resonance. Played it in G. I think it might play easier in another key though... Walked 7 miles so far (at 16.20 GMT).
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    Well, I tickled the ivory first thing this morning... For you guys with your mind in the gutter, I was playing my organ!
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    So much comedy, so little time... rct
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    That can be fixed. Almost anything can. Your story is one most of us dream of. I bought a house and there is a 60's Gibson in it. Life must be rough.
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    Folks, Check this baby out: They say “Old Is Gold” and this one fits that description. I hope you enjoy like I did! JC
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    New Guitar Day. Picked up this 1980 Hondo II HD990WA (in Walnut finish) for $115 at a local pawn shop the other day. She cleaned up real nice. Feels really good, sounds fantastic, and (for a single humbucker pickup-equipped guitar) it's amazingly versatile. Nato body and neck, and she features an original DiMarzzio K-10 humbucker. She weighs 8 lbs, 4 ounces and has a 24 ¾ ” scale The small switch is described as a Series/Parallel Mini Switch. It's sort of a coil-tapping feature, unique for a barely post-1970's guitar. (I'm sure the electronics experts will educate me on the fine points of that item.) I just know it sounds great in both distinctly-different tonal options. I am really digging this old guitar! I can't wait to gig with her. 😙
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    Awesome Jinder, been looking forward to this - will give a listen later this evening! Congrats on getting another one done, and for what it's worth, your rendition of 'aint no sunshine' is still my all time favorite you tube vid.
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    Does anyone else do requests from the grandkids? (Grandpa....Can you play, "Colonel Hathi's March" from the Jungle Book?) I looked it up, very easy to do. They had me playing that one country song, end of last year, something like, "Old Town Road. " I really hated it. Did it anyway for them.
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    My safe word is "intonation". rct
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    We never had any of these issues in the past when the two of us got together! You always liked that stuff!!
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    Awesome topic! Just bought a Alleykat TB and I'm loving it! As a rock player and a mod lover, I did some... Removed the "treble Rythm" plate; Changed the master volume knob to and old and better grip one; Removed original pickups and replaced it with a pair of EVH Wolfgang humbuckers. Changed the potentiometer to a Gotoh A 500k with treble bleed master volume.
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    That's great! I'm happy to hear they worked out well. I'm still wondering about installing a standby switch to extend tube life. I don't know how difficult it would be.
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    JCV, the more I contemplate your post the deeper the roots of thought grow within me. For what it's worth, if I were to describe that particular Everly Brothers model played in the Norman's video I would say that it has quite a bit of sustain. However, that guitar strongly emphasizes the fundamental of each note with a strong initial punch followed by almost no overtones whatsoever. This is likely due in part to the maple back & sides. The tone of this guitar provides a stark contrast to the many rosewood guitars that tend to really emphasize subsequent overtones. Many years ago I had a beautiful used Goodall guitar at home on a trial period from a remote dealer. A friend of mine accidentally managed to put a ding in it one evening and so I felt obligated to buy the guitar. I found out much later that had I simply let the dealer know what happened they would have happily taken the guitar back and charged me a small amount for the damage. My experience with that Goodall proved to be a good one however as it really helped me figure what I do and don't like in terms of guitar tone. In terms of appearance that guitar was a real beauty and for that reason alone I was tempted to hang on to it. (I also really dug the "flying G" on the headstock since my last name is Guthrie.) Regardless of how impressive the Goodall looked or how nicely it played, I just did not care for the way it sounded in my hands. It was like it was too pretty or too beautiful sounding for me if that makes sense. Essentially I figured out that I personally don't care that much to play guitars gushing with overtones. Mind you I love listening to other people play them but they just aren't for me. So here I am a couple of decades later with a few mahogany guitars, one maple guitar and even one rosewood guitar (one that still sounds pretty fundamental in nature to my ear). While they all sound different to some degree, I truly like how each of them sounds in the context of my playing and my music — even if they do manage to all sound a lot alike when I listen to the recordings I've made of myself. In reality your holy grail when it comes to tone is likely closer to mine than many people might think. Yet you would never know it by the way we describe guitar tone. I suppose that's what makes such conversations interesting.
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    I am a self taught bass player and can strum a few chords on a guitar. I bought a house and all it’s contents as an investment property and this guitar was inside the house. I plan on selling it but have no clue where to begin.
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    Stickers are for cases. My frets are dry is the quote of the day. Congrats on your new axe.
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    Nice, Lars. I'm going to find it on Tidal. I suspect the song had some of it's ebb and flow squeezed out of it. I've got two entries. The first is a song that was popular and not lost, but I do feel it never got the accolades it should have. Very tough subject to boot. One of those songs that I wish I had written, but wish never had to be written to begin with. It's tragic to the nth degree. The second is one of those Blues acts who got "discovered" way too late in life, but we still have a decent sized catalogue to work with. My favorite version of Rolling and Tumbling Blues with his grandson on drums and his one-time neighbor and, as he says, "white son" on guitar.
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    I might be in minority here, but I really like the finish. It makes for a convincing appearance of an old, but well cared for guitar, which I think is what Gibson is aiming for. Lars
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    Keep in mind that lemon oil for guitars is not oil from lemons. I use Dunlop Ultimate Lemon Oil once a year (Sweden, so the RH changes drastically from one season to the next. I now use a humidifier). We're entering into Snake-Oil-or-not territory here, but... I've owned guitars with rosewood fretboards that couldn't even spell "hardcase", RH from 20 (winter) to 90-100 (summer)... Ten years and NP. Would I chance it today? No. Ebony is way more susceptible to cracking than rosewood. Still, from my experience - once a year is enough. I'd let it sit for about 30 minutes. Hope that helps.
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    I do not watch TV. Haven't for about 8 years now. Life is really so much better without it. :)
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    JZ, I think the mic 🎤 placement in that clip wasn’t the best this video does the AJ much more justice: I think you will grab a better hint at the tone after hearing that one. These guitars are out of this world and I played the entire Historic Line . Music Villa posted this today after getting a batch of Historics in: New 2020 Gibson’s have arrived!!! We’re shocked by the tone & quality... Gibson has just leveled up, big time! AMAZING instruments with that classic/vintage Gibson appeal! JC
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    Cut up lots of bits of wood from bigger bits of wood 🙂 Like Fun huh 😄
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    Still have a few tractors that have magnetos and distributors that need adjustment. Model A international,Model B International and a propane powered 930 case. Most of the other that were points I changed over to electronic ignition kit you can buy. Pertronix I think is the name of the kit. Don't you just love the Internet when you need to know something?
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    UPDATE: Got a new one, looks great no cracks or dings, sounds great too. Time to do a setup and intonation and then i'm good to go 😄
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    They made epiphones with that TRC until a certain date. Then they stopped. That's it. No mystery.
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    Wow, zombie thread time. Where have 11 years gone? The mythology around those Czech Epis endures...European, so gotta be good, right? And rare, and special. Yeah, well. British Leyland cars were 100% manufactured in the United Kingdom.
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    They also changed the neck angle on the Les Pauls between like 1956 and 1960. I heard Bernie Marsden saying how they started with a flatter neck angle in the early fifties and then increased it until 1959, when it was at a maximum, and then made the 1960 model flatter. Neck angle effects sustain and that stuff, so maybe that has something to do with it. '58's and '59's have the greatest neck angle...
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    Just to let everyone to know I went through 3 Les Paul classic 2020 Honey burst . everyone one of them the necks where terrible fret buzzing and dead frets all over the neck on all 3 of them couldn't even get a low action at all. I am disappointed in them. I really loved the guitar but hell I bought a LTD a while back les paul style and its one of my fav and plays amazing. For less money. Epiphone needs to fix this issue. I am wondering if has anything to do with the Corona virus that the workers are not doing a good job. 3 in a row is a strike out for me. I wanted to like the guitar.
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