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    Lucky passed away on the 17th, few knew of him, but those that did were in for a treat, his dad was a bluesman, owned a club in Buffalo NY, when Lucky was 5, Willie Dixon heard him play, and took him under his wing. He played with Etta James, Bobby Blue Bland, Winton Marsalis. No word on his cause of death but I suspect Covid19. He was 55.
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    '63 ES-330, '70 ES335, '83 ES-335 Dot:
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    A few pairs of ES’s 1959 EB-2, 1968 ES-335 12, 1968 EB-2DC, 1967 ES-335, 1974 Les Paul Signature Guitar & Bass, 2016 ES Les Paul Bass & 2015 ES Les Paul.
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    Turned out excellent,used lard in the mix.
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    yeah, my old Melody Maker has never worked out for me. It's beat to heck and had no respect over its life before I got it cheap (trem added and removed, bridge set to left handed then back to right, stupid heavy tuners to make neck dive - which I've replaced, snapped headstock with dodgy repair and paint over, which I've sorted out. It does have a pretty cool punk vibe about it and bizarrely, given the treatment I mentioned, it's got all original electrics (one pickup model) and burst paint job. It's a '61 double cut just like the Jr here so it might even be worth more than I paid for it as a bit of fun for someone its downstairs in my sons room...dammit I should try to bash the set out on it today and see how much it sucks. That pickup is awful, and I hate the neck, and how the strap attached at the dumb chunky neck joint, and.... (But it does look kinda cool )
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    She sounds like a keeper!! My wife is pretty knowledgeable about my gear and tone after all these years. I bought my first Gibson back in 2010. I wasn't planning on buying anything at the time, but my buddy was driving hours away to buy a Gretsch so my girlfriend (now wife) tagged along. Ahh to be young with no responsibilities to be able to take road trips at the drop of a hat. Anyway, I have always dreamed about J45s since I was young. I would take my Musicians Friend catalog to school, hide it in the book we were reading, and circle guitars. Always a J45, even though I had never played one or even been in the same room as one. So while he is trying out Gretsches we wandering around the store. I took a J45 standard off the wall and strummed a simple E chord and was blown away. Just floored. I look at her and she says "Buy it." This was a LOT of money for us at the time, but not to mention I was supposed to be using that money for an engagement ring/wedding, but she really wanted me to have that guitar. I played a few other high end acoustics in the room for reference, but none compared so we left with it. To this day it is still her favorite of any guitar I own. I have been able to play a lot of J45s since then, and while they are all usually good, there seems to be something special about this one...
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    I'm thinking of sitting in an alley with a bottle of rotgut wine, yelling at strangers. Just for the social interaction.
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    "I Return To Music" - Mark Murphy
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    Really? Is a guitar forum the proper place to bring this up in?
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    We seem to have enough over here that they are doing clearance sales https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/clearance/gibson/
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    I retired from the military although I had to hear for years I was in a fake service cause I was in the Coast Guard after 23 years. I still have to work to be able to survive.
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    RIP, Lucky. Saw him at a Blues festival in Greensboro, NC around ten year ago.
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    Taylor guitars just don't sound good unplugged (to my ears anyways).
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    True, If we knew what we actually had back in the 50's & 60's and what they would have gone for today, we would have never gotten rid of anything. Unbelievable what even some toys are going for now.
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    Yep, as the title says - a blues played on my 2002 Gibson J50. (hot off the luthier's bench yesterday!) Pointed the Neumann KM184 mic at the guitar and played - got most of the fretboard, I think! BluesKing777.
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    No cases, deaths, or recovered in my subdivision, family or circle of friends.
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    Hey Bence! Glad to see you're still around! Been a while. Hope all is well. And Brad is right, P90s and Mini Buckers are also quite different. Cave, Scope out SG Classics on Reverb or the Bay. They stopped making them sometime around 2009 I think. But they're nice SGs. P90s, bound neck, white "Bean" tuners.
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    Very nice. Congrats.
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    "Pavane for a Dead Princess" - Maurice Ravel - excellent guitar version by Larry Coryell on his 1975 "Restful Mind" LP
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    The big question is does your hand or wrist still now hurt when playing another one of your guitars where previously it didn’t hurt. 1) If so, that would mean you may have injured your hand or wrist, potentially coincidently when you bought the J-45 or even from the J-45 during the excitement/stress of purchasing a new guitar. If so, let it rest and heal, looking up proper care on the internet (or through your doctor) for tendinitis, a term you mentioned. 2) But, if you feel hurting it was actually caused from the J-45 and wasn’t a coincidence or from initially playing on it too hard, return it. 3) . If the J-45 hurts your hand/wrist playing it, but, otherwise it’s presently fine playing another guitar In your home, then it’s obviously the J-45 not being a good fit for you to own for whatever reason. Return the guitar while you can under the dealer’s warranty and buy another guitar now or at a later date that is a better fit for you. Seems to me it’s got to be one of these. You would have knowN right off the bat if the J-45 was causing the pain, which it seems maybe you did infer in one of your initial posts, but I am not really certain, Good luck and I’m sure you use your good judgement. Hope this helps! QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff
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    Had one and a BB King. I want another D-18. Or a 00-18 like Steve Howe has. I did the same thing you did after the big cheeses at Gibson made Mark A. their taking puppet, and were and still are gonna sue everyone who makes guitars that have strings. http://imgur.com/7EojopJ http://imgur.com/Iye0acU
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    I have one around my neck at the moment so they're not too hard to find, ha, ha. Tons of them on eBay and Reverb, I'm sure.
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    Just checked my local guitar store,cherry 335 in stock. Do not know where you are,but as i said my local shop saying they have that model in stock. I’m not in the market for one right now,the one I’ve got is good.
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    Making bread,7 loaves a baking.
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    Action is too high, get a setup. As part of that make sure the nut sluts are cut right, Gibson's are always too shallow, this makes the action too high, most noticeable on the first 2 or 3 frets. Also the bridge (saddle) may need to have some material removed. None of this is uncommon. if you have a ruler that shows 64s of an inch, you'll be looking for some where around 5/64s bottom of Low E to top of 12th fret, and 4/4s high E. If you check now I bet your closer to 7/64s or 8/64s on your low E.
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    NOTHING! And I love such days! 😄
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    Sounds like you bought it at a retail guitar shop. They should have looked at the action before selling it. It is clearly too high. I'd get there tomorrow, and have something with you to measure it with, compared to the action on your comfortable Fender. You can get a 'feeler gage' for measuring spark plugs at a Walmart, etc. If NEW, new - it is under warranty. And, the shop should have at least a 3 day return policy - if they can't fix it for you whilst you wait. Gibson, and others, set their action a little high at the factory because it' easier to lower than raise. With a truss rod adjustment. But, as Jedzep just noted - it might not be the truss rod/bow in the neck, but the whether the factory set neck angle in total is 100% kosher. If they had any other J45s - compare the string height (relief). For that matter, with feeler gage in hand, compare it to a comfortable Martin or Taylor there and suggest the store tech duplicate that height. Do not let them shave anything off the bottom of the saddle. That will lower the string height, but it will just be kicking the can down the road, masking a badly set neck. Good Luck - get there tomorrow ! A four hour car ride is worth avoiding warranty issues.
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    All kidding aside, I played electrics exclusively for about 40 years and struggled when switching to acoustics. The Taylors were real comfortable and sounded great plugged in but did not cut it in an acoustic setting. I started pigeon holing myself to a certain neck shape/size that felt comfortable and didn’t hurt my hand but that felt like it was limiting my choices. I decided to start exercising my hands/wrist and it worked. I can now pick up a chunky baseball neck or a mandolin and not have issues. I still have my preferences but pain is not a factor. As a side note, the grip strengthening helped my golf game.
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    The best thing to do is to remove the guitar from the house for a few days to give your wrist a break. I’ll pm you my shipping address.
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    My first guitar was a "shop worn" new LG-1 I bought in the fall of 1962. Before that I had played borrowed guitars. That guitar was stolen in the mid 70s. my late wife's guitar was probably a Kay -- bought from the MWard catalog c. 1961. An odd animal with a huge neck that "could be strung with nylon or steel" -- think folk revival. It fell into disrepair, but a friend brought it back to light. She use to brag that it was better than the Gibson. http://vintageacousticinsruments.blogspot.com/ http://www.vimeo.com/tpbiii Best, -Tom
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    I wonder why, in such guitar demos, they are always playing sitting down. I can tell by that guy's body English that he would rather be playing standing up, with it strapped on. It nearly slipped off his lap a few times there. I don't get it. 😐
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    Wow your '67 looks to be in the same condition as the 2014. Is the '67 a reissue or a true 53 year old guitar? Both are beautiful. Here are mine: 2013 L-5 CES Bought this CS336 new in '07 or '09 (can't remember, sold it and gave away paper work) When I sold the 336 it was so I could buy this '17 CS356
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    Tell my wife...sure. She bought me my 12 string to surprise me and it wasn't any special day. She knew I wanted it and one day a guitar I didn't order shows up. 👍
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    you can have the axe,,, I want that Marshall...
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    Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    FOC is nearly as good as BOC, in my opinion. 🤨
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    I bought one of these, they are awesome. Really big tone, big fat neck.
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    Waiting for it to quit snowing so I can go outside and do something productive.
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    Made moose sausage today with my friend, used my new grinder/stuffer. Turned out damn good. Next is to make my deer sausage this weekend.
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    Corona'ing at home the best we can, campfire and outside movie projected onto the side of the barn. We'll probably still get hit with a blizzard cause that's how things go in New England, but we've had some nice days mixed in.
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    Check out this video on single pickup guitars and how surprisingly versatile they can be, starting with a Les Paul Junior. I also remember how much fun Mark Agnesi always seemed to have when he demo'd a Les Paul Junior on Guitar of the Day. Original Juniors obviously cost a fortune. You can get relatively recent ones for a relatively decent price, but the new Junior Tributes look very good value. I've been jonesing for a single pickup guitar myself, and I've ordered a used Reverend Sensei Junior off the internet. Supposed to be arriving tomorrow.
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    Well, my first was an all-plastic baritone ukelele that my Dad found in a junk store for a few bucks when I was about 12. It was a POS, but I learned some basic chords. The piano was my serious instrument from then through high school. Around 1969 I got a terrible no-name cheap electric guitar that just wasn't playable, and after that I traded my way through a variety of electrics, ending up with a telecaster thinline. This photo was me visiting my parents enroute from Pennsylvania to California in 1973 or 74. Within a year I traded that for a 1974 Gibson J-50 Deluxe that I kept until giving it to my son in law a few years ago. Here's my "Gibson family" - me and the 1965 J-50, my son in law with my 2008 J-50 and Granddaughter with a Maestro that I gave her, just for fun. It's terrible, but was cheap and looks just like a little J-50! 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone and best wishes for the holidays!
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    Ha ha ha! Okay, in that case, I'm not just dense, but my vision should be checked. Thanks, friend Cabarone! :)
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    Right below, in your case, where it reads "All Access"...yours is +346 just now...
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    Maybe I'm dense, but what or where is our Reputation posted? :(
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    Hi. I've looked inside a Fender Deluxe 112 of my own to find what kind of reverb it contains. Casually it's an accutronics 8EB2C1B, so I've quickly changed them to see what happens. First I've measured the impedances: Accutronics 8EB2C1B (Fender): IN=59O / OUT=205O Ruby 2EB2C1B (Epiphone): IN=77O / OUT=220O After the change, the fender reverb sounds wors than before, but it's still acceptable. The Epi with the accutronics tank: the reverb sounds simply less than before, neither better nor worse: very little volume and very very short, and still the annoying behaviour of the pot at the last quarter remains the same, maybe a little better than before. Conclusion: it's not an improvement at all. Now I know that the solution is in the electronics. The tank I've used is quite old (about 12 years or so) but it sounded ok inside the fender.
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