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    My custom shop Parker DF522NN has an ebony fretboard. There is a little streaking in it. I think it gives it more character, and it's as smooth as slik.
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    A rarity for me... I got a new car today but not picking it up till Monday.. Very much looking forward to it 😄 (just thought id share that) Nothing special as such but its a 2019 model so it will just be nice to drive something built less than a decade ago 😄
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    I like that it has a "vintage switch tip", but no switch?
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    This awesome group of talented musicians have always flown under the radar of mainstream pop music, unlike Pink Floyd , but IMO Camel was as good as any of the 60s and 70s bands that explored far edges of mindbending music.
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    I've got Mean 90s in an ESP/LTD Less-Paul (not a typo) The logo is my band's "The Sophisticats"® but I haven't played it since I got my Parker. Some day I'll strip the logo off and put it on Craigslist
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    I CAN'T F#%KING LOG IN (a poem by John Sparkman) I can't f#%king log in and it's really most perplexing I really can't log in the problem is quite vexing I logged in just the other day As always, automatically I'd like to clarify, and to say The computer hadn't been acting erratically Until I installed that IOS update and then it all went to hell I'm sure I sealed my fate When I deleted my cookies as well And so now I'm locked out completely from all my favorite websites I have tried overtly and I have tried discretely Passwords, small bits and tera-bytes I'm a web forum has been my head is in a spin and that's the problem therein I can't f#%king log in 😟
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    Oh no, they put the steering wheel on the wrong side! 😅 Seriously though, nice car, great color, enjoy!
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    Here are the 3 Gibsons. New LG is definitely the baby of the group.
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    Thanks again everyone! i just took delivery of a new Custom Shop 1942 Banner LG-2 and am just getting to know it. I do plan on traveling with it but not in more risky travel situations. I now owe a new guitar day post. Plan to doo some playing and recording Saturday. I am finally have the courage too post something on this forum. Cheers!
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    So how do you really feel?.....lol.........I agree with you. Two more cops shot, people beaten while eating at restaurants, rioting, looting, arson. .....The time is coming (and it is near) when good people are going to be forced to do bad things. Those committing all this violence are not going to like how it ends.
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    Can't you be both? I detect the P.C. Police.
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    Since Deb and her friend were gone Quilt shopping, I decided to get rid of some old ammo that was taking up space. I went to the Bullet Hole with my FNX .45 and FNS .40 and put many holes in paper targets. I blew the Bullseye out of 2 of them, Lol. I was only 35 to 40 feet away though.
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    Heh Rab's; I would have tried one years ago, but Deb keeps drawing the line at not letting me cut the wood I need out of her dinning room table! Just as well as I don't have any of the tools I need to build one yet. Lol
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    I bought my last les paul studio because i was looking for one with an ebony fretboard,as an added bonus the fretboard had no inlays on it.
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    I think the most important thing that came out of that whole stupid CITES mess was the use of words, they did fix that. If the only way they could accomplish that was to bust somebody hard for diddling around with wood, well then it was a good thing. When I was a kid a guitar was made of Mahogany. Or Rosewood. Alder. Ash. Whatever. After the great renaisance of Guitars As Consumer Goods of the early 90's, the ever downward spiral of Price Point retail caused a need for ever cheaper to put together guitars. So wood that we would never have considered buying as guitar players started to appear. African Mahogany. East African Black Mahogany. West African Red Mahogany. Central American Mahogany. Mexican Mahogany, Mexican Rosewood, Peruvian Rosewood. And on and on. These woods have names. Nato, Siris, Ovankgol, Cocobolo, Limba, Padauk, Pau Ferro, Bubinga, Basswood, Granadillo, Ziricote, etc. But nobody wanted to use those words because guitar players are a notoriously fickle, traditional, standard, Do It Like We Did Yesterday group of people. My early 2000's expensive Taylor was made of, at the time, African Mahogany. I had it a year, gigged it a few months, put it in the case, traded it as soon as I could. The body felt like, and when you knocked on it, sounded like plastic. Today they sell the same guitar, and other companies use the same wood, it is Ovangkol. If they had put that name on it back then I probably would have passed. Today I am much older and wiser and that doesn't bother me at all, I'm just not a big fan of Taylors. So if they used the CITES crap to tidy up the Slim Shady use of words to tell the consumer what the guitar was made of, that's a good thing. We see these words all the time now, I've been looking at a Martin made of Siris. Cheap. Well, for them it is. But that was the whole point back then, cheaper to get, more plentiful, but not named the way we want. So they dinked around with names until they(probably) got in trouble for it. All of them did, not just Gibson or Fender. You can do a lot in the name of marketing, including nearly lie about what the material is. When I was a kid a guitar was wood or it was plywood. What do we have today? "Mahogany composite", "Layered", "Fine Veneer". That's the word games used because for some reason if you don't call it plywood it isn't plywood. But...it is. Koa is something I'd never pay for, so Martin realizes that about a lot of guitar players and is making Koa Fine Veneer. I'm fine with that, and I'm fine with Koa Plywood, I'd still buy it if it was a good guitar. Which brings me out of breath to what I should have said in my first post. You can put all the Ebony you want on a brick, it's still a brick. My two Ebony boarded guitars are just fantastic, well put together, great sounding guitars no matter what the board is made of. The ebony doesn't make them great any more than just having a rosewood board or (god forbid) richlite by any name would make them bricks, the guitar is the sum of the parts. I'm exhausted. rct
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    Yessir, I did let that copper-top beauty go. Probably not my best move. I had a friend whose band shared the stage with us at an outdoor sports fest a few years in a row. Great guitar player, Derriel Theriot, a dyed-in-the-wool Telecaster player. He asked about my Les Paul, and what sort of sounds could it offer that a Tele could not. I replied, "Well, it's complicated. Why don't you borrow it for a week, and have fun with it. Explore the humbucking tones, and then maybe you'll want one of your own some day." So he borrowed it, and by the end of the week, he called and asked, "Oh man. Would you consider selling me this one? It is so great!" As it happened, I needed the cash, and was looking to downsize. I feel good about it. Derriel plays that guitar all the time, alternating with his Telecasters, in his Praise Band at church. And he keeps it immaculate. Very shiny, like brand new. merciful-evans, that is a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker humbucker in the bridge there. A previous owner installed it. Really nice pickup!! 😉
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    Homeboy, the forum for complaints about used electric guitars is on the other internet. Nice First Post.
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    A quick search yielded this - Gibson Custom Les Paul 1957 Reissue 1 Pickup with Wraparound Bridge It's no longer available, and no telling when the page originally appeared - but looks like the same R-7 If you look at the pics on the page you'll see the serial# is very similar. It might've been a MF exclusive. OVERVIEW A plain top, single pickup and simple bridge make this an unmuffled tone-machine The Gibson Custom Les Paul 1957 Reissue 1 Pickup with Wraparound Bridge may have a modest set of features, but the tone that it produces will inspire you to play better. There's something to be said for having just one pickup in the right position and a single volume and tone control at your disposal. With this 1957 Les Paul Reissue you're getting the most pure tone that its combination of mahogany and maple can produce. Now all of the tonal variations and sonic nuances are coming from your fingertips and your playing technique. No more switching between pickup configurations, nor tweaking tone-draining circuitry to modify your sound. It's down to you. Similar to driving a well-tuned old sportscar, you'll discover how to get the most from this unique guitar the more time you spend with it. With its comfortable, '50s-shaped neck, slightly reduced weight and well-balanced body, this humble Les Paul will lead you to new sonic territories as it under-promises, yet over-delivers. Did we mention that it also looks super cool? Includes case. FEATURES Mahogany back with plain maple top Creme body binding '57 Les Paul neck profile with rosewood fingerboard MOP trapezoid position markers Short tenon 24.75" scale, nylon nut Aged Acrylic inlays and cream binding Reissue bridge pickup with volume and tone Wraparound bridge and reissue tuning machines Nickel hardware Vintage switch tip and truss cover Includes case
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    The Hummingbird isn’t alone anymore! 🙂
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    Hi all, Yesterday I fixed something that has been bugging me for the last couple of years. My Dove, one of my favourite instruments, had a replacement bridge fitted at some point in the last 25yrs of its life...exactly when, or indeed why, is something I will probably never know, but when it came to me it had a '70s style bridge, which is one of the things that attracted me to the guitar. The '70s style replacement bridge, whilst perfectly inlaid and shaped, was an incredibly thick and heavy chunk of Ebony, half an inch thick with a deep saddle rout, so despite the perfect neck angle of the guitar, when set up for a medium/low action the saddle would be barely peeking out of the top of the honking great bridge. Sonically, the guitar was nice and balanced (great for recording) but quiet and felt a little restrained in the top end...not quite as shimmery and chimey as most Doves. Having measured the neck angle and the distance of the strings from the top, it became an inarguable fact that the replacement bridge was just too thick. Why this was, and what the luthier in question had to gain from building it so heavily, I'm unsure...it just seemed unfinished. The bridge also had an upward incline towards the pin holes which reduced break angle further and made it even more of a tonal and geometric compromise in my eyes. So, yesterday I finally performed the surgery that I've been meaning to carry out for the last couple of years. I measured out the correct bridge height using a straight edge off the top of the frets, marked it out and began gently removing Ebony from the top of the bridge. This process took hours, working with a handheld mouse sander, checking, checking and checking again. Ebony is one tenaciously hard wood and this particular chunk was almost unbelievably dense. Eventually, I brought it down to the correct height, bevelled the edges, then whipped out my Dremel tool and re-countersunk the pin holes. I also took the fine diamond-tipped micro-reamer tool and ramped the pin holes for optimum break angle. No saddle material needed to be removed as it was set for perfect action before, and the rout was so deep I didn't need to recut it, which saved a ton of time. I restrung the guitar with a set of Martin SPs and was astonished at the difference. It is so much louder, brighter, more responsive, free in the top end and looser sounding. It really does sound like a classic Dove now and I couldn't be happier. I was expecting a marginal improvement, but the reality is quite remarkable. The bridge is now the same height as that on my SJ200, and looks identical height-wise to the bridges on my previous two Doves. I didn't capture any before pics but will post some afters soon. Just wanted to share the tale!
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    I've done it a few times and usually regretted it. I have thick fingers so prefer a wider, flatter board. I loved the look of a black Fender Aerodyne Strat, so got one - but it was far too light, neck and board wrong for me (and it had a bow). If I'd planted that guitar it would have sprouted!
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    This is some fairly new tech - the ability to upscale old video using AI. Here is the atomic test footage from 1953, upscaled:
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    Congrats Rabs, looks nice! I had a Vauxhall Corsa for awhile....16 valve or something. Tiny car, went well but needed maintenance (I have NEVER bought a new car and probably never will). I'm tall and I needed more legroom. My current car is a 20-year old Skoda Fabia 1.4 with less than 100k on the clock and a cassette player! I go automatic these days too. My best car ever was a Merc 190E.
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    I couldn't tell you the nut width on any of my dozen guitars. Don't care. rct
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    Tidy looking motor Rabs. Nearly new is the best option. Great looking interior, though you really should have reversed the image to avoid flummoxing the septics
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    The Mean 90's are very hot and provide a wide tone range similar to a slightly driven Strat, could be the ash body. I have exactly the same Mean 90's in the G400 below, but mounted in mahogany that seem little warmer.
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    Excellent band, a bit underrated regarding other groups. IMO Andy Latimer is like David Guilmour but with humbuckers 😁😁. Cheers Andy
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    Have to admit, they flew under my radar too. The vocalist is great, his pitch is spot on. They remind me of a cross between 'Floyd and Atlanta Rhythm Section, plus some other stuff.
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    Jinder, your talks and video about your Dove influenced my decision! 🙂 Did you ever compare the Love Dove with your Dove?
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    I heard about all that today. Terrible all the way around. Sounds like more hate crimes. On a different note, Deb & I went in and got our flu shots this morning. I received the flu shot in my right shoulder and the Pneumonia shot in the left shoulder. No problems all day, The last several times I had a very sore shoulder from the pneumonia shot but this time it felt good till 8:00 at night and was just a little sore. They said, this is the last one I have to have, the rest of my life. Yeah!
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    Just add a layer of nitro and you’ll be there 😎
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    The unrest in Louisville KY. The same crap different day. Everybody has their phone recording. Nobody is really angry. BLM. Bullsh1t,lying,Motherfukkers.
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    Sorry to hear of your ordeal. I was blessed in that regard, so I make sure to tell them that all the time. No one should take good parents for granted.
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    nice lookin' guitar there ^^^
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    Agree. Hopefully the change in seasons will bring a change in what we've been experiencing for the past 6 months. Our dogs seem to like going out in the morning and finding it's 20 degrees cooler. Must have something to do with their fur coats.
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    There's no rhyme or reason with me. Some songs or artists that I might have considered my favorite as a young kid or teenager, but I don't actively listen to now. If I happen to hear it playing somewhere I still enjoy it for the nostalgia. That's why I love hearing almost any pop music from the 70s. It might not be music I would call my favorite, but it just reminds me of being a young kid and hearing these songs while riding in the car, radio at home, playing in public etc. As I became a teen in the 80s, I ignored a lot the music that was popular. But again, now I kind of enjoy hearing those cheesy MTV era songs. There are some bands/artists I didn't care for when I was a teen, I've grown to appreciate later. The Beatles, The Police and Steely Dan would be a few examples of that. So to try and answer the OP, I don't think the music I listened to in my formative years totally informs my taste today. It's mostly just a nostalgia thing.
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    I am not a fan of UST systems either but do not see a connection to build quality. It is like saying Gibson should not install neck strap buttons as they are a distraction. While neither is necessary they are there because the modern guitar buying public expects them to be.
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    Totally agree! I don't like them
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    I can't bang on you for your technique, what works works. Most can't figure out what the eff I'm doing because I'm so lazy I don't do it like they do, so right on for your downward bend. Rosewood wears like that, like water erosion, good way to say it. Most will do it over time when you use them a lot, so right on for wear and tear. rct
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    Thank you, my Epi collection is a lot of fun. I have found that one amp is quite sufficient when I jam, but I do like to use both of the when I'm at home.
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    The Grateful Dead were an in the moment band. The live show was the event. Their albums are just things that had to do due to having a contract with WB, then their own label and Arista. They only have a few studio albums I listen to and usually when I am listening to them its live stuff. I found a few shows I was at on YT. This was the second to last show on Saturday night I saw before I joined The Navy. I went the next night too, and the first night. This was probably my 10th show.
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    One time years ago, my wife had a bunch of coupons for free food items at this local deli. I don't even know how she got them. Our kids were very young and we barely had 2 pennies to scrape together then. I didn't want to go and look like some schmuk just getting a bunch of free stuff. She brow beat me until I reluctantly went off with the coupons and like $3 cash. After getting lunch meat, milk whatever else it was I took everything to check out and put it all on the conveyor belt and handed the girl all these coupons. She joked and commented wow that's some good coupons or something like that. Anyway even after all the free coupons, I still owed a few bucks for taxes or something. I went into my wallet and was like $1 short. All these people in line behind me waiting to check out and I'm holding up the line with all my free crap and still a buck short! I couldn't make eye contact with anyone. The cahier just let me slide on the $. I slinked out of there with no self esteem at all.
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    Nice photo of your mom and dog Steve. She looks young there.
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    The Casino Coup sounds great through the tube amp. Enjoy yours.
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    New addition to the household. Mom is finally happy again. and here's a dog photo bombing a selfie.
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    Well I wouldn't use a strap on
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    Great subject; but its wide & deep. Yes, I constantly measure my taste in music now against what it was when I was 16. Some of it has not changed. Most of it has. For example. I recall as a teenager asking to listen to Dr. Johns Gris-Gris album in a record store. I heard side one in a booth there. I was just curious about it. But I didn’t get it or like it. I couldn’t take the voice or the girlie choir arrangements. 50 years later I have all Dr. John’s albums. At 16 (1970) my favourite bands were King Crimson & Pink Floyd. I loved Ummagumma, Saucerful of Secrets, Court of the Crimson King and Lizard. I managed to get to see both Crimson & Floyd live back then too. I don’t listen to Floyd or Crimson anymore. I was trying to learn guitar too, so guitar focused rock was becoming important. I already liked Jethro Tull, but I also was getting into Taste, Blodwyn Pig and Spirit. I don’t listen to Tull anymore. I rarely listen to Rory (Taste) or Mick (Blodwyn). But I still love Spirit. TODAY: My favourite artists are Los Lobos, Ry Cooder, Widespread Panic & God Street Wine. I know without doubt that at 16 I would have not much liked these and would have certainly hated Ry. It took me many years to fully appreciate Ry Cooder. I liked little bits and pieces of what he did, but a vast part of his output eluded me. That’s an important thing. I have now caught up. Back to being 16. I listened to music actively. If I didn’t understand any music, I saw it as a challenge. Somehow I just knew there was value in certain music that I just ‘didn’t get’. I would deliberately expose myself to more or that music and try to be open to it. That’s how I got into Ry, That’s how I got into Bert Jansch, Miles Davis, JS Bach, Grateful Dead and Mothers of Invention. I had to work at it to appreciate it. It was not only worth it, but looking back, essential. There was other music I investigated that were dead ends. I bought albums and went to shows but ultimately dropped like hot bricks and never looked back. These were Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, T2, Elton John, BOC, Camel and Curved Air. Later, certain artists I would take one listen to, and think, ok I get it but… no thanks. These would include most ‘theatrical’ artists and many heavy bands. So I have zero interest in Metalica, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, KISS or Aerosmith. Heard it all before. The music that has remained constant from then until now is JS Bach, Dvorak, John Coltrane, Bert Jansch, Grateful Dead, Spirit, Charles Mingus and a few more. The pleasure I used to have looking forward to a new LP by Pink Floyd, Rory Gallagher, Hendrix, Pentangle or Traffic is still something I miss. They were exciting times. BTW, I know many here are great fans or some artists I have dismissed. Its not intended as a challenge. Its merely a difference in taste, and there’s no accounting for that.
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    We used to catch copperheads when I was in the Cub and Boy Scouts. They were never very aggressive and their poison is not among the really deadly snakes.. It was crawling away from me and it was easy to get him from behind. I’m not much of a risk taker....lol. I just wanted to get it out of the neighborhood and a few miles south of I70 seemed like a good place for him. Rattlesnakes i won’t touch and I don’t care to swim in lakes.
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    California governor Gavin Newsom just ordered all trees to start wearing masks to prevent the spread of forest fires.
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    I picked five pounds of figs today -
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