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    Thankyou so much for the kind words all! I'm humbled by all of your kindness and very much moved. Things have, indeed, been better, but I'm still here and fighting hard. Determined to come out of this swinging, singing and playing the heck out of my Gibsons! I'm likely to be stuck in here for at least two weeks if things go according to plan...if they don't, it will be longer-potentially a great deal longer-but at the moment my bloods have improved and the stuff they're pumping into me is super strength, the highest strength antibiotics they have, and I'm on two of them...I am determined to stay positive and kick this thing in the nuts. I'll check in as often as I can...I have my phone but my eyesight is poor at the moment so it can take a long time to write a message, but I'll be here. Thankyou, again, for all the lovely words...so very much appreciated!
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    Looking to buy a ES 339 Gibson at musicians friend,15% off which gets the price down to 1954.00. Waiting to hear how many dollars in loyality points I have to bring down further. I have an Epiphone ES 339 which I really like, but really want the Gibson and 57s. I was on the hunt for an ES336 but there's only used ones,and if I'm gonna spend that much on a used guitar I need to look it over as I got burned on a used guitar before. Prolly gonna end up buying this one.
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    Lusting after this for quite some time. First one at our local GC had obviously fallen off the hanger and had a big, like golf ball size gash in the lower bout up onto the front. Man, what a neck. And that disappeared, I wasn't buying it. Well, they got another one. Spent two hours with it yesterday and another two today, bought it at retail in a gig bag, I don't have to worry about a case, at least not yet. It's called Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster, White Blonde... What it really is is a 12" one piece maple neck, just a delight to play, screwed to a Tele body with three Noiseless that I'll actually keep... And it has those new fangled fancy schmancy lockin tooners you kids are all using these days... Nice all around junky Mexican Tele that needs nothing but a White Pearl guard. And straplocks. A jack. And a three way switch, I hate 5 way switches by any name. rct
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    Fingerpicked or...slide?
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    DickAllgire from UMGF - arguing with his wife over Martin 000-45EC: BluesKing777.
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    I think ES-339 Gibson is too young to get the ICONIC status being introduced in 2007. However, both the Gibson and Epiphone versions seem to have taken over the tone world by storm.. I haven't stopped playing mine since it arrived. Note: the materials used are very similar. The Gibson uses a Maple centerblock, with 3-ply Maple/Poplar/Maple top and back, with a Mahogany rounded C profile neck and Nitro. The new Epiphone uses a Maple centerblock, with Layered Maple top and back, with a Mahogany rounded C profile neck and Poly finish. The previous Epiphone model was pretty much the same except it has a D profile slim taper neck..
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    Whoa! Also featuring Michael Landau, Will Lee, Simon Phillips and David Garfield. I'm so glad they released this!
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    Same. I will state I have spent more time with two of my three Martins lately, but I like to rotate guitars and I try very hard to not rave about the current squeeze. It's all about which one strikes me at the moment. Next week/month I might shudder at anything Nazareth and choose something else for a while. And I see no gain in bashing someone's else's weapon of choice.
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    I could give a flying fig about what others think of my guitars. Just flash them to peace sign and advise them to stop drinking too deeply of the Tone Wood Kool Aid. It ain't about the lumber you are holding in your hands It is about making music. And the day that I do not have as much of a blast and get as much enjoyment from playing my Harmony Stella as I do one of my Gibsons is the day I will hang it up. Because I will have forgotten what it is all about.
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    D'Addario EXPs are superb on my SJ200, as are Newtone Masterclass 80/20s or PB. Martin SPs work well too, but are a distant third after the previous two.
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    The important thing here is that the mods you want to make are not irreversible. If needed you (or next owner) could restore to its original condition. So best to keep the old pickups for that reason. Go for it 🙂
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    "so...... If your Gibson Forum buddies jumped off a bridge, would you?" I think the correct response is "yes, wouldn't you"? And then when she counters with "no" the only logical response is "well, that is because you have a geranium in your cranium, case closed, good day".
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    Oh dear, I forgot to show the new Crestwood.. In the early 80's I found a Silver Fox in a pawn shop which I thought was just weird green Epiphone. Later traded it off for something with a Floyd Rose, now, a 60's Coronet Silver Fox can bring up to about 6k. One of the many times I fumbled... Oh well... 🤢 🤮
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    I'm not sure it even rises to the level of "fake." More like, "bad joke."
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    There is something very wrong here.. Your pictures are no where near blurry enough??? 😄 But congrats.. Cant go wrong with that can you.. Happy playing man
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    Ditto what Tom said above 62burst. 1) Tuning down to D standard helped me become comfortable with my voice and learn to sing more easily. 2) Capo'ing up allows me to easily play with others. 3) I use the heavier .13's to get as close to standard tuning string tension as I can while tuning a full step lower. 4) Some of my guitars seem to have better tone to my ears when tuned down a step or two. My Gibsons all sound good at a whole step down. My McPherson Touring likes to be a half step down. 5) This article convinced me to try D standard tuning in the first place: http://web.archive.org/web/20160313104011/https://theguitarshow.wordpress.com/2009/12/29/the-case-for-d-standard-guitar-tuning/
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    Rock on, friend—to one of the kindest souls among us.
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    No Bigsby? What the heck?
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    Now your'e thinking like me, & not my Wife, Lol. My very first date with her was to the National Auto Show. Then to a steak house. We looked at all the show cars and ventured to the basement where I knew my Race Car was. There she saw my name painted on it and my name listed as the driver. Wish I could post a photo here of of, But think like the 70's NHRA Pro Stock cars and then a 71 Dodge Colt Drag Car with parachutes and wheelie bars on the back and the 12 point roll cage and huge hood scoop covering up the tunnel ram and 2 fours. Yep, Thats how I think. I would strip that Saturn Vue down to just a gutted shell, and build it Street Pro Style and a 426 Hemi Blown engine in it and enter it in shows. Nah, Debbie never thinks like that. Better go get a new car with full warranty on it and maybe use it for pulling a camping trailer behind. I tried to talk her out but No. OK, Guess we will try and go looking this week end. I got the Vue back, Alternator just like I said. Boy have they ever shot up in price since the last one I put on.
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    Oh girl, electric witch, you are limp, in societies ditch you are visually fine, oh yes you are, mentally dying Oh boy, just like a boat, you are sunk, but somehow you float you are mentally weak, oh yes you are, but so much you speak Oh God, high in your fields above earth, come and be real for us you with your mind, oh yes you are, beautifully fine •••• Hmmmm, I would have thought one of the guys from across the pond would have known the artist on this one ••••
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    The irony, of course, is an actual 1957 J200 was built with a laminate back and rim. Gibson, for whatever reason, felt laminate maple in particular had a magic to it and started building L-Century guitars with it in the mid-1930s. The modern bias against laminate is based on the fact that most have only played guitars built with laminate made with some el cheapo filler wood sandwiched in between two layers of nice veneer and have no experience with laminate made from even layers of the same wood glued together.
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    Thanks KB! Slowly getting there, still in hospital and likely to be here for another couple of weeks at least. Desperate to get home to my partner, kids and guitars but have some more mending to do first 🙂
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    Yeah the reanimator is a spammer and will go away anon.
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    Best SG I ever owned. It was just a SG Special. I swapped pups (in the picture) then swapped back to the originals (they were better). The picture may look like its an ebony guitar but its dark brown.
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    My recent acquisitions took me by surprise, the last 2 Epiphones blindsided me, as I wasn't expecting to find them. My 339 is proving punch way above its weight class like Karloff mentioned. The Wilshire is still unknown, but I have high hopes... Fortunately collecting Epiphones doesn't break the bank too badly and allows me to be a bit braver with things I don't get to touch before buying.
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    I nearly had one of these 10 years ago, but someone else bought it - the one I looked at was a 1956 Martin 00-18 with red guard and the same old 'school desk' look! Here is a lesson from Dave Hamburger on his old Martin clunker - add a vocal to this tune and it is probably all you need to play all night at the blues night.... BluesKing777.
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    Dumb thread - I asked the AGF moderators to remove the word 'crap' from the opening post ... and they did. It just becomes an exercise in 'brand bashing' and there's nothing worse than owning and loving a guitar and seeing someone else call it crap.
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    Twang, IMHO, that's a reasonable argument to debate. But, I believe that sometimes, it is not something you pickup on immediately. often times, it's very subtle things that you discover over time. That's how it was with my 2002 LP. it had v1 BBs stock. over time I realized, they just didn't have quite the "stuff" I was looking for. and then when I swapped em out with a set of Duncans, even that was a roll of the dice, b/c I had no good way to know the combo I decided on, was really the combo I wanted. Turns out it was and those pickups have remained.. But that could have been a red herring too. someday, I will put a set of Classic 57/57+ in that one (I really do like those.. My bro inlaw has a set in his traditional so I know what they do)
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    Hello, I got an SG standard about a year ago. I'm thinking about installing new pickups so I can get a sound as close as the SG standard 61. Right now I've picked two possible sets: 1. Seymour Duncan Hot-Rod set (JB & Jazz Pickups) 2. 490R & 498T pickups Which do you think I should try? I am also open to any other suggestions.
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    Great idea; I have 6 electric guitars, 2 acoustics, one is 6 string, the other 12 string so 8 total that work. One acoustic needs a bridge so i won't count that one yet, and 2 amps.
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    Nah. Straying threads are the fun of it. Driving and cars are not attached to anything for me but function and comfort.
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    50's Gold Top w/ P90s—everything else is just trash.
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    My modified new Inspired by Gibson ES-339 with the new headstock, C profile neck, Grover Rotomatic tuners, CTS pots, I replaced the Epiphone USA Alnico Classic PRO Humbuckers with HB sized Mean 90's and added a Les Trem II.. It has a wonderful feeling fret board and sounds incredible..
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    it's like an SG That refuses to be "an SG"!! nice..
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    Hey all. Been a while since I posted here. I'm learning how to record my guitar as all my straight to phone recordings sound very amateur. Here's my first attempt of recording video on my phone and using a mic to record the audio directly to my computer. Hope everybody is staying safe. https://youtu.be/eKwnoJRSpxg
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    What did you order? Or is it a secret?
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    Jinder, Hang in there, buddy. We're all pulling for you.
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    Forgot to mention. I told her; "This is what I do! if you want to date me, get used to it!" Yep; First went all my guitars, and then the Race Car! And she said; "This is me and this is what I do! Build A Bridge, And Get Over It." LOl
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    Jinder-if you read this, know that my prayers are with you for a healthy recovery. My best to you! QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff
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    DD is alive and well, isolating in his basement with 3 Gibsons, 2 Martins, his dog Powder and an unfinished book.
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    Thank you my friend! You're an awesome dude yourself!!!
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    Ohh nice... That was kind of the idea (well not the hollow bit) behind one of my very early builds... So I am very familiar with the shape 🙂 This one..
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    The NHTom Signature model... Light aged lemon burst, Hum/P90 combo, ebony board, fairly traditional specs on the rest. NHTOM
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