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    To the hoser following me around the forum adding a "sad smiley" to all my comments ... 😭 Keep doing it! I'll get you too! Fun for all! 😃👍
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    I have a real Fender Telecaster. No need to try to reinvent the wheel for me. I ain't that smart. And at my age, you want to know that the stuff you have is as good as you are. You don't want to be croaking in some hospital bed, eating a bad piece of pumpkin pie, ready to go, and be wondering if your Telecaster is a Fender. 😉
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    Looked this morning and the Martin D-35 got to Norfolk, VA and hopefully I will check on USPS site in a few hours and see those 3 beautiful words "Out For Delivery".
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    Yep, 7:43 am Out For Delivery. Happy early birthday to me. Pics when I get home. I even get to rip the plastic off the pickguard of a 5 year old guitar. Ah that new pickguard smell.
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    Best Tele NOT made by Fender killer:
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    I take it that's its not the LP 'Bats in Flight' model for Halloween then ?
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    We're hoping for a gusher. Black gold, Texas tea. Wouldn't that be cool. Pay for the whole damn thing and a Les Paul shaped lap pool!
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    What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
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    I wasn't too heartbroken about GC screwing up my order so badly because I had a back up plan. This should be here late next week, I think it might be okay. Couple hundred bucks cheaper, too, with an honest to Firebird case.
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    Pheasant hunters calling and beating on my door so they can slay pheasants on my land. Ain't happening,let the birds alone ain't hurting anybody and they're beautiful to look at. Buy your own land and hunt that. Every year I go through this bs. No hunting sign means no hunting.
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    Gonna use Virtuoso Cleaner on it and give it a rub down, its really almost like new, Just some light surface scratches on the back. And yes he saddle not the bridge.
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    So the Pope, President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, the Dr. that is developing the Covid 19 virus vaccine and a 10 year old girl are on a plane. The plane is going down, and there are only 4 parachutes available. The Pope steps up and says "I am so close to achieving world peace that I have to live", grabs a chute and jumps out the door. Next the doctor jumps up and says "I'm so close to finding the vaccine I have to live" he grabs a chute and jumps. Next Nancy steps up and says "I am the smartest person in the world, I have to live" she grabs a bag and out she goes. Trump looks down at the little girl and says "Honey, I've lived a full life. I accomplished all I wanted in the business world, I married a beautiful woman, and was elected President of the United States. You have most of your life in front of you so you take the last parachute" The little girl looks up at him and says "Don't worry Mr. Trump, the smartest woman in the world just jumped out of the plane with my school backpack on". OK no political intent here - the liberals can tell the same joke and just substitute some different names.
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    I admit, I'm horrible with math, but .... this one has me scratching my chin..
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    You & Karloff could duet maybe... 🙃
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    I like 25.5 scale better. I like to play high a lot and my fingers must be fat or my technique in need of improvement ;) so it's much easier with the longer scale. I don't like Fenders because they tend to have a shorter radius. I have no trouble with barre chords, and I like to bend strings a lot so a 14" radius is perfect for me. My compromise is my custom shop Parker Dragonfly/Maxxfly DF522NN (NN for Notes Norton). The pickups are Duncan P-Rails with triple shot rings. They give me very good P90 tones, decent rail tones and very good series or parallel humbucker tones. Plus there is a pizeo under the bridge so I can blend it with the magnetic pickups. It's a 'swiss army knife' of guitars. I've posted this picture before. It's my gigging guitar. At least 90% of the time I use the P90 setting. It's a little brighter than an soap bar but close enough for rock and roll. BTW, how much do your hawks weigh? Insights and incites by Notes
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    Thanks for link. I had a look at their site too - very interesting but guitar needs special jack socket for the lead to the pickup powerbox/pod. Normal jack out from there to amp. Still in early stages. Clever stuff. Not sure about having to program it externally myself - too old - though many will find that very cool. But if you can't adjust the volume instantly while playing that's a drawback. "It is the world’s first and only programmable guitar pickup. Using your mobile device (like a cell phone or tablet), you can set the volumes of each string independently, adjust the overall output gain, set high and low-pass filters, and all settings can be saved and recalled when needed. The ōPik is a true analog pickup. It is sensing the actual string motion, and outputting a voltage waveform that corresponds to the vibration of the string, similar to what any standard pickup does. It is NOT detecting the note, and substituting a sampled tone. The audio path is pure analog. There is no lag, and there is no digital processing in the audio signal. There is no magnetic drag so the sustain of notes and chords is excellent, especially if it is the only pickup installed. It has a wider frequency response than any magnetic pickup, both in highs and lows. The lows are especially broad, and this can be controlled by the setting of the high-pass filter. It has a higher output gain than magnetic pickups because it’s an active pickup with all the electronics built into the pickup housing itself that include preamps, and that gain setting can be programmed through the mobile app. It responds faster than any magnetic pickup because it’s a true analog optical pickup, and the optical sensing is much faster than magnetic sensing method used by standard pickups which is based on Faraday’s Law. The ōPik is a position sensor which measures the position of the string as it vibrates. This is different from magnetic pickups which essentially sense the speed of the string motion as it vibrates. Again, this property of magnetic pickups comes from Faraday’s Law. This gives the ōPik a unique, and very rich tone, and allows it to sense much lower frequencies......."
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    Eleven + years ago. My 50th birthday. This was my home-made cake. Guitar in action. Right before it got eaten. 😑
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    A very nice pair to draw to. Also I notice you have the more rare 330 with the 335 style neck length, very cool. The Blueshawk's 25.5" scale neck is part of the formula with the longer string, I think giving it a clean deep sound, maybe... Below the winner of my personal Blueshawk contest, the 2015 Epiphone version. Generally a better build than the Gibson version with slight improvements. Like the P90 Pro's sound more like real P90's than the watered down Gibson Blues 90's, the hum-cancelling is better, the neck is mounted about 1/16" farther out board and the Tenon is shaped slightly different allowing for easier access to the high notes. The only flaw with the Epi version is that the bridge is mounted in too short of a position, making it hard to intonate the low E. If necessary the fix is simple, just take off the bridge, plug the holes an move farther back about an 1/8", while still covering the old holes. Then the saddles have plenty of space for intonation. If you look closely you can see that the Gibson Blues Hawk bridge is mounted farther away from the PU than on the "Epiphone with the saddle spring fully compressed", making for better intonation adjustment on the Gibson. The most common upgrade on the Gibson Blues Hawk is to replace the Blues 90s with standard Gibson P90's, with the neck position having a reverse coil. The wiring on the Epi (top) and Gibson (below) make all the same connections, in addition all of the components are spec'd exactly the same. The Epi does tend to have a little more excess wire.
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    My bad. Probably the only picture I don't have in the pix folder. It was from a long time ago, when I was new at being a "webmaster". BTW, I really like your Hawks. It's one guitar I'd really like to try but they don't make them anymore.
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    jeezus, what a night mare. I can't say "I feel your pain" but, in a way I sort of can. As I mentioned back this spring we had a house fire in March, just as the pandemic shut everything down. Took about 5 months for insurance to settle. We are almost 6 weeks into the rebuild. we went thru a pretty rough ride getting the settlement done, but I honestly CANNOT imagine the frustration and pain of having this drag on as long as it has for you. That is just insane. Thank GOD someone who has the ability to make a sensible move came along to assist. But it shouldn't have gotten to that point. Ridiculous. you have to wonder, if the people making up these rules and decisions would have done things differently if it was THEIR house? You know the answer.. Buncha A$$ Hats... Hang in there Phillip, better days will come.
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    The five secrets to happiness (for guys) 1. Find a woman who can make you laugh 2. Find a woman who can cook 3. Find a woman who really listens to you 4. Find a woman who is amazing in bed 5. Make sure that these 4 women do not find out about each other
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    An elderly Italian man lived alone in New Jersey. He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but found it difficult work since the ground was hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison for Mafia activities. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:Dear Vincent,I am feeling pretty sad, because it looks like I won’t be able to plant my tomato garden this year. I’m just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy to dig the plot for me, like in the old days.Love, PapaA few days later he received a letter from his son.Dear Pop,Don’t dig up that garden. That’s where the bodies are buried.Love,VinnieAt 4 a.m. the next morning, FBI agents and local police arrived and dug up the entire area without finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man and left. That same day the old man received another letter from his son.Dear Pop,Go ahead and plant the tomatoes now. That’s the best I could do under the circumstances.Love you,Vinnie
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    Yep, Fretboard markers, which are simple dots. unlike other Epiphone archtop guitars like the Casino and Sheraton.
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    thats the one. I feel uncomfortably saying "I love this pic" because of the God awful circumstances that came about and what you & your wife have had to deal with but maybe from a "life goes on" angle this pic is pretty awesome. thanks for reposting. and again I'm sorry for this crap you guys are still dealing with.
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    Sad emoji. Not 😊 smiley
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    Ok I'm a bass player first and foremost. But recently I bought a cheap jackson guitar to play and a guy at work gave me a deal on his old (90's) solid state Marshall G100R CD 100 watt solid state head and Marshall slanted 4x12 cab for $150 but the reverb wire was chewed through . I thought sweet , I'm not much of a guitar player , dont need a halfstack but its a pretty cool amp even if overkill but couldn't beat the price. That was about two weeks ago , and last weekend I drug it over to my neighbors to jam and he brought out a 1970 sg and a 72 sg double neck to jam on and fell in love with it . (I know, know its not a plexi or a jcm 800) so everytime I seen him it was "how much you want for it , I want to record with it" ECT ...with cash in hand. I kept telling him I'm not intrested in selling it but he can use it whenever he likes since I'm a bass player I'm more intrested in getting me some decent bass gear since my divorce cost me ALL of my gear. Long story short so today he comes out with a cherry or wine colored Gibson les paul studio with Grover tuners , white pickgaurd and white speed knobs and said he would trade straight across for it in the Gibson USA hardshell case because the fuzz inside was pink. So I took the deal (hopefully I didn't get screwed) Then started thinking great now I have two guitars and no amp amd mentioned something so he gave me his Marshall G30R CD 30 watt combo. Literally the exact same amp just 30 Watts instead of a hundred But I'm looking at the headstock at the serial number and its 90863347 with USA stamped under it . He told me he thought it was a 1994 , any ideas or information on this model and year? So fare I'm completely in love with it so it really don't matter that its not a '59 gold top to me lol . .....now if only I could get this lucky with bass gear.
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    I found this on YouTube and felt that I had to share it. Cat Stevens at his best.
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    Ask Sgt Pepper who makes the best D-35 NOT made by Martin. rct
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    I have a 1967 Fender Tele. My main teaching guitar for a decade. literally hours every day. When the neck got worn and dirty like the one in the video above....I had it revarnished front and back. I still play it several times a week. It just gets better. 🎸
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    I heard those 3 words twice, but it was a lie. Had to forsake my favorite guitar shop for Guitar Center.
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    Its still out for delivery and I'm at work. The dogs will let the wife know the mailman dropped off the package and my wife will let me know it arrived. Pics at about 4:30pm after I get home. Mail comes usually around 1 - 3pm.
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    The Joker - Steve Miller Band
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    That cake is pretty "anatomically correct". 6 strings, 6 tuning pegs, all the switches and knobs in the right place. Nice attention to detail.
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    I took this one in Rexford Idaho a few years ago. It was the first total eclipse I've ever seen and it was great!
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    These are built in Indonesia like the Fender Modern Players and G&L's. My RG421 sells new for 399 but has an almost exact twin the RG562 built at Fugi Gen that sell for around 1500. My G&L ASAT Junior was built in Indonesia. This one used about 1 +1/4" thick blocks of mahogany laminated horizontally for the body, making the wood grain look pretty nice.
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    A keyboard can help in understanding the modes, as the modes are laid out in sequence using just the white keys. Starting with C Ionian (same as C major). Orchestra instruments have more difficulty changing the key of a song because the pattern they play on their instrument will be completely different, having to insert sharps and flats to put the half steps and whole steps in the right place. Where a guitar can simply move the same pattern to another position. Like the "pattern" used for A minor (5th fret) would be the same "pattern" used for G minor (3rd fret) just in a different position, or any other key you want play in. Note that a guitar pattern in itself is not a scale but actually contains a few scales or modes depending on the position of the root note within the pattern. An Aeolian or A minor scale in a simple pattern, one of a few possible patterns. Below showing the guitar as related to all of the white keys on a keyboard. If you started on the low E you could have an E Phrygian scale inside a the pattern. All of the modes are inside the pattern below depending on where the root note starts. You c an break up the whole pattern below into smaller more friendly patterns . There are several overlapping patterns in this diagram. This is basic music theory and as usual there are many ways the scales can be altered. Most Rock can be played with these Modes, however Blues altered the rules and in some ways simplified it, but in others made it more complex..
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    The Mean 90's are very responsive to how much pressure is put on them, playing soft you get one sound playing hard you get something completely different and a whole range of sounds in-between. When you use the HB style case it is easy to adjust them too close to the strings that will create a kind of warbling string distortion. If this happens lower the Mean 90 till it stops, with the bridge PU is usually about an 1/8" from the string or slightly lower. With the Bridge PU adjusted for optimum and with the selector switch in mid, I lower the Neck PU to balance and clean up the mid position sound. In most cases the Neck position tends to be inherently louder location, so on my guitars the Neck PU is usually noticeably lower than the Bridge PU. These Mean 90's are a little bright and I typically set the Tone control to about 7 and forget about it, unless I need to penetrate more. For me, Strat sound usually starts at about 1/2 volume, getting more driven as you increase and morphing into the P90 scream. With the controls on 10 they are sensitive, but do not tend to be microphonic. There are several Mean 90 demo's on YouTube, I picked a couple at random..
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    The Mean 90's are very hot and provide a wide tone range similar to a slightly driven Strat, could be the ash body. I have exactly the same Mean 90's in the G400 below, but mounted in mahogany that seem little warmer.
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    Thank you, I found this Ibanez on the local craigslist while looking for something to work on to break the boredom. It was at a really good price and had to drive my FRS 40 miles up the Hamakua coast to get it. It was in good condition even thought owner had done some questionable things to it, but within my ability to correct. The RG421 is fun to play and with my mods sounds incredible. But now I'm stuck as I have 8 electrics, 1 over my limit, so something has to go before I can get my next project guitar.
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    Just as a note, in a reverse coil pickup the actual polarity is reversed, the coil (bobbin) and magnets are reversed creating an opposite magnetic field. The wiring is the same, if changed it will take the pickup out of phase creating an undesirable effect. If you place a compass next to your pups the normal pup will swing the south end of the needle closest to it, on either end of the pup. The reversed pup will swing the north end of the needle to it, on either end.. If you take a P90 part and remove the magnets, you will notice that the magnets are held together in opposing fields trying to push each other apart creating a single magnetic field at both ends of the pup. On a P90, if your compass swings to the same pole on both pups, then they are in the same polarity.. Normal pups in the same polarity will normally swing the south end of the needle toward them.. Humbuckings get confused, with one magnet and two coils, as each coil inside the pup has an opposite or opposing magnetic field. 😳
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    While playing the RG421 with the Mean 90's, at a higher outdoor volume, I found it to be sounding very Strat'y. I didn't kick in my boosts very often, played clean most of the time, really enjoyed the sound of my neck pickup and found myself using the tone control a lot. The bridge is just killer, works very well with my OD's and cuts through everything. The Telecaster wiring harness seemed to be pretty straight forward with 2x500k pots, a 47uf fat cap and a 3 way blade switch. The tone control reacts in an unusual but very pleasing way, could be something to do with the Mean 90's being in opposite polarity going to a single control. I will have to compare it to my G400 with the same pickups but individual controls for each. Bottom line is I am loving the sound. I started down the P90 path about 15 years ago and now all my guitars have P90's, most with different versions that produce their similar but individual sound. My Blueshawk with 25 1/2" scale effects its P90 Pro's, as does the RG421 with its spec 25 1/2" scale, mine actually measures 25 5/8" with near perfect intonation on 2 octaves. So I'm finding longer string length with more tension has a positive effect on P90's.
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    This one is no exception - a limited run Satriani model from the year they came out. Model JSLTD.
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