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    Ordered a 2020 Mid Engine Corvette 8/15/19. Had a few delays - auto workers strike, finishing 2019 models, re-tooling plant, covid shut down, delivery carrier going bankrupt, but on 10/7/20 I finally got to pick it up. So far I would say it was worth the wait. Rainy day so the lighting for photos isn't very good, but I think you can get the idea. 6.2 Liter fuel injected V8 with dry sump oil system, 495 hp, 8 speed dual clutch automatic trans with paddle shifters. I opted for LT3 package which means it is leather and suede inside from head to toe. Now if I can just figure out all the high tech digital accessories and it stops raining maybe I can get out and enjoy it. Rear visibility is pretty poor with the engine behind the seats, and a narrow rear window (huge blind spots), but they solved it by putting a camera at the rear of the top which feeds in to the rearview mirror so you actually get a much better view than a traditional mirror (although you can use that if you wish). Only had it a couple days but so far very HAPPY 😁
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    Came upon this scene on a walk with my lovely down the boardwalk on Lake Champlain during sunset on a September Eve a few years ago. Thankfully, my Canon 20D was with us, otherwise, I'd have missed this one. A harvest Moon rising over the southern coast of Maine. Early Autumn along the roadside in Kennebunkport ME. Sunset at Nubble Light, York ME. Early winter snowfall, warm enough for the snow to stick to the trees, this was taken about 7:00 am. before the sun could melt it all away this was originally shot with Kodachrome 25, then scanned to an img file. it lost some of it's magic in the scan. the original slide is gorgeous, Mr. Moon in full...
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    We could do without your tripe as well.
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    Do you think that's funny? Are you trying to make a point? That's is just plain stupid! I think you owe some apologies to both sides of the pond on this one. Do you under stand... good god man,use your head. Now I know why my dear friends have left this forum, this place has gotten sick. The moderators here really need to grow some balls Using the word of the great Pip, "I'm out of here!"
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    A few pairs of ES’s 1959 EB-2, 1968 ES-335 12, 1968 EB-2DC, 1967 ES-335, 1974 Les Paul Signature Guitar & Bass, 2016 ES Les Paul Bass & 2015 ES Les Paul.
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    A man flying in a hot air balloon suddenly realizes he’s lost. He reduces height and spots a man down below.He lowers the balloon further and shouts to get directions, "Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?" The man below says: "Yes. You're in a hot air balloon, hovering 30 feet above this field.""You must work in Information Technology," says the balloonist. "I do" replies the man. "How did you know?""Well," says the balloonist, "everything you have told me is technically correct, but It's of no use to anyone." The man below replies, "You must work in management." "I do," replies the balloonist, "But how'd you know?" "Well", says the man, "you don’t know where you are or where you’re going, but you expect me to be able to help. You’re in the same position you were before we met, but now it’s my fault."
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    This just arrived at Wildwood for me and hopefully will ship out today. It's a R6 but obviously with a quilt top, so it's not really historically correct but they still serialized it as a R6 anyway.
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    Spotted this little guy in my side yard one morning:
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    Back in High School Guitar Player magazine had just been launched and I started reading all of Tom Wheeler's articles about Gibsons from days gone by and my drug addled teen-aged mind was permanently warped by the pictures I saw there. I saw an early black Les Paul with P90s and my eyeballs popped out of my head with an audible BOING! noise. Holy Iconic Guitars, Batman!!! I've wanted one ever since. A little over 40 years later here comes a modern day facsimile of sorts. I'm really excited about this one. (don't tell the wife)
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    No worries, this is a routine adjustment that is easily rectified with a slight tweak of the truss rod. If you don't know what that means, then you should search out a reputable guitar repair tech in your area. (try not to call Guitar Center, they rarely have any one that knows what they are doing) This would not be an action that would be considered a warranty claim unless the neck had become twisted or askew. A qualified tech would have to confirm that. Gibson should have shipped a truss rod wrench with the case, if not, then you can get them easily off amazon. (5/16 hex thin wall hex wrench) see This Link You access the truss rod by removing the truss rod cover with the two screws on the up past the nut. We could guide you thru this, but it's really something that you have to see to know what is going on. I bet there's some YouTube vids to explain as well. There are two conditions: Forward Bow, and Back Bow Forward bow the neck will be slightly concave as you sight down the neck from the nut to the bridge. in this case, the middle of the neck creates more distances to the strings making the strings feel high and hard to fret. Back bow would be a slight inclination to be convex, where the middle of the neck would be closer to the stings, this also has a tendency to cause notes in the first 2 frets to cancel out (buzz, or not ring true) To reduce forward bow, the truss rod needs to be tightened (lefty loosey, righty tighty) but you only go in 1/4 to 1/2 turn increments. To reduce back bow, truss rod needs to be loosened, again, never more than 1/2 to 1/4 at a time. The goal is to get the neck as straight as possible, using the strings as a guide, you can easily detect this once you know what to look for. But if this is all greek to you, look for someone who repairs and does guitar setups. This is a very easy thing to take care of
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    I must confess. I once found perfect tone in a pawn shop, with a crappy, dusty guitar with five strings on it, and a no-name amp that was missing a Volume knob. I have found perfect tone in a temporary drunken state that later found me barely waking up from a bourbon coma. I have found perfect tone on a stage with my friends and band-mates on days or evenings when the wind was blowing just right, and our harmonies were tight, and the audience was happy and rocking. I found perfect tone trying out a Telecaster in a music store in Yuma, Arizona years ago. And it had more to do with the mood I was in more so than the guitar I was holding or the amp I was playing thru. But I have never found any sort of tone wonderfulness or benefit from changing out: this kind of tube for that kind of tube, this pickup for that pickup, these steel saddles for brass ones, or this brand of strings for that other one over there. Tone is a state of mind. It's confidence. It's in your fingers. It's in your head. An older sage once told me, and bear in mind the topic was finding the right girl, and/or going out and getting laid; "Sport, stop chasing it, and it will turn around and come to YOU." Tone fanatics. Stop chasing it already. It's probably already there. It's right in front of your face, most likely. Just play your guitar, play it well, make good music, be a good band-mate, and give the audience what they paid for. Tone will just happen, and it'll be good. 😏
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    From donating instruments to tornado victims to this email they sent out yesterday, I'm really proud of this company. This is also on their main page. June 1st, 2020 For over 100 years we have supported voices across generations, genders, races, religions, and movements. We’ve supported voices of peace and change. Voices of love and heartbreak. Voices of solidarity and solutions. Today we are truly at a crossroads that will require the courage to make these voices, and our voices, matter even more. Racism should have no place in this world. Not in the past, the present, nor the future. Ever. It’s time, again, to be heard. Musicians and music have always found ways to inspire hope, drive change, and evolve culture in a positive way. So, let’s get through this crossroads together by uniting in our efforts to wipe out racism. We hear you. We support you. We stand with you. James ‘JC’ Curleigh President & CEO Gibson Brands
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    Prejudice against any Race should not exist..
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    If I had locked this topic a long time ago, you guys would have complained that you were just having a discussion and I was being too heavy handed.
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    When you're b!tching about American farmers, be sure you're not doing it with your mouth full...
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    It changes by the minute. And the 24 hour news stations have it on 24 hours a day. Don't really see any need for this thread. Just sayin...
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    my current wife (#3), she works hard, and spends every penny she makes. but at least she works. my 1st 2 wives refused to work, 1st divorce, May of '83. guy I knew named Mark. she decided she liked him better. I let her have the house, everything in it. I left with my guitars, stereo & an old chair my grandfather gave me. my 2nd divorce May of '93, a guy I knew named Mark (another Mark) she decided she liked him better. I moved out (same f'n house. I got it back from #1) left with my guitars, stereo & the old chair my grandfather gave me. odd pattern had developed. #2 wound up taking me to the freakin' cleaners. theres a lot more to the story . usually is ... when #3 and I started dating I asked her if she knew any guys named Mark ...
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    I didn't even watch the videos and I know I'm not using the wrong gauge. rct
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    New Same Guitar Day, HooRay!!!! Had this one a few years now, said when I brought it home I would do this. This is a2017 Mexican Strat, it was some limited thingy at GC. It was stupid on sale and I had a bag of mics to trade so I basically brought it home for nothing. It started life HSS. For about a day, it got a set of Duncan Stacks in it. Before: After: Pair of Duncan Saturday Night Specials. Nice pickups! That was fun. rct
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    My one cardinal rule, and I broke it today. Some background; I'm that bone-stock guy. I like all my guitars all-original. I never modify them. When others guys went down the road of constant mods and upgrades in search of that Holy Grail tone, I was the one who always said, "Leave it be." "Bone-stock is the best." Or, "Why did you buy it if the thing didn't play right and sound good in the first place?" And then so, a few weeks ago, I was comparing the humbucking sounds that I was getting out of a variety of my guitars, in relation to carrying one of them over to a band practice at our girl singer's loft. Lo and behold, I found that my pristine 2017 Gibson (S Series) Firebird Zero sounded louder, better, and more bold than my beat-up, scuffed 2017 Gibson (also S Series) Les Paul Custom Studio. I mean, with the volume and tone settings identical, and the pickups adjusted to precisely the same height relative to the strings, the Les Paul just sounded weak by comparison. What gives? Both guitars were equipped with nearly-identical 'Double Slugs' Pickups. DS-A5 Rhythm and DS-A5+ Lead humbuckers in the Les Paul. Alnico V magnets. DS-C Rhythm and DS-C+ Lead humbuckers in the Firebird. Ceramic magnets. So, on an impulse, I ordered a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers. Pearly Gates for the neck pickup, and Dimebucker for the bridge position. And this very mornings, I soldered and heat-shrinked the new pickup wires into a pair of Gibson-style Quick-Connect adapters. (I wanted to be able to plug-and-play with either set of pickups, as opposed to hard-wiring them in there.) No good reason for that, it just seemed like soldering them in would be a waste of the Quick-Connect wiring system. Installed them with very little fuss, and put on a new set of Ernie Ball Turbo Slinky 9.5 to 46's. Tuned up, stretched the strings in, tuned up again, and I plugged in and rocked out in the music room. I must confess, this is an enormous improvement. I really like how this beat-up, ugly guitar sounds now. Lord forgive me my trespasses, and please deliver me from evil. Amen. 🙁
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    No, no, and no. Please, if you are going to start stinking up threads that have nothing to do with this stuff, please at least educate yourself about how these things actually work(ed)(s). It only makes you look like a whack freak conspiracy nut when you just wander around nowhere near any "facts". They are a thing these days. rct
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    I could give a flying fig about what others think of my guitars. Just flash them to peace sign and advise them to stop drinking too deeply of the Tone Wood Kool Aid. It ain't about the lumber you are holding in your hands It is about making music. And the day that I do not have as much of a blast and get as much enjoyment from playing my Harmony Stella as I do one of my Gibsons is the day I will hang it up. Because I will have forgotten what it is all about.
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    quality will allways hold or increase in value. To bad it wasnt 0 007...
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    hey Ron did you know Yoda had a last name? Layheehwho... (plz don't unfriend me man....)
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    Tortoises didn't get me anything, wife didn't get me anything, dog didn't get me anything, snakes and lizards idea of a present is a bowel movement SO screw those guys, Happy Father's Day To Me from me. Guess I should pick up a Thank You card for myself, manners count a lot with me.
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    Wait. I thought this was gonna be about........ Oh, never mind. 😥
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    Ghost and Pepper, are you guys so bored that you have to destroy posts that other people may be enjoying?
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    the relevance is before your time.. it was preceded by pictures of dead horses.. somehow that turned into a pic of Bono, it simply means it's time to stick a fork in a thread and move on. We should have moved on from this one after the first page of replies..
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    I will delete this thread if the rude comments about each other don't stop.
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    I send Polaroids to ksdaddy. He takes them to FotoMat and they mimeograph them so he can take them to Grants for conversion to slides. Then he projects them and takes a picture of the slides with his iFone. rct
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    '63 ES-330, '70 ES335, '83 ES-335 Dot:
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    This came in today from Reverb. It's a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard gold top. Been wanting a gold top Standard ever since I started playing. This thing is in great condition. Looks pretty much brand new. Don't think it was hardly ever played. Has the 498T/490R combo. Sounds great. Plays great, but think I'm going to have to do a minor setup because there are a couple of frets that buzz some, but that can be knocked out. Anyway, here's a pic.
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    Wow your '67 looks to be in the same condition as the 2014. Is the '67 a reissue or a true 53 year old guitar? Both are beautiful. Here are mine: 2013 L-5 CES Bought this CS336 new in '07 or '09 (can't remember, sold it and gave away paper work) When I sold the 336 it was so I could buy this '17 CS356
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    I heard the inventor of autocorrect died, I didn't even know he was I'll.
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    Now for the newer ones. 1960 J200. This one is actually my wife's guitar These last two were acquired through Forum members, So my thanks to them. 1961 B45-12 2001 WM-00
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    UPDATE I got the guitar and it's a beaut. Definitely feels like the real deal and haven't stopped playin it. Thanks for the help!
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    A few theories: 1) God 2) Aliens 3) Partially random chemical, physical and biological evolution over billions of years in a benign environment with gravity, water, heat, light, food source 4) Whatever....... I think 3) is probably the simplest and most logical. And it doesn't completely rule out any of the others either. 🌍
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    Hi All Posted this last week on mylespaul forum! After a long search I finally found it! First I wanted a Blue Berry Burst, but it was shop soiled with lots of swirls, broke my heart and was to expensive to import one from Japan. Then I placed an order at the local guitar shop for a Slash Les Paul in Vermilion Burst, they are on back order apparently. Any-who I went to the shop to get some new strings for the Epiphone and there she was calling out my name.... After that I totally forgot about the vermilion Burst LP Many thanks to my Wife its an early birthday present one that is truly appreciated!!! She rocks! Case is made in Canada
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    John had a great career and many fans. He was respected in every genre, and by all writers. He made it past three score plus 10. He did what he loved for a living, so he never worked a day in his life. I'll not mourn his death, I'll celebrate his life.
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    Haven't been logged in here for months, but I thought I post a sign of life in these dark days for all mankind. In case I contract Covid-19 my chances to survive are close to zero, even in case of full medical service, but hope dies last. In this context I remembered a song by Paul McCartney which was a smash hit here in 1993. I wish listening to it may ease your mind a little as it does for me. Take care and stay healthy!
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    I'd just go back to my youth when my parents, brother, sister, and grandparents, aunts and uncles where still alive, I had no idea I would outlive all of them. I miss them very much.
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    This disease spreads by droplet. Droplet spread is caused by congregations of people from disparate microcosms of immunity and environment. People keep congregating, people keep spreading disease via droplet. Businesses stay open until everybody is sick. Nobody comes in, then they close down in a hurried, crisis situation and probably a good percentage of them don't come back. The economic damage from under-reaction has been shown to be far greater than the economic damage from over-reacting. As it is at the moment, we can contemplate reaction, thoughtfully get to negotiated points of orderly tamping down of social congregation, and try to soften the damage over a time that is, hopefully, shorter than that time devoted to under-reacting until everything is a massive fukking shitstorm. Why is it hard for people to understand this idea? Are people that bulletproof? Do people really not think others can be in situations that could go pretty horribly sideways from catching this? rct
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    The wife is constantly watching ID channel. I’ll come out of the music room and she gives me these funny looks alot of the time and it seems that its always an episode that the wife is murdering her husband. 🤪
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    Here's my TV.
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    As much as I love real music, if I ever want to watch old dudes rather than hot women, please someone shoot me in the head. 😎
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    My picture link went bad. Here it is -
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    I got me some P90s, SG Classic!!
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