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    We had an old PA system hanging around for some time. (Soundtech) powered mixer, two way (15s/Horn) enclosures. Wasn't using them, they weren't worth even selling really, maybe some where around $175/200 for all of it. My son and I agreed, just find someone who needs a PA and give it to them. There's a luthier in town, (she's excellent) she also teaches, (good guitar player) and has recently started mentoring a group of young players who've formed a band. They are very good for their ages (15~18). I asked her if she knew any one who would be interested and she immediately mentioned these kids. So I dropped them off at her shop and and she was going to see who among the 4 kids wanted the PA. She messaged me a few days later, and said the drummer had room in his basement, and he was taking it. That was the last I heard. Was happy to know there was some one who could use, them that's all we wanted. That was about 2 weeks ago. Monday I brought my 95 LP Standard for some maintenance, and I picked it up yesterday. While I was there she shows me the email from the kid's mom who took the PA. I was floored with the gratitude I saw in this email. This was a big deal for these guys. This old dusty PA system got cleaned up a bit, (it all does work) and is at last back to being put to good use. Dianne didn't want to take any money for the repair ($30) since this was a big help to her students, but I left the money on her bench anyway, this is how she pays her bills. We probably all got stuff we're not using and don't know what to do with, well, here's one thing you can do with that "Stuff" you may have lying around and are not using. a bit of good karma for the week goes a long way.
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    Just received this guitar and love it...love to hear about and see pics of other Original Collection guitars!
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    So that's what turns my underwear yellow!!!
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    It would still be MUCH better than what's being offered as "fresh" today.
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    You can't throw a rock and not hit somebody who does something with a guitar or keys or DJ equipment. Lots do it for tips or for what they think is exposure, we call that gratis. The space is full, way full, full of people willing to go out on Thursday night and play two hours for diners and take home 30 dollars in tips. Getting decent gigs that will result in decent exposure that will result in moving even a few more records than a handful is becoming nearly impossible. Costs are too high, return is too low. Beatles existed in what would be a competition vacuum compared to today. They grubbed around in underground rock clubs and humped it the old fashioned way, like everybody else did back then. The more you worked the better your chances. That just isn't true today. If your uncle does taxes or some side legal work for one of the few distribution chains left you have a chance no matter how hard you suck. Nearly every pop/rock/country "star" today is either related to the industry or had parents willing to take three mortgages, move to Nashville, and spend two years haranguing producers to get Taylor Swift signed to something. Anything. That's how it works now. There is no flopping on your cousin's couch while you wait for the big break. It's a weird business, a strange world, has been for a long time now. Yes, I know, there are the exceptions, the "genius"es we get every six months or so, I get that. They flash and usually vanish because the market is never interested in your last record or your next one. rct
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    Hi all, making this post to share my latest acquisition here. I had to sell a few things to get myself some funds towards this bad boy and I am really happy that I did. I have to say that hands down, this is the nicest playing and sounding guitar I have ever played... I've heard people saying that CS Gibson R9s are definitely an expensive investment, but they also claimed that they are well worth every penny. Love the soft VOS finish on it, the aged HW, Custombucker tone... And the top speaks for itself. Anyhow, glad to share my pics here. Enjoy!
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    Around 1977 I had a 3 piece band playing in a very old club in Apache Jct. Az. ( East Mesa/Phoenix) I had played that same very popular club for a year or so with a very hot and popular Country band, but this was a Rock act. The place was packed, big established place and we were well received. I got a note on a napkin saying we were sounding good, but we were playing too many songs in the same key. It was signed Jerry Garcia. I had never heard the name Jerry Garcia, didn't know who he was. I mean, I had HEARD of the Grateful Dead, but at 19 I was into Skynyrd, Eagles, ZZ Topp, Foghat, Joe Walsh, you know. Didn't know the name, and didn't recognize him either. I took offense and announced to the crowd that Jerry Garcia was going to sit in and play a song, took off my guitar and waved him up. Nobody in the crowd knew who he was either, he got up and played something with my bass player and drummer. Whatever it was didn't work very well and when he was done he left. It was well over another year before I realized who it was, and decades before I realized the genius and passion for acoustic music of Jerry Garcia. However, I never forgot the advice and to this day will rarely play 2 songs back to back in the same key, and took great care on projects to avoid it as well. No. I didn't have enough sense to save the napkin. ( however, I own a 1962 Double Cut Twin Pickup Gibson Melody Maker that was once played by Jerry Garcia )
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    Woo hoo!! Here's the replacement. And look at that neck joint! Nice!! Neck's straight. Sounds pretty good so far... Oh, wait, there's a speck of glue on that fret, lol.
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    Hi everyone, on November 9th, 2018, I lost 11 guitars including 5 Gibsons (SG Custom, LP Standard Gold Top, J-200 5 star quilt, J-45 Acacia, and a hummingbird 12 string) in what is now known as the Woolsey fire which claimed ~800 homes in the Malibu area. Unbeknownst to me a group of colleagues of mine got together and took up a guitar fund and donated it to Guitar Center so I could (would have to) use it for guitar replacement. I have always wanted a Les Paul Custom with my specs so I went through the Made To Measure program and did just that. The colleagues came from an Online forum that I started in 2003 called OCAD (One Case A Day and has to do with diagnosis of musculoskeletal disease). Here is the OCAD guitar! Modern Axcess Gold Top with Custom trim and chrome hardware (with stop tailpiece). Custombuckers with coil splitting 60's thin profile neck
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    Thank you all so much for the kind replies. Her memorial was at the Armuchee Bluegrass Festival -- a place we both loved. Here are the videos of the musical part of the celebration. https://vimeo.com/showcase/6034122 There is a 32 RB-3 Gibson banjo and our 35 Jumbo Gibson guitar there, as well as an old Kay bass, a 46 D-28, and up front Aina Jo's 39 S-51 five string Kay bass and her late 50 MWard (Kay) guitar she learned on and played for me the night I met her in 1967. [For those who like such trivia, that bass was the main instrument of Mike Fuller (Fuller's Vintage Guitars) for many years. Aina Jo liked it better than the near identical one she already had, so she left her older one in Texas and brought this one back to Georgia.] I love all the odd threads of our musical lives. Best, -Tom
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    And all of a sudden, here's this Mark Agnesi video of him grinding out some serious riffage on an SG and I'm like "Oh, hey Mark, duh, uh, sorry for making fun of your jacket. 😬" He just kept riffing away on the video and like five minutes later I bought this. He said "This is the guitar you're looking for." I said "This is the guitar I'm looking for."
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    Looks like he gave you a decent case too! As Murph said - a great guitar - which may turn out to be your passport to a whole new world of enjoyment. That guitar will be a perfect match for you until you become a cork-sniffer that can tell the difference in sound between Brazilian Spruce and Madagascar Maple and play well enough to want to upgrade accordingly! Number One suggestion I'd have would be for you to Google-up a couple of "How to care for a guitar" articles. They will advise you about keeping it in a range of 40% - 60% humidity, avoid drastic temperature changes, etc. That wood on the top is very thin - not like a piece of plywood you keep in your garage! #2 would be, as already noted, bring it to a place that has a guitar tech, like Guitar Center (or a more experienced, qualified guitar luthier), to find out if your guitar is playable. You do not want to try learning on an instrument that is slightly out of alignment and which will discourage you, possibly permanently. You'll get some sore fingers in the first months - but light strings and a correctly set-up guitar will minimize that. G'Luck !
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    Well, I had a brief fascination with Telecasters but I've decided they're not for me. So I'm getting rid of those and getting this: Now I just have to wait 4-6 months for the build.
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    You seem to be basing this on Les Paul's contribution to the electric guitar, but in reality, his contribution was simply one of many. Charlie Christian did more than anyone to initially bring the electric guitar to the forefront of the musical world (in terms of actually playing the instrument in a big band setting) in the late '30s and early '40s. At the time, Les Paul was a darn good guitar player who was trying to develop his own unique sound, and later built his "log" guitar on the Epiphone premisis, and then recorded with it. Paul Bigsby built a guitar for Merle Travis that looked like a solid-body LP with a Fender-ish headstock (but it actually had hollow wings). Leo Fender saw that (but said he didn't) & then built his first solid body. Gibson then jumped on the bandwagon & wanted Les Paul as an endorser, so they struck a deal, but Les actually contributed very little to the design of the Gibson LP. It's somewhat of a long & winding road, and while Les Paul played a significant part, he was just one of many who made important and lasting contributions during this period of major development. The Greatest Guitarist question is somewhat similar. There's a very long line of contributors to guitar playing that have made a lasting impact, and from which others have learned or been infuenced. I don't believe anyone's yet mentioned Chet Atkins (inspired by Merle Travis), Michael Bloomfield, Lightnin' Hopkins, and so many others. Trying to say one, or even a handful, is the "greatest" is rather pointless when you consider different playing styles, genres, and periods in history along the guitar continuum. But if I were indeed forced to name one person, the one guitarist whose contribution I value over all the others, and who I listen to today more than anyone else, it's the guy Les Paul spent years trying to emulate: Django Reinhardt.
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    Now THAT is what I call a Les Paul!!! congrats!
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    Picked this up a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, very very happy with it - straight out of the box, the action is super low, pretty much the slinkiest guitar I have ever played. Johnny Winter (one of my guitar heros) used to play one of these; maybe some of that magic will rub off? Who knows but hopefully this means a return to form for Gibson! You don't see many people playing these (certainly not over here in the UK anyway - don't know if they are more popular in the States?) and that appealed to me - I like to stray from the beaten path. It was a toss-up for me between getting one of these or a Flying V but in the end, the Johnny Winter connection and the beuatiful tobacco burst finish, especially on the back of the neck, sealed the deal for me.
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    But they added additional florescent lights at work, I don't get it.
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    Les Paul never seems to be on the lists and he was a great player. If people looked at his work they'd see that Bing Crosby hired him and for such a clean sound he was fast. Plus he probably gave more to modern music than anyone. If you have to ask, research him. He was no fool and constantly tried to improve equipment all his life, right up til the end. A guitarists guitarist. Notice that his P90's are different here in this clip.
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    The only good chiselers are in Management, lol! 🤣 That's my best joke of the week! I got more coming...
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    Hey everyone! I’ve been playing music since I was 15. I started on guitar, but for the past 20 years have been playing bass due to the need for solid bassists in the area. Recently, I started a solo project and needed to start playing guitar again, and I have been having so much fun with it. I just purchased a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s model and it is wonderful. I also have a 1952 ES125 that my father left me. I love writing music and really enjoy doing it with these two great guitars. I look forward to checking out some of the cool guitars on the forum and learning more about Gibson.
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    SGs, once you fall for one of them, you aint getting back up. That one looks delicious!
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    It's Vladimir Putin messing with our upvote - downvote systems! He's trying to influence out leadership board!
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    I assume you never seen New Jersey.
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    I was wondering why the 61R and 61T Burstbuckers in my new LP Classis sound considerably different than the BB Pros in my 2017 LP Standard so I emailed customer service about it. I was pleasantly surprised to get an answer within a half an hour on a Sunday afternoon. The pickups on the Classic are uncovered which I would think would make some difference, but both sets have Alnico 5 magnets. The difference is in the number of turns for the winding. The Bursbucker Pro Rhythm pickup has 5000 winds on the screw side, and 5200 on the slug side. The Pro Lead has 5300 on the screw side and 5500 on the slugs. So in each case 200 more winds on the slug side. The 61R and 61T are both wound the same (explained as because back in the day they didn't use different pickups for the different positions) but have 5261 winds on the screw side and only 5000 on the slug side. Gibson did say the bridge pick up is reverse/wind and revers/polarity to maintain hum cancellation when coil tapped, but both use the same number of winds. So the Pros use more winds on the SLUG side for each, whereas the 61s are the opposite - more winds on the SCREW side. I know nothing about how windings effect tones, and tones are subjective to each of us anyway - but to my ear the 61R and 61T are louder (A/B test done with amp and guitars both set exactly the same), and are just a little grittier or have a little more bark. The BB Pros seem to me a little cleaner and glassier sounding. Maybe nobody else cares about all this, but I think it's pretty cool that I was able to get a detailed explanation of the differences through Gibson in one quick email.
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    acoustics. This is my oldest (surviving) guitar. Its a Fylde Oberon that I bought early 70s from Roger Bucknall himself when I visited his original workshop in Kirkham Lancs (Progress Mill). They held a few imperfect guitars they could not ship to dealers. I choose this one after spending a day playing them. It has suffered some splits in the top & back over the years, but still plays & sounds ok.
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    Twang Gang mention I didn't do a NGD post, however I did post a pic here and there in other threads. Here's my new Standard 50s Heritage Cherry. I included a pic with the new strap-on. I'm really digging this guitar. I can really tell the difference between it and my 2013 Standard. Biggest difference is the weight and the neck. I have no complaints other than I do not like Burstbuckers. I usually swap them out with 57 Classics, but this time I'm going to put in Duncan's Whole "Lotta Humbucker" instead. .
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    This popped up on YouTube and I thought it was rather good, apparently lost footage of David Bowie and the Spiders playing live on Top of The Pops (for those who don't know the program almost all acts mimed to their records, the show rarely allowed artists to play live)
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    wow.... I will want to know how much his Knight acoustic (Lot 5) fetched...🤯 I welcome the fact he's donating to climate change. It's urgent and we have to try and do something about it - whatever the reason for it.
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    He's donating the money to a climate change charity??? Of all the worthwhile charities out there, he picks this? WTH? He might as well pick a random politician out of a hat and hand him a wad of cash. I'm not a denier, as it's easy to see that the climate is changing, the reason being debatable, but all of the money circulating around this issue is little more than wealth redistribution. Damn it, Gilmour. I thought that someone in such an anti-establishment band like Pink Floyd would be aware of this.
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    The following are vastly sweeping statements. Custom Shop guitars IMX have always exhibited better attention to detail than USA-line instruments. CS guitars vary less - in terms of feel, sound and finish - from one instrument to another, like-for-like, than USA-line instruments. The guitars Gibson has been making since roughly the end of the '80s are more consistently good than those from the late-'60s up until the end of the '80s. To state that the guitars being made by Gibson nowadays are the best they have been for a long time is a viewpoint which has a fair bit of weight behind it. There are a few things to watch out for if you are buying used. I'm not 100% sure if it happened on the LP Custom but the necks on the rest of the 'regular' Les Paul range made for the 2015 model year were quite a bit different from the Gibson norm. They were slightly wider but with the regular string-spacing so there is more wood between the top- and bottom string to the edge of the 'board. Not everyone liked this; in fact it was almost universally disliked. It suits some people but if you can't try before you buy it might be wiser to avoid these instruments. I believe this was the year which also saw the 'fret-over-binding' debacle. Ebony, as it is now scarce, hasn't been used for the 'regular' Custom for quite a few years now. If you insist on having an ebony 'board then pre-2012 is your best bet. Richlite is the modern fixture. This material, a phenolic resin, tends to polarise opinion. It looks and feels almost exactly like the smoothest blackest ebony but some folks are dead against its use - mainly on principle, I believe. Try it out for yourself and see what you think. The '70s were a low-point for Gibson guitars. Some very good guitars were made and some dogs were made as well. Don't be fooled by the 'buying vintage' garbage every seller spouts in their adverts. It's almost always a load of nonsense recounted to hike up the price of what are frequently very mediocre, semi-trashed instruments. If you can afford it - even if it means hanging on for quite a while longer than you would like - I'd recommend buying a new instrument for dozens of reasons. No question at all. Any further questions or thoughts you might wish to run past us please feel free and we will do what we can to help. Pip.
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    Once you get settled in you'll probably find there's lots of action going on in most bridge communities, drugs, sex, fights. In fact with that LP, you better start practicing your Kung Fu if you wanna hang on to it. Or you could just use it to serenade Chuck and she'll fight for you. She already has no teeth.
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    Very sorry for your loss, Tom. It's wonderful that you had such a great partner in life with whom to share mutual interests and passions, and that you complimented each other's strengths. I'm sure you will think of her every time you pick up one of the beautiful vintage instruments you both treasured. When you strike a chord, you will feel her embrace. Take care. Red 333
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    I can see how you would be concerned, I guess it could appear as a mar to some folks. Like the rest of the responses, all I see is a nice looking guitar with some nice wood grain. I wouldn't call it a natural imperfection either, that just how the tree grows. Check out mine below, you can see the same type of grain patterns.
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    I think your fretting (no pun intended) over the wood grain. To me, that's what makes wood like this amazing, how nature spins these cool shapes and patterns. The 50s Standard comes with a AA maple top which is not as fancy as the reissues and such. I just purchased the same guitar and I love it and I'm sure you will too.
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    That'll sure coax you to play. Heartiest congrats sir!
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    +1 Chris, ignore the politics and play guitars. I'm sure PRS, Fender and rct do this all time, they're just better at keeping it under the radar. I wonder if they can file a lawsuit again that knot head for posting that. Better yet, a law suit against the guy that hired him. Or maybe a suit against....
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    All Just received word the Site Admin has updated security key.
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    Obscene, I'm sure there are schools that would have loved to have those.
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    I offered $35 and told the guy he’s an idiot. Hope I get it
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    Those are some sweet Lesters, here is some pics of mine and it looks EXACTLY like your guys! These pics are from Wildwood...
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    Fender just announced a new Vintera series to replace the classic series, looks cool but some of the prices have went up it seems. I just bought a new blonde Baja tele a few weeks ago but it has some issues so Im sending it back and getting another, but now Im wondering if I should just get the 50’s Modified tele which is the same guitar (it seems) but with some cool new color options. Its also like $70.00 more than the baja, though. I guess I should be joining the Telecaster forum to post this but I like the gibson one better 😋
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    I'm so terribly sorry, Bill. That was a typo. I meant to type 'Onion'. Pip.
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    The Greatest Generation... We could learn a lot from them. We'd better - before it's too late. My father was a SSgt. USA. Visited virtually every country west of Germany, and then Germany. Talked a little about an estate they bivouaced in while in England. He couldn't get over the fact the heating system consisted only of fireplaces five men could fit in standing up. He mentioned once and very briefly that they were bombed and someone in his tent was killed. One uncle was shot down and a POW, lost an eye. The other uncle was apparently in very heavy fighting, also Europe. He drank a lot. None of them ever talked about it - though they may have amongst themselves. And, one Uncle went to Saipan as a Pvt. and died there. My mother never really 'got over it'. I am unable to adequately express my love and admiration for that generation. Words are inadequate.
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    Do you guys realize how many sophomoric jokes I am resisting to post right now!!! I can't count them!!! I need to lay down,,
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    Truly sorry to hear this, Tom. How does one replace someone who cannot be replaced? God bless you and RIP for your beloved wife. My heart and prayers go out to you, my friend.
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