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  1. Coldplay,Led Zepp,AC/DC,GNR,Nirvana.
  2. like everyone else said.go to a store and play one.
  3. this guy needs to chill.
  4. you guys now that slash is gonna look at the last ten finalist and pick wich one HE likes (i think).anyway.i voted bacause i know how it feels to be a kid that dreams for a les paul.
  5. thats a nice guitar.i wish i had one.
  6. that price for a real custom now.
  7. dude,if you go on tour,you HAVE to go to huntsville,AL.ill tell everyone to come see you.and if you can,dont play at a bar,i cant get in.i might get in when im nineteen,people say i always look three years older than i am.
  8. heres your guys request,and some personal favs.out of this list,Clapton gets it for me.but i voted for AXE.
  9. you guys are awesome,but i cant take it anymore.im getting sssoooooo jealous of the beautiful standards and customs and classics.im not meaning anything bad,you guys should be proud that your making me want a gibson even more.
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