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  1. My Acoustic blues man Jumbo I bought 13 years ago has recently started to fleck off pieces of laquer finish around the bridge piece. It happened over last 2 months or at least that's when I started to notice it. The finish became milky white (very thin strip) then grew slightly and now is flecking off down to the wood. Only on the spruce top around the bridge. No warping or problems of any other kind. Plays same as always. I am perplexed as I have several guitars by different manufacturers stored in same place in my house for decades now and no other guitar/s has had this problem. Gibson looked at photos sent by the retail store and speculated most likely water or humidity the culprit. I have a nice climate controlled home with lots of precious wood instruments and art pieces. I have a hard time settling on humidity caused this but that being said either way I want to have it repaired. Weather I use the "Tarnished" gold life time warranty on at my on expense. Has any one experienced this issue as well and how was it resolved warranty wise and or repair method wise?
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