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  1. OK, I finally took it apart, and you were right - the sprint tab is bent (a lot). What is the solution? Buy a spare R-trem? Or can I try bending it back? And if I have to replace it, what's the best place to buy it? Found some JCustom replacement on eBay.
  2. Hi, I have quite an old Steinberger Spirit, I bought it somewhere around 2003. Right now it looks like something is wrong with the R-Trem system (or is it something else?? don't know the right name). English is not my native language, so I'll have some troubles explaining what the problem is :) You can see it on the pictures though. Basically the locking mechanism doesn't work, because the distance between the parts of the lock is too big and can't be reduced. Something is wrong with the whole mechanism - the big screw that is supposed to change the angle of the part that holds the strings doesn't move it close enough to the lock. So whatever I do with that big screw - it doesn't bring the tremolo system to the state where it can be locked. I should add that the tremolo system itself works (kind of) - it can be pushed so that it loosens the stings and makes the pitch lower. But it cant be pushed back to make the opposite effect (make the pitch higher) - it seems to be blocked by something. So I'm not sure what to do. Any advise is welcome.
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