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  1. Hello Maximo,

    If you ever read this, I'm just wondering if you still have that S-900?

  2. Hello everyone, new guy in the forum. My playing has suffered a couple tragedies over the many years. From getting the hands slammed under the deck lid at the trunk of a car, second degree burns on a grill, bike accidents, and my latest almost cut off the index and middle fingers at the center joints. Fingers hurt and having troubles bending them. So another year of exercise, soaking, and therapy. Plus practice as often as time allows. Selection of stings, 12 guitars, combination of acoustics, electric-acoustics, acoustic electric bass, mandolins, violins, a viola, 2 cello, and few electric guitars. Latest addition was 4 days ago, a 1988 Epiphone / Gibson S-900, $30.00 but it needs some repair. Anyways hello everyone, my oldest Gibson is a turn of the century pre-incorporated Mandolin before it all came together. Date inscribed and signed, severe water damage, if there were decals they are long gone. It has been repaired a couple times, but needs a good overhaul. This will probably take me nearly six months to restore so it will actually be abled to tune and play. For now its a wall hanger. Mo
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